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Most ogres were warriors and had strong physical abilities. They would carry a spiked club around as their weapon and were skilled in dealing heavy blows. This type of ogres normally only had one head.

When ogres attained the intelligence levels of human beings, they would grow another head. These ogres would then become Ogre Mages or Ogre Prophets, and they would enjoy high acclamation within their species.

The Ogre August was highly talented and was proficient in communicating with the Fire element. It was an Arcane Warrior type of monster.

Holding the Broken Blade in his hands. Lin Jie moved slowly to the back of the ogre. It had strong attacking capabilities and could tear apart any shield that was of Bronze or below grades. The only thing that was hard enough to stand its might would be the sharp bamboo stick-like Zhenwu Ores.

Blade Aura Executioner!

The thick flesh on the ogre's back was ripped through, and its blood flowed out, absorbed by the Zhenwu Ores. The tip of the Zhenwu Ores glimmered, and a foul stench filled the air as if signaling the eruption of magma in a volcano.

——'The power of the Zhenwu Ores is influencing you. Your Attacks are increased by 1%, and your Movement Speed is increased by 1%.'

"August will crush you!" The ogre stood up angrily, its whole body turning red. The effect of Zhenwu Ores was multiplied five times on August, who had been dwelling here. Hence this monster was able to have a greater increase in its stats points than a Berserker.

The spiked club smashed down on Lin Jie with burning flames. Lin Jie's body reacted instinctively to this attack and parried the blow using Broken Blade with Rebel's Fight.



The reaction force from the attack shot up Lin Jie's wrists, and it hurt like hell. 'This was too strong!'

If he had parried it with weapons that were below the Silver grade, the Durability of that equipment would most probably be reduced to zero and required repairing. It was lucky that although the Broken Blade's attributes were not as strong as before, it was still a Heritage weapon. Even if it were shredded to pieces, the broken pieces would still be of the Legendary grade.

Of course, saying that the opponent must first have the ability to shred it to pieces.

The spiked club swiveled around in the air, accompanied with whistling wind sounds. It swerved around the mass of Zhenwu Ores, following its target. Lin Jie stomped on the Zhenwu Ores and jumped up, sending a gust of blade aura down accurately at the handle of the spiked club.


Ogre August had left a small opening within the piles of ores surrounding him so he could move freely. Now, that opening was being blocked by his own spiked club.

"Damm, you stupid, despicable human!" Ogre August roared in anger and shot multiple fire spells at Lin Jie. It wanted to move, but its fat body was trapped within the small space between its spiked club and the Zhenwu Ores piles.

Lin Jie exhaled deeply, took out his Fire Gun and fired shots from it continuously, standing at a distance. Ogre August could still use Fiery or Windy crowd attack arcane spells against him even if trapped. If he spent so much effort to gradually reduce its health points but only to get wiped out by it when using melee attacks… he would definitely wail out loud.

'Best to go steady!'

Loading the bullets, Lin Jie aimed at its fragile areas and fired shots after shots in an orderly manner. The damage points by the fire gun were not high, approximately 10 points for every second. It seemed like this would take quite some time.

Even if one was shown the ropes, it was still not easy to use the blockage method to trap August. That type of Boss required delicate skills to lure and trap them. If Lin Jie just used his own strength, he would not be able to even get the spiked club out of its hands. The Rebel's Fight could only help somewhat to deflect back the damage, and the main crux to trap the ogre successfully still laid in artfully hitting the crucial areas.

Saying that it was definitely more difficult to make the spiked club land at the desired point. At this stage, only three people could do it.

Lin Jie kept up the pace of attacking. As August bled more, the increased effect of Zhenwu Ores on Lin Jie's attacks began to be more obvious too.

The attacking power of this ordinary fire gun was really too meager. Lin Jie looked at the Sub-Legendary Fire Gun in his bag. Surely it would take just a few shots from this fire gun to kill the Boss.

