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"Doctor with a traditional approach?"

Wu Zhebang was shocked. He extended his hands and said, "You will need to touch my wrist to check my pulse, right? Left hand or right hand?"

Chen smiled calmly and said, "I don't need to do that. I kind of know the cause of your sickness already."

No pulse-reading necessary? All of three of them were stunned after hearing Chen's claim. His claim was really over the top.

"Traditional approach is all about observing, smelling, asking, and touching. For most illnesses, all I need to is to observe, and I will know the root cause of the sickness." Chen explained.

"How is that even possible? How can you know the root cause of the sickness without checking the heart rate of the patient?"

"This sounds so magical! It almost sounds like you are some kind of conman!"

"Xiaobei! Are you trying to tell a joke?"

All three of them frowned and looked at Chen with doubts written on their faces.

"Hehe…Having some trust issues with me?"

Chen shrugged and said, "Uncle Wu, I can see that your lips have turned into a deep purple and your throat is slightly bruised as well. Your asthma caused all these. Looking at your Qi, I can know that your cough is worsening, there is inflammation in your throat, and you get a fever from time to time as well. Am I right?"


Wu Zhebang and Wu Junfan were stunned for a while and started to nod their heads like rocking chairs.

"Right! Right! Right! Xiaobei! All correct! These are my exact symptoms! I did not expect you to be capable of determining the symptoms!" Wu Zhebang said shockingly.

They had not said a word about Wu Zhebang's sickness at all. Chen did not even take a look at the medical report. But, he still could determine the exact symptoms! This level of medicinal skill is definitely more than unique in Green Vine City. It is impossible to find a second person who can do what Chen just did!

"I did not know that your medicinal skill is that high! You are a God of Healing!" Wu Junfan cried out in surprise.

Lan opened her eyes wide and asked, "Why isn't Uncle Wu getting any better after staying in this hospital for so many days?"

"Yeap! My dad's cough is getting worse every single day. I don't see him improving, even after receiving multiple injections." Wu Junfan said.

"Injections can only slow down the symptoms. It will not cure the root cause of this sickness. Also, the virus will gain more and more immunity towards the medicine that your dad receives every day. Thus, the effect of the medicine will only get weaker and weaker."

"What should we do? Xiaobei! Please help me! I will lose more money if I continue to lay on this bed! I can't afford to stay in this hospital any longer!" Wu Zhebang said nervously.

"Try my acupuncture! You will be healed after taking in some of my needles." Chen said with a smile on his face.

"Okay…Okay…Okay…Just do it. I will trust you on whatever you think best for me!" Wu Zhebang kept on nodding his head after hearing that Chen could cure him with only one single treatment. He couldn't wait for Chen to start the treatment.

"Boss Wu, how do you feel today? Feeling better?" An eagerly attentive voice could be heard from the entrance of the room.

"Doctor Wong is here?"

Wu Zhebang said excitedly, "It's still same old same old. But, I managed to ask a prodigy to heal me today! I think I should be completely recovered by today!"

"Heal by today? Is this some kind of joke? Who is that prodigy?" Dr. Wong looked around the room in surprise. Other than Wu Zhebang, there were three youngsters in the room. He did not see anyone that looked like a prodigy here.

Dr Wong frowned. However, his lustful pair of eyes locked onto Lan. She wore a simple yellow long dress today. Still, her extremely voluptuous body filled the dress nicely. Her hair flowed down her like a calm river. She did not put any makeup on her today, but she still looked fantastic. Any men would have taken a second look at her. But, there are different kinds of staring. Staring at someone admirably is totally normal and acceptable.

This Dr. Wong was staring at Lan's chest lustfully. It made him look as if he might lose control anytime soon and charge at Lan to squeeze her boobies! A real man will definitely not tolerate this kind of behavior. Wu Junfan started to get really angry. Just as he wanted to say something it, he felt a hand on his shoulder.

Chen stood up and said coldly, "You! Quack! Where are you looking at? Isn't it enough for you to spend most your time watching Japanese porn at home every day?"

Wu Junfan was not happy that Chen had taken away the opportunity to protect Lan from him again.

"Bastard! Who did you call a quack here? Are you saying that I watch porn at home everyday? Stop your bullshit! Don't accuse someone without any evidence!" Dr. Wong retorted.

"Uncle Wu has spent a long time in this hospital. Why is he not getting any better? What are you if you are not a quack?"

Chen grinned and continued to say mockingly, "Look at your face in the mirror, please! You look like you are suffering from jerking too much in front of the computer!"


Dr. Wong almost fainted due to extreme anger. He shouted, "Get the hell out right now! Do not disturb me! I'm trying to check on Boss Wu!"

"Excuse me! I'm the prodigy that is going to cure Uncle Wu! You are the one that should get lost!" Chen said calmly.

"You are the prodigy? Do you really think I'm that stupid?"

Dr. Wong shouted condescendingly, "This is the best hospital in Green Vine City! It's not some kind of wet market! How dare you come here and act as a charlatan! I, Wong Shihao will not tolerate this!"

"Hehe…Why is Uncle Wu not getting any better since you claimed that this is the best hospital in Green Vine City?" Chen asked.

"You know nothing! Boss Wu's sickness is not the kind of sickness that can be cured in a short period of time!" Dr. Wong shouted angrily.

"A quack is a quack! Such a shallow mindset!"

Chen grinned and smiled evilly, "I dare you to slap yourself ten times if I can cure Uncle Wu right now! Then, you need to call yourself a quack ten times as well!"

"*Cough…* Stop arguing. It's not necessary to argue over this matter…*Cough…*"

Wu Zhebang was trying to be the peacemaker here, but his cough suddenly got worse. He sounded as if he was going to cough his heart out. It was pretty terrifying. After looking at Wu Zhebang's condition, Dr. Wong strongly believed that Chen would not be able to heal him on the spot.

"Okay! I will take the bet!"

Dr Wong continued to say viciously, "I'll slap you thirty times if you can't cure Boss Wu!"

"Hehe…You want to slap me? Maybe in your next life!" Chen shrugged and took the medicinal use silver needles that he always carried with him.

"Acupuncture? Hahaha…Are you trying to put on a show to make me laugh? What kind of era is this? Nobody uses acupuncture to heal the sick anymore! What an idiot!" Dr. Wong laughed arrogantly.

Wu Zhebang and Wu Junfan were not happy when he said that Chen is an idiot. In other words, he was saying that they are more stupid than Chen. Initially, Wu Zhebang was going to tell them not to argue anymore, but he remained silent now. He wanted to see Dr. Wong getting slapped in the face.

"Xiaobei! You can do this! I believe in you!" Lan formed a punch and made a supportive gesture. It was definitely a beautiful scene to look at.

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