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"Young miss, the old madame wants to see you!" Zhang Lin stood respectfully outside the pavilion, reporting to La You Nian inside.

              "En, I know, you can go" Lan Wu came out to tell Zhang Lin.

              "How long has young miss been back?  The chair hasn't been warmed yet, who knows what wicked ideas this old madame has come up with!" Lan Wu muttered darkly.  These last few days her young miss has been staying in Ming wang manor.  Although she was there too, she didn't have the chance to serve young miss.  Just thinking about this, she felt depressed.

              "Ha, on the surface this old madame seems to have restrained herself since the last time General Lan chastised her but in her heart, she hates me.  This old woman has nothing to do in the inner courtyard so her head is filled with messy thoughts.  She thinks too much and wants to find someone to discipline.  I just happen to be the one  she wants to discipline!" Lan You Nian sipped the tea Lan Wu painstakingly brewed, her tone was chilling to the bone.

              "She thinks she can discipline our young miss just with herself?  Hmph, what a restless old woman!" Lan Wu intuitively didn't like this old madame.  Similarly they were family, but Tutor He gave off an intimate feeling, "Then will young miss go?"

              "Since they have come to invite us, why wouldn't we go?  If I don't go, they will slap the unfilial hat on me.  I can't tolerate that!" Lan You Nian tidied herself up then headed over to the Old madame's place.

              "Young miss cares about these claims?  I thought young miss has always been lawless!" Lan Wu followed Lan You Nian with a smile on her face.   If her family's young miss cared about her reputation then she wouldn't keep her real face hidden, causing everyone to slander her looks.  Young miss seemed to be always indifferent to these remarks.

              "Who said that?  It seems I have led you astray!" Lan You Nian scanned Lan Wu up and down.  She still remembered what Lan Wu was like when she saved her in the past. 

This good looking girl was timid and weak, just a tiny move will scare her.  But without her knowing, she has changed a lot.  When she was met with unfair things, she will always stand in front of her, trying her best to protect her.  After so many years of wandering and encountering attacks left and right, she took up a weapon without any complaint.  She now had her own thoughts.

              "That's not the case.  Young miss has always given Lan Wu the best.  Lan Wu does not dare to ask for more in this life!" Lan Wu beamed.  When young miss saved them in the past, she did not only saved their physical bodies and gave them life, she gave them hopes and the ability to think for themselves.

              The two chatted and laughed all the way until soon enough, they arrived at old madame's courtyard…

              "We must trouble mama to announce third miss has come!" Lan Wu said to Wang mama who stood guard outside.  Although she disliked this mama, she knew can't act on her own temper. This was the capital, not Wu Qing Pavilion.

              Wang mama snuck a peek at Lan You Nian.  She no longer dared to neglect Lan You Nian.  The memory of what happened last time was still vivid in her mind.  Anyone with eyes can see that Master loved third miss.  But with the old madame still in the manor, who knew who would be the winner in the end?

              "Third miss, old madame allowed you to go in!" Wang mama said to Lan You Nian.  Lan You Nian nodded and was going to take Lan Wu in with her into the old madame's chamber.  Lan Wu was blocked by Wang mama, "Third miss, old madame only allowed you to go in, this girl can't go in!"

              "You.." Lan Wu was furious.  She wanted to slap Wang mama.  No one can make them leave young miss.  In this lifetime, they will follow young miss, protect young miss, and take care of young miss forever.

              "Lan Wu, wait outside.  I will be right back!" Lan You Nian stopped Lan Wu who was going to burst from fury.  Probably only she can calm Lan Wu's hot temper when she gets like this.  No matter what waits for her inside, she will come out safely.

              "Young miss be careful, I will go find eldest young master Lan!"  Although Lan Wu believed in young miss's ability, one still must be wary of the tricks played in the inner courtyard.

              "No need.  If this kind of people can do anything to me, then I would have died years ago!" Lan you Nian smiled as she reassured Lan Wu.  She wasn't underestimating anyone because those people who you looked down on today will put you to death when you aren't looking.  She simply didn't allow herself to rely on others, even if it was her brother.

