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"Are you tell me that all these symptoms are caused by the adrenaline shot?" Blood Roar opened its eyes wide and put on a serious face while listening to Chen.

"Yes! That's the problem! Adrenaline shot can boost your combat power temporarily but your body is not strong enough to withhold the sudden increase of combat power! Thus, your body is overloaded! You have hurt yourself before you hurt anyone!"

Chen continued to explain, "The reason that you feel a burning sensation in your body is because the adrenaline shot is burning your muscle and veins! Also, your internal organs are taking damage right now! Thus, the vomiting! And, when you do vomit, it will be blood!"

"Blood?! This is really serious!" Blood Roar put on a shocking face.

"This is not the worst part!"

Chen shook his head and continued to say, "Just like a machine! A machine will come to a point beyond repair, due to overloading it! You will surely die when your muscles, veins and internal organs start to break down!"


Blood Roar was completely at lost. It looked at Chen with its teary eyes and said pitifully, "Bro! You must save me…I'm still a virgin…I have not had sex with any females…I don't want to die!"

Death is a big deal to all kinds of living beings. Don't think that animals are not afraid of death! That's because you can't understand their language!

Chen nodded and said, "I can save you, but others cannot see me treating you. You have to feign defeat and let me settle my business in this colosseum first."

"This is easy! Isn't it acting! I'm actually pretty good at it!"

Blood Roar jumped up and ran around the cage. Then, it did a dramatic attacking move at Chen.


It even roared as loud as possible to make it look real. His signature roar managed to wake everyone up from their shocked states.

"It moves! Blood Roar is going to attack now!"

"That's what I tried to say earlier! Blood Roar is born to kill! It tears its opponents piece by piece every single time!"

"Blood Roar! Go! Let's us witness your passion in killing!"

"Blood Roar! Blood Roar! Blood Roar…"

The audience got really hyped. Some of them even started to danced and cheered. At the same time, Xiao and Liu were relieved.

"Damn! I was scared to death earlier on! I thought that there was something wrong with Blood Roar! Now, I can sit back, relax, and watch the show!"

Xiao grinned and put on a vicious smile, "We can totally chill, as long as Blood Roar does nor cease its attacks! Let watch how Blood Roar destroys that kiddo!"

"That's right!"

Liu nodded and started to laugh greedily, "All his money and the land deed will come back to us when Blood Roar kills him! Hahaha!"

"Blood Roar! Blood Roar…"

Liu and Xiao looked at each other in the eyes and invited the crowd to cheer as well. It is quite astounding when six hundred people cheer together. The sound wave is big enough to shake the colosseum!

On the other hand, Blood Roar used its claws to scratch the base of the cage. A series of claw marks could be seen clearly. Then, it pretended to use all his strength to charge at Chen.

"Damn! This Blood Roar really can act!" Chen had his eyes wide open. He would have thought that Blood Roar had really wanted to kill him if it had not told him about this whole acting thing.

"Your acting is good, but my acting is not bad either!"

Chen started to act like some all mighty grandmaster and said, "I'm really sorry, you have already lost to me!"


Chen touched Blood Roar lightly with a closed fist.


It unleashed its full potential at acting and started to roll on the floor, while pretending it had just received some fatal blow. After a while, it went from excessive moving to zero movement.


None of them had seen this coming. Most of them were still cheering when Blood Roar was knocked down. They were looking forward to its performance.


Chen kicked the door open and walked out from the cage.

"Xiao Zhe! You can return my fifty million back to me!" Chen shouted at the VIP seat with his mocking tone.


Xiao's face was so twisted that it might be the worst day of his entire life. The sound of him gritting his teeth could be heard from afar. He never thought he would lose to Chen once again. A complete loss that is beyond salvation! There was not even a single opportunity to defend himself. The result of the betting was set in stone in the eyes of six hundred audience. Xiao failed to win back the money that he had lost to Chen earlier. This time, even the land deed of this island was being handed over to Chen.

Xiao is at the end of the cliff, now. However, the situation was different from the betting earlier. Xiao and Liu were totally prepared for this worst outcome.

"Brother Liu! Let's clear the area!" Xiao shouted angrily.

Liu nodded and proceeded to make a call.

Then, he snatched a microphone and shouted at the audience, "Everyone, listen! The colosseum is going to close now! You have five minutes to leave the place before I ask my gang members to do something horrible to you guys!"

A gang of thugs started to flood the colosseum once Xiao was finished with his announcement. They were chasing the people out rudely.

"What the hell happened? This had never happened to this place before!"

"Are you dumb?! Can't you see it?! Xiao is trying to go back on the promise that he made to that young man earlier! He is going to kill him!"

"Damn! What an *sshole! He is not a real man!"

"That gangster Liu had Xiao's back! There's nothing we can do even if we are angry at him! Let's go! Those thugs are not someone that you want to mess with!"

"Sigh…I pity that young man…Seems like he will definitely be killed by them!"

All the audience left in hurry. They were sent back to where they came from with speedboats. At the same time, Chen was surrounded by dozens of thugs.

"Chen Xiaobei, I don't think you saw this coming!"

Liu was standing at some high place. He laughed evilly and said, "I managed to order all my best fighters from my gang to come here and kill you! You are going to hell today for messing with the wrong people!"

However, Chen was not affected by it at all. He laughed condescendingly and said, "Hehe…Do you really think that you can outsmart me? Call and ask your men about the territories that are under your control! I have some surprises for you!"

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