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Chapter 1212: Unsupervised Brats

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Regardless of whether it was Lou Yin, Shen Xiaoxiao, or Huang Yueyan, all three of them had two children. One could imagine how lively it was when these six children gathered together.

However, whether it was Da Bao or the others, they all liked to play with Little Treasure. After all, Little Treasure was a young adult. It was not a good feeling to accompany his five younger siblings.

Of course, even though Da Bao was the older sister, her intelligence was still negligible.

“Aiyo, I’m finally relieved. These two little brats have really messed me up, especially Little Fu Bao. I’ll definitely think that she’s the wrong gender.”

Lou Yin’s complaints made Shen Xiaoxiao and Huang Yueyan smile. They did not spend much time together, but whenever they were together, they only felt that Little Fu Bao was very cute and very sensible.

Of course, Lou Yin wouldn’t say that her daughter was white outside and dark inside.

However, what made Lou Yin happy was that Fu Bao especially liked to follow behind Little Treasure. In any case, they couldn’t suppress Little Treasure and a single word from him was guaranteed to be more effective than anyone else’s words.

It was them who were in the dark. Sometimes, Lou Yin couldn’t control herself anymore. When a call came, Little Treasure just had to say it and Little Fu Bao would definitely be very obedient,

“If it wasn’t for your Little Treasure’s unique fate, I would really marry your family in,” Lou Yin said to Shen Xiaoxiao rudely.

Shen Xiaoxiao was happy. She liked these girls. She immediately nodded and said, “Okay, I’m very happy. But Little Treasure’s fate is not necessarily that he can’t be with Fu Bao. I think Little Treasure is not kind to other girls except for Da Bao. Of course, except for Little Fu Bao. Really, maybe our two families can really get married.”

“That would be great. But my Fu Bao is only five years old. He still has at least 13 years to escape from this devil. You have to make Little Treasure wait for me.”

“Don’t worry, Little Treasure won’t dare to date without my approval. I’ll keep him for you.”

The devilish children didn’t know that their mothers had already started to set up a baby marriage for them.

“Hey, do you still remember a few years ago when we went shopping and gambling in A City? It wasn’t easy for me to come out this time. I can go again.”

Lou Yin was very playful. Of course, when she said this, Huang Yueyan and Shen Xiaoxiao were both a little restless. They had not had a good time for a long time. This time, their men did not come over. Other than the children, there were only women. Therefore, they could really have a good time.

“Leave the children to Little Treasure. Can Little Treasure handle it?”

“Don’t worry. Little Treasure is the king of children. If he can’t handle it, I’ll lock him up in his little dark room.”

Shen Xiaoxiao immediately lined up the boards. As for the children’s birthdays and so on, well, it was ignored. The children should go and play by themselves.

However, Shen Xiaoxiao and the others did not know that they were going to play directly, and the children could not bear to be lonely, so they gave them a ‘little brat in charge’ that left a deep impression on everyone.

“Are you sure that Shen Xiaoxiao and Yan Kuan are separated?”

“Yes, I found out that Lord Black Emperor does not seem to be in the country. He should be abroad.”

When De Cruz heard his subordinate’s report, he understood in his heart. It would be easy if the Black Emperor was not around. Was this Little Oriental Loli really that powerful? He had to experience it properly. Besides… He also wanted to taste the taste of this Black Emperor’s woman. He heard that she was a famous Little Oriental Loli back then, such a powerful woman. He did not expect that this Black Emperor would have such a strong taste.

But he liked to challenge the impossible. Any woman, as long as they were under him, always * * * *.

There was no woman in this world that he, De Cruz, could not conquer.

Fire Island’s so many women, no matter who’s wife, as long as he nodded, which of them did not take their own initiative to take off their clothes and climb into his bed? Therefore, even if Black Peony defeated all the women and married him, he had never felt that Black Peony was anything special. The only thing special about her was that she was the only woman who could be tormented by De Cruz for an entire night without fainting.

In other words, it was a woman who could achieve a perfect match with De Cruz in bed.

“Prepare the plane and head to China with top-tier equipment. The woman of the Black Emperor, it’s best that we make sufficient preparations.”

De Cruz had to either not make a move, or he had to succeed. Like Black Peony, he had been living too smoothly over the years, so he had never felt that there was no comparison between him and the Black Emperor. On the contrary, he felt that sooner or later,Fire Island would not only surpass the Dark Empire, but he would also surpass the Black Emperor.

“Yes, your subordinate understands.”

The subordinate respectfully retreated. However, this person did not immediately go to assign a mission. Instead, he took a turn and came to the small forest.

“Young Master.”

Ye Xie stood in the darkness. The darkness enveloped him, and no one could see his expression. He had just lost two of his ace gu masters. At this moment, he was still very angry, and all of this was because of that family… Originally, he did not want to take their lives. After all, they had saved him. However, they had just removed his right and left hands. Then, don’t blame him for being ruthless.

“Did he arrange it?”

“It has been arranged.”

“En, is it according to what I said?”

“Yes, Young Master. The Island Lord is indeed interested in Madam Yan.”

In the darkness, Ye Xie could only be seen laughing mockingly as he said unthinkingly,”I knew it. He has always been like this. In this life of his, success will always be in the hands of women. If he loses, he will naturally lose in the hands of women.”

“Young Master is wise. If Madam Yan is taken away by the Island Lord, then the Black Emperor will naturally not let him go. If he does not take Madam Yan away, then it means that Madam Yan is definitely not someone to be trifled with. Similarly, if he angers Madam Yan, he will not be able to gain anything. Perhaps when the time comes, Madam Yan and Lord Black Emperor will join forces to deal with him. Therefore, no matter what, as long as the Island Lord wants to get his hands on Madam Yan, he will definitely not have a good ending.”

“Hmph, go and make arrangements. Keep a close watch on him.”

“Yes, I understand.”

Once De Cruz left, Ye Xie slowly disappeared into the night. Even though his father was with a woman, women could sometimes play an extraordinary role.

For example, Lord Black Emperor’s daughter, a princess who was held in the palm of his hand, no matter who could marry her, they would not have to struggle in this life.

Therefore, he naturally had his own goals. Since it was not possible to cast the heart-to-heart gu, then he would cast the love gu. Although he was two years younger, he was not in a hurry. He had his own ways. He had, after all, been influenced since he was young, and regarding women, he would… not be worse than his father.

“Second Bother, can we go to the casino?”

Da Bao directly named Huang Yue Yan’s two children Second Brother and Third Brother. Anyway, Little Treasure was the eldest brother.

However, she didn’t know that Huang Yueyan’s two children were also devil leaders. Once they saw Little Treasure taking care of things, their mothers left them here and went to play by themselves. They were too difficult to play with, so… They decided to go to the casino to play.

“I went to the casino when I was young, but at that time, it seemed that we were not allowed to go inside. Can we go to the casino and be allowed to enter?”

“We’ll go to the small casino. As long as we have money, we can go in.”

“Okay, let’s go to the small casino!”

A group of little guys directly sat in the car and threatened the driver to take them to a street of the casino…

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