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"Okay! I'll register now! If I'm not mistaken, Kendo should be our last friendly match, right?" A smile surface on Lin's face. She was ecstatic about it. Green Vine University has already won two out of three friendly matches so far. In other words, winning and losing this last Kendo match did not really matter anymore. All the participants of the friendly matches can visit the university in Japan with the sponsorship of Green Vine University. Those who register now can enjoy the benefits, without questions asked. This was why Lin felt so excited and happy about it.

Most importantly, she gets to go to Japan with Chen! The only thing that people can think of when Japan is mentioned; sex! Lin was no exception. Her face turned bright red when she thought of all the exciting and wild stuff that she could do there with Chen!

"Okay! Everything is set in stone right now since Ms. Lin has agreed to join the competition!"

Wong grinned and continued to say, "You should go home and prepare yourself now. Two days later, you will represent Green Vine University in Kendo against Japan university!"


Lin was stunned. It was as if the whole world had crumbled on her. She said, "Vice Principal, I think you just made a mistake there. I'm just a weak lady. I will definitely lose this friendly match if you make me fight on the stage!"

A vicious gleam could be seen in Wong's eyes. He pretended to console Lin, "Don't worry about it. Your opponent from the Japan university is not as strong as you think he is. Be confident! You can do it!"

"This…This is not about confidence…I don't even know how to fence…" Lin said.

"That's totally alright! Nobody will blame you if you lose this last friendly match! After all, we have won the previous two friendly matches. Thus, this last friendly match wouldn't really matter anymore!" Wong smiled and said.

"Are you trying to tell me to lose this last friendly match on purpose?" Lin was smart enough to pin-point Wong's real purpose of asking her to fight in this last friendly match. It was no wonder that this bastard was so willing to let Lin in at the last minute. In the end, all he ever wanted to do was to let the Japanese win this last friendly match.

"The way you said it is going to make me look bad. I am not asking you to lose on purpose. We have won two friendly matches; thus, we should save some face for our opponents. Does that make sense to you?" Wong said.


Lin rejected Wong's proposal without a single doubt.

"I will let them have their pride if they played fair and square. But, they broke all the rules in the previous friendly matches! They are despicable and vicious! They deserve the loss!"

"Ms. Lin, this is not right…" Wong was interrupted again before he could finish what he wanted to say.

"Am I wrong?"

Lin continued to say confidently, "Those Japanese were bullying us in broad daylight! I will not save their face! This is wrong! I will definitely not lose this final friendly match on purpose!"

"You of all the people should know your place!!"

Wong shouted angrily, "It's okay if you don't want to lose on purpose! Feel free to defeat your Kendo opponent if you think you can do it! Just surrender if you can't do it! It's that simple!"

"Hmph! There's no big deal if I lose my match! Xiaobei is here! He can defeat all those Japanese easily!"

"Hehe…I'm afraid that I'll have to disappoint you. Winning and losing will be decided in one single round. Thus, Chen Xiaobei will not be able to participate in this final friendly match!" Wong smiled viciously.

"What? The result would be decided in one single round of competition?"

Lin was fuming after hearing the ridiculous change of rules, "Wong Jianren! You b*st*rd! I can't believe that you would come up with such an evil plan to let the Japanese win this competition! All those Japanese are a bunch of cowards! They are so afraid of Chen that they had to think of a way to prevent Chen from fighting in the competition! I despise you guys!"

"Hehe…Say whatever you want to say! I want Master Meichuan to win this final match!"

Wong laughed evilly and said, "Let me give you a piece advice. You should surrender before the start of the competition. It will be bad for you if you hurt your pretty face during the competition. You might even become a cripple if things go south! Hehehe!"

"Wong Jianren! Who is going to beat up who again?" An ice-cold voice could be heard behind him.

"The Japanese contestant is going to beat up Lin Xiang real bad! It's impossible for a weakling like her to win this competition!"


A muffled sound could be heard through the room. Wong felt as if the back of his body had just been hit by a truck. His plump body sailed into the wall on the other side. The whole room actually shook a little!


A mouthful of blood flew out when Wong opened up his mouth. He could feel excruciating pain in his waist. It was as if his thirty-centimeter layer fat had just been cracked open. Other than that, he could also feel his internal organs turned into a complete mush inside his body. And, he almost spat it all out. This was probably not pretty for him!

"Xiaobei!" Lin's heartbeat sped up when she saw Chen coming to rescue her! She is the kind of person who hates violence. But, she felt satisfaction rushing into her body when Chen landed a kick on Wong.

"What a good kick! You are awesome!" Lin released all her suppressed emotions. She jumped around happily while throwing her punches. Her voluptuous breasts were bouncing up and down as well, and they had almost burst out of her tight shirt. Actually, Lin is a timid girl. Being confident is not really her strong suit. However, her confidence just had an adrenaline boost after seeing Chen landing an awesome kick on Wong.

"Chen Xiaobei! You bastard! How dare you kick the vice principal of this university? I will change my surname if I don't kick you out from this university!" Wong shouted with extreme anger while lying on the floor, paralyzed.

"Seems to me that you want more pain!" Chen's stare turned cold and walked towards Wong. Then, Chen grabbed his shirt's collar with his left hand and started to use his right hand to slap Wong's face.




The sound of it was louder than a firecracker.

"Ouch…Ouch…" Wong squealed like a pig. Chen did not even give him the chance to beg for mercy.

"Xiaobei! Stop slapping him! Security guards will be attracted by all that noise!" Lin's anger had gone. Thus, she quickly stepped forward to stop Chen.

"There's nothing to be afraid of! There's nothing that the security guards can do to me!" Chen grinned, and an evil smile could be seen on his face.

"Chen Xiaobei…I will not let this go…I will not call for security guards…I will call the police and send you to jail…" Wong finally had the chance to speak for himself. But, his teeth littered the floor as he forced his jaw to move.

"Wong Jianren…Have you forgotten about the video clip of you and the Four Golden Flowers?" Chen raised his eyebrows and said. His smile made him look like one of those bad guys in the movie.


Wong quickly shut himself up and swallowed all the words that he was going to say out loud. The Four Golden Flowers was Wong Jianren's eternal nightmare!

"Wong Jianren! Tell me again. How did you get all those bruises on your body?" Chen asked him pointedly.

"All…these…injuries are caused by me falling down the stairs by accident…" Tears started to roll down Wong's face.

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