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Published at 30th of June 2019 09:04:02 PM
Chapter 93

93 Confession

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May 13, 2019
Lan You Nian was ready to go to sleep when she noticed someone enter You Nian Pavilion . She could already guess who the intruder was . Besides Feng Yi Xuan, there was probably no one else who will break into a maiden’s boudoir .

“Nian Nian…” Feng Yi Xuan walked into Lan You Nian’s chamber and gazed upon his beloved woman who was dressed in only a white inner robe standing there watching him . The girl’s thick and long eyelashes were slightly furled, fluttering like the wings of a butterfly, making people unable to bear disturbing them . Distinctly black and white eyes were pure, clean, and glimmering brilliantly as if they were broken starlight raining down to the quiet spring . Under a delicate small nose, moist pink lips were sweet and attractive like sweet jelly .

Lan You Nian’s first reaction after she detected Feng Yi Xuan’s bad mood-initially she wanted to say something to him about the fact he shouldn’t casually trespass a maiden’s boudoir-but with a glance at his restless eyes, Lan You Nian’s heart ached . From the moment she met this man, he has always protected her . She has never seen him like this .

“Is there something?” Lan You Nian poured a cup of tea for Feng Yi Xuan and asked .

“No . I only wanted to come over to see you!” Feng Yi Xuan’s twin eyes were deeply affectionately as he murmured softly . That look of deep attachment and refinement was extremely handsome .

Lan You Nian suddenly didn’t know what to say . In fact, the moment Feng Yi Xuan jumped down the cliff and embraced her, her heart was moved . It was as if in this vast and lonely world, there was suddenly a person willing to risk his life for her . Being so cherished gave her a warm feeling that Lan You Nian was covetous of . When she leaned on this man’s chest, Lan You Nian can distinctly feel her depleted heart match this man’s heartbeat . Every time this man looked at her, his eyes were filled entirely with her, full of his pampering for her . Lan You Nian had a strange idea, she wondered if Feng Yi Xuan was… .

But Lan You Nian instantly threw away this possibility . It was true Feng Yi Xuan was good to her, but she was still too young . For a person like Feng Yi Xuan with his aloof personality, no ordinary people can enter his heart . She was probably overthinking it .

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“Since you saw, then go back!” Lan You Nian’s heart was in chaos . She wanted to stay far away from Feng Yi Xuan . This way her heart will calm down . She wouldn’t allow herself to fall in love . She could no longer afford the price anymore .

“Won’t go!” Saying this, Feng Yi Xuan planted himself on the soft couch in the room . The couch was wide enough when Lan You Nian laid on it, but when Feng Yi Xuan laid on it, it was not long or wide enough . Feng Yi Xuan didn’t seem to mind . In fact, he seemed to be very happy . He could still smell Nian Nian’s fragrance in the room; this couch was the same . Thinking about Nian Nian laying on this couch, Feng Yi Xuan felt envious of it .

“Ming wang, is it okay for you to be like this? I am still an unmarried girl okay?” Lan You Nian controlled her emotions and attempted to communicate with this uncle* .

“Xuan!” Feng Yi Xuan sat up, lightly tapping Lan You Nian’s forehead, his tone revealed his grievance .

“Alright, then Xuan, please explain,” Lan You Nian didn’t make a big deal out of it . Anyway, it was just a name . Since he didn’t care, what was she afraid of? Fine, she’ll call him that, she’ll call him and disgust him to death .

“I will marry you,” Feng Yi Xuan stood up, placing both hands on Lan You Nian’s frail shoulders to make Lan You Nian look at him . Without waiting for Lan You Nian’s refusal, Feng Yi Xuan looked into Lan You Nian’s beautiful eyes and said, “It’s not because you saved my life, nor is it because of anything else . It’s only because I like you . No, it’s more powerful than like . I love you Nian Nian . Everything that I Feng Yi Xuan said is the truth . ”

Lan You Nian’s ears echoed with Feng Yi Xuan’s low voice . That phrase of, “I love you”一echoed in her ears . Her heart suddenly pounded . Lan You Nian looked at Feng Yi Xuan who looked as refined as a celestial being, her mouth opened but the words couldn’t escape .

“I know you’re still young so you might not understand, but I will wait for you . I will wait until the day you understand!” Feng Yi Xuan embraced Lan You Nian . As always, he placed Lan You Nian into bed and tucked her in . The only difference was that today he did not stand there . Instead, he returned to the couch and laid back down facing Lan You Nian, just staring distractedly at Lan You Nian .

Only when Lan You Nian was tucked into bed did she snap out of her daze . Lan You Nian flipped over onto her side and realized Feng Yi Xuan was laying on the couch . His gaze was deep as they looked at her . Even if it was night, it couldn’t cover up that pair of intense eyes .

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“Last time I said I won’t marry!” Lan You Nian, laying in the same position as Feng Yi Xuan, considered Feng Yi Xuan seriously . It can’t be denied that in that instant, she felt something . Even she almost lost herself in those eyes and agreed to Feng Yi Xuan . But in the end, her reason defeated her, or maybe it was the cowardliness in her heart that was urging her .

Feng Yi Xuan’s sword eyebrows wrinkled . They seemed to be troubled, but a few moments later, Feng Yi Xuan’s eyes brightened, “Then how about I marry(jia) into Lan manor?” He only wanted to be together with Nian Nian . For the rest of his life, his next life, every single lifetime, to be together forever . IF Nian Nian didn’t want to marry, then he will marry over .

