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The friendly match finally ended. Initially, Chen was planning to look for Lin Xiang for some sexy time. Unfortunately, Lin was too busy today. She was not free at all.



Chen's cell phone rang all of a sudden.

"Hello! Third Brother! I have to push the product into the market within two days! I have received a total of one hundred thousand bottles of the Treasure of Kidney! How are your preparations over there?"

Zhang sounded like a wreck on the other side of the phone.

"Err…Almost there…" Chen scratched his nose tips and said with a guilty-as-charged tone.

"Something is not right! From your tone, I can hear that you have not done anything at all!"

Zhang got really nervous this time. He said in a deep voice, "I know that you are a busy man, but this matter cannot be dragged on any longer! I'm not joking with you!"

"Alright! I know! I will do it now!" Chen said.

"I can't make it any clearer! This is serious!"

Zhang said sternly, "Don't you forget that you are the spokesman for this product! Your reputation will be affected if we fail to come out with the product that we have promised our customers! My company would also need to pay a huge sum of money to the customers as compensation! This is really serious!"

"Second brother! Don't nag me anymore…I promise you, I will show you satisfying results tomorrow!" Chen earnestly said. He hung up the phone and drove to South Lake.

Back at the Shangri-La Hotel. The president suite was being cleaned and tidied up. It was still a mess.

Yap sat on the stuff that he had destroyed earlier on with a gloomy face, "My family has given me ten days to look for the Flaming Cloud Spiritual Pendant! I will lose the opportunity to inherit my family's wealth if I fail to find it!"

Around thirty plus people were standing around him. All of them looked really serious. The atmosphere was tense.

"All of you here are my most trustworthy allies! Your good days will come to an end if I lose all my power!" Yap said.

One of his allies said, "Master, you are right! This incident is just too damn bizarre! We don't even know where to start our investigation!"

"I know that. It's almost impossible to find my Flaming Cloud Spiritual Pendant! But, I have figured a way out!"

Yap squinted and said coldly, "My good brother from Dragon City gave me some good news recently! There is a Yang item that is even better than my pendant in Green Vine City! My family would not blame me if I manage to get my hands on it! On the contrary, they will reward me abundantly!"

"Eh? I didn't know about this at all!"

"I never thought that there is another pure Yang item in a small city like this!"

"What are we waiting for? Let's go and get it now!"

Everyone got really hyped up. Their future all depended on Yap. Thus, it is only logical for them to try their best to get the pure Yang item for him.

"Oy, get back here! Let me finish!

Yap shouted, "The owner of that pure Yang item is super powerful! You will be granted a death wish if you try to snatch it from the person now!"

"This…How is this even possible?"

"Who is that person? How is that person more powerful than you?"

"I can't believe there is a person more powerful than our master in Green Vine City! This is unbelievable!"

The crowd started to make all sort of comments. They couldn't believe what they had just heard. Currently, Yap is an elite at the later phase of the Qi refining stage. He is more powerful than everyone combined here. If a person manages to induce fear in him, then, the person must be insanely powerful!

"Her name is Luo Puti! I believe that you guys should be pretty familiar with this name!" Yap said in a deep tone. He locked eyes with them.

"Luo…Luo Puti? The only female inspector in Six Doors Organization?"

"Oh, God! It's her! Why is she in Green Vine City?"

"We can't afford to offend such a powerful person! This is too scary!"

"All thirty of us here will be killed by her if she finds out that we are trying to rob this pure Yang item!"

Endless fear had replaced their combat spirit. It seemed as if all hope was lost for them.

"We can't rob it off from her just like that! We need to snatch it from her with careful planning! I have found her weakness! We will use her only friend in Green Vine City as leverage!"

Then, Yap smiled coldly and said, "According to the intel that I acquired earlier, Chen is her only friend in Green Vine City! These two people are my enemies! We are going to kidnap him and get Luo Puti to hand us her pure Yang item if she ever wants to see Chen alive again! Two birds with one stone!"

People around him started to get excited again. They said, "Our master is the smartest person on this earth! Who is that unlucky bastard? Let us go and kidnap him right now!"

Yap grinned and said coldly, "There's no need to rush! We will carry out our plan when the sky turns dark!"

Now, back to the South Lake.

"Wow! This island is beautiful! It is like a pearl surrounded by crystal clear water! This place will become heaven if we plant some flowers and trees on it!" Wenyuan was so excited when she got to the island.

"Alright. Don't fool around anymore. We are not here to enjoy ourselves!"

Chen said, "Loads of people died here not too long ago. The bodies have been taken away by the police! But, we still need to clean up this place properly."

"Clean up?" Wenyuan was shocked.

She pouted and said, "You should hire a team of people to help you with this matter! How long would it take if you are planning to take to clean this entire place alone?"


Chen shook his head and said, "There can be no witnesses to what I'm about to do here! At least not the starting part!"

"What are you planning to do?" Wenyuan asked.

"Planting peach trees will be my main goal on this island. Other than that, I'm planning to hide the ingredients that are used to make the Treasure of Kidney underground as well!"

"No way! You want to plant all those peach trees alone and dig a big hole at the same time?"

Then, Wenyuan continued to say, "You are going to need decades to finish! Aren't you busy with other matters as well?!"

"Idiot. Since when did I say that I'm going to do this alone?" Chen smiled calmly and took his cell phone out.

"You are the one who said that you are not going to hire anyone! Who else is going to help you with this matter other than yourself? Also, I'm in spirit form! I can't help you, even if I wanted to!" Wenyuan said.

"Just watch me!" Chen raised his eyebrows and took out the Great Priest Bean from his treasure chest. It was small brown pouch half filled with beans. They seemed completely ordinary. However, Chen found that this item was pretty magical. It had a mind of its own! It synchronized to Chen's consciousness and transferred the chant needed to activate the beans to Chen's mind.

"Master Chen! What is this?" Wernyuan looked at Chen with her puppy eyes.

Chen did not answer her. He grabbed a handful of beans and tossed them on the ground.

"Heaven and earth! Listen to my command now! King of Hell, send me your soldiers now! Abacadabra!"

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