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Chapter 601: 601

When this weapon was successfully enchanted the Blaze attribute, Lin Jie was overjoyed . Support effects, such as enchantment, were generally not powerful . Take Blaze as an example . Its basic effect was to convert 15% of the attack to Fire-type Damage . However, Hardworking Pants’ skill effect was as high as 50%! Lin Jie was shocked by it .

However, before he had time to like this message, the second system prompt message came in . Lin Jie almost doubted whether he was hallucinating .

The current attribute of Blaze was to convert the attack fully into a Fire-type attack with an additional 200 points of damage! This was really astounding . Even the top Enchant Master in his previous life could only increase the conversion rate of Blaze to 60% .

It seemed that there were indeed many hidden secrets in the Book of the Age . The skill used by Hardworking Pants had lost the way of learning . In common terms, it was a ‘lost’ skill, which was called Wood Conversion . It could turn the weapon into wood and light it with an open fire . The effect would then be doubled naturally .

Bam! Bam! Bam!

A burning breath enveloped them as all hands were burning with a bright flame .

Madives’ power was gathered by faith, and the source of which was similar to that of the Holy Church . The faith the Holy Church gathered was the idea of awe and worship, and therefore gave a gentle and just strength of Holy Light . However, Madives forcefully gathered negative emotions, so the absorbed power was much more mixed .

It was like in the ancient Chinese mythology, Bodhisattva was respected by thousands of people and could make its presence and power felt . But demons and ghosts were often afraid of the sun, or even burned at the sight of light, and hence only dared to come out at this time of night .

Thus, the best weapon against Madives was fire!

In Lin Jie’s previous life, everyone had been searching for items with Holy Light attributes in trying to fight the Boss, but they had ended up being wiped out .

“Attack!” shouted Lin Jie shouted .

Mixed Breathless ran fast with his Dual-Shield-like human armor! He had a Defense of 2,300 points after he was equipped with the Dual Shield, and even Lin Jie could not use normal means to cause enough damage to him .

The Heavenly Shield followed, but all the melee jobs, including Lin Jie, did not go near, but took out and loaded their fire guns . Long-range jobs also chanted magic one after another . Magic, with the breath of fire, gathered, even the Frostbolt was also covered with a layer of heat as if it was burned red iron .

“Ignorant humans suffer death!” Madives stepped out and stood up from the throne . He stepped on the earth, with the sky right above his head . His ferocious chamfer seemed to penetrate the sky . He held up his right hand and pinched towards Mixed Breathless as if he was just an ant .

Mixed Breathless suddenly stopped . Behind him, rushing The Heavenly Shield smashed his shield hard on Mixed Breathless’ ass, causing him to fly out . At that time, when the Boss’ giant hand came, the ground exploded out of a sudden, and the dust was all over the sky . The body of The Heavenly Shield was also directly impacted and flew out .

“Good!” yelled Mixed Breathless . His figure slowly appeared as he was standing on the right arm of the Boss!

“Aye, you lousy grandson!”

‘Nicely mocked!’

Lin Jie’s eyes brightened as he shouted, “Shoot!” Immediately, countless arrows blotted out the sky and the land . The Damage Dealt was about 100 to 3,000 . Fortunately, the damage was considerable due to the numerous attacks .

“Awoooo!!!” With Madives’ roar, the monster spirit surged and broke out . A dark spirit attached to the Boss’ body surface, and gradually formed thick armor .


—Battle prompt message: Demon of Destruction Madives has used [Magic Armor], increases Defense by 50%, and maximum Health Points by 20%, deals the unit near Scorch Damage of 120 points .

“Fat Cattle, Spell Capture!” yelled Lin Jie .

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Fat Cattle waved his staff, and the Magic Armor on the Boss collapsed . In the next instant, Fat Cattle was surrounded by an atmosphere of gloominess . The Magic Armor was captured!

[Spell Capture] could capture a random buff from the target . Normally, a Boss’ buff was self-contained as talent, which could not be deprived . However, such skills could be captured and dispelled .

“Continue shooting!”

As the final Boss of the War of Light dungeon-group, Madives’ mechanism was also different from those Bosses who either became stronger as they fought, or relied on their health points to trigger different stages . Madives’ battle mechanism was relying on time!

In the first ten minutes, Madives, like what was described in the book when he had raided Nanhai Town, attacked like the melee jobs, such as Warrior . But there were strong shockwaves with a range of 30 yards in the attack . Even if the Boss was aiming at MTs only, all the players within that range would suffer . Hence, the best way was to attack using ranged skills . And the Boss had a pretty ‘scam’ attribute, which was Magic Immunity, so all the Mages became a cheering team .

