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A+ A- Chapter 254: Hello! I Don’t Think She Can Take It Anymore!

"Hello, Boss Liu!"

Chen smiled and shook Liu’s hand politely.

"Master! There’s something wrong with this fatty!"

Wenyuan spoke out loud all of a sudden.

Chen did not let his face show his worry. He did notice that there was a cloud of concentrated Ying Qi on top of Liu’s head. This dark cloud covered at least two to three meters about the premise. Every single employee, including Zhang carried a small amount of the Ying Qi with them as well.

"This is weird! There’s a high chance that a human is possessed by an evil spirit when there’s so much Ying Qi on them! But, I can’t see any evil spirit possessing Liu Duobao!" Wenyuan tilted her head and said. This really puzzled her.

Chen couldn’t deduce the cause of this weird phenomena as well, because there was so much that he didn’t know about this pharmaceutical.

"Bro Bei! I think we have some misunderstanding here! I’m not the boss here! Zhang is the boss here!" Liu smiled showed his hand to Zhang.

"Oh? How come?"

Chen raised his eyebrows and pretended that everything was normal. He gave Wenyuan a look while talking to them. Wenyuan knew Chen what he wanted her to do. She flew into the factory and investigated the secret behind this factory.

"Let me explain. Boss Zhang provided me the factory and money to start this business! All I did was invest in the chemical substances."

Liu smiled and said, "Boss Zhang pays the advertisement fees for this advertisement. He asked me to talk to you about because he was worried that you might not want to accept the payment, since both of you are brothers."

"Second brother! This is some huge secret."

Then, Chen continued to say seriously, "Our brotherhood is undeniable! Plus, you always took care of me when I was poor! So, there’s no way for me to take this money from you!"

"We should not mix brotherhood and business! Even if my blood-related brother works for me, I will pay him as well!"

Zhang said sincerely, "I know you are filthy rich right now but I will not feel peace if you refuse to accept the payment from me!"

Chen knew Zhang pretty well. Zhang is always helpful, and he doesn’t like to owe someone’s favor. So, their relationship will be jeopardized if Chen insists on not accepting the payment from Zhang.

"Alright! I shall accept the payment! Thank you, second brother, for the advertisement payment!" Chen said calmly.

"I should be the one thankful that you’re willing to help me with this advertisement!"

Zhang smiled and continued to say, "Our very first step is promoting this product to Green Vine City! When the advertisement broadcasts on TV, your influencing power will definitely attract a lot of potential customers! You will be a superstar!"

"Haha! Only those who hire me will know my influencing power! You are not exaggerating matters at all!" Chen raised his eyebrows and said confidently.

Liu laughed as well. He said, "That’s right! Look at the Beicheng jewelry shop and First Love Peaches! Everyone will buy our product when they find out that Bro Bei is promoting our product!"

"What are we waiting for? Let’s go in!" Zhang was in a good mood. He led Chen into the factory.

"Xiaobei…Look…This is our factory. That’s our production line. That is our warehouse." Zhang gave a simple tour, guiding Chen around while walking.

"So, basically, this is the layout of my factory. Next, I will invite Professor Liu to introduce our product to you." Zhang said.

"Alright. I still have no idea what am I going to promote, after so much talking." Chen was really curious.

He almost vomited blood the next second after he knew the truth.

"The name of the product is called Treasure for Kidneys! It’s a high-class supplement that is specially designed for males to increase their battle in bed with their partner. It can cure premature ejaculation, impotent, and other small problems…" Liu was talking excitedly.

Chen felt like dying after getting to know the product that he is going to promote. He was still a virgin. Thus, it’s really awkward for him to shoot an advertisement like this. Zhang is an *sshole! Taking hundred thousand from him is too little. Chen was thinking of charging a million. Wait! It should be ten freaking million!

He was considering to run off. However, he did not realize that he had reached the spot where they will be shooting the advertisement while talking. It was an office. The products were placed all around him. There was a camcorder in front of him. Basically, there was nothing else in the office.

"Xiaobei…The office is kind of simple. I hope that you wouldn’t mind."

Zhang continued professing, "In order to promote the product, I had to use everything I have to pay you. Thus, my budget is kind of limited. I hope that you can help us this time."

Chen felt bad for thinking of abandoning them after hearing what Zhang said. Zhang is just a small time, second-generation, wealthy guy. One cannot compare him to people like Lan Mengcheng and Wu Junfan. Those are the super-rich second-generation kids!

He insisted on paying Chen a hundred thousand for shooting the advertisement with a limited budget. Chen decided that he will help a good brother like him.


Chen gritted his teeth and said, "I don’t mind it at all! Let’s get started!"

"Alright! Let’s roll!"

Zhang ran to the camcorder and started to act like a producer and cameraman.

"Actually, this advertisement is really simple! All you need to do is stand in the middle of the products, take one Treasure of Kidney, and read the script out within ten seconds!"

"Bro Bei! The script is written on the back of the bottle! All you need to do is follow it!" Liu reminded.

"One must drink the Treasure of Kidney if you want your kidneys to function well! Consuming a bottle of it allows you to stay focus! Consuming the second bottle allows you to eliminate all the fatigue! Consuming the third bottle…I thought this is the script from the series called; Love Apartment? Why did you guys copy it?"

Chen was stunned and asked.

"We have a limited budget. Thus, we can’t afford to hire a person to write an original script for us. So, we decided to copy the iconic lines from the series." Zhang said.

"Where is your creativity? Let me think of a creative script for you! Let the cameras roll!"

Chen raised his eyebrows and started to speak with a magnetic voice, "Do you want to say goodbye to impotence? Do you want to throw away your premature ejaculation? Do you want to conquer her completely on the bed? Drink the Treasure of Kidney! Hello, Treasure of Kidney! Let’s conquer her!"


Zhang and Liu were stunned for a few seconds. Then, both of them started to laugh uncontrollably.

"Hello…Let’s conquer her! HAHAHAHA!!!"

Tears started to roll down Zhang’s cheeks due to the excessive laughter, "Oh my God! Xiaobei! In the end, you are the experienced one here!"

"Bro Bei! You are a Goddamned Genius!"

Liu was laughing like a crazy person as well, "This is epic! Everything you said brought out the best of the Treasure of Kidney! Hahaha…"

"That’s it! We are going to use his lines!"

Zhang smacked the table and complimented, "This advertisement sounds so catchy! It’s meaningful! It’s hard not to be famous!"

"Quick! Let’s upload the advertisement to the internet! I can’t wait to see the audiences’ reactions!" Liu was getting impatient and said.

"Master! I found something! Over here!"

Wenyuan flew to the entrance and waved at Chen frantically.

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