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A+ A- Chapter 264
Chapter 264: A Special Call

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The Flaming Cloud Jade Pendant is the heirloom of Yap Family. It has been passed from generation to generation for a hundred years! The Qi inside the pendant will nourish the owner continually. As long as the person does not extract it forcefully, it can be passed on for few thousand years without drying up. However, Chen had extracted everything in one go. The sound of the pendant cracking could be heard clearly. It was rich in color initially, but now all the color had completely disappeared. Cracks started to surface on the pendant as well.

By sacrificing the pendant, Chen acquired a rich and concentrated Qi. It was like a river that flowed to every single part of Chen’s body. Right after that, the Primordial Witch King Combat Enhancement training finally began! With the help of Scholar Heart, everything went on smoothly. He could feel the burn of Qi in his muscle, bones, skin, and even on the tip of his hairs! They were going through a whole new level of transformation. The most prominent alteration that has ever happened to Chen’s Dragon Force thus far.

Qi serves as the source of power for the people at the Qi refining stage. Under the influence of the Primordial Witch King Combat Enhancement training, the Dragon Force was absorbing more Qi and only

grew stronger and stronger.

Take note that Chen’s cultivation still remained the same, but his Qi was getting more and more powerful.

"I understand now!"

A revelation struck Chen. Finally, he figured out the true purpose of this training. The person that goes through this training can maintain their cultivation tier, but it will boost their combat power. In other words, by the end of this training, Chen’s combat power will increase from five thousand to six thousand and five hundred! His cultivation would still be the same. When Chen reaches max tier cultivation, his combat power will be sixty-five thousand. On the other hand, for another person with max tier cultivation, he will only have fifty thousand combat power.

In a nutshell, Chen will always be stronger than the person that is in the same cultivation tier with him! This is going to be awesome!

No longer aware of the passage of time, next evening had already struck! In the midst of Chen’s training, his mom called him twice to have some food. But, Chen did not stop the training at all. Finally, Chen had completed the combat enhancement training. Usually, he can finish a training session within an hour. In this case, he had spent almost twenty-four hours training. It was pretty apparent that this training is really complicated. Still, the reward from this training is permanent! Worth every single

single drop of effort!

After that, Chen drank a bottle of Hundred Herbs Potion to rejuvenate the energy that he had used up during the training.


[Cultivation: Early stage of Qi refining, Health: 5000, Combat power: 6500!]

"Haha! Normally people will train their health first! But, I just did the opposite! This is beyond awesome!"

He was thrilled, but he did not lose his head. He thought carefully, "I have to train my body to withstand this combat power! If not, one day, my body will surely crumble! Looks like, I need to look for some way to increase my health!"

"Chen Xiaobei! Are you here?"

A woman’s voice could be heard outside the house. The voice sounded sweet, but it has an icy sensation to it.

"Ice Demon Queen?!"

Chen was shocked. He tidied his room up quickly and rushed to downstairs to open the door for her.

"Goddess Luo! Why are you here…?" Chen opened the door happily. What he got in return was an unpleasant ice-cold stare.

"I come here to do the acupuncture with your dad! But, your mom insisted that I should come for dinner as well! Did you really think that I wanted to see your face!" Luo said coldly.

"Can you not stare at me the way you are staring at me right now? You made me look like I’m some kind of bad guy who took advantage of you!" Chen said.


Chen said.

"Hmph! You animal! I still remember what you did to me last time! Sooner or later I will kill you!" Luo stared at Chen angrily. She started to have flashbacks about the breast massage that Chen did to her last time. Chen was bleeding from his nose. Plus, his flagpole had stood up as well! To Luo, Chen is worse than an animal! 

Chen scratched his head and explained, "You should be used to it when I massage you the next time! Don’t worry!"

"What next time? There’s no next time!! I shall let you have a taste of my wrath!" Luo was about to unleash her anger on Chen. But, she calmed down all of a sudden. That was because Chen’s mom had walked up to them.

She said happily, "My Puti is the best! I have called Chen a few times over to come down for food! But, he did not give me any response, at all! But you being here has immediately summoned him! Sigh…Someone has forgotten about his mom once he has a wife!

"Aunty…No…I’m not his wife…" Luo’s face turned red.

When it comes to Chen’s mom, Luo will always be very polite and gentle.

"Mom! What are you talking about? Since when I have forgotten about you?"

Chen smiled. Then, he held his mom on his right side and Luo on his left side.

"Let’s go and have dinner!"

Luo’s face have dinner!"

Luo’s face got even redder. It would be inappropriate if she shook off Chen’s hand right now. Thus, she had no choice but to allow Chen to hold her hand. Chen’s mom cooked some simple dishes, and it was a joyful dinner.

Luo’s status is still placed at the top in Chen’s family. As for Xiaobai, this guy can forget about his meal, as long as Luo is here. It’s not because he is some lustful creature. He liked to get close to Luo because Luo possessed a Yang item that Xiaobai liked. Lastly, Sirius is Xiaobai’s follower. Thus, he will go wherever Xiaobao goes. Also, he gets to enjoy the peaches from Luo as well!



Luo’s cell phone rang. She looked really nervous all of a sudden. She put her bowl and chopsticks down. Then, she ran out of the house to answer the call. Chen knew all too well that the call had to be related to Neptulon! It was bad! Chen did not go and eavesdrop on Luo, because Xiaobai was still with her. Two minutes later, Luo said that she had to deal with an emergency. Then, she left in a hurry.

After that, Xiaobai jumped to Chen’s shoulder and whispered, "That was a young man’s voice. He mentioned something about giving Puti some kind of medicine. I saw her frowning. I think that she’s in trouble."

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