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A+ A- Chapter 253: Being Treated Like A Superstar!

There was no more Flaming Cloud Spirit Pendant on Yap. Thus, the Netherspirit Battlescouter could gauge his cultivation without any problem. Chen was shocked after checking him out.


[Cultivation: Later stage of Qi refining phase, Health: 10000, Combat power: 10000]


This bastard is powerful!

Chen will definitely lose if both of them decided to fight.

"Damn it! I’m still too damn weak! I need to become stronger and more powerful!" Chen gritted secretly.

Although he just made his cultivation breakthrough recently, he still desired to be more powerful. The enemies that he is going face in the future will get stronger and stronger. He needs to be powerful enough to get a hold of his own fate.

"Master! That piece of shit has been weakened! We should kill him right while he is weakened!"

Wenyuan felt Chen’s Qi changed. So, she quickly made a suggestion.

"No…We will not make it…"

Chen shook, and his gaze became really focus.

"Damn it…Finally, the itch is gone…I will f*cking kill the person that did this to me…F*cking grind his bone and shred his flesh! Ouch…It’s still really painful…"

He was sitting on the ground and took some deep breaths. His eyes were filled with vengeance.

"How come? That piece of shit almost died from the itch. Why did all the itch go to all of a sudden? Wenyuan asked curiously.

"The itchy powder will be dissolved once it comes in contact with liquid. He lost a lot of blood just now. Thus, the itchy powder has been dissolved by the blood…" Chen explained in a soft voice.

"I see." Wenyuan nodded.

Then, Chen continued to say, "Let’s go…That’s all for today…I will fight with him when I’m strong enough."


Wenyuan nodded obediently and laughed evilly, "Enough fun for today! We managed to steal his precious pendant and mess him up real good!"

Chen laughed, "He will lose it completely when he notices his missing pendant!"


Yap was screaming like a pig the next second.

"Flaming…Flaming Cloud Spirit Pendant? Where is it?! I placed it before I went into the bathroom! Why is it gone now? Oh my God! I can’t afford to lose the pendant!"

He rushed to the shelf, and his voice was shaking. He knew better than anyone in this world the importance of that pendant. His family had paid a considerable price to acquire the pendant. This pendant was considered his family’s heirloom. He will lose his status as the inheritor of his family if they find out he has lost the pendant. He will

surely be punished heavily for it. His pupils contracted, his body started to shake uncontrollably, and sweat started to roll down his forehead. To him, all hope was lost at this moment.


Yap landed his kick on the wooden shelf, and it turned into shredded wood.




He started to flip over everything in the room to look for the lost pendant. All the expensive furniture in the room became tools to vent his anger. One by one, they were all destroyed by him.

At the same time, Chen and Wenyuan left the room. Surprisingly, they found out that Xiaobai did not sleep for the whole night. He had been waiting for Chen to come back.

"How was it? Did you get it?"

Xiaobai ran to Chen happily when he saw Chen.

"Of course! I will never fail when I work on something!" Chen raised his eyebrows and smiled.

"Quick! Quick! Quick! Show me!"

Xiaobai couldn’t wait any longer. His sapphire eyes were looking at Chen. It was like a crazed miser looking at a mountain of money and gold.

"I should leave first…" Wenyuan pursed her lips and flew back into the Spirit Cage.

After that, Chen took out the pendant from his treasure chest and showed it to Xiaobai. The pendant was pretty magical. It has a warm feeling. The warmth quickly spread throughout Chen’s body. After reaching Qi refining stage, Chen could feel tonnes of Qi inside the pendant itself! It would be incredibly beneficial for Chen’s training! He was getting more and more interested towards the pendant.

However, Xiaobai pursed his lips and complained, "This is a fire attribute Qi! I’m a Frosty Jade Lion! It has to be an ice or pure Yang attribute! Man! This is useless! I’m going to sleep now! Bye!"


Chen really wanted to spank Xiaobai after hearing what he said, "I meted out so much effort to acquire this pendant! And, all you say is that it is useless and walk away! This is pissing me off!"

"Master! You can be quite dumb sometimes! You can use it if I don’t need it! The Qi inside this pendant is extremely beneficial for you!"

Suddenly, Wenyuan flew out from the Spirit Cage and reminded Chen.

"That’s right!"

Chen was all lighted up and said, "I have been thinking about how to increase my combat power. Also, I was trying to find some good sources of Qi! What a coincidence! Hahaha!"

"Keep it nicely, and take a good rest! You need to shoot an advertisement tomorrow!" Wenyuan said.


Chen kept the pendant back inside his treasure chest. His mood was all good again. He had a good rest that night.

He woke up early the next morning. The manager; Wenyuan asked him to tidy himself up and drive to the designated place to shoot his advertisement. The location was called Duobao Pharmaceutical. It located at the outskirts of the town. It was actually kind of remote, for a factory.

Just like what the fatty had said earlier, the company was not that big. The office and the pharmacy was conjoined, and there were around fifty employees. Also, there was one more familiar face standing beside the fatty; Liu Duobao. It was none other than Chen’s roommate; Zhang Fengyi.

"Welcome! Welcome! Welcome!"

People started to cheer when they saw Chen’s car arrived at the front door. Zhang and Liu went to the car to welcome Chen.

"Xiaobei! How is it? This is the superstar treatment that I have planned for you!"

Zhang pointed at the people behind him and laughed.

"You don’t say! I’m actually quite happy! Hahaha!" Chen got down from his car and laughed happily.

"Ayyy…! Bro Bei! Finally, I get to meet you face to face! I’m your most loyal die-hard fan!" Liu Duobao was shouting excitedly. Then, he extended his hand to Chen.

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