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Chapter 1578: Excellent Battle weather

When White Crane heard this, he was silent for a long time before saying, “Azure Bird is indeed very powerful. I’ve already experienced it. As long as she’s willing to come to our unit, our unit will definitely have a place for her.” As he spoke, White Crane’s voice had a smile. “A female soldier will come to our unit. She’s also a female soldier with both talent and looks. The team will be lively in the future.”

“After training every day, I don’t have to face old people like you anymore. I’ll go back every day to look at Azure Bird. I’ll feel relaxed.”

Pigeon immediately retorted, “I’m tired of your old face too. I’ll go back every day to look at Azure Bird and feel relaxed too.”

On the other side, Xia Jinyuan, who was about to contact his two ‘dead’ comrades, heard this sentence. A cold look flashed past his eyes.

In less than five hours after the match started, the two of them were shot and died. They didn’t reflect on themselves and even talked about things that had nothing to do with training. When did his soldiers have such bad awareness?

Azure Bird was powerful. Didn’t they know that they were inferior?

“You seem to be having a good time chatting.” His cold voice came from their earpieces. Pigeon and White Crane, who were chatting happily, trembled slightly when they heard Q King.

It’s over. They wanted to say that they made a mistake. Now, they hoped that he wouldn’t increase their punishment.

“I was going to say that the weather is going to change, so the two of you should find a shelter to hide from the rain. From the looks of it now, there’s no need to hide from the rain. Continue standing properly!” Xia Jinyuan felt that he couldn’t be too kind. If his heart was too good, something might happen. “It’s 4:30 AM now. Stand until 5:30 AM. Is there a problem?”

Realizing that they had made a mistake, the two of them immediately replied, “No!”

“Very good! Raise your guns and stand in the horse stance until 5:30, and reflect properly!” Xia Jinyuan had always been ruthless when it came to combat. He didn’t have his usual casualness. He always had a gauge of when to do what he should do.

If not, he wouldn’t be the captain of the Snow Region Brigade or be the youngest captain in years.

The frightened seabirds returned to their nest. Black clouds seemed to be sweeping over the ink-black sky. Ye Jian and Big Prawn quickly came down from the highest point. She turned her head and looked at the sea. She frowned slightly. “The sky has changed.”

Fighting in bad weather was more difficult due to the environment. It was up to their comrades to keep up.

Although it wasn’t a competition of who won or lost, if they really lost, they wouldn’t feel proud.

“It’s very common for the sky to change at sea. It’s easier for snipers to hide.” She shot two members of the Snow Region Brigade in one hour and five minutes. Big Prawn almost wrote the word ‘respect’ on his forehead. He jumped down from the rock and leaned on the ground with one hand. He smiled at Ye Jian, revealing his white teeth that were shining with a cold light. “This kind of weather is perfect for us Water Ghosts!”

The major general of the army thought so too. When he saw the two soldiers getting shot, the major general’s gaze turned dark. He asked the technician, “Who fired the shot just now?”

“Report, Group B, Azure Phoenix,” the technician immediately replied. He zoomed in on the location where Ye Jian was hiding so that the leaders would know more details. “Through the measurement, the first target was 802 meters away, and the second target was 852 meters away. The sniper rifle she uses has a precision shooting range of 600 meters, with a maximum range of 3,700 meters.”

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