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Chapter 1268: The Way Couples Argue

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“I say, what are you thinking about?”

“The water is hot.”

Shen Xiaoxiao touched the water for her feet. It was alright, it wasn’t hot. Besides, when had this person ever been afraid of being hot?

“I think it’s alright.”

“It’s hot.”

Shen Xiaoxiao glared at him, but she still went to add some cold water.

In the end, a certain someone took advantage of her.

“The water is cold.”

This time, no matter how stupid Shen Xiaoxiao was, she knew that this person was playing a trick on her. This old woman had a good temper and was easy to serve, right?

“If it’s cold, then take a cold shower. You’re so petty. You still want to voice-control the temperature in this place, right?”

After being yelled at by Shen Xiaoxiao, Yan Kuan lost his temper. He was directly pressed down by Shen Xiaoxiao, and his feet sank into the water. He did not say anything and began to properly wash his feet.

However, his expression was still very ugly.

Shen Xiaoxiao did not know what was wrong with him. She sat down and placed her feet into the basin. Her two feet looked crowded and adorable in the small basin. In fact, it was not bad to have big feet and small feet.

After Shen Xiaoxiao was done washing, she shouted at Yan Kuan, “Pour the water, I’m going to sleep.”

The dignified Lord Black Emperor looked at the foot washing water on the ground. He picked up the basin and poured it out.

In fact, he was thinking too much. Xiaoxiao had such high standards, how could she take a fancy to a big-headed soldier? He must be thinking too much.

It was that big-headed soldier who was trying to please her. Yes, it must be like this.

After pouring the water, Yan Kuan’s mood seemed to have improved again. He directly took the basin and went into the room.

Shen Xiaoxiao was already lying on the bed with her back facing him. The bed was only 1.2 meters, which was considered very wide. However, Yan Kuan did not mind it being small. He directly took away the blanket and lay down. He reached out and hugged Xiaoxiao in his arms.

“What are you doing? Didn’t you lose your temper? Are you done losing your temper?”

“Isn’t it cold? I’m hugging you to keep you warm.”

“Get lost.”

Yan Kuan smiled. Get lost? Of course not. How could he get lost with soft jade in his arms? He was not stupid.

“Didn’t I get lost in your arms?”


“Hehe, I love it when you call me a b*stard. You know, whenever you call me a b*stard, I think of that. Be good, give me a kiss.”

This man was shameless and could definitely kill everyone in an instant. Sometimes, Shen Xiaoxiao even wondered if this guy had reincarnated into the wrong body or was possessed by someone else.

“What kiss? It’s not soundproof here.”

“Be good, I’ll be gentle. With me around, no one can hear you.”

Yan Kuan started to move his hands up and down. Shen Xiaoxiao wanted to resist, but she knew that she would never be able to win every time.

The atmosphere was very good, and the two of them were very engrossed. However, at this moment, their phones rang.

Yan Kuan was a little flustered and wanted to throw the phone at the bedside. However, Shen Xiaoxiao reached out and took the phone and said to Yan Kuan, “What if it’s from the children? If there’s anything, we’ll know too.”

Hearing that it would be from the children, Yan Kuan and Shen Xiaoxiao looked helplessly at each other. The next time they went to bed, they had to turn off their phones. No matter who sent it, these two devilish children were really troublesome… Didn’t they know that their parents had to sleep at night?

However, when Yan Kuan unintentionally looked at his phone, his expression could be described as livid.

“I’ll kill him.”

Alright, Yan Kuan started to pull up his blanket and was about to go out to deal with him.

Shen Xiaoxiao pulled him back. Was there a need for that? It was just a text message.

“I say, why are you so angry? He only sent a greeting. Is there a need for that?”

“A greeting? What’s the point of sending a message in the middle of the night? Oh right, why does he have your cell phone number?”

“Oh, he asked me for it when he came over to deliver the quilt. I didn’t want to give it to him at first, but I think he’s a good person. He’s also a soldier, so we have to stay here for a long time. It’s convenient to have a number, so I gave it to him.”

Yan Kuan was angry. That kid was too cunning. However, when did his Xiaoxiao become so stupid?

“Don’t you know that this kid has improper thoughts about you? Why didn’t he keep my number?”

Shen Xiaoxiao felt that this Yan Kuan was stupid. Was it worth being jealous of him like this?

When Shen Xiaoxiao thought of this, she couldn’t help but laugh:

“I say, are you stupid? How can anyone like your wife in my current state? Do you think I’m still very beautiful?”

Yan Kuan was stunned by Shen Xiaoxiao’s words. The mask on her face was very ordinary, but the aura she exuded and her small eyes were very seductive.

“That soldier is in the army every day, so everything he comes into contact with is male. Now, even if he sees a sow, he thinks it’s Diao Chan.”

“You said I’m a sow?”

This time, Yan Kuan was stunned. When did he say she was a sow?

“I didn’t say that.”

“You’re not going to admit what you just said? Great, do you think I’m old and yellow? Now you’re insinuating that I’m a sow?”

“How did I? Don’t change the topic, I’m talking about this kid.”

“I’m talking about you.”

War was about to break out. The two of them had not quarreled for many years. When they started quarreling, it was that landslide. Everyone on this floor could hear it.

“Get lost. Get out of here.”

“Shen Xiaoxiao, don’t be unreasonable. You were the one who told him about the number. Otherwise, why would he send you a message?”

“I told you. It’s to make it easier to contact him. Besides, even if he has feelings for me, don’t you believe me? Am I cheating on you? Am I cheating with him?”

“You’re not cheating on me, but I can’t guarantee that those who want to steal the fruit are shameless.”

Shen Xiaoxiao was almost angered to death by Yan Kuan’s words. This d*mn Yan Kuan.

“Do you think everyone is as shameless as you? Cheating on me? Even if you cheat on me, I won’t move my nest.”

“Then I won’t move my nest either. I won’t get lost.”

Alright, only this couple could quarrel like this.

“Get lost.”

Yan Kuan saw that this little girl was so angry that her face was red. No matter how angry she was, he had to endure it. Forget it, forget it. Let’s not quarrel anymore. Quarreling hurts feelings.

“I’m a good man and I don’t fight with women. Go to sleep.”

This had stirred up her anger. If she wanted to sleep now, she wouldn’t sleep at all.

“Get lost.”

“I’m not going.”

“Take your hand away. I’m not in the mood. How can you be so shameless? Don’t you know that we’re quarreling?” Shen Xiaoxiao looked at this shameless man who was sticking close to her. Could it be that he didn’t know that they were quarreling a second ago? Was she being too sensitive?

“I know that we’re fighting. No matter how big the problem is, as long as we do it once, it’ll be gone. If we can’t do it once, we’ll do it twice. There’s nothing that a couple can’t solve in bed.”

“D*mn, you b*stard.”

“Go ahead and scold. I used a shield. No one can hear us arguing.”

Alright, Yan Kuan did use a shield, but he didn’t know that before he used it, the sound of their argument had already spread throughout the entire base. At this time, the door was knocked again, and the sound that Yan Kuan did not want to hear the most appeared.

“Fang Zhou, Fang Zhou, are you there? Are you alright?”

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