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Chapter 277: Don’t Even Try To Run Away From Me!

Chen built a gigantic lid to cover the urn. Then, he climbed back up to the ground and thought, "I should soak this gigantic dragon dick inside alcohol. I’ll have to use the best alcohol to make sure it turns out good! Should I use whiskey or vodka? I think I’ll have to buy at least a thousand bottles of alcohol to fill up this urn."

"Master Chen! There’s movement at the shore!" Wenyuan warned Chen.


Chen turned around and checked it out. Then, he said, "Don’t worry! That’s our ally!"

A massive crocodile climbed to the shore and said, "Bro Bei! I saw five speedboats approaching the island! There are at least thirty plus people with weapons in their hands! I don’t think they are friendly!"


Chen narrowed his eyes and nodded, "Alright. Thank you so much for your warning. I will buy some mutton and beef to feed you guys!"

"Haha! Thanks, Bro Bei! Remember! I like the fattest part of a lamb!" The big crocodile grinned and returned to the water.

Wenyuan was shocked. Then, she said, "Master Chen…What is going on? Why is a crocodile looking out for us?"

"Of course! This is my secret base!"

Chen’s face turned serious. Then, he took out his Nightstaker Outfit from his treasure chest.

"None shall return alive if they have the balls to set foot on my island!" Chen said coldly. Now, Chen is completely invisible. On the other hand, the soldiers had hidden in the hole that they had dug earlier.


The sound of the speedboats’ engines could be heard from far. They parked their speedboats at the shore. All of them were holding all sorts of melee weapons. It was pretty obvious that they were some kind of Jianghu elites!

When one is powerful enough, a melee weapon is better than a gun!

"Master! It seems like no one on this island!" A guy with a full-grown beard with a big knife in his hand said.

"No! Chen Xiaobei is on this island! I saw his car parked on the other side of the island. He traveled to his island with a speedboat as well! I’m pretty sure he hid somewhere after hearing the sound of the speedboats’ engines!" Yap held a long sword in his hand.

Then, he ordered his followers in an ice-cold tone, "Find him! I will flip the entire island over just to look for him!"


Everyone started to move around in groups to look for Chen. Yap close to the shore. He wanted to make sure Chen will not get on his speedboat to escape from this island. This island is not exactly huge, but it’s not small either. There were some other buildings here other than the demolished colosseum. It would take some time to search the entire island.

"Motherf*cker! Where the hell is that son of the bitch? I can’t even see the shadow of a single person here!" The guy with a full-grown beard complained.

"Hehe! You will be scared shitless is a shadow spawns out of nowhere!" The skinny guy beside him said.

"F*ck you! Who do you think I am? I have big balls! Nothing in this world can scare me! Oh…my…God…"

The beardy screamed before he can finish his sentence.


A sharp ended shovel flew towards the skinny guy.

"What the hell is happening? Er!!!"

The shovel penetrated the skinny guy’s skull when he turned around. His blood and brain matter splattered on beardy! He was not startled by the bloody scene, but the thing that had tossed the shovel! After all, he was a Jianghu elite who had witnessed the most gory scenes before.

The thing had flaming blue eyes and a pitch-black look. The armor on it made it look even more terrifying!


Beardy started to scream hysterically. Both of his legs went soft, and he could feel his control of his bladder lapsing.




Two more shovels flew at beardy as he was screaming for help. The shovels impaled him. All his internal organs were destroyed, instantly! Blood started to shoot into the sky like a fountain.


Beardy groaned in pain. However, the groaning stopped the next second.


The evil spirit swung a shovel at beardy’s head. Two powerful Jianghu elites died in fear. They didn’t even know what killed them in the end.

"Ghos…Ghost!! Ah!!! Ah!!!"

Those terrifying screams could be heard from all directions. It was as if those evil spirits had planned to attack the enemies at the same time. It was a sudden attack; thus, the enemies didn’t even have time to react to it!

Within a short time, twenty out of thirty Yap’s followers had died in vain. Those who survived the ambush were elites at the pinnacle stage of the physical phase! Their health was at least three thousand!

"Master! Help us!"

They were screaming and running back to the shore at the same time. They realized that the evil spirits around them only kept on increasing. The most important thing was that these evil spirits could not be hurt! They will get back up, no matter how you attack them. you attack them. Thus, it was impossible for them to win this battle.

"Stop screaming! Your idiot master can’t even protect himself! You guys can wait for him in hell!" An ice-cold voice could be heard in the distance. A shadow started to surface at an empty space.

"Chen…Chen Xiaobei! He is the guy that our master wanted to capture to threaten Luo Puti!"

"How did he appear from thin air? Is there something wrong with my eyes?"

"This is not the problem now! Let’s deal with him first! There are still tonnes of evil spirits behind us!"

"That’s right! Kidnap him, and we can escape this shithole!"

"Charge! My brothers!"

The group of people had no other option but to attack Chen.


Chen took off his mask, and the invisibility effect was mitigated. He lifted his hand and aimed it at them. He focused all the Dragon Force at his palm. Qi started to form around his palm. It was like the silence before the storm!


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