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Published at 30th of June 2019 09:04:01 PM
Chapter 94

94 Gui Wu’s Arrival

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May 16, 2019
“Who is he?” Feng Yi Xuan demanded while Lan You Nian lit a candle . He didn’t like Nian Nian’s protectiveness of this person . A strong killing intent bubbled inside him towards this intruder .

Gui Wu wore a sapphire blue brocade robe that followed his quick footsteps, the edge of the robe fluttering elegantly . The eyebrows were uncommonly handsome, but that adorable baby face made him as cute as a child . He stared with wide eyes at Feng Yi Xuan, his eyes were deeply vigilance . This man was too strong, and for him to stay in little junior sister’s room, he didn’t seem to be a guard so who was he?

“Benefactor!” Lan You Nian can clearly detect Feng Yi Xuan’s killing intent towards fifth brother . If she didn’t explain this clearly, then she can’t stop Feng Yi Xuan from doing whatever he wanted . This man was too powerful while fifth brother tended to be playful; it was too dangerous . She didn’t lie, after all, when she fell down the cliff and was buried under all that snow, it was shifu and her senior brothers who saved her . Weren’t they her benefactors?

When he heard this, Feng Yi Xuan’s killing intent towards Gui Wu weakened . What he regretted most was not being there to protect Nian Nian when she was living a hard life . This man, when Nian Nian’s life was hanging by a thread, saved Nian Nian . No matter what, he was grateful towards this man . Because of him, his Nian Nian was safe and sound standing before him .

Gui Wu wanted to ask Feng Yi Xuan who he was . In the eyes of the senior brothers, their little junior sister was the kindest and most endearing . Even if they saw with their own eyes how Lan You Nian killed people without batting an eyelash many times in the past, that didn’t change their initial heart . Gui Wu carefully scrutinized Feng Yi Xuan . Compared to the looks of the senior brothers, his looks were better than them nor could they rival his high-born bearing . Thinking of this, Gui Wu felt Feng Yi Xuan was a dangerous person . He became even more worried about little junior sister .

“Why are you here?” The three people sat down at the table . Lan You Nian asked with a straight face . When she got ready to come to the capital, she didn’t expect shifu and her senior brothers to interfere . They were people of the pugilistic world . They disliked the disputes of the imperial court . Nor did Lan You Nian want them to be dragged into it . Third brother came to the capital, she tolerated it, but now even fifth brother came too . Wasn’t she causing trouble for everyone?

“I was bored, so I came to find little…Nian’er meimei to play!” Gui Wu really felt bored . In the valley, there was only him and shifu . The rest of the senior brother all helped out at Nian’er’s Wu Qing Pavilion to handle matters . All day, shifu was immersed in medicine to study Nian’er meimei’s poison . He was bored, so he wanted to come out, but shifu wouldn’t allow it . He could only sneak out .

“Go back tomorrow!” Lan You Nian frowned . Fifth brother’s personality was lively and guileless . Currently, the Empress’s faction already kept a close eye on Lan manor and on her . If fifth brother stayed in the capital, based on his personality, he would regularly follow her, exactly the same as the many years she wandered in the pugilistic world with fifth brother following her to protect her . Fifth brother will surely be noticed . She didn’t want these disgusting things to contaminate fifth brother or any one of her other brothers .

She still remembered the time from two years ago when she was ambushed . It was fifth brother who foolishly protected her and helped her to escape the ambush of the other sects . Because of this incident, fifth brother was injured, making her regret it afterward .

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“I won’t go back! I can protect you!” Gui Wu said grievously . This was the first time little junior sister spoke to him like this . Even though he knew little junior sister was worried for him, he was still upset . After all, he really wanted to come out to play .

“No need to say anymore . You can go back, go back now!” Lan You Nian bit down on her lip as she scolded . In the past, these senior brothers and shifu protected her and cared for her . She wishes to protect them not to bring them trouble .

“Hmph!” Gui Wu glared angrily at Lan You Nian and flew out of the pavilion .

Lan Yu Nian frowned when she saw Gui Wu leave, her eyes flashed with sadness . Although Feng Yi Xuan didn’t like to see Nian Nian worry about other people but seeing Nian Nian unhappy, he couldn’t bear it either . He held Nian Nian’s small hands; Feng Yi Xuan’s tone was light, “He still hasn’t left . He’s still in You Nian Pavilion!”

“I know!” Lan You Nian could detect fifth brother hasn’t left yet . Every time the two of them quarreled, this fifth brother acted like a child .