At that moment, he received a piece of good news from Zheng Ziliang, "I have contracted it successfully. This spirit is so ugly…"

"Go to Mott Town. Around the coordinates 83732, 38452, 54532, there's a Level 3 Bronze-tiered Elemental Summoner Boss. Go kill it," Lin Jie added, "the controlling powers of the Minstrel can prevent the Boss from calling out other monsters. I gave you some money, right? Go buy a set of Casting Orb, get back to me only when you are done with the Boss."

A Casting Orb was equipment specially designed for magical jobs. It could enable players to make use of the spells engraved in them temporarily, but players couldn't train up that spell like other skills. As time passed, the damaging power of the spells would get weaker, and hence that equipment was not favored by most. Only Summoners had a use for such items because the attacking abilities of that job were too weak to begin with.

Although Zheng Ziliang tended to get rather restless, he was still quite skillful, so it shouldn't be difficult for him to kill a Bronze-tiered Boss.

Lin Jie kept firing shots with the fire gun. Ogre August's HP levels had already decreased by 40%. As it was still in enraged mode, it was smashing on the Zhenwu Ores surrounding it angrily, but this action made it lose its health points even faster.

As time passed, the ogre sat down on the ground, panting heavily from its attempts to break free. Its limbs laid sluggishly by its body, and its Defense abilities were reduced significantly too. Lin Jie resisted the urge to kill it with a slash of his blade up close.

If one were to get near to it now, they would most probably be smashed to a meat pie!



"Ah-" The ogre's health bar was gradually emptied, but this cunning human would still not get close to it! Frustrated, it wiggled its body around the tiny space. A piece of Zhenwu Ore finally came apart and was ripped to dust.

The ogre turned its disgusting flabby head around. Staring at Lin Jie in utmost hatred, it screamed and charged towards him!


As the firing sound of the bullet rang out, the bullet shot right through the Ogre's throat.

The ogre's body fell down to the floor with a loud thud.

——'You have killed the Ogre August, you gained 13,500 EXP (Over-level Kill).'

Lin Jie put away the fire gun and wiped away the perspiration on his forehead. He walked towards the ogre's body.

There were three silver coins, a Gold staff and a white cloak on the ground. The drop-rate of a Level 10 Elite Boss was indeed very high.

This drop-rate seemed to be rather unfair when compared to the drop-rates of normal Bosses.

Lin Jie was mildly surprised when he picked up the staff.

Black Magic Baptized Staff (Gold)

For usage by Priests and Mages

Requires: Level 5

Attack: 21-45

Wisdom: +5

Endurance: +3

Additional effect: Increases one level of the Dark Speech skill.

Additional effect: There is a fixed chance that your Dark Speech spell will carry the additional effects of Painful Curse in the midst of casting the attack. You can cause your target an extra 3% damage.

Weight: 2.5 pounds

This was actually a staff designed for Shadow Priests. It was definitely rare to find such items. Meanwhile, Lin Jie focused his attention on the other item. The cloak was Lin Jie's main motive for this trip!

The Torn Cloak (White)

No job restriction

Requires: Level 0

Defense: 5-10

Additional effect: Compoundable

If a player who enjoyed hunting down Bosses got such a rag after all their efforts, they would most probably puke three liters of blood. Only Lin Jie knew that after gathering 20 pieces of that rag, he could construct a Shemendes Iron Cloak!

Monsters spawned two different types of equipment. One was spawned naturally when they were killed, the other type would require players to search for them. The latter was most common for dungeons involving creatures like goblins.

The ogre's spiked club was still stuck on the ground! Lin Jie yanked it up.

August's Rage (Silver)

Can be used by Warriors and Paladins.

Requires: Level 5, Strength: 30.

Attack: 30-50

Critical strike chance +5%

Weight: 5.5 pounds

The Attack Power of this equipment was even higher than that of Broken Blade, but its combined attributes fared much worse. This spiked club was an item purely for active damage. Numerous Berserkers would fight crazily over it for its strong Attack Power.

The other additional gain of this trip would be the Zhenwu Ores. It was extremely hard to mine Zhenwu Ores, and only miners with high-level Mining Skills could do so. However, they needed to practice for at least a year on all types of mines before they could attain high-level Mining Skills. The only way to mine Zhenwu Ores would be to let monsters smash them apart, but that would decrease the quality of those ores.

