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Chapter 95

95 Gui Wu Poisons

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May 18, 2019
“Master, someone offered a price for us Ghost Realm to kill someone!” An Er said to Feng Yi Xuan .

Feng Yi Xuan frowned and looked at An Er in dissatisfaction . They can take care of this matter themselves . When did these small things need him to take care of?

“The person they wanted us to kill is Miss Lan!” An Er said and left as far away as he could from Feng Yi Xuan . As expected, Feng Yi Xuan’s internal force was released . Half of the garden was ruined . Even so, Feng Yi Xuan still felt uncomfortable in his heart . Someone wanted to hurt Nian Nian, they deserve to die!

“Who is it?” Feng Yi Xuan’s voice seemed to be filled with ice, so cold it chilled people’s bones .

“We investigated . The one who paid the money is one of eldest princess Feng Xiao Luo’s people!” An Er was very angry . Their Ghost Realm was an assassin organization, so they will accept a commission to kill . But Ghost Realm’s rules were stringent . Just because you paid, doesn’t mean they will help you kill . But if Ghost Realm made a move, then no person will be left alive .

“Her?” Feng Yi Xuan thought about it . It was probably because of the day the eldest princess fell into the lake and was punished, so she bore a grudge and had the idea to kill Nian Nian .

“Master, do we accept?” An Er asked in confusion . But just as his words fell, he was thrown away by Feng Yi Xuan’s attack . An Er gloomily stood up and walked towards Feng Yi Xuan . He behaved himself and did not dare to say anything else .

“Take some people with you to make trouble for the eldest princess . They can play however they like! I want her to be miserable!” Feng Yi Xuan was furious so furious he wanted to enter the palace to rip apart the eldest princess . However, he wasn’t a rash person . Some things could only be taken care of in the shadows .

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“Yes!” An Er responded with enthusiasm . When he was about to leave, Feng Yi Xuan’s voice drifted into his ears, “Take Gui Wu with you!”

When An Er arrived in the army camp and found Gui Wu, he almost couldn’t recognize him . The previously cute baby faced Gui Wu was now wearing a straight military uniform . His white skin was now tanned, his adorable immaturity has now faded away entirely . He has become a real man .

“You finally came! Wuwu, I want to find Nian’er meimei!” Gui Wu clung to An Er . Recently in the army camp, he got acquainted with Feng Yi Xuan’s shadow guards . A lot of the training thing was done by them . Gui Wu was both afraid and loved it . What he was afraid of was the cruel method the shadow guards trained him with . What he loved was that he was getting stronger . He can now protect little junior sister . Although he was now familiar with these shadow guards and the soldiers in the army, he never mentioned anything related to little junior sister . This was the bottom line .

“You have the ability . Go find Miss Lan yourself!” An Er sneered . This Gui Wu had a lot of guts . Since master placed him in Ming army, it was not only affirming his strength, but it was also because master was eating vinegar . If Gui Wu if went to find Miss Lan again, then the consequences…The picture An Er imagined was too beautiful .

“I…” Gui Wu stammered . When he was sent here by An Yi, due to the endless training every day, his head and face were covered with dust, completely disheveled . He has seen this kind of training method before . That was the technique that little junior sister gave Gui Er to train subordinates . It seemed to be exactly like this . At that time, he was afraid of suffering, so did not go to Wu Qing Pavilion to train . He didn’t expect that now he’s come to Ming army, he still needed to experience these . In the beginning, he wanted to sneak out to find little junior sister to complain, but he didn’t run far before he was caught . Then his training was doubled .

“Alright, master allowed you to go with me to take care of some matters!” An Er felt a headache from Gui Wu’s fear of hardship personality . He didn’t know how Miss Lan can be friends with such a man? Or do girls all like cute things and people? After all, Gui Wu’s appearance was indeed cute…An Er snickered, Gui Wu was no longer cute but comical .

“Ah? Really? Great, let’s go!” Gui Wu jumped three feet high, clasped An Er’s shoulders ready to leave . Although he was afraid of hardships, he liked the atmosphere of the army camp . Gui Wu greatly enjoyed this kind of atmosphere that made one’s blood rush through their veins .

“You know what we’re to do?” An Er didn’t move . Although Gui Wu was now in Ming army, he didn’t belong to Ming army . Nor did he belong to their group of shadow guards . He wasn’t master’s subordinate, so An Er ended up asking . After all, he still had the right to refuse .

“Do what?” Gui Wu only wanted to go out and be lazy . Who cared?

“We probably need to kill someone tonight . And it is a princess!” An Er’s tone didn’t change, simply stated the facts . Although master said to give the eldest princess some trouble, he knew master was furious and had a desire to kill .

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“Kill people?” Gui Wu asked, stunned . It wasn’t because of fear . After so many years wandering with little junior sister, he has killed people . It was even more common to see little junior sister kill someone . So to Gui Wu, killing was common . But that was because he was willing . Killing required a reason, now…

“Yes, someone wants to kill Miss Lan, so master wants us to sort out this princess!” An Er explained the reason .

“What?” Gui Wu immediately widened his cute eyes, but those eyes were filled with hate . This was not in line with his cute face, very different from his usual cute personality, “Dare to hurt little…Nian’er meimei, I will not spare her, even a princess is not allowed!”

An Er seeing such a different Gui Wu was surprised . He didn’t expect Gui Wu to be filled with murderous intent . But seeing Gui Wu cared so much about Miss Lan, An Er decided to keep an eye out . Anyone who hindered master from chasing his wife, they must pay attention to . If necessary, they must find a way to drive him away from Miss Lan .

