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2663 Good For The Rest Of Her Life

“Unexpectedly, the problems got harder and harder. However, Ye Jian was able to withstand all the difficulties. Not only could she withstand them, but she could also complete them. This broadened Uncle Gen’s and my horizons. We became even more determined to groom her well.

“That’s why the Four-Year Plan came later. She underwent special training in the snow, forest, and desert. Major General Fu, your daughter suffered a lot to be able to reach where she is today.”

Principal Chen sighed.

Ye Jian was someone who only reported good news and not bad news. However, he had to tell this major general that the reason why his daughter was where she was today wasn’t because of her talent. It was because of her persistence.

He also wanted to let this major general know that Ye Jian had suffered many hardships!

Principal Chen didn’t want Ye Jian to only report the good news to her father and not the bad news. He needed to let Mr. Fu know what he should know.

That way, he would be able to treat the girl better in the future!

Ye Jian didn’t interrupt them. After getting into the car, her father told her, “Jian, sit in front. I want to talk to Principal Chen for a while.”

Principal Chen said, “Your dad is right. You can’t interrupt adults’ conversation.”

One was her biological father while the other was Principal Chen. Within three minutes, the two father figures had formed a tacit understanding. Ye Jian was elated.

However, she was also quite frightened.

She was afraid that Principal Chen would tell Mr. Fu about her past and make Mr. Fu, who had sat in front of her mother’s grave the entire day, sad again.

Along the way, Ye Jian’s heart was a mess. Her heart was shaking along with the car. She felt anxious with every passing second.

Hearing Principal Chen talking about her training in the past and the dangers she encountered during training, as well as how Grandpa Gen and he had purposely increased the difficulty to see if she could complete the challenges, she couldn’t help but smile.

If it wasn’t for the harsh training in the past, she wouldn’t be where she was today.

It only took half an hour to drive from the intersection to the sniper base. The car drove directly into the base. Ye Jian jumped out of the car first and opened the door for her two fathers. At the same time, she smiled and said, “We’re finally getting out of the car. If you two had continued chatting, I might get heart disease.”

“Why? Are you worried that I’ll say bad things about you?” Principal Chen got down the car and laughed heartily. It was pleasant chatting with Mr. Fu. He was a knowledgeable major general with his own opinions. What was even rarer was that he doted on Ye Jian to the core.

Ye Jian blinked and said playfully, “I’m not worried about you saying bad things about me. I’m just worried that you’ll say that I’m immature and annoy you.”

“Clever! Hurry up and go to the cafeteria for dinner. After dinner, I want to have a good chat with your dad about you.” Principal Chen shook his head with a smile. The gratification in his eyes got stronger.

After finding her biological father, Ye Jian’s eyes lit up even more. Even when she smiled, she was exceptionally happy.

He still wanted to ask her how she found her biological father and how she could let go of the past and accept her biological father.

There were too many things he didn’t understand. Although he had a good chat with Major General Fu just now, he still needed to understand him more.

Only then did Ye Jian remember that she hadn’t told Uncle Chen about another important matter… She needed Principal Chen to keep her relationship with Captain Xia a secret. He couldn’t tell Mr. Fu about it for the time being.

When Mr. Fu was washing his hands before dinner, Ye Jian took the chance and said, “Uncle Chen, I need you to help me hide my relationship with Captain Xia for the time being. My dad doesn’t want me to fall in love so early… Also, he thinks that I have a crush on Captain Xia!”

Ye Jian couldn’t help but laugh.

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