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The poison that Xiaoyao had in her body was rather unusual. It will travel through all the blood veins in her body. The part that the poison passes through will turn numb. The blood that carries the poison will eventually pass through the heart. Thus, it will cause the heart to stop working.

Without wasting any time, Chen rolled Xiaoyao over. Other than her flat chest, the rest of her body parts were actually beyond perfect, especially her pair of long and elegant legs. Men will die for it!

"Flatboard Princess, I want you to know that I'm not trying to take advantage of you! This is the only way to save you." Chen gulped, and he lifted Xiaoyao's short skirt up.

A gorgeous, purple scene almost caused Chen to bleed from his nose! She was wearing a sexy, purple T back! Such a wild girl! Not even Lin has the guts to wear something this sexy!

Chen had his eyes and mouth wide open. It was as if he had made a new global discovery! The combination of the sexy T back and her perfect, perky buttcheeks would crush every men's heart in this world.

"Shit! I need to save her! This is not the right time to act like a perv!"

Chen calmed himself down and landed a kiss on Xiaoyao's ass. If someone passes by and sees this, Chen would definitely be beaten up for being a perv! But, saving one's life overrides all forms of consequences.

Chen managed to suck out few mouthfuls of poisoned blood. Then, the poison needle was finally sucked out of her body. Chen bit it into two and spat it on the ground.


Chen took out a bottle of Hundred Herbs Potion and fed it to Xiaoyao. He licked his lips and smiled evilly, "What kind of shampoo is she using? It smells so good! It smells like lemons…It tastes good as well…Hehehe…"

All men are one and the same, and Chen is no exception. He couldn't divert his gaze from Xiaoyao's perfect body. He was actually considering the idea of using Nine Dragons Acupuncture to enlarge her breasts. It will be perfection incarnate, when a piece of flat board turns into two mountains!

"Eh? How come she's not awake yet? Let me suck it again!"

Chen raised his eyebrows and lowered his body.

"Ah!!! What are you trying to do?"

Xiaoyao woke up all of a sudden. The first thing she was Chen's smooching lips approaching her delicate ass!

"Eh…Are you finally awake? How do you feel?" Chen scratched his nose tip.

"*sshole! Get the hell away from me!"

Xiaoyao's face was as red as a tomato. First, she screamed. Then, she pursed her lips and started to weep.

"You meanie…You are a super bad guy…"

Actually, Xiaoyao knew Chen was the one who saved her. But, she couldn't accept the means he took. Thus, it was really hard for her to process the thought.

"Errr…You should probably rest first…Let me have a talk with blood roar and other beasts."

Chen quickly ran away from Xiaoyao. It was not a good time to mess around with her. Those beasts were waiting to hear Chen's plan. The plan was rather simple. Chen would have them stay on this island. It will avoid all kind of possible conflicts with the villagers who stayed in the area. Other than that, they could also help Chen protect the island as well. But, there was one more important matter that needs to be done before Chen leaves this place.

"If I'm not mistaken. Those bastards that we killed just now kidnapped a kid and an adult. Does anybody here know anything about it?" Chen asked.

"I do!"

A wolf stood up on its hinds and said in a deep voice, "That day, I was hiding in a dark corner when I saw Qiu kidnapping a middle-aged man and a kid!"

"Yes! That must be Secretary Wong and the kid from Lee Family!"

Chen went on to ask, "Tell me more. What else do you know?"

"I heard Qiu said that he will keep the hostages at the Baole Club!"

The wolf continued to say, "Those two will be kept alive until both of you are killed! Then, they will push the blame to Blood Roar!"

"F*ck! A bunch of shameless mother*ckers! How dare they! They are going to kill a child! It's worse than an animal!"

Chen was so angry that his murderous aura started to fill the air.

"*sshole Xiaobei? What's wrong with you? What's with that face?"

Xiaoyao was sitting quite some distance from Chen, and she could feel the change of Qi from Chen. Then, Chen walked to Xiaoyao and told her everything that the wolf had just said to him.

"Qiu Hairui! That bastard!"

After that, Xiaoyao turned furious as well. She gritted, "He was my dear uncle! He misused my trust to commit such atrocious acts! I want to kill him! I want to kill him right now!"

"Calm down first! Have you forgotten the lesson you learned just now?" Chen hissed.


Xiaoyao was shocked. Then, she took a deep breath to try her best to calm herself down. The valuable lesson that she had learned just now prevented her from making impulsive decisions again.

"Tell me your plan. I will listen to you this time." Xiaoyao said evenly.

"First, we need to make sure that the hostages are safe before we do anything."

Chen continued to say in a deep voice, "We'll save the hostages first. Then, we can do your revenge business!"

"You are right. No matter what, the kid and Secretary Wong must not get hurt! If not, I won't be able to forgive myself for the rest of my life! Qiu's hypocrisy blinded me! This whole started with me! I made the wrong choice." Xiaoyao was looking really serious. She completely agreed with what Chen just said.

"You don't have to blame yourself for that. There was no way for you to know that he was going to betray you!" 

Chen consoled her and continued to say, "I will not allow you to kill Qiu immediately after we save the hostages as well!"


Xiaoyao frowned and snarled, "As long as this bastard lives, there will be more disasters! Many innocent people will die!"

"He will be dead, but we want to make his death worthwhile!"

Chen said seriously, "Those who were once under your dad's leadership are scattered now! I know that there is more than one person who wants to take your dad's power! Someone else will come up and take Qiu's place after we kill him anyway! We need to address the root of the problem before anything bigger come to us!"


Xiaoyao was stunned for a while and finally nodded, "You are right. How do you suggest we solve this problem?"

"I want to use Qiu to bait out all the rogue followers! Kill them all, and we will be able to permanently prevent all possible problems that might occur in the future!" Chen said coldly.

Xiaoyao nodded and said, "Okay! I will listen to you! Do whatever you need to do! Don't show them any mercy!"

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