              Lan You Nian entered old madame's room and saw the old dame sitting in the room's main position, her eyes when they landed on her (LYN) flashed with disgust and disdain.

              Without any errors, Lan You Nian curtsied.  Lan You Nian's smile under the veil was strangely bright, "Greeting to Old madame.  Why have you called Nian'er over?"

              "Why?  Does this old woman need a reason to want her granddaughter to come over?  You really have stayed in the country for too long.  You've wandered outside for so long that you haven't learned even the minimal filial piety?" The old madame's tone wasn't good but she clearly understood her limits and didn't get angry like she did before.

This old woman's wants granddaughter to come need to have things?  Really stayed in the country for a long time, still outside wnadering for a long time, even the minimum filial peity have not learned?" Old madame's tone wasn't good, but clearly understood some things so didn't get angry like in the past.

              "What Nian'er learned outside isn't filial piety.  Can old madame guess what Nian'er learned outside?" Lan You Nian casually sat down, as if this was her own room.

"Scandalous!  You're as despicable as your mother!  You're all the good things that He shi woman taught!" Old madame ridiculed.  She can say whatever she liked about Lan You Nian but she cannot say anything about He Xiao Ran.  In the past, the betrayal of her mother had chilled her heart.  In this life, all she heard about He Xiao Ran was all about her expectations and her unshakeable will to keep this child in her belly.  Lan You Nian felt especially close to this mother of hers.  Lan You Nian recognized He Xiao Ran as her own mother.

              "Oh?  My mother despicable?  My mother is much nobler than the old madame!" Lan You Nian's aura chilled, then said faintly, "Old Madame, do you know what I learned outside all these years?  Nian'er learned to kill, especially those people I don't like!"

              Old Madame felt her body chilled to the bone, then she saw Lan You Nian standing up and took out a sharp dagger.  From Old Madame's inner chamber, she dragged out a guard.  With her own hands, she sliced the guard's neck.  She watched as the blood that gushed out of the guard's neck stain her pure white hands, watched that guard lose his strength little by little, and watched as the old madame stared at her like she was looking at a demon.

              "" Old Madame slumped down on the chair, pointing at Lan you Nian but unable to speak.

              "Isn't this the nephew Old madame's relies heavily on?  How can he die so easily?" Lan You Nian tossed the dead guard onto the ground.  She slowly walked over to Old Madame, "Let Nian'er guess what Old Madame wants to do today.  Oh, it's just me a little girl alone in the room, then have this guard control me, and then what?"

              From Old madame's hands, Lan You pulled out a small pill, "Then let him give me this Ye Qing Poison.  This Ye Qing Poison isn't easy to obtain.  This poison is not fatal but every year requires an antidote.  This way old madame can control me and dispose of me at will right?"

              "How do you know?" Old Madame widened her already turbid eyes.  This was exactly what she was thinking.  Since the last time her son said those things to her, he didn't come to see her again.  With her maiden family no longer being valued, she was afraid if this continues her position as old madame in Lan manor will no longer be stable.  Then all the things she fought for all her life would be gone.  So she when she saw how much her son valued this third miss, she thought as long as she controlled this third miss then she can definitely hold Lan manor in her hands.   Her nephew found this Ye Qing Poison for her.  All she had to do was to give the poison to Lan You Nian.  Whatever she wants to do, isn't it easy enough to have it done?

              "How do I know?  Because I've tried it!" Lan You Nian stuffed the poison into Old Madame's mouth.  In the past, An yiniang had given Lan You Nian many poisons.  There were too many to count.  Amongst them was the Ye Qing Poison.

              "You…" Old Madame didn't expect Lan You Nian to be so bold, bold enough to poison her.

              "What about me?  I know Old madame has the antidote, so you won't die.  I don't have the time to control you.  If there's a next time, Old madame, do you see the person on the ground?  This will be your ending!" Lan You Nian's eyes became deep, as if the haunted hell dragging old madame in.

