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After everyone was full, they talked freely around the fire.  Both young men and women enjoyed this beautiful night.

            "Ai, Lan Mo Xian, why did you guys go hunting for so long?" Hua Mu Qing complained, making her worried that something happened to this guy who she didn't see eye to eye.

            "Uh…" Lan Mo Xian glanced at Yu Liu Li and hesitated.  This made Hua Mu Qing more curious.

            "Did you guys find anything fun?  How selfish of you not to share!" Hua Mu Qing shouted in dissatisfaction.  Even An Yi thumped Lan Mo Xian, dissatisfied with his actions.

            "No, we just had a lot of fun hunting so held up the time.  Near the other side of the mountain, we found an orange tree that was full of oranges.  I and Mo Xian were going to pick some to give to Nian'er meimei and junzhu to eat, but the hunt has delayed us already so there was no time to pick any.  Even now, Mo Xian probably think it's a pity!" Yu Liu Li explained the reason why they were held up so long.  With their identity, what kinds of things they haven't eaten before.  They only felt it was something novel and fun and so wanted to pick some.

            "Really?  Such a cold place has an orange tree?  I have never seen an orange tree before!" Hua Mu Qing was like a curious child as she tugged Lan Mo Xian's sleeves.  Her personal status was high so usually many matters were taken care of by the maids.  When would she go pick things personally?

            "En, from far away it looks fresh and delicious.  Nian'er meimei likes to eat fruit.  I really wanted to pick some!" Lan Mo Xian said with embarrassment.  He saw his younger sister can even set up a tent, he felt distressed inside.  He was afraid that all these years his little sister lived in hardship when he wasn't aware.  When he first saw the orange tree, he wanted to pick some but because it was late, they were afraid everyone would worry so they returned.  However inside, he felt unwilling.  He thought about sneaking out early tomorrow morning to pick some but didn't expect Hua Mu Qing to ask about it.

            "What?  Let's go to pick them now!" Hua Mu Qing shouted excitedly.  She believed in the saying that seeing is believing.  The purpose of coming out was to play and have fun.  If there were too many restraints, it wasn't any better than staying in the capital.

            "How about this, I and Mo Xian go together.  You guys wait here!" Yu Liu Li said.  After all, this was the wilderness.  It was dangerous.

            "Let's go together.  Besides there's nothing to do here.  Let's go together!  Nian'er meimei right right!" Hua Mu Qing acted spoiled.  Now that she's come here, she's left behind the shackles in the capital.  Her natural personality was playful.  When she heard them say they were going to pick fruit, of course they must go together.

            Lan You Nian considered it for a moment.  The snow mountain might not be safe at night.  If her older brother and the others went, she will worry, but…

            Feng Yi Xuan saw Lan You Nian frowning in thought and said softly, "If you want to go, then go.  If anything happens, there's still me!"  He knew Lan You Nian's worries.  In Feng Yi Xuan's heart whatever Nian Nian want to do, she can go do.  He will always protect her.  Those Nian Nian wanted to protect, he will help her to protect even though he didn't care about other people's life or death.

            "Nian'er meimei, let's go, let's go!  It's still so early.  I can't fall asleep anyways, so let's go play!" Hua Mu Qing wanted to pull Lan You Nian's arm but Feng Yi Xuan suddenly grasped Lan You Nian's hand and left the spot.  Hua Mu Qing awkwardly looked at Feng Yi Xuan, however with her bubbly personality, she went on to discuss the plans with Lan You Nian.

            "What fun do you-a woman-want to join in?  We will pick for you to eat.  Don't take Nian'er meimei to go crazy with you!" Lan Mo Xian disapproved.

            "Don't look down on women.  Why can't we go?  An San's martial arts is very high, hmph!" Hua Mu Qing dragged An San into the battle.  Her desire to play was obvious.  Lan Mo Xian knew that many years living in the capital have made Hua Mu Qing repressed herself for a long time.  Although Hua Mu Qing had a bubbly personality, being a female by herself wasn't easy.  He couldn't help but feel heartache for this girl who was always laughing and playing around.