“You are worried about the Empress’s faction?” Feng Yi Xuan understood Lan You Nian more and more . He could tell Nian Nian valued this benefactor greatly . She treated him like she treated Lan Mo Xian . He was eating vinegar inside, but he knew if he wanted to teach this man a lesson, he better do it where Nian Nian can’t see .

“When my life was hanging by a thread, it was these people who saved me and gave me a new life . I don’t want them to be hurt!” Lan You Nian didn’t notice that she has started to trust Feng Yi Xuan . She seemed to consider Feng Yi Xuan her rock, so she spoke the words in her heart .

“Go rest . Leave the rest to me” Feng Yi Xuan was going to embrace Lan You Nian . Noticing this, Lan You Nian shot a glare at Feng Yi Xuan . Feng Yi Xuan who was glared at, not only wasn’t unhappy . Instead, he felt Nian Nian’s glare was the cutest thing, making him want to kiss her .

Lan You Nian carefully assessed Feng Yi Xuan, Feng Yi Xuan seemed to be telling the truth . Perhaps he had a way of dealing with this problem . Knowing if she went to talk with fifth brother, the two will definitely get into an argument . Although it won’t hurt the two’s sibling relationship, it will definitely make fifth brother depressed for a long time . She allowed Feng Yi Xuan to go .

Seeing Lan You Nian obediently lay on the bed, only then did Feng Yi Xuan leave . He found Gui Wu, who has hidden in You Nian Pavilion’s courtyard . The two left Lan manor so they wouldn’t bother Lan You Nian .

“You stay away from Nian’er meimei!” Gui Wu attacked Feng Yi Xuan . He really worried about little junior sister . He was afraid this man will hurt little junior sister .

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Feng Yi Xuan’s eyes flashed . He finally found the perfect opportunity to sort out this man . From Nian Nian’s defense of him, worry about him, Feng Yi Xuan wanted to do this for a while . This man just gave him the perfect excuse . Even if Nian Nian knew, he was the one who made the first move right?

Feng Yi Xuan speedily came to Gui Wu’s side and blocked Gui Wu’s attack . Then he punched Gui Wu’s chest, abdomen, wherever it hurts, he’ll hit it . Feng Yi Xuan did not intend to kill him, nor did he use his full strength, so Gui Wu’s body only suffered from skin injuries . It was painful, but not life-threatening . This was Feng Yi Xuan’s grace for him having saved Nian Nian in the past . Otherwise, based on the fact this man dared to make Nian Nian unhappy, he wanted to kill him!

“Ah——hurt, hurt, stop!” Gui Wu wailed . He didn’t expect this man’s skill to be so good . He wasn’t his rival at all .

Feng Yi Xuan didn’t want Gui Wu’s life, so stopped his attacks . His expression was unkind, staring down Gui Wu, “You made Nian Nian sad!”

Gui Wu seemed to know he was in the wrong as he lowered his head, said uneasily, “I will go apologize . She will forgive me!”

“You know she wants you to leave the capital for your own good!” Feng Yi Xuan felt, ever since he met Lan You Nian, he had so many words to say . It was really inconceivable .

How can Gui Wu not know this? They understood little junior sister’s identity . They had a hunch of what little junior sister wanted to do . Although they disliked the disputes of the imperial court, if it was for little junior sister, they didn’t care what they had to do . This was their little junior sister . If they didn’t help her, protect her, who will take care of her?

“Who are you?” Gui Wu looked at the man in front of him . This man seemed to be very familiar with little junior sister and was very good to her .

“Feng Yi Xuan!” Feng Yi Xuan seeing such a lively man, couldn’t understand why Nian Nian’s relationship with this man seemed to pretty good . If he couldn’t tell this man didn’t have any inappropriate thoughts towards Nian Nian, he would have already killed him . He felt irritated simply just looking at him .

“You are the God of War Feng Yi Xuan?” Gui Wu almost jumped up and down as he asked ecstatically,” You are Ming wang Feng Yi Xuan who is unrivaled on the battlefield?”

You can’t blame Gui Wu for his excitement . All these years that Gui Wu has followed Lan You Nian to travel outside, he heard many matters related to this God of War Feng Yi Xuan . In Gui Wu’s heart, there existed a hero complex belonging only to men . He always admired this Feng Yi Xuan who at a young age, already fought in the battlefield to kill enemies . In the past he said, if there was an opportunity, he will definitely come to Feng Yi Xuan’s army to experience the majestic military morale and follow Feng Yi Xuan to the battlefield to kill the enemy . He didn’t expect he would see Feng Yi Xuan today and in such a situation .