When An Er and Gui Wu snuck into the palace, they met with Lan Mo Xian . When Lan Mo Xian heard the eldest princess dared to pay to kill and the person she wanted to kill was his sister, immediately followed behind An Er grinding his teeth .

The moment Gui Wu saw Lan Mo Xian, his personality changed; he didn’t chatter anymore . They were all little junior sister’s brothers, but even so, Gui Wu didn’t like him . They have been with little junior sister for so many years, and they have seen her hard work and her pain after being poisoned yet they didn’t see little junior sister’s family searching for her . This feeling made them angry . They felt these people weren’t worthy of being little junior sister’s family .

Lan Mo Xian detected Lan Wu’s dislike but didn’t overthink it . He thought Gui Wu was a new transfer into Ming wang’s army . After all, Ming wang’s subordinates were all people with abilities . He was no longer a stranger to it, have gotten used to it .

Several people came to the eldest princess’s luxurious palace . Gui Wu took out some sleeping powder, causing the guards and palace maids in the palace to fall unconscious . Then he went to take care of the eldest princess . At this moment An Er threw a black face cloth at him . After all, if other people found out their identities, it will bring trouble to master .

The three masked black men used qinggong to fly into the eldest princess’s room . The eldest princess was still asleep . The exquisite princess makeup was already unloaded revealing the original plain face . A real silk inner robe clung to the fully developed body, but the three men turned a blind eye to it as if the one laying there was a man .

Gui Wu gave the eldest princess a pill, then sinisterly snickered . Even without any sound, but one can still detect his current good mood .

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“What did you give her to eat?” Lan Mo Xian asked curiously, but Gui Wu didn’t say anything . If he weren’t afraid little junior sister will be unhappy, he and the rest of the senior brothers would definitely kill everyone in Lan manor .

“What is it?” An Er asked again . If the poison Gui Wu gave was not good enough, then they will need to do more . They can’t allow the eldest princess to live so comfortably .

“Heehee!” Gui Wu assessed the dreaming eldest princess, “This poison makes her lose her hair, ages her skin, and makes her voice hoarse!” Gui Wu was delighted . This poison was invented by Gui San . All the sinister and vicious poisons in their hands were made by Gui San . As long as you can think of it, there was no poison he can’t make . Little junior sister seemed to like the poisons Gui San developed so this led to Gui San developing more and more vicious poisons .

An Er felt his back was cold . He didn’t expect this cute looking Gui Wu to own such a poison . If a woman lost her beautiful hair, her smooth skin, and her soft voice, how can she continue to live? Especially if she was a princess . Tsk tsk, it seems the eldest princess’s days will be more difficult in the future .

An Er wanted to do more but was stopped by Gui Wu, “Even if you kill directly so what? Better to let her slowly enjoy this spirit and bodily pain . This is true torment!” Gui Wu said and left the palace . His ideas were learned from little junior sister . Little junior sister said to him in the past, if you want to hurt someone, you must destroy everything he cared for . This was true pain .

When the people left the imperial palace, watching as Gui Wu obediently returned to Ming army, Lan Mo Xian asked in confusion, “I have strife with this person?” Otherwise, why did he always used that expression to look at him?

“Who knows?” Finished with his task, An Er returned to his master to the results .

When An Er returned to wang manor, he can clearly feel there was something wrong from the pressure in Ming wang manor . Master must be in a bad mood . So what happened? Oh right, these last few nights, master pitifully went to Miss Lan’s place to scrape for a couch to sleep . Why is he back today? It seems he must have been driven out by Miss Lan . Only Miss Lan can cause master to go from hot to cold instantly .

“An Yi, what’s wrong with master? Driven out by Miss Lan?” An Er asked quietly .

“En, Miss Lan’s drove out master with just a few words, ai, my wise master!” An Yi lamented . Master was becoming more and more like a slave to his wife .

“I have taken care of the eldest princess’s matters . You go tell master!” An Er cajoled fawningly . He has already been scolded by master today . He didn’t want to go in, really didn’t want to .

“No, this matter is your responsibility . If you don’t go in, it will delay the time . You know master is already unhappy, the consequences…” An Yi had yet to finish with his words before An Er shakily entered the study . After entering, he noticed his family’s master’s sitting there reviewing documents with a cold face .

An Er clearly and quickly reported their punishment of eldest princess to Feng Yi Xuan . Even when he finished reporting, he didn’t dare to leave straightaway so stiffly stood there . He really missed the days Miss Lan lived in wangfu . The manor was in complete harmony, and master was absolutely pleasant to be around .

“A few more months before it is the Banquet of the Four Kingdoms . This year’s banquet is held in Feng!” Feng Yi Xuan said obscurely .

“Yes, there are still three more months until the Four King exchange banquet . This year, the place where it is held in our kingdom’s capital!” An Er replied .

On the mainland, the largest four kingdoms were Feng, Hua, Xue, and Yue . In the past, the four kingdoms were on the same footing but now because of Feng Yi Xuan’s annual warfare, clearly the Kingdom of Feng was the largest amongst the four . Although on the surface, the four kingdoms were amiable but inside, they have been eyeing each other . So every year the four kingdoms will have an exchange banquet . To say it nicely, it is every kingdom’s representatives being exchanged when, in fact, it was assessing their plans .

“Since it’s like this, find the oldest one to have a peace marriage with our kingdom’s eldest princess, granting her reputation of a princess!” Feng Yi Xuan continued to review documents . There was no soft-heartedness to this older sister born of the same father but different mothers .

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