(in Chinese there are two different kinds of marrying, qu and jia . Usually, the male party brings in the female which is qu, from the female perspective where the female marries into the man’s home, it is jia . It’s similar to the western culture when the girl marries a guy, she (usually) takes his last name . For the man to marry (jia) he would take the woman’s last name as his own and since this is ancient times, puts himself in the power of the woman’s family)

“You? A country’s wangye? Do you think it’s possible?” Lan You Nian cracked up . But she didn’t expect Feng Yi Xuan to say such words . After all, in ancient times, most men were extremely chauvinistic . Who didn’t have three wives, four concubines (idiom: many women)? This man was really different from all the others to be able to say such words .

“Possible . No one can stop me from being with you!” Feng Yi Xuan’s tone carried with it a disdain for the world, noble and distant, with the arrogance of a superior above all others .

Lan You Nian suddenly didn’t know how to refute . Whatever this man wanted to do, there probably wasn’t anyone in the world who could stop him . But how could they talk and talk and run off the subject? This man really must have some influence on her .

To turn away from this awkward ambiguous topic, Lan You Nian asked, “You’re in a bad mood today?”

In the dark, Feng Yi Xuan’s eyes brightened, dazzling Lan You Nian’s eyes . Lan You Nian thought if Feng Yi Xuan’s eyes recovered their purple color, it would be even more beautiful .

“Nian Nian worries about me?” Feng Yi Xuan asked with joy . En, Nian Nian already knew to start to worry about him . This was a good sign . He still needed to work harder .

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Lan You Nian did not answer Feng Yi Xuan’s excited question . She looked at Feng Yi Xuan who was still looking at her with happiness . Lan You Nian turned her back to Feng Yi Xuan, not asking anymore . She felt there was a serious problem with communicating with Feng Yi Xuan . This man’s thought process was sometimes very agile and sometimes very naïve . Only in front of Lan You Nian will Feng Yi Xuan be like this .

Looking at Lan You Nian’s turned back, he can only see the back of Lan You Nian’s head . Feng Yi Xuan did not retract he gaze . His pleasant low-pitched voice sounded in the dark silent room, “Today I entered the palace and saw Imperial Father, that man who killed Empress Mother!”

These words indirectly answered Lan You Nian’s question . Feng Yi Xuan felt there was nothing he couldn’t tell Lan You Nian . He will never forget the grief of when Mother Empress died in front of him . Now, although it has already been a long time, he still felt miserable inside .

“Sleep!” Lan You Nian wanted to comfort him but couldn’t do anything to comfort him . She could hear the sorrow in Feng Yi Xuan’s voice . She suddenly thought of the rumors in the capital . Was he afraid when the little boy faced other people who looked at him as if looking at the devil simply because his eyes were different from everybody else? Was he sad?

Perhaps Lan You Nian didn’t know when she started to worry about Feng Yi Xuan, to ache for Feng Yi Xuan . Perhaps this man was already inside her heart, only she wasn’t aware of it .

Lan You Nian’s voice drifted over to Feng Yi Xuan who was caught in his memories of the past, instantly making him happy without any of the anger left . Hearing the meaning of Nian Nian’s, words, it meant tonight he could sleep here . The great and noble Ming wang, because he could sleep in the room’s couch, was so happy he wanted to jump up and shout, but with a glance at Nian Nian who seemed to want to rest, he suppressed the urge .

“En!” Feng Yi Xuan grunted in agreement, then watched as Lan You Nian enter slumber .

In the middle night, it seemed only when he was beside Nian Nian, he was able to fall asleep in the real sense . However, it didn’t hinder his alertness level . Feng Yi Xian’s eyes snapped opened-a ruthless pair of wolf eyes-as he listened to the sound of someone entering You Nian Pavilion’s courtyard .

Feng Yi Xuan prepared to quietly get up and not alarm Lan You Nian who was sleeping . He stood up and walked outside of Lan You Nian’s room to wait for the intruder . He didn’t expect someone will have such big guts to dare to enter Nian Nian’s place . It seems in the future he must think of a way to change the guards of You Nian Pavilion, otherwise, if it bothered Nian Nian’s resting time, it won’t be good .

The intruder came to You Nian Pavilion’s upper floor . Feng Yi Xuan could judge that the person was a man . Thinking of this, he was displeased inside . There was actually a man who wants to enter Nian Nian’s boudoir? This has gone too far! Do they think he is dead? Feng Yi Xuan didn’t even think about the fact that he also was a man, didn’t he trespass the boudoir? He even sleeps in the woman’s boudoir .

Feng Yi Xuan’s black figure flashed across, his hand raised and the blade fell . Such cold-hearted, bloodthirsty, merciless, strong murderous intent flooded this room . This was the real Ming wang .

The intruder seemed to be shocked as if he didn’t expect someone to attack him, but the person seemed to have some martial arts for his reaction wasn’t bad as he instantly dodged and met with Feng Yi Xuan’s attack .

When Feng Yi Xuan released his murderous intent, Lan You Nian had already woken up . Usually, if someone entered her room, she would already wake, but because of Feng Yi Xuan, every time she slept deeply and peacefully .

When she saw Feng Yi Xuan’s palm was about to land on the person, the person wasn’t Feng Yi Xuan’s opponent, Lan You Nian anxiously said, “Xuan, stop!”

Although Feng Yi Xuan was angry someone broke into Nian Nian’s room but hearing Nian Nian’s voice, he still retracted his hand . But hearing Nian Nian’s anxious tone, a whole night of Feng Yi Xuan’s good mood took a turn for the worse .

“Little…” the person was going to shout but seeing Feng Yi Xuan, he changed his words, “Nian’er meimei, I finally found you!”

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