            "Then let's go, but you better act decent, otherwise I won't help you!" Lan Mo Xian threatened fiercely, but the end result was that Hua Mu Qing hoorayed and hurried to the peak, causing Lan Mo Xian to rush to keep up.

            Lan You Nian was going to follow but realized her hands were still being held by Feng Yi Xuan.  Feng Yi Xuan dragged Lan You Nian into the just-finished tent.  From one of the bags, he took out a white fox fur coat and handed it to Lan You Nian, "The nights in the mountains are cold.  You need to wear more!" Finished, he left the tent to stand guard.

            Lan You Nian looked at the thick and warm coat.  As expected the clothing was her own size and on the hem was embroidered with a red spider lily blooming beautifully.  Wearing the clothing, she stepped out of the tent and noticed Feng Yi Xuan was standing there like the most stout knight.

            "Cold?" Feng Yi Xuan looked at Lan You Nian who has put on the coat.  The thick coat wrapped up the tiny Lan You Nian, making her appear to invoke more tender feelings from others.

            "It's fine!" Lan You Nian gave a rare smile in reply.  In reality, her body was still afraid of the cold.  Although she had internal force to protect her body, her body wasn't good in the first place, so naturally got cold.

            "Nian'er faster!" Hua Mu Qing who already ran for a while saw Lan You Nian didn't come yet, returned to camp.  Since Lan You Nian didn't move, Feng Yi Xuan definitely won't move.  Neither An Yi and An San did not move.

            Lan You Nian made a sound in agreement and walked faster.  The snow here was not very deep, but in this season it was rare to see snow.  At night the snow looked more pleasing to the eye.  The group of people treaded and stopped, not in a hurry to pick oranges.  They walked for about an hour before they saw an orange tree near the back of the mountain.  The orange tree with lush leaves was covered with bright oranges.  The alternating orange and green were very beautiful.

            Hua Mu Qing and the others walked under the tree to look at the fruits.  They swallowed their saliva.  These oranges looked delicious.  Everyone had walked for a long time so was a little thirsty.  The orange tree emitted a sour taste, stimulating their senses.

            Yu Liu Li used qinggong to fly up to the top of the tree and started to pick some oranges.  He picked them down and threw them to the people on the ground.  Hua Mu Qing couldn't stand still.  No matter where Yu Liu Li threw the oranges, she will fight to catch it.  The others played around, having fun.

            Lan You Nian stood off to the side, afraid to disturb their fun.  Yu Li Li, in order to tease Hua Mu Qing, threw the oranges farther and farther away, coincidentally, it was in the direction where Lan You Nian was standing.  Hua Mu Qing also had some martial arts, immediately rushed to Lan You Nian to catch the orange, but an accident suddenly happened.

            Because the snow covered the ground entirely, no one realized that where Hua Mu Qing was standing was empty underneath.  When Hua Mu Qing caught the orange, she noticed something was wrong.  Her entire body started to slide down.  Lan You Nian who was closest to Hua Mu Qing gave her a tug.  She didn't use martial arts nor did she have such an opportunity.  In that instant, Lan You Nian pulled Hua Mu Qing up.  Because of the force she used, she caused the snow to fall under her.

            "Nian'er meimei!" Lan Mo Xian who rushed over to save Hua Mu Qing saw his little sister, in order to save Hua Mu Qing, fall into the snow and fall off the cliff!  The others quickly flew over to Lan You Nian, but in such a short time how can they get there.  Feng Yi Xuan followed Lan You Nian by leaping down.  Everyone only saw Lan You Nian accidentally fell off the cliff and Feng Yi Xuan with such fast speed jumped down with her.

