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Chapter 305: Here Comes A Strong Enemy

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The Ancient Abyss Sword was very sharp. It pierced the Blackwind Python’s Celestial Bodyshield instantly. It passed through its teeth and tongue and flew into its stomach.

The Blackwind Python felt the pain, and its body rolled drastically. A strange howling sound came out from its mouth.

Forces of wind nature Genuine Qi flew out from its body turning into wind blades that flew in every direction.

The waves on the water’s surface became even more turbulent.

Zhang Ruochen stood calmly in the middle of the storm. He seemed quite tranquil.


Under Zhang Ruochen’s control, the Ancient Abyss Sword sliced the Python’s internal organs. It came out covered in blood and landed in his hand.


The Blackwind Python’s body dropped down heavily with a series of giant splashes.

A moment later, its giant body floated to the surface. It was more than 70 meters long. Its sturdy body was scary, ferocious and rugged. Every one of its scales seemed to be made of iron, reflecting light like metal.

The water was dyed crimson and emanated a strong stench of blood.

If Zhang Ruochen had not had the Ancient Abyss Sword and reached the Realm of Heart Integrated into Sword, killing the Blackwind Python would not have been an easy task.

Its scales were not ordinary Genuine Martial Arms; they could not be broken.

This class four medium level savage beast had finally died under Zhang Ruochen’s sword. From then on, the water within a hundred kilometers of this area would be much calmer.

Zhang Ruochen’s toes dipped onto the water’s surface. He flew up, as light as a swallow. He flew a hundred meters away and gently landed on the Blackwind Python’s body.

Its body was full of treasures, like snakeskin which could be made into soft armor.

Snake teeth could be made into a poisonous soldier.

Even its blood and meat could be eaten once it was processed. This could improve a warrior’s physical quality and increase their resistance to poison.

However, for Zhang Ruochen, although Blackwind Python’s skin, teeth, and meat were good stuff, he had no interest in them.

He had several million Spiritual Crystals. Couldn’t he just buy those?

The higher one’s martial cultivation was and the more fortune he had, and the higher his vision was.

Of course, there was still one thing he wanted.

The snake’s gallbladder.


Zhang Ruochen carefully cut the snake open. He removed its colorful gallbladder and one piece of Spiritual Brawn weighing more than 100kg.

A strong aroma arose from the Spiritual Brawn. It was like a Spiritual Dose made of flesh and blood. One would feel refreshed and energetic with just one sniff.

“A class four medium level savage beast was much stronger than a class four lower level. And its Spiritual Brawn was a nourishing food.”

The Blackwind Python was pretty much like a warrior at the Advanced Stage or Dawn State of the Heaven Realm. It was certainly a formidable savage beast.

It was not just 100kg Spiritual Brawn. Its value was ten times more precious than all of the snake’s flesh and blood combined.

Even a warrior at the Initial Stage of the Heaven Realm would benefit greatly from it.

Zhang Ruochen cut the Spiritual Brawn into ten pieces and put them into ten separate jade containers. He put them away carefully.

His eyes lit up as he stared at the fist-sized gallbladder. He was even more excited than he’d been at the sight of the Spiritual Brawn.

The snake’s gallbladder was three colors, black, white and yellow.

Three colors. This Blackwind Python had practiced for 300 years. Its gallbladder was equivalent to a 600 year old Spiritual Dose. It was a good thing!

He put away the gallbladder, and went back to shore.

He lifted his head and looked to the sky.

The sun was setting. It was like a flame burning bright in the sky. Even the water had turned into a golden color.

“It looks like I won’t make it to the Death City today.” 

Zhang Ruochen was not in a hurry. