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Feng Yi Xuan seemed to have heard something inconceivable.  He didn't seem to know what to do as he held Lan You Nian in his arms.  Not only were the tip of his ears blushing, even his white jade face was red.  His eyes drifted everywhere, except they did not dare to land on Lan You Nian.

            Lan You Nian was in so much pain she didn't notice Feng Yi Xuan's embarrassed expression.  She curled up even tighter in Feng Yi Xuan's arms.  In respects to fighting in wars, Feng Yi Xuan was unparalleled but he didn't know what to do in this situation.  He can only ask uneasily, "Nian Nian? Is it painful?  Can I help you?"

            Feng Yi Xuan placed his big warm hands on Lan You Nian's lower abdomen that she was clutching and gently massaged it.  The warm internal force slowly entered Lan You Nian's body from the hand.  After a while, Lan You Nian felt her abdomen felt much better.  At least it didn't feel so painful anymore.  But with a slight shift, she realized the warm flow under her became even more intense.  Lan You Nian wanted to cry.  She didn't know what women of this time period did when their menses came.

            Lan You Nian endured the discomfort in her body and sat up slowly, her whole body was still enveloped by Feng Yi Xuan's arms. Lan You Nian glanced at the blood on Feng Yi Xuan's clothes, awkwardly muttered, "Your clothes…". Men of this era thought women's menses were unlucky, not to mention the clothes of a wangye were contaminated by these.

            The hand that Feng Yi Xuan placed on Lan You Nian's abdomen to gently massage it did not stop.  His eyes assessed Lan You Nian's expression, afraid his movements were too light or too heavy, making Lan You Nian feel uncomfortable.  Hearing Lan You Nian's words, Feng Yi Xuan glanced at his clothes.  Without any disgusted expression, that serious mysophobia has disappeared.

            "The clothes are fine, are you better?" Feng Yi Xuan asked worriedly.  He never knew women's menses would be so painful; Feng Yi Xuan was anxious.

            "Much better!" Lan You Nian didn't scold him that it was improper for men and women to be touching, that they shouldn't be like this.  She simply allowed Feng Yi Xuan's abundant inner force to saturate her abdomen to relieve the pain.

            "Is it painful like this every time?" Feng Yi Xuan asked with heartache.  He reminded himself that as soon as he returned, he must find out why women hurt so much when they have their menses and if there was any way to cure such pain?

            "This is my first time, how would I know?" Lan You Nian had anger but no strength as she stretched on Feng Yi Xuan's chest, muttering unhappily.

            Feng Yi Xuan didn't know what he was feeling in his heart.  Women's menses showed that a women has matured, from a girl into a woman.  His Nian Nian's first bleeding came when she was by his side.  He was the first to know.  Feng Yi Xuan's heart had a strange feeling, as if because of knowing more about the woman in his arms, he felt content.

            Lan You Nian could feel the blood on the clothes under her became more and more intense.  It wasn't a good idea to let it continue like this.  She tried to think back to Lan Qu and the others.  The thing they used their menses seemed to be made of cloth.  In this case, Lan You Nian can only think of a way to make do with what she had.

            How could Feng Yi Xuan's sensitive nose not be aware of the abnormality of Nian Nian's body?  He himself felt very awkward.  He didn't know these thing at all.  When the palace mama teaching the matters about men and women came to the wangfu to teach these things, Feng Yi Xuan didn't even allow her to enter the doors of Ming wangfu.  Now, he didn't have a clue.

            After careful consideration, Feng Yi Xuan took off his robes and laid them on the thick grass floor and carefully placed Lan You Nian on top of it.  Wearing a white inner clothing, Feng Yi Xuan started to tear his only clothing.  Lan You Nian, seeing this, was stunned, asked in confusion, "What are you doing?"

            "Wu….," Feng Yi Xuan's hand stiffened.  In the darkness of the night, one can still see the tips of his ears turn red.  He glanced embarrassingly at Lan You Nian.  He hesitated a moment before saying, "I'm helping you make a menses pad!"  Although he didn't know how to do these things, Feng Yi Xuan was very clever.  Seeing there was more and more blood on Nian Nian's clothes, he knew there was a definite need of the legendary menses pad.  In this mountain cave, there was no way nor was there anyone to ask, so Feng Yi Xuan can only tear open his quality inner clothing to make these for Nian Nian to make do with.

