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The cultivation bases of the two old men were completely different from those of the two retainers just now.

Long Fei's level nine ancient dragon body could not even compare to their speed.


An earth-shattering pressure attacked him from both sides, heavily smashing onto Long Fei's body. He felt as if he was at the bottom of the ocean for a thousand meters.

His body would be crushed to pieces in the next second.

"Master, the cultivation bases of these two old men are holy-moon state."

"Quick, run!"

Dragon Kuang immediately let Long Fei escape.

This was because the cultivation levels of the two elders were enough to suppress Long Fei and was something he could not handle right now.


"Heh heh... I don't have the word 'flee' in my dictionary. " Long Fei's eyebrows were locked tight, all the idea were open, and he roared in his heart, "Level 10 ancient dragon body, open!"


The dragon's roar shook the air, and the ancient dragon body on Long Fei's body became even more lifelike, as if a giant dragon had completely possessed his body.

His strength had more than doubled.

Mind, the two forces in his Sea of Consciousness also reduced his points.

The level ten ancient dragon body could barely withstand the pressure of the two holy-moon state Elders.

However …

Just barely.

To counterattack would be extremely difficult!

"Master, you won't be able to hold on for long with a level ten ancient dragon body, the burden on your body is too great." Long Kuang hurriedly said.

"You are currently not a match for powerhouse of the Divine Moon Realm."

"Master, quickly dodge!"

Long Kuang kept talking.

Long Fei ignored him.

His whole body shook, his eyes swept around, his right fist moved, "infinite boxing s!"

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The glove was in his hand.

Long Fei swayed his body, "Bang!"

He rushed to the right, the infinite boxing gathered the power of the four ores, and struck them with his fist, but he did not lock onto his target.

It was because he could not see the old man's speed clearly.

He could only rely on his senses.

The feeling of battle experience.

A punch was thrown, the space split apart and cracks spread out.

This power …

Powerful and manic.

The entire sky was moaning and the entire Sword Elf Mountain was trembling.

The corner of Xuanlie mountain's mouth hooked up as he coldly laughed, "Holy Dragon Emperor's strength … "It's nothing much."

He was ridiculing Long Fei.

This was because the power that Long Fei had released was not even worth mentioning in his eyes, and this punch of Long Fei's simply wasn't able to harm the old man at all.

Not only was it unable to injure him, it was an empty punch.

It was just as Xuanlie mountain had predicted.

Long Fei's punch was very powerful, but it was actually … He didn't manage to hit the old man at all.

The old man was simply too fast.

Long Fei's fist had not even landed, but he had already changed his direction.

A punch in the air.

Long Fei frowned, "Crap!"

If he didn't hit his target with one move, then … He had been caught in the middle of this attack.

In an instant.

Long Fei's reaction was extremely fast, his hands crossed over his chest to protect, his mind and consciousness retracted, as his powerful defensive force was immediately released.

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Previous Chapter Next Chapter "Boom!"

The attacks of the two elders fell at the same time.

Long Kuang quickly replied, "Master, neck."

"The position of the belly Pubes!"

"This is the two of them attacking their weaknesses!"

If he was hit in these two places, then his life would most likely end here.

Long Fei's mind trembled, his reaction was also as fast as lightning.

He could only slightly move his body to avoid the attack.

There was no other way!



A sword pierced Long Fei's left arm.

A sword pierced Long Fei's thigh.

Fresh blood spurted out.

The two swords pierced through him directly, causing Long Fei's eyes to narrow as he firmly clenched his teeth.

Long Kuang also quickly said, "Master, quickly retreat, the power of the divine moon will deal you a second damage!"

"Quick, retreat!"

The two old men revealed sinister cold smiles, they stared at Long Fei and said excitedly: "Kid, your life is ours!"

At this moment.

A burst of power exploded from the longsword.

Long Fei's pupils contracted. At this point of time, he couldn't care about the pain anymore and tried his best to twitch his body.

His body was pulled away from the two swords.

"Ahh …"

Long Fei could not help but let out a painful scream as he retreated explosively, landing one hundred meters away.

He retreated very quickly.


The wound suddenly burned and then exploded.

"Bang, bang!"

All of the flesh on his shoulder was blown away, and the bones on his shoulder were clearly visible. Fresh blood gushed out wildly.

It was the same on her thighs.

Half of his thigh was blown away, leaving only half of his flesh and a white bone. His flesh was like bloody cotton, which would fall to the ground with a slight shake.


It was very painful.

Long Fei's ancient dragon body could not withstand it at all.

With the strength of his body, the Ocean Emperor's Armor and other defenses were basically useless in front of the powerhouse of the holy-moon state.

However …

This was also because of Long Fei's fast retreat. If the power of Divine Moon were to be infused, then the second attack would be different.

Half of Long Fei's arm would be gone.

The power of the Divine Moon Realm and the god's state were completely different.

Long Kuangdao: "Master, these two old fellows are too strong, you really aren't their match. There's no need to worry about not getting burned in the mountains."

"Let's leave."

Long Kuang advised.

Long Fei never stopped.

The people of Xuans must die.

If he couldn't even kill two of these elders from the Xuans, how could he kill the emperor Xuan?


He couldn't go either.

If he left, all of his brothers would die, and the entire ancient antiquity would become ruins.

Long Fei said in a heavy voice, "Long Kuang, how did you clearly see their attacks just now?"

Long Kuangdao: "I can see clearly, but I can't help you, my strength has not recovered either. I can only see their moves clearly, they can't be broken at all."

Long Fei asked: Can't solve it?

Long Kuangdao: "Mystic Moon Realm's speed, reaction time, and the ability to change formations is too strong. Even if I could see clearly, I wouldn't be able to react in time."

"Master, I know you hate the people of Xuans, but you are not their match right now. Listen to me, and run away."

"There's no need to talk about escaping."

"Don't say it now, and don't say it in the future." Long Fei was a little unhappy.

He hated to run.

Life was important, but so was the lives of the people around him.

Long Kuang was stunned.

Long Fei thought crazily.

At this time.

The two old men stood not far away with pleased sneers on their faces. To them, Long Fei's horse was theirs.

He would soon be rewarded.

"Brat, obediently kneel on the ground and accept your death."

"With just your little strength, Holy Dragon Emperor still dares to show off in front of us?"

"Hahaha …"

"You're too weak!"

The old man laughed excitedly.

Meng Tu wanted to stop him, but... He was rendered speechless by the oppressive killing intent in the square.

As for the Peak Owner s and elders who followed him, they were all far away in the sky, unable to come down at all, unable to make a sound.

A little closer and they couldn't bear it.

At this moment.

No one could help Long Fei.

He could only rely on himself …

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