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"This…What the hell is going on right now?"

Qiu was completely puzzled. It was not because Chen mentioned that he would come again and destroy everything. It was because Fire and Boss and Yap had just called Chen; Bro Bei at the same time!

Initially, he had thought that Yap was Chen's pillar of support. But, did Yap just address Chen as Bro Bei? This was a shocking realization for Qiu.

"Let's go! Everything can be destroyed, is destroyed!"

Chen grinned and said, "Retarded fool, I will stop for now! I shall come and revisit you when I need to let off some steam!"

Qiu shook, and he could feel something nasty coming upon him. Needless to say, Chen will do more than destroy his club during his next visit. Xiang and Black Tiger Gang are the best real-life examples for him! Qiu was distraught.

Light had just started to shed on his wild ambition after Murong Tian was gone. Now, Chen was going to destroy everything that he had built.

"He has no right! I will not yield to him!" Qiu thought.

"Alright! I will definitely welcome your next visit, since you asked me to expect your next visit! We shall play again when we meet next time!" Qiu barked.

"Hmph! Such an arrogant tone! Why? It seemed that one single slap was not enough for you! Do you want to take one more slap from me?!" Chen squinted and his tone turned cold all of a sudden.

"Chen Xiaobei! I'm not afraid of you, even if you are with Yap right now!"

"After all, that Yap guy is an outsider! I have connections from the white and black sides in Green Vine City! I will drag you to hell with me if you force my hand!" Qiu snarled.

"Damn! Someone is getting really arrogant!"

Chen grinned and ordered, "Yap, go and beat him up to the point that he has to look for his own teeth on the floor! I want to see how he is going to drag me to hell with him!"

"Alright!" Yap laughed coldly and landed a kick on Qiu's mouth.


The kick managed to shatter most of Qiu's teeth. He left a trail of blood in the air as he sailed off. There were broken pieces of teeth in the blood that he spat out.


The granite floor cracked when he finally landed on the ground.

"Let me take a look inside your mouth. I want to make sure all your teeth is shattered! If not, I can't deliver the good news to Bro Bei!" Yap walked towards Qiu, squatted down and took a good look at Qiu's mouth.



Two more kicks landed on Qiu's face. This time, his chin was shattered as well!

"Alright, Yap! Relax! Don't kill him. I will make a move first!" Chen said, Then, he left the place with Yap and the Fire Boss. The gang members that came with the Fire Boss left as well.

"Chen Xiaobei…Just wait and see…Don't think that you are powerful enough to control the whole Green Vine City…You are not worthy of becoming the king of Green Vine City!" Qiu shouted after seeing Chen and the gang left his premises. He was literally spitting blood out while shouting. Everyone around him was freaking out after they witnessed the bloody scene.

"Boss, I don't think that we will win this war with Chen Xiaobei as our opponent…We should just take all the money and leave this place…" One of the gang members said fearfully.

"Motherf*cker! I'm not going to leave this place! I have fought for decades to get to where I am right now! I will go against him to the end of my life!"

Qiu continued to say furiously, "I have a plan! I think it's time to kick-start the plan! Bring me my cellphone! I want to contact the big boss of Black Tiger Gang; Dongfang Hong!"

At Dongfang Mansion.

"Yangwei, how do you feel?" Dongfang Hong asked in a deep voice.

"I don't feel well…My voice is getting softer and softer. Also, my mustache has stopped growing…" Dongfang Yangwei touched his chin unconsciously, and he felt like crying. He had been acting like a real eunuch ever since Chen destroyed his manhood. Actually, his life is now worse than a real eunuch. He has to squat down and pee now. If not, his pee will splash everywhere around him.


Dongfang Hong was extremely upset when he saw his messed-up son. He shouted hysterically, "Chen Xiaobei! You motherf*cking asshole! How dare you cut off my bloodline?! You took away two of my biggest territories as well! I will f*cking kill you!"

"That's right! F*cking kill him! Skinning him alive will definitely calm my heart!" Dongfang Yangwei gritted. He did a divlike gesture with his finger.

"Your hand! How many times have I told you not to act like a diva! I will be so ashamed of you if others see you doing this!" Dongfang Hong said angrily.

"It's that Chen Xiaobei's fault! His f*cking fault!"

Dongfang Yangwei's face turned red. He quickly stopped acting like a diva. Then, he asked, "Dad! When are you going to kill that Chen Xiaobei? You are really powerful! I don't think that you are afraid of him, right?"

"I do want to kill him myself!"

Dongfang Hong went on to say, "But, that Liu Quanfu told me that I'm being watched by some high-leveled figure! That is why I don't dare make any moves yet!"

"Dad! I suspect that Liu Quanfu conned you!"

Dongfang Yangwei continued to say, "Try to think. Our prostitution and drug businesses are going back on track slowly. Not a single person has come forward to stop us!"

"Right! It seems like that Liu Quanfu's claim is not reliable at all!"

Dongfang Hong narrowed his eyes and said coldly, "I should test this out! If Liu is really telling me lies, I will go and kill that Chen Xiaobei immediately!"


Dongfang Hong's cell phone rang all of a sudden.


Dongfang Hong shattered the floor with his feet after hearing Qiu out.

*F*cking Chen Xiaobei! He just took over my territories on the north side of the city! I, Dongfang Hong will consume your flesh and drink your blood!" Dongfang Hong shouted.

That terrifying power managed to force the diva out of Dongfang Yangwei again.

"Oh my God…This is so scary…"

After that, Qiu told Dongfang Hong his plan.

He managed to calm himself down after hearing Qiu's plan.

"Okay! I agree with your plan! I'm willing to join your Obsidian Gang! I will gather all my friends to join your gang! We shall gather all of our resources to go against Chen Xiaobei!"

A new era has come after Dongfang Hong hung up the call. A chaotic era! A true king will be born in this era! The king that rules over Green Vine City!

It was next morning. Chen slowly opened up his eyes. He was not in bed, but sitting on the cold hard floor. It was pretty obvious that he sacrificed his sleep to train himself. He had burned through Hundred Herbs Potion to keep his body rejuvenated. There was very limited Qi in the atmosphere. Thus, it is extremely hard to improve oneself after reaching Qi refining stage. Chen has to grab all the time he has to improve himself.

Also, he had to deal with a lot of things during the day. Today, Chen logged into his Weibo and monitored the comments of the Treasure of Kidney closely!

"My fan base is going to get bigger today! Hehehe…"

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