            "You…" Lan You Nian sat on the carpeted ground while wrapped in Feng Yi Xuan's cloak.  That man tore his own snow-white inner clothing next to the fire.  With blushing ears, he arranged every strip of cloth to make a simple senses pad.  Clearly it was a ridiculous picture but it left a profound memory in Lan You Nian's heart.  Perhaps because women while on their menses were indeed fragile, Lan You Nian felt that Feng Yi Xuan was unusually tall and seemed to be able to hold up her entire sky.

            "It's done…" Feng Yi Xuan handed the finished menses pad to Lan You Nian.  Even his hands were all red.  Feng Yi Xuan's hands have gripped the best quality sable brush, have held the finest swords, given directions to ten million of soldiers on the battlefield, but they have never done right a woman's affairs.

            Lan You Nian looked at that pair of white, wide palms holding a ridiculous, clumsily made menses pad.  The man in front of her seemed to be embarrassed.  His gaze on her seemed to be filled be trepidation.  Lan You Nian with a blushing face took hold of it.

            "Nian Nian, do you need me to help you?" Feng Yi Xuan turned around, not looking at Lan You Nian who was preparing to use the menses pad.  He seemed to be aware that his question wasn't appropriate and hurriedly explained, "I'm not trying to take advantage of Nian Nian.  I'm only afraid Nian Nian's body doesn't feel well, can't do it well, so…although I don't know how to do it either, but…I…"

            Feng Yi Xuan wanted to explain but didn't know how to go about explaining it.  He babbled for a long time but wasn't able to clarify.  This was probably the first time Feng Yi Xuan has tried to explain something but been unable to explain it clearly.

            How can Lan You Nian not understand Feng Yi Xuan's meaning?  Looking at Feng Yi Xuan, who was stumbling to explain himself, though her complexion was deathly pale, her eyes were full of warmth, "No problem, I understand!"

            "Oh, that's good!" Feng Yi Xuan was relieved.  He was afraid Nian Nian will think him a dissolute young man.  In the future, if he wanted to marry Nian Nian, it will be difficult.

            Lan You Nian fiddled with it for a while before she understood how to use this menses pad of the ancient times.  It was indeed troublesome!  After such a torment, Lan You Nian can clearly feel her abdomen beginning to hurt again.  Her body became colder.

            "I'm done, you can turn around!" Lan You Nian's entire body shifted closer to the fire as she told Feng Yi Xuan who didn't move an inch with his back facing her.

            Feng Yi Xuan heard Lan You Nian's voice.  Instantly he turned around and sped to Lan You Nian's side.  He picked up Lan You Nian who was sitting on the clothes, continue to massage Lan You Nian's abdomen and transfer his inner force.

            Seeing Feng Yi Xuan was only wearing a thin layer of inner clothing that was torn apart into tatters by Feng Yi Xuan, revealing the vigorous and strong skin underneath.  Lan You Nian picked up the robes on the ground, "Put it on, you might catch a cold!"

            Feng Yi Xuan didn't refuse.  He knew this wasn't the time to be particular about things.  He picked up the robes and quickly put them on, then holding Lan You Nian, he headed closer to the fire, so Nian Nian who felt cold could be warmer.

            "Go to sleep, tomorrow I'll bring you out!" With one hand, Feng Yi Xuan held Lan You Nian while the other hand massaged Lan You Nian's abdomen.  He coaxed her gently.

            Lan You Nian hummed in agreement then snuggled into Feng Yi Xuan's arms to sleep.  Although she did not fall fast asleep, but it can be considered a peaceful rest.  The glow of the fire set off the two's silhouette against the mottled cave wall.  The mutually entangled shadow made those who saw it feel inexplicable warm as if nothing in the world can separate the two.

            Feng Yi Xuan gazed at Nian Nian in his arms.  He simply motionlessly watched her for an entire night.  He noticed that if he moved just slightly, Lan You Nian will instantly wake up so Feng Yi Xuan maintained the position that made Lan You Nian most comfortable.  He sat like that for a whole night.  His eyes were completely filled with Lan You Nian.  He found the woman in his arms was blindingly bright like an elf, transparent as crystal, seemingly fragile, but actually tough.  No matter which one she was, they all made him unable to look away.

            Before the sky brightened, Lan You Nian woke up.  As soon as she opened her eyes, she was confronted with Feng Yi Xuan's intense gaze.  Lan You Nian eyes narrowed, prepared to strike but the strangeness in her body forced Lan You Nian to remember what happened yesterday and her embarrassment.

            "You're awake?" Feng Yi Xian's lifted Lan You Nian up.  Lan You Nian could clearly feel the stiffness of Feng Yi Xuan's arm.  It seemed this person didn't budge as he let her sleep for a night.