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“En!” Feng Yi Xuan saw the changed attitude of Gui Wu, inside he felt more annoyed . This man was so strange, he will definitely bring a lot of trouble to Nian Nian .

“Can I work for you?” Gui Wu felt Ming wang was powerful . Little junior sister did not allow him to stay in the capital, but he didn’t want to go back . Since it was like this, how about go work under Ming wang . This way, on the one hand, he can complete his greatest wish . Secondly, he can stay in the capital to protect little junior sister, so nice ah!

Feng Yi Xuan considered it . His subordinates were all carefully selected . Although this man looked as adorable as a child, the intelligence in his eyes couldn’t be underestimated . This person was Nian Nian’s benefactor . Since he was Nian Nian’s benefactor, then he was his own benefactor . What Nian Nian owed, he will repay . This way, in the future, Nian Nian will have nothing to do with this person .

“Alright!” Feng Yi Xuan nodded . Gui Wu was ecstatic . How could he know that once he entered Feng Yi Xuan’s army camp, that living would be more miserable than death? At that point, Gui Wu trained until he wanted to cry . He only wanted to silently worship Feng Yi Xuan .

“An Yi, take him to the army camp!” Feng Yi Xuan instructed .

An Yi walked out from the shadows, sympathetically glanced at Gui Wu . This was probably the first time someone entered master’s army from the back door . Remembering how moments ago that man was so familiar with Miss Lan, An Yi was sure Gui Wu’s future life will definitely be challenging . After all, one can’t afford to provoke a jealous man, especially a jealous man who was powerful .

At this moment, Gui Wu didn’t know An Yi’s thoughts . He looked at An Yi with admiration . His medical skills and martial arts was the worst amongst the rest of the brothers, even little junior sister was stronger than him . In the future, he must toughen up . Let’s see if they dare to look down on him anymore!

Feng Yi Xuan seeing the troublesome problem has been resolved, returned to You Nian Pavilion . Gui Wu was a little disoriented, wondering if there was something he forgot . But thinking that he can go to the famous Ming army, he forgot everything .

Lan You Nian didn’t fall asleep, so as soon as Feng Yi Xuan entered the boudoir, she sat up . Feng Yi Xuan felt an oppressive pressure inside . Nian Nian really cared about this man .

“He entered the Ming army under me!” Feng Yi Xuan pressed Lan You Nian back down on the bed and covered her with a blanket, explaining Gui Wu’s whereabouts .

“Ming army?” Lan You Nian mumbled . Ming army was Ming wang Feng Yi Xuan’s most elite troop . How many countries have coveted the kingdom of Feng before they were completely shaken up by these troops? Once the troops came, they never lost . In the past, she heard fifth brother say that he must join this troop if there was such an opportunity in the future . Unexpectedly, this dream has come true .

Letting Gui Wu enter Ming army was a good idea . This way, it could not only toughen Gui Wu’s personality and body, but it can also prevent him from falling into these murky waters, at the same time, granting Gui Wu’s wish .

“Thanks!” Lan You Nian whispered to Feng Yi Xuan who laid down on the couch .

“Then, can I sleep here in the future?” Feng Yi Xuan hurriedly worked for his own self-interest . He didn’t want to go where Nian Nian wasn’t . Even if he can’t sleep together, he was fine with just looking at Nian Nian . Besides, in the future, Nian Nian will definitely be his wangfei . He now must keep a close eye on her, not allowing other men to peek at Nian Nian in the middle of the night .

Lan You Nian was stunned . She should refuse Feng YI Xuan’s request, but for some reason, she was embarrassed, “Sleep on the couch?”

“En, the couch is good!” Feng Yi Xuan said indifferently . Not just to sleep on the couch, even if she said the roof, he would be more than happy to sleep there .

“If I tell you to leave, you cannot shamelessly stick around,” Lan You Nian asked uncertainly, after all, she…

“I will be obedient!” Feng Yi Xuan said pitifully。 Lan You Nian couldn’t bear to look at him . She almost said whatever go ahead and live here, but fortunately, Lan You Nian did not fall into Feng Yi Xuan’s beauty trap .

“Oh!” Lan You Nian said and immediately closed her eyes, not looking at Feng Yi Xuan anymore . Honestly, Feng Yi Xuan’s looks were a massive blow against Lan You Nian’s defenses . Feng Yi Xuan’s handsome face was the best one she’s seen since her rebirth as if he were a celestial being from high above .

In the beautiful boudoir, although the two slept on either side of the room . Under the watchful eye of the moon, no one could bear to shatter this heart-warming atmosphere .

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