The Ogre August would be respawned every 36 hours. Lin Jie made a note to remember it.

After keeping his gains, Lin Jie made his way back to the City of Light. On his way there, he suddenly had an inspiration. 'Wouldn't a stir be created if a weapon of Attack Cap 70 appeared in the market now?'

If he remembered correctly, wasn't the highest Attack Cap of a Level 5 Gold equipment just at Cap 50?

He took out two augmenting gems from his bag and went to the Blacksmith's Shop.

Enhancing equipment referred to using Augmenting Gems to increase the attributes of that equipment. One could only enhance their equipment up to 10 times, and there was a fixed chance that the equipment's attributes would be decreased if the enhancing process failed. From the eighth time of enhancing the equipment onwards, if the enhancing process failed, the equipment's attributes would be returned to zero. Other than that, there was a probability that the equipment would be destroyed in the enhancing process.

The normal NPC in charge of enhancing equipment was a goblin. Lin Jie didn't have any money to pay for a goblin's services now, and thus he decided it was time to start pulling some strings.

"Blue, I need a favor from you." Lin Jie pushed opened the shop door and placed the spiked club and augmenting gems on the table. "Help me enhance this equipment."

Blue coughed dryly. "My Lord, this is against the rules."

Lin Jie threw a meaningful look at Blue and spoke, "Well, it was against the rules when I let you forge high-level weapons too."

Blue's face flushed red. He took the spiked club and augmenting gems and threw them into the forging furnace. The enhancing process worked by extracting the energy in the augmenting gems and making the equipment absorb it. Blue's method of enhancing equipment was very direct. He just burned them all together, and there would be no wastage of any materials…

The consequences of this enhancing method would be that there would be a guaranteed 100% rate in enhancing the equipment for the first three times, but the maximum number of times that equipment could be enhanced would be reduced to five times. To most people, this method would be considered more harmful than good.

"My Lord, it's done."

There was a dark green glimmer at the tip of the newly enhanced spiked club.

August's Rage (Silver +2)

Can be used by Warriors and Paladins.

Requires: Level 5, Strength: 30.

Attack: 30-70

Critical strike chance +6%

Weight: 6 pounds


"Don't mention it, my Lord."

Lin Jie left the Blacksmith's Shop. One Augmenting Gem would be priced at five silver coins, while a Silver weapon could be sold at roughly 30 silver coins. What about this equipment then?

At the auction house, Lin Jie put up this spiked club for auction in anticipation and curiosity. It would be best if he could announce it in the game's World Channel, but every announcement required 1,000 dollars. This was simply too extravagant. Thus, he turned to the players' forum and put a post with the title, "Astonishing Discovery: The Appearance of a Level 5 Weapon with Attack Cap 70!"

A Level 5 weapon with Attack Cap 70, some more being enhanced with augmenting gems? Within half an hour, numerous players replied to the post and reprimanded the owner of the weapon for wasting money and not knowing how to treasure good equipment.

Sell away such a good piece of weapon? Could it be that this fellow was too poor and stole this weapon from some NPCs in an attempt to make some money? Or were there other motives for doing so?

After Lin Jie set the stage to stir commotion, he prepared himself to sit this one out and reap the spoils later for the spiked club. It was then that he heard a dispute going on not far away.

"You still expect our guild to keep you?"

"You wasted three silver coins worth of medicinal materials and couldn't even produce anything valuable! Scram now!"

"Talk about some rare passive skills, that's just total bullsh*t! You are just ruining potions!"

"Ha, a Beginner Health Potion that could increase one's health points just by 2 points? Marvelous creation, indeed! "

Standing in front of the auction house, a handsome-looking young lad donning commoner's clothes clenched his fists tightly. His eyes turned red, and he begged, "Please give me another chance, I will improve my Potioneering skills."

"The Kingdom of Glory doesn't employ good-for-nothings!" With a push from a warrior, the young lad fell down to the ground.

Lin Jie raised his brows. 'This lad… isn't he the Potion King in my previous life?'

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