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A+ A- Chapter 265: My Hero

Luo went to the rooftop of an old building that people barely paid attention to. It was a mess, up there. Apparently, no one had set foot there for quite some time. A man was standing there. His eyes were small, and his cheekbones were shown clearly. He definitely looked like some kind of *sshole! But, his body seemed really strong and full of energy as well. He had to be some kind of elite.

"Luo Sister! It’s been some time! You are getting more and more beautiful!" The man raised his eyebrows and started to scan Luo’s body with his lustful pair of eyes. Luo wore a pair of light blue jeans and a simple white t-shirt today. It was just some casual attire, but she managed to enhance the simplicity with her Amazonian like voluptuous figure. No other woman could do what she did. Her looks and body was every man's dream.

"Bao Linshuang! I have warned you not to look at me like that! Don’t you forget! I’m still your superior!" Luo looked at him coldly.

"Haha! You are still the same! Why don’t you like men?"

Bao said lustfully, "Let me tell you something. You are not exactly that young anymore. It’s time to find a man to nourish you!"

"Are you done with your bullshit?" Luo’s stare was getting colder and colder. She even started to get angry.

"Chill, sister!"

Bao said with a laugh, "Let me tell you one last thing. You can always look for me if you have needs! I can promise you that I can give you the best service ever! Anything that you want!"

"You better shut the f*ck up before I slap your f*cking face!" Luo scolded. Normally, she would immediately give a few tight slaps to *ssholes like this. However, before she could do what she wanted to do, a handful of white powder was tossed at her.

"Bao Linshuang…You…What are you trying to do?"

Luo was scared. Her face was filled with shock. Soon after that, she couldn’t feel her body anymore. She took a few steps back. She had to lean on the wall to stay upright.

"Hehe…Luo Puti…I bet that you didn’t see this coming! Hehehe…"

Bao grinned and smiled evilly, "You are my supervisor, and your cultivation is higher than me. Thus, you couldn’t even be bothered about me! Now, you are a piece of meat on the chopping board! I can do whatever I want on you! How do you feel? Do you like it?"

"You have balls…The first rule of Six Doors Organization is to never disrespect someone who has more authority than you…Aren’t you afraid of the death sentence?" Luo gritted her teeth angrily. All she wanted to do right now was to kick him off the building.

However, she couldn’t use any of her strength.

"Hehe…Let me tell you something, since the circumstances have changed."

Bao said coldly, "I’m the one that decides whether you are still loyal or otherwise! As long as you can make me happy in bed, I will tell Poseidon that you are still loyal to the organization! If you continue to fight me, I will tell Poseidon that you plan to betray the organization! Well, the choice is obvious, isn’t it! Don’t fight me anymore!"

"You *sshole…Such an underhanded method…" Luo said weakly.

She didn’t even have the strength to kill herself right now. She could feel something terrible happening to her soon.

"Hehe…I’m an *sshole alright! You can always bite me if you are not happy with me! But, bite here please!" Bao pointed at his crotch and walked to Luo with evil intentions.

"Don’t come here…Just kill me…I would rather you kill me than rape me…" Luo’s face turned ashen.

She had kept her virginity for the past twenty-four years. So, she can never accept the fact that Bao is going to take away her virginity.

"Sigh…Sister Luo! Come

Luo! Come one! Smile at me please…"

Bao frowned and said in a deep voice, "I really don’t like that ice-cold look of yours! You look like you just received the news that your father just passed away! What a mood killer!"

"Just kill me…You can go and look for other women to have fun with you…Heck…you can even take my position…I beg you…Please kill me!!!!" Luo shouted hysterically.

"Hehe…You wish, jellyfish! I came prepared! Do you really think that I will let such a beautiful woman slip past my hands?" Bao laughed evilly and took out a bottle from his pocket. Then, he squeezed Luo’s mouth open and poured pink liquid into Luo’s mouth.

"This…What the hell is this…?"

Luo was shocked. Then, her vision went blurry. She could feel a fire burning inside her chest. The heat spread throughout her body. After that, she started to have some kind of weird thoughts in her mind. This was her very first time feeling horny!

Luo started to feel despair. She was hoping to kill herself a moment ago. Now, her mind was occupied with all these dirty thoughts. She knew clearly that she will give in to Bao, really soon.

"Luo Puti! You are my toy tonight! You will do whatever I ask you to do!"

Bao shouted arrogantly, "Now laugh! I want to see your horny face! I want the snowy mountain turn into a volcano! Hehehe…"

"Help…Someone, please help me…" Luo used her final straw of strength to shout out for help.

"Hahaha! You can shout as loudly as you want! No one will hear you and rescue you tonight!" Bao licked his lips and extended his hand to Luo’s shirt.


The door of the rooftop was kicked open by someone. Chen rushed in, scanning wildly for Luo.

"Xiaobei…Xiaobei…Save me…"

Luo looked at Chen. Her delicate eyes were filled with hope and excitement again. 

"Don’t you worry! I will kick his balls for you!" Chen said with steadfast determination.

Maybe it’s the effect of the drug, but Luo felt that Chen was now some kind of incredible hero that had come from heaven to save her. There’s nothing more handsome and cool than Chen at that moment!

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