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Chapter 276: I’m Building My Secret Base


The beans started to light up. A golden light surrounded them

"Wow! What is this? It’s so beautiful!" Both of Wenyuan’s eyes lighted up. She wanted to run to the beans like a curious baby.

"Don’t go there! You will be controlled by the bean!"

Chen quickly stopped Wenyuan from getting near the beans. Then, he took the Spirit Cage out of his treasure chest.


Chen opened the cover, and cold wind filled the place immediately. The evil spirits that Chen captured had last time charged at the beans like a group of beasts that have not eaten for some time. The beans started to react when the evil spirits got close to them.

The golden light started to spin in a vortex, and those evil spirits were vacuumed right into the beans!




After that, the bean started to expand and transform into humanoid forms. After some time, soldiers in iron armor started to come up from the ground and lined up in front of Chen. They looked pretty terrifying. Ghastly blue fire could be seen in their eyes. However, all of them were now under the control of the beans. They

would have to obey everything that Chen asks them to do!

The armor that they wore granted them a temporary physical body. Now, they could execute Chen’s plan.

"Haha! Beans becoming soldiers! It’s so magical!"

Chen said excitedly, "I don’t need to hire anyone to do all these cleaning stuff anymore! These inexhaustible and absolutely loyal soldiers will help me to carry out my plan! Also, they are definitely stronger than normal human beings! They are the best asset for me to execute all kinds of secret missions!"

"Wow! Now, I know that Master Chen already has everything planned out!"

Wenyuan clapped her hands together and said with a smile, "It’s a super easy task for you to clean this island up with these soldiers!"

"Haha! Of course!"

Chen raised his eyebrows and gave his first command, "All of you! Demolish the Colosseum first! I want you guys to set metal at one side and stone at the other side!"


Those soldiers turned around and started to march to the Colosseum.


The sound of a building collapsing could be heard from the direction of the Colosseum. Those soldiers have at least one thousand combat power. Thus, they could demolish the entire building with their bare hands. Also, they can’t be injured or killed from any form of accident. Even if they are buried under the stones, they can climb up and continue with their work. It is definitely going to be very efficient!

"Damn! My master is so awesome! These soldiers are more useful than I expected!" Wenyuan said, shocked.

"Hehe…They can be used in other matters as well!" Chen grinned and said.

"What else? Tell me now! I want to know!" Wenyuan said hastily.

"Come with me, and you will know."

Chen started to use his fingers to sense the Qi in the air. With the help of the Eight Diagram of Godly Prediction, Chen managed to locate the five most unique locations on the island.

In case you guys forget, Eight Diagram of Godly Prediction is one the skills that Chen had acquired long time ago. It can be used to predict the good and bad in the future. Other than that, this is a great skill to check out the Fengshui of a place.

Looking into the future can break the balance of reality. Thus, Chen rarely uses this function. On the other hand, checking the Fengshui of a place had nothing to do with the balance of the realm. So, Chen can use it without worrying about any consequences.

"The five locations are called gold, wood, water, fire, and earth! Can you guess what I am about to do?" Chen asked with a smile on his face.

"I have no idea at all…" Wenyuan pouted and shook her head.

"Little idiot!"

Chen grinned and took a piece of while cloth from his treasure chest.

Then, he said, "I’m going to setup my Hundred Ghosts Formation!"

"Ah! I see! You are going to assign twenty evil spirits in each direction! Is this how Hundred Ghosts Formation works?"

"That’s right!"

Chen went on to say, "These five unique locations can boost the power of Hundred Ghosts Formation greatly! Earlier, it would have been impossible for us to destroy Liu’s formation if we didn’t capture twenty of his evil spirits, prior to that!"

"Haha! Now, we have a group of powerful security guards to help us to protect this island! Enemies will walk into their graves if they have the balls to invade our island!" Wenyuan clapped and said.

"That’s right! I want to make this island my indestructible, steel fortress!" Chen said confidently. It was pretty evident that Chen would carry out a lot of secretive operations on this island.

After that, Chen started to concentrate on setting up the formation. The steps might seem simple, but they were rather complex. After few hours, Chen finally managed complete the formation. By then, the Colosseum had been completely demolished.

Chen did not plan to rest anytime soon. He drank a bottle of Hundred Herb Potion and continued with his work. Next, he took out the Heavenly Smithing Furnace from his treasure chest and started to use the Transmogrifying Flame to transform the metal scraps into a bunch of brand new hoes, spades, and shovels. Then, the soldiers picked up the tools and started to dig a big hole at where the Colosseum used to be.

After that, Chen transformed all those stones into bricks. Then, he assigned a group of soldiers to be in charge of arranging the bricks around the hole when the hole reaches a certain depth. Lastly, Chen went down to the hole personally to use his Transmogrifying Flame to meld the bricks together.

It was a complicated process. Finally, the whole thing was completed when the sky had turned dark. A twenty-meter-deep and five-meter wide pit could be seen could be seen in the ground.

"Master Chen! Why did you build this thing?" Wenyuan asked puzzledly.

"Can you go out and wait for me outside? What I’m about to do is very inappropriate!"

"Eh? Inappropriate?"

Wenyuan started grinning. The corner of her mouth lifted and a perverted smile could be seen on her face.

"I’m not going anywhere! I know Master Chen is going to something dirty! I want to watch!"

"You dirty girl! Don’t blame me later!" Chen opened his treasure chest and aimed it at the gigantic urn. Then, he tapped on the withdraw button.


A colossal, cylindrical object fell into the urn. It was at least eighteen meters long and three meters wide!

"What the hell is this?" Wenyuan looked into the urn. It looked familiar but she couldn’t remember where and when she had seen it before.

"This is a dragon penis…" Chen quickly covered his ears before he even finished his sentence.


Wenyuan’s face became red and she screamed, "Master Chen! You *sshole!"

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