While falling down the cliff, Lan You Nian mourned in her heart, she really was f*cking unlucky to be able to fall down like this!  Just when Lan You Nian was about to spew out a curse, she noticed someone grasped her hand, enveloping her entire body into a broad chest.  In such a critical situation, she could hear the fast and powerful pounding of the heart in the chest.  One beat after another shocked her depleted soul.

            Lan You Nian, in Feng Yi Xuan's arms, carefully analyzed their situation.  The place they fell down wasn't a cliff, but a narrow chasm.  Feng Yi Xuan pressed her head to his heart with his strong and powerful arms tightly held her as if nothing can make him let go.  The sharp stones of the narrow gap in the cliff cut into Feng Yi Xuan's back as they rolled down.  Lan You Nian could sense the momentary stiffness of the man holding her, but after that, he held her even more tightly, not letting her suffer a single injury.

            Fortunately, the cliff wasn't too high.  After some time, the two rolled down until they stopped rolling in the grass.  Lan You Nian broke free from Feng Yi Xuan's arms and hurried to check Feng Yi Xuan's body.  At this moment Feng Yi Xuan was stunned frozen as he stared at Lan You Nian, seemed to have become stupid.

            Lan You Nian's eyes were full of anxiousness.  It was undeniable that she was moved by this man who always protected her.  She checked Feng Yi Xuan's pulse and found there was no big problem.  It was only some skin injuries.  She promptly released a breath and relaxed her heart.  She noticed Feng Yi Xuan hasn't said a word and lifted her head only to see that the heroic Ming wang daren was staring straight at her.  His eyes didn't even blink, that stupid look made Lan You Nian wonder if he hit his head while falling down.

            "What's wrong with you?  Are you hurt anywhere?" Lan You Nian didn't realize her words contained worry and anxiety.  Lan You Nian asked for a while and noticed Feng Yi Xuan didn't reply.  It made her anxious.  She didn't know what else to do.

            "Your face…." Feng Yi Xuan stretched out his slender fingers to stroke Lan You Nian's cheeks.  The delicate white jade skin was without any blemishes, eyes of glazed gemstones seemed to be blended with broken stars and the moon, lustrously brilliant.  A fine nose, tender and luscious lips, temperament as tranquil as orchid, but at the same time as noble as peony, and as beautiful as a rose.  The flowers of the world lost all their color in front of her.  Between heaven and earth, they were only left with a silhouette of a beauty overturning the world.  Lan You Nian was shocked.  It turned out that her veil fell off when rolling down the cliff, and now her real face was seen by Feng Yi Xuan.

            "So good!" Feng Yi Xuan whispered.  Lan You Nian was disappointed inside.  She didn't expect Feng Yi Xuan to also be someone who put great importance on appearance, is that the reason he rejoiced?  Lan You Nian felt uncomfortable in her heart, it was a very strange feeling.

            "It's good that you didn't suffer those pains!" Feng Yi Xuan sighed lowly.  His eyes did not contain the appreciation of her physical beauty but delight and heartache that Lan You Nian did not experience the pain from disfigurement. Lan You Nian understood Feng Yi Xuan's meaning.  Her heart instantly felt better.

            Feng Yi Xuan was feeling very fortunate.  No matter what his Nian Nian's face looked like, he didn't care.  What he cared about was whether or not Nian Nian was tormented by previous injuries.  Now that he saw Nian Nian's face wasn't damaged, it proved that she did not suffer those pains in the past.  This was what he felt fortunate about. However, Feng Yi Xuan really didn't expect his Nian Nian to be so beautiful.

            "I will help you treat your injuries!" Lan You Nian took out the medicine she carried with her to put it on Feng Yi Xuan's back injuries.  She was Medical Valley's disciple, naturally, the medicine she carried with her were hard to find.  Feng Yi Xuan's back injuries will be better in a few days.

             Feng Yi Xuan greedily took in the girl in front of him, not because of that beautiful face but because of the rare concern in the girl's eyes.

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