In the second ten minutes, Madives would suddenly become a Spellcaster . He could order meteors easily with strong AOE, master all the AOE skills, which could destroy Spellcasters, and was able to summon Hellfire too tight for him . In this situation, Mages could hardly walk, but the Boss’ attributes were changed into Physical Immunity, meaning only magical jobs could cause damage .

The last stage was known as Belief Form . Madives would summon four clones—Ice, Fire, Thunder, and Wind—and himself would enter the guidance state and cast skills . He would be in an invincible state before all his clones were destroyed .

Now it was the first stage! Boss’ fists bombarded on Mixed Breathless’ Dual Shield, and shockwaves spread around . Arrows from members of Savage Blade carried a fire tail and exploded on Madives’ body . Fire sparks fell on his skin and burnt part of it! If they did not have Fire-type Enchantment, these arrows could not damage the Boss at all, given its strong Defense .

At that moment, the Boss’ right hand was stretched out, and his palm was extended dozens of times in an instant! The Death Grip!

He grabbed towards the healing team where Bu Yi was! Bu Yi, Jiangnan Yanyu, and Lingyun Xiaoxiao immediately walked along the command marking . However, the Boss’ palm was too big, as he grabbed, it was just like a collapsed sky .


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The Death Grip caught a target! Lin Jie pounced on it and was held in the Death Grip, moving towards the Boss .


Madives’ raised his right hand and slapped him to the ground!

[Slam]: When your Strength Judgment is higher than your target, you can deal a 500% damage to the target .

How strong was Madives’ power? This was the abnormally strong Boss that had demolished the Holy Church with one hand! That could crush humans into meat sauce!

“Stop staring, take advantage of the chanting time to output!” shouted Bu Yi . She more or less knew Lin Jie’s plan, and if these few seconds were wasted, she was afraid that he would vomit blood .

Everyone shivered and hurried to continue output .

At that time, that palm finally fell down—it could be imagined that the ground would be smashed out of a deep pit! However, when Madives’ giant hand touched the ground, it trembled slightly and could not fall .

Under the palm, five pairs of hands faced up to the sky and held on tight . There was a tendency for the palm of Death Grip to be lifted!

“Get the hell out!” Lin Jie screamed, and beside him were four identical but blur-faced clones! Fire, Ice, Thunder, and Wind, together with Lin Jie himself and his strong attributes, pushed out Madives’ body!

This mountain-like giant fell backward with a roar!

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“Close up!” shouted Lin Jie as his body erupted out with Blood Vigor .

At the same time, scales grew on those four clones, which meant that they had inherited Lin Jie’s skills perfectly, including the Sea King Scaly Armor and Death Rage . What was missing was the Heart of Enrage and Blood Power . Five huge swords smashed hard towards the fallen Demon of Destruction!

Death Rage! Dragon Armor Removal!

Army Obliteration!


Even if Lin Jie was at his strongest status and used Dragon Armor Removal to weaken the Boss’ Defense, his Damage Dealt was still no more than 10,000 . As the level of monsters increased, the output ability of the Broken Blade was not as high as before, unless he could kill the Boss and get the sword . However, the Damage Dealt by four clones together was high enough to make people’s eyebrows jump .

In the meantime, the members who squatted outside with fire guns and crossbows crowded up . After being held back for a long time outside, they could finally take out their weapons and attack the Boss .

Elemental Flame came from Baili Changcheng, with a sword across it . The Elements whirled wildly and scattered by the whirlpool, and the power to destroy chaos hit up . It was the Element Whirlpool! The attack of Elemental Sword Artists neither belonged to Magic Attack nor calculated Physical Defense . This was why Mana Sword Artists were still powerful, with a bunch of skills with little buffs .

Melee jobs such as Star Kill, Demon Sword, and Netherblue also quickly threw out a series of Combo Attacks . After Lin Jie had killed several professional players from the prime lands, the runes he had obtained were given to the team members to study . Although they were far from the level of converging the Nine Great Techniques, they were still greatly benefited in terms of their own skills .

Among them, the most prominent one was Lin Jie, who had mastered the four clones . These four clones had completely extracted the Abyss Totem power of the Death Rage and inherited the original self’s skill and damage . If they activated the Death Rage, Lin Jie’s output would be improved at least three times!

In less than five seconds, the Boss’s health points decreased by 10% .

At that moment, the first ten minutes had passed . As Madives stood up, a big black magic staff had appeared in his hand . Thick black smoke appeared in his eyes, with a wave of his hand, the rolling clouds seemed to be cracked open, and many meteors fell down!

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