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After giving out all the instructions, Mu Tianhe did not stop and walked into the depths of God Living Mountain alone.

No one knew the exact location of his seclusion. If he didn't come out, no one would be able to find him.

He grasped the power of space, and this was also the power of the Mu Clan.

The place Mu Tianhe was at could be said to be extremely hidden, and even if the emperor Xuan came over, he might not be able to find it.

… ….

After Mu Tianhe entered the deep mountains to train, he was also brought back to God Living Mountain.

After arranging a small courtyard for him, other than the disciples who brought him food, he did not see a single person from the Mu Clan s for three days straight.

Mu Tianhe went into closed door cultivation while Mu Hetai took charge of the overall situation.

He had been busy these past few days discussing various matters.

Moreover, the Judgement Pavilion had changed quite a few of their Elders.

Long Fei was not considered free in his small courtyard.

In the past three days, he had been researching Striking System.

The only thing he could rely on now was the power of the system.

They needed to thoroughly study it before they could make use of it, especially the attribute of 'Striking Value'.

"A hundred points is enough to activate Berserk."

"Killing people should be able to acquire a bit of Striking Value, but killing monsters should also be possible."

"But... "I can only accumulate 100 points at once, so I can't accumulate any more berserk energy." Long Fei pondered, "I have to make good use of him in the future."

"It would be best to use it on the Boss. The items dropped by the Boss are even better."

Thinking about the BOSS reminded Long Fei of the emperor Xuan.

"He should be my strongest Boss in ancient world, right?" Long Fei secretly clenched his fists, and when he thought of Liu Luoxi, his heart once again ached.

For three consecutive nights, he kept dreaming about Liu Luoxi.

Strangely enough.

In the dream, Liu Luoxi kept telling him that she was fine and that she didn't need to worry.

There were no Xuan nationality people by her side.

The dream was beautiful, but Long Fei couldn't believe it.

Who in the divine space dared to offend the Xuan nationality?

It could be said that no ancient family would have the guts to stop Liu Luoxi on his way back to the Xuan nationality.

Liu Luoxi might already be at the Xuan nationality's Divine Mountain.

"Are you all right?"

"I'm sorry, I'm sorry …" Long Fei's heart was twitching. It was very, very uncomfortable.

No matter how hard you feel, you can't always live in pain.

To be beaten, to be scolded, to be stepped on, to work hard to become stronger, to get everything back.

The dragon soul was destroyed and the power of the dragon completely disappeared.

Having lost his strongest backing, Long Fei was not discouraged, and did not compromise. As long as he was alive, he had a chance.

He believed in himself.

He also believed in the System!

In the past few days, other than researching the system, he was also constantly exploring the star relate to Dantian.

The dragon soul did not shock Long Wushen, but his Pubes did. It was obvious that his own Pubes was stronger.

It was just that …

He still knew nothing about the power within his own star relate to Dantian.

It was as if he had a body full of energy, but he could not bring it out. This was the most painful thing he could do.

It was obvious that the power inside his Pubes was very strong, but he just did not know how to use it.

Pubes, the source of power.

Ordinary cultivator Holy Source would erupt from within the Pubes. Long Fei had also cultivated ordinary things before, and the energy would also burst out from within the Pubes. Using this common method was to not release the power from the Pubes.

Facing this star relate to Dantian, he was stupefied.

Although gods pavilion had used the power of the Pubes s to cast Fierce Emperor's soul, he did not know how to make Long Fei use it.

Dragon Kuang knew nothing about the star relate to Dantian and was unable to help Long Fei.

Long Fei could only rely on himself to feel around, as though he was walking in the darkness.

"Huff …"

Long Fei's eyes opened, and after sensing for a whole week, his Pubes was not able to absorb any Heaven and Earth Holy Source, and his cultivation had not increased at all.

The Experience Points did not move.

This also meant that his comprehension of the Holy Source did not improve at all. Be it his strength or speed, they were all part of his original attributes.

This was not the first time Long Fei had gained insights like this, but the results were all the same.

Thus, he got the result, "Ordinary training is no longer of any help to me, the system has been reset. If I want to level up, I'll have to use experience to do so."

"That's good too. Save the time to meditate and cultivate."


Long Fei heaved a sigh of relief, stood up, looked around, and asked: "Where is the demon beast that I should kill?"

"Without demon beast, how can I level up?"


"Where is the killing?"

"We can't kill all of Grandfather's family, can we?" Long Fei laughed bitterly, obviously, this was impossible.

However …

Long Fei knew that he couldn't continue like this.

He hadn't broken through for three days straight and had completely wasted three days. He was still thinking about when he could reach the Xuan nationality Divine Mountain.

"I need to find a place to train." Long Fei locked the space between his brows.

At this time.

The disciple that brought them food walked into the small courtyard.

Other than him, there was also a middle-aged man. The man was slightly fat and had a beard that reached the sky at the corners of his mouth. He walked into the courtyard and looked at Long Fei: "You are Mu Fei?"

Long Fei looked at him and said, "I am."

The middle-aged man coldly said, "Another bastard."

Long Fei frowned, "Try saying that again!"

The middle-aged man sneered, and said: "Brat, do you really think you're the young master of Mu Clan? Your uncle Murong Xiong has countless illegitimate children, so he brought one back today and another one back tomorrow. Each and every one of them is a Muggle. "

"Kid, you probably don't know this, but when you were on your way to Mu Clan, an elder had already checked on your talent.


"You can only reach the Divine Moon realm at most."

When he followed Mu Hetai back to the Mu Clan, a few elders used the idea to sense his body.

He didn't expect to be testing his talent at that time.

He smiled wryly in his heart, "To think that I've become a waste again."

"Ha ha!"

Regardless of which world it was, cultivators all emphasized on talent.

And his current talent was indeed not very good.


Did he rely on his talent?

Not really!

Long Fei smiled faintly and did not argue.

The middle-aged man asked, "What are you laughing about?"

Long Fei replied: "Nothing."

The middle-aged man let out another cold snort, and his aura abruptly spread out. "Weng!"

A buzz.

The might of the eighth stage of the God of Heaven realm immediately grinded onto Long Fei's mind.

Long Fei's body sank and his knees trembled, unable to hold on any longer.

The middle-aged man walked forward and coldly stared at Long Fei: "Brat, this is the God Living Mountain, not your lowly clan."

"Don't say that you're Young Master Mu's illegitimate son. Even if you're his son that was born in the Mu Clan and doesn't have the strength, you better listen to me obediently."


Although Long Fei was unhappy, he could not find an excuse to retort.

No matter what your identity is.

Wherever you are.

Strength was everything!

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