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Reborn as the Hero's Daughter 10 - Tree Climbing with Friends

From the next day, I came to be attacked by children daily.
For the villagers of the unchanging village, my eyes with different colours and silver hair, that adorable appearance, seems to be an article for stimulating curiosity.
Besides, there were only a dozen children in this village. Of course, if you look from the parish that governs these several village, there were several times more, but it is not close enough to freely go back and forth between villages.
All because it was such a closed community, I, as the new member, could be said to an existence that people wanted to get involved with by all means.

The residence where I live is the biggest house in the village.
But it can be said that it's modest a home of the heroes of salvation Lyel and Maria.

A two story stone building.
Four rooms on each floor. Apart from that, there are also a dining room, a living room, a kitchen, a bath and a study on the first floor.
On the second floor, instead of the things on the first floor, a balcony was installed, and it became possible to dry the laundry there.
There was also a small inner garden, a stable was set up in the corner, and two horses were tied to it.

In the garden, traces of Lyel's training were left as solid, firm footprints , which proved his serious character.
Everyday, he would tread down on the ground by sinking the mold here and there.

The boundary between the garden and the street is separated by the low thicket and a fence, and if they felt like it, it was to the point where even children can cross it.
Because it was a safe village, it has rough measures.

The children went under the fence and the children began to attack.
Until then, it was said that hero's house, there were no children sneaking into here.
Besides, I also trained to avoid eye contact, so the villagers did not know I existed.
Of course, the villagers know who I am now, but there should be a few who actually saw me.

Anyways, once they found out that I was the same as them, they removed their walls of wariness.
They climbed over the wall openly during the day, and came to invite me.

"Nicole-chan, let's playyy."
"A tree outside the village grew cherries, let's go to eattt."
"Come on! The boys instantly start talking about food."

Sure enough, the children have attacked secretly while I trained in magic manipulation.
Lyel, the owner of this house, is not at the residence during the day because there is patrolling work.
At the same time, Maria also has church work, so she is not at the residence.

Recently, my care was not needed anymore, so she resumed work at the church.
Of course, it is impossible to leave a 3 year old child alone in the house so the servant Finia is taking care of me.

As for Finia, she is cleaning the residence, so she took her eyes off me.
As a servant, she was not praised much, but because she managed the mansion and took care of the child at the same time, wanting too much is an excessive thing.
In the first place, an ordinary three year old child like me does not actively move around. Even if she took her eyes off somewhat, there should be no problem.

As far as the children's invitation is concerned for me, properly speaking , it's an unwelcome favor.
But I am far more delicate than the average child.
Just playing with them, it will become plenty of stamina training.

"Sure. Then let me tell Finia,"
"I understand, we'll be waiting."

Making the most childish voice that I could, I answered.
Playing with them leads to reassuring parents who were worried about me who liked loneliness.
Regardless of Lyel, I do not want to worry Maria, who took care of me in my previous life.
In addition, when getting tired from playing, due to going to sleep early in the night, I can avoid Lyel who returned home and teases me enough to be irritating..

However, no matter how much I think I am okay, if I quietly disappear, Finia would be worried.
If I did something untactful, she would get get in contact with Lyel, and it may even be a more serious situation.
So it is necessary to contact her beforehand

Finia looked a bit worried, but I said I was going with the other children, so she allowed us to go out.
Of course it is strictly prohibited to go outside the village.

Together with the five children, we came up to the tree at the outskirts of the village.
Various trees are planted around this village, and seasonal fruits can be gathered.
Because this tree is not a thing of anyone's thing, it often becomes a stand in for the children's snack time.

The cherry tree is one of the target of the enjoyments for the children.
The cherry trees are not so tall and they also have a good shape, so it seemed like the kids could easily climb them.

A small red fruit is peeping into the face from the gap of the lush leaves.
Since the undergrowth is also thick, it is unlikely to be injured even if one fell.
The children divide into three man groups and started climbing the trees.
One person's role is to catch cherries under. One person takes a role as a precaution one fell,, the other one could stop their call. The last person climbs the tree and drops the cherries.

Now, there are only six children, so only two teams can do.
I caught my cherries with the children of the same age.

"Well, oh, I'll climb the tree and drop the cherries."
"Oh, Nicole, are you fine with that?"
"It's okay, even if I look like this, my body is on the lighter side."

Even before I was reincarnated, I was one of the heroes. I have problems with muscular strength and stamina from my previous life, but I have confidence in my reflexes and body lightness above average.
For tree climbing place, it's a piece of cake. I stretch my limbs as much as I can and I climb the branches casually.
That speed was impossible for a 3 year old child.
However, stamina is still a fatal problem. I was out of breath breath when I climbed the branch.

"Hey, Nicole, are you really fine?"
"Okay, I'm fine…… just leave it to me."

It is pitiful, but my breath has risen and my fingertips are trembling.
However, there is no problem in picking fruits. I slowly moved to the end of the branch, tore off the cherry fruit and dropped it to a child on the ground.

Finally, I finished all the places that I could pick easily, and descended to the ground.
Then, we tasted the sourness of fresh cherries together with everyone and enjoyed the taste of spring.
My belly was satisfied enough. There were quite a few cherries from the start, but seems to be a bit unsatisfactory to satisfy the belly of six children who are in their group period.
The boys specifically seemed to be unsatisfied.

"Well, that tree over there is also growing some too, so let's go fetch some?"
"Oh, that tree is beyond the fence, right?"

One of the boys points to a big tree and said so.
There's a big tree of cherries on the other side of the fence that warded off monsters. Perhaps it budded before the birds could eat it.
However, there was, although only a little bit, but outside of the village.

"It's dangerous. My dad will get angry"
"It's alright! After all, up to there, it's only a few feet, right? Even if a monster comes out, if you run back, you'll get away."
"Is that so?"

One of the same girls and I began to be pushed by the boy's force. However, this is a bad trend.

"No, I came here on condition that I'm in the village properly"
"Tsk, then fine, we'll go alone!"

The boys, who lost their temper at the girl's indecisive attitude, passed under the fence.
The fence whose purpose is to ward off monsters has a large gap, so children can pass under there.

"Ah, come on!"

No matter how you put it, I can't overlook the reckless action of children going outside, could I?
After I kicked the ground and expressed frustration, I chased afterwards.

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