              "I, I know, I won't again!" Although Old madame was very old but she still cherished this life.  Having enjoyed her life so many years, how could she bear to die?  Lan You Nian's actions really frightened her.  She was enlightened of Lan You Nian's ruthless thoughts and means despite her young age.

              "One more thing, don't insult my mother again.  This is your punishment!" Lan You Nian again stuffed a pill into Old madame's mouth.

              "What did you give me to eat?  Didn't you say you won't kill me?" Old Madame asked in panic.

              "Relax, it isn't fatal.  It will only make your throat hurt every night.  It's nothing!" Finished, Lan You Nian left Old madam'e room.  She had her own reason for not killing old madame.  Apart of it was because of Lan Jian Jun, but the main reason was that Lan You Nian still remembered a moment in the past when her predecessor was being bullied by Lan Ya and Lan Zhi nearly to the point of death, this old madame must have lost her mind for she saved Lan You Nian.  The predecessor's memory of this was deep.  For the sake of that little girl, she will give Old madame one last chance, nothing more.

              "Young miss!" Lan Wu glanced worriedly at the fresh blood on her young miss's hands.

              "Not my blood.  Have Zhang Lin come over to handle this.  Tell him to handle it cleanly!" Saying this, Lan You Nian left Old madame's courtyard.  She hoped Old Madame was smart enough to not commit anymore wrongs.  But in her heart, she knew that some people were not that obedient.  No matter what they do, what awaits them was only torment.

              "Yes" Lan Wu knew young miss was being naughty again.

              "Young miss" Zhang Lin stood outside the pavilion.

              "Cleaned up?" Lan You Nian asked.  Today she was impulsive.  If the fact that she casually killed someone was known by An yiniang, there will be more troubles for her in the future.  There was also the Empress's faction monitoring their every move outside the manor so they must be careful.

              "This…" Zhang Lin seemed to hesitate.

              "Young miss let you speak.  Hurry and say it.  Young miss doesn't like subordinates who stutter!" Lan Wu stepped out of pavilion and reprimanded Zhang Lin.

              "Young miss, I went to old madame's place to deal with matters however the scene has been cleaned up by General's people, so subordinate returned!" Zhang Lin told the truth.

              "I know, you can withdraw!" Lan You Nian's expression did not change the slightest.  So what if Lan Jian Jun knew she killed someone?   She never thought about concealing her natural self and pretend to be a young miss of the boudoir.  Whatever Lan Jian Jun thought was no concern of hers.

              "Young miss, it seems General Lan knows!" Lan Wu said worriedly.  Even if young miss appeared to not care but Lan Jian Jun was still young miss's father.  Does young miss really not care?  Most of the time young miss seems indifferent but that heart was full of scars.

              "Didn't you just say this young miss isn't afraid of anything?  Now what are you worried about?  I know you are bored.  Tonight go see old madame!" Lan You Nian went back to rest on the couch.

              "Ah——" the hoarse cries of old madame's pain traveled out of the courtyard.

              "What's wrong with you Old madame?  This old slave will go find a doctor!" Wang mama fretted anxiously.  She was ready to go find a doctor to take a look but was stopped by old mdame.  She has been poisoned.  What use was a doctor?  Today her son's guards came to deal with the corpse.  They didn't say a word.  This showed that her son knew what Lan You Nian did but pretended to not know.  How can she find a doctor?

              "Old madame, what should we do?" Wag mama saw old madame dig at her own throat and painfully fall onto the bed.

              But old madame did not have a voice to reply to Wang mama.  The pain in her throat tormented Old madame for two hours before it stopped.  Old madame knew Lan You Nian did not lie.  Although this poison didn't take her life but it tortured her endlessly.

              "Hmph!  Deserves it!" Lan Qu stood outside the room listening to Old madame's painful cries.  Her heart burst with relish.

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