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Mu Yun was confused by Long Fei.

"Kill the fairy beast?"

"Boss, where is the fairy beast in this mountain?"

Long Fei did not explain any further, and said: "I'll leave the people here, you stay behind to protect them."

The heart meridian of this man and woman was protected. They definitely wouldn't die in a short period of time.

As long as he did not encounter any strong demon beast, Mu Yun could deal with them by himself.

Thus …

Long Fei had to return to take a look.

He had asked the Flower Fairy to make some arrangements just now, so he was sure that the mysterious demon beast that Mu Changfeng was talking about was actually the fairy beast. Mu Yun said, "Boss, actually, if I transform into a beast, it doesn't matter if I lose my mind. This period of time is the happiest period of my life, it feels so good to feel that every day is getting stronger and stronger.

I have to thank you for blaming me. "

He was worried that Long Fei would take a risk for him.


Mu Yun also knew that the group of people from before weren't simple, the seven of them weren't his match. It was too dangerous for Long Fei to go alone.

Long Fei said: "Do you think that I did it for you, and for myself, and you just stay here and guard it well? If I don't return within three days, don't worry about them and leave by yourself."

It was impossible to leave the mountains with two heavily wounded men in a coma.

After Long Fei finished speaking, he took out a Spirit Grass that he had collected on the way here. He squeezed out the Spirit Grass's juice and smeared it all over his body and also smeared some camouflage markings on his face.

This kind of Spirit Grass's liquid could hide his aura to zero.

Right now, even if Mu Changfeng came to sense him, unless she was extremely close, she would definitely not be able to sense his aura.

It was all thanks to the Flower Fairy.

When they reached the depths of the mountains, it was practically the realm of the Flower Fairy, and there was nothing she did not know.

She felt like a forest fairy.

Concealing the aura on his body, Long Fei gently leaped forward and quickly returned to the place where the waterfall used to be.

… ….

"Senior Brother, only the five of us are left now. Do we still need to go in?"

"That's a mature fairy beast."

"Our cultivation is simply not enough, moreover … There is a special kind of energy in that hole. This kind of energy can disrupt our thoughts. Lin Feng and Jiao Jiao were injured because of that strange energy. "

"Since I've come, I feel that I must kill that beast."

… ….

A few people started discussing.

It was very obvious that Mu Changfeng did not say everything to Long Fei.

The reason he used the mysterious demon beast in place of the fairy beast was actually also for Long Fei to not leak the information. Its skin could be used to make god armor for the city guards, and spirit blood could refine talismans and draw formations. When used to cultivate, the Immortal Crystals within the sea of consciousness of the fairy beast would be raised with even greater strength.

It could save him at least a hundred years of cultivation time.

Even some almighty powerhouse wanted immortal crystals.

Every single fairy beast could only be cultivated after at least a million years, and no slaughter was allowed during this process.

He couldn't let any distracting thoughts distract him.

Becoming a fairy beast is even harder than becoming a human powerhouse.

However …

Once successful in cultivating and becoming a fairy beast, one would become like a king among demons.

Not only was his strength terrifying, he even possessed the power to command ten thousand beasts.

Anything that humans want. Mu Changfeng looked at the waterfall, his brows sinking as he said, "Master has calculated it, these few days, its consciousness is the weakest, and its cultivation is also the weakest. If I pass this period of time, it's impossible to even get close to him.

We have to try again. "

He knew in his heart.

If not for the fact that the fairy beast had reached a certain breakthrough in their life and death situation, they would not even be able to approach the cave, much less close to it.

If he did not make a move now, there would be no more chances in the future.


After this, the fairy beast would definitely change locations.

One had to know that it might be the only fairy beast in the entire God Living Mountain.

"I agree. We have to give it a try no matter what."

"We're already here. I definitely won't leave without obtaining the immortal crystals."

"Senior Brother, Lin Feng and Jiao Jiao are not here. Can the power of the Shocking Array of the five of us kill him?"

The crowd frowned.

With just their cultivation alone, they couldn't kill the fairy beast.

The only thing they could rely on was the Shocking Array.

They could only use the power of this formation to fight against and kill the fairy beast. This was the only way they could kill the fairy beast.

Mu Changfeng said: When the time comes, I will act as the array's eye, I will enter the array to kill him, all of you hold onto the array, do not let him escape.

Everyone's faces changed. Entering the formation to become the eye of the formation was equivalent to courting death.

The chances of survival were extremely slim.

Mu Changfeng looked at them and said, "Then it's decided, for Master's sake!"

"For Master!"

"For Master!"

Everyone said in unison.

And then …

Mu Changfeng said solemnly: "Set up the formation!"

With that, the five of them activated their spell and instantly landed in the direction of the five elements. The power from their bodies gushed out like a tidal wave.

Previous Chapter Next Chapter "Boom!"

Previous Chapter Next Chapter "Boom!"


Power surged out and interweaved together. It transformed into extremely complicated symbols that descended one after another.

Mu Changfeng moved slightly and immediately flew up, hiding his body.

The formation was complete.

A disciple flew into the waterfall.

There was a huge cave inside the waterfall.

He stood at the entrance of the cave. As his aura surged, he said in a deep voice, "Bastard, come out and die."

As soon as he finished.


A series of explosions sounded out from deep within the mountain.

A wave of heat that seemed to come from the depths of the earth gushed out, and the surging waterfall instantly evaporated into a wave of heat.

"A puny human has disturbed my cultivation time and time again. If I don't kill all of you today, I swear I won't be a beast!"

Rumble rumble rumble!

The sound was extremely intense.

The entire mountain trembled.

In the distance.

Long Fei suddenly stopped and his eyes darkened, "This voice …"


"Even if he isn't a fairy beast, he must be a big guy. He must be a BOSS!"

Long Fei's heart started to boil.

When he thought of the Boss, his blood boiled and he couldn't control himself.

His speed was raised to the extreme as he flew over.

… ….

"Senior Brother is here!"

That disciple's body was like a sword, instantly flying out of the waterfall.

Behind him, a flame shot out.

"Hualala …"

The waterfall, which was a hundred meters wide, instantly evaporated as if it had been cut off.

The heat was astonishing.

At the same time.

The disciple entered the formation and landed in his seat.

Mu Changfeng raised his gaze, and the sword at his waist flew up into the sky, transforming into a bolt of lightning, "Hack!"

Crash …

It struck heavily against the cave entrance.

"Roar …"

A giant ape with golden fur on its head rushed out from the burning flames on its body. It swept its arm and directly knocked the sword flying.

His body fell down heavily. Directly falling into the Shocking Array …

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