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[Congratulations! You have snatched a Red Envelope from Yanwang! You have received one thousand pieces of Unholy Spirit Pills! It has been stored in your treasure chest!]


[Congratulations! You have snatched a Red Envelope from Yanwang! You have received a Modified Version of the Netherspirit Battlescouter! It has been stored in your treasure chest!]


[Congratulation! You have snatched a Red Envelope from Yanwang! You have received the manual of Ennead Unholy Spirit Claw! It has been stored in your treasure chest!]

Without any delay, Yanwang sent the Red Envelopes to Chen as soon as possible.

"Hehe! This is going to be really exciting!"

Chen grinned, but he did not rush to check out the fresh batch of Red Envelopes. On the contrary, he took out the gourd that he had received from the Monkey King to fill the gigantic urn with monkey moonshine.

After that, Chen fed the Heavenly Pet Food to the animals.

"Damn! Bro Bei! This thing is so yummy! I have never tasted something this yummy before!"

"I've always dreamed of eating meat in the jungle! Now that I have tasted this thing, I don't want to eat meat anymore!"

"Other than its phenomenal taste, I can feel a flow of energy entering my body!"

All the animals were lost in the tastiness of Heavenly Pet Food. They just couldn't get enough of it! Chen told them a little about Heavenly Pet Food before heading to the other side of the island.

He took out a thousand pieces of Unholy Spirit Pills from his treasure chest and placed two hundred of it in each direction of Hundred Ghost Formation. Soon, all the evil spirits will become more powerful. The destructive power if Hundred Ghost Formation would be more powerful as well! Even enemies as powerful as Yap will be killed instantly by it.

After that, Chen sat on the ground and checked the other two items that he received.


[Ennead Unholy Spirit Claw; A Five-Stars Martial Art Skill that is purposely designed for spirits! Spirit Force is required to learn this skill. Also, it will turn a spirit into a tangible entity. (Only limited to the claw part). Qi is required to use this skill, and it can cause massive destruction! Do you want to withdraw it?]

"Good stuff!"

Chen grinned and withdrew the manual from his treasure chest. Then, he put it into the Spirit Cage.

"Wenyuan, this is a martial arts skill that is purposely designed for spirits. Take some time out and master it! You will be the teacher of those one hundred evil spirits when you master this skill." Chen smiled and said.

"Alright! Don't you worry, master! I will put in all my effort to master this skill! I must improve myself as soon as possible!" Wenyuan put on a sweet smile and said obediently.


[Upgraded Version of Netherspirit Battlescouter; personally modified by Yanwang. Other than its original function. It also allows you to look through anything that is blocked by Pure Yang Items! Other than that, the function of the Ultimate Spirit Protection has been added into it as well! Do you want to withdraw it?]

"Of course! Without a doubt! What is the Ultimate Protective Puppet?"

Chen couldn't wait to combine the upgraded Netherspirit Battlescouter with his current one. The new function was shown once it was combined successfully. A small blue spirit appeared. It was the size of a palm. It looked like Chen, but had no face.


[Ultimate Protective Puppet; It can nullify any kinds of life-threatening attacks for its master. (Except for Yang attribute attack!). You are only allowed to use it once a day!]

"Damn! This function is awesome! In other words, I receive one more extra life during life-threatening situations!" Chen got really excited. He really loved this new function.


Chen's cell phone rang. It was Lan Mengchen.

Chen answered the call excitedly and asked, "Goddess! Why are you calling me at this hour? Starting to miss me, right?"

"This guy…Can you be serious for once? Girls will think you are unreliable if you keep talking like this!" Lan pouted.

"How am I going to take over the world if I do not know how to sweet talk? One must know how to do sweet talk to be successful!" Chen laughed evilly.

"I don't know what to say anymore…"

Lan rubbed on his forehead and said, "I'm going to the hospital now. Wu Junfan's father was admitted to the hospital. Do you want to come with me?"

"Go! I have to go! I must go!"

Chen turned serious, "Wu Junfan is my friend! Also, his father supported me at my charity dinner as well! It is only right that I go with you to visit him."

"Such a good friend you are. We shall meet at the hospital." Lan said.

"No! Where are you? Let me come and pick you up!"

Chen blurted out, "I will not allow you to be alone with Wu Junfan! I know that guy has not given up on you yet! I will not let him take you away from me!"

"Stop your bullshit! I did not agree to become your girlfriend!"

Lan continued to say seriously, "Remember! We can only become normal friends! This is for your own good! It's for the sake of my family's safety as well!"

"I know. You have things to worry about."

Then, Chen said with determination, "It's my fault that I'm not powerful enough yet! You do not have to suppress your true feelings if I can crush the force that is threatening your family!"


Lan paused and said softly, "I'm looking forward to the day when you become powerful enough to help my family! Before that, we cannot do anything beyond the boundary! If not, we will have to face some severe consequences!"

"I know. See you soon!"

Chen sighed, and his thirst for more power only grew stronger.

Chen and Lan brought a fruit basket and some supplements to the hospital. Wu was sad and heartbroken when he saw Chen and Lan coming together. However, Wu was not in the mood to argue with Chen because the condition of his father; Wu Zhebang did not look too good. His face was pale, and his lips had turned purple. Also, he coughed blood from time to time.

After some simple talk, Chen found out that Wu Zhebang had been admitted to this hospital for five days. He has not been getting better. His family members were like ants on a hotpot. The family business had to be put on hold for now. In other words, they were losing money every single day.

"Uncle Wu, can I treat you if you don't mind?" Chen observed him and asked.


Wu Zhebang was shocked for a while. Then, he smiled and said, "Xiaobei, don't joke around with me! I have looked for a lot of doctors and specialists to treat me. But, none of them know how to cure me, so far."

"Xiaobei, Uncle Wu is not being taken care by the best specialist. You shouldn't make things complicated." Lan pouted.

It was pretty obvious that both of them had not seen how skilled Chen was as a physician. That was why they did not believe that Chen could cure Uncle Wu.

However, Wu stood up and said, "Dad, maybe we should let Chen try it out? I have seen him use acupuncture to cure a lady with extreme chest pain! That lady was on the edge of dying, but Chen managed to cure her after poking few needles in her!"

"This…Is this real?"

Lan's eyebrows moved and said shockingly, "Xiaobei! How deep can you go? Even I did not know you know medicinal skill!"

"Xiaobei. I'm sorry for being dubious just now. Feel free to try it out." Wu Zhebang's attitude changed completely. He took out his medical report from the drawer beside his bed and handed it to Chen.

Chen shook his head calmly and said, "I'm a doctor that believes in the traditional approach. I do not need that."

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