            "En, it's almost dawn!" Lan You Nian stood up and walked towards the opening watching the moon fade away outside.

            "Find the way out now?" Although Feng Yi Xuan wanted to stay like this with Nian Nian with just the two of them spending time together, but Nian Nian's body was in discomfort.  Besides, Nian Nian looked anxious.  She was probably afraid that Lan Mo Xian and the others would worry.

            "En let's get," Lan You Nian headed out the cave after she finished speaking, but she didn't take a few steps before she was prevented from taking another step by Feng Yi Xuan.

            "Hn?" Lan You Nian's current relationship with Feng Yi Xuan had some elusive ambiguity but she didn't get angry because of Feng Yi Xuan's intervention.

            "I will carry you on my back.  You're not feeling well!" Feng Yi Xuan bent down his back.  The broad back appeared in front of Lan You Nian's eyes.  It was impossible for people like them to show their backs to other people, unless that person was someone you trusted.

            "No need!" Lan You Nian refused.  She knew Feng Yi Xuan has not slept for an entire night.  Not only that, he also consumed a lot of internal force to warm her body.  There were also injuries on his back.  How could Lan You Nian allow Feng Yi Xuan to carry her on his back?

            "Then I will hold you!" Feng Yi Xuan said without giving Lan You Nian the opportunity to refuse.  He picked up Lan You Nian.  Speaking of which, Feng Yi Xuan was quite clever.  In the past, he didn't dare to touch Lan You Nian and trigger Lan You Nian's dislike.  Now he seized the opportunity and correctly gauged her reaction.  Although sometimes he would get close to Lan You Nian, he won't overstep his bounds, allowing Lan You Nian to slowly adapt to him, get used to him, then slowly fall in love with him.

            The more Lan You Nian struggled, the tighter Feng Yi Xuan held her.  Lan You Nian will not really hurt Feng Yi Xuan so she can only comply with him.  Feng Yi Xuan seeing Lan You Nian has quieted down and obediently stayed in his arms, the corner of his lips curled upwards.  The large black cloak wrapped around Lan You Nian tightly, only revealing the peerless face.

            "Master!" An Er and An Si appeared in the valley with a group of black clothed people.  Seeing Feng Yi Xuan, they knelt on the ground, "Subordinate is late.  Ask master for punishment!"

            "En." Feng Yi Xuan nodded, still holding Lan You Nian as he continued walking.

            Lan You Nian glanced at the people kneeling on the ground.  She recognized An Er and An Si, but the others didn't look like Ming wangfu's guards.  The murderous intent exuding from their body was too thick and the hidden technique wasn't bad.  Their eyes were too cold.

            "Miss Lan is fine right?" An Er asked with worry.  When they heard An Yi's news saying master and Miss Lan fell from the cliff, everyone was scared.  Then he used the power of Ghost Realm to search for master and Miss Lan.  Fortunately, they found master and Miss Lan.

            Many of the subordinates looked like they've seen a ghost when they saw their master's gentle look.  The most they saw of their master was his indifferent silence or when he was ruthlessly killing people.  When have they seen master being so carefully caring of a female?  Indeed if you live long enough, you can see anything.

            "Thank you for your concern, I'm fine!" a crisp voice came from Feng Yi Xuan's chest.  Lan You Nian got down from Feng Yi Xuan's arms and stood in front of everyone.  Everyone was curious about what the girl their master loved was like, then everyone sucked in a breath.

            That face was so beautiful that it can make all the colors in between heaven and earth disappear.  That face was exquisite beyond belief, it was a face that can't even use the saying being able to lead to the destruction of a country to describe.  Her white skin seemed to be the finest white ceramics.  The slender arched eyebrows under that profound eyes emitted indifference, seeming like a fairy from the ninth heavenly palace.  She didn't seem like a human woman at all.  Although she was a little disheveled but that surrounding aura could crush them-men who lived on the edge of the blade.  She was indeed worthy of being the person master liked.

            "Miss Lan, your face…" An Yi and An Si were surprised.  They all thought Miss Lan's face was disfigured but didn't expect that Miss Lan's true face was beautiful to the point of being out of this world.  Much less say this entire Feng kingdom, probably no one can compare in this entire continent.  Miss Lan's bearing no other female can compare.

            "You don't want your eyes anymore?" Feng Yi Xuan looked in displeasure at his subordinates looking in awe at Nian Nian.  Inside, he was in a bad mood.  He thought it was better for Nian Nian to wear a veil in the future.

         All the subordinates lowered their eyes afraid their master really will do so, but just one look was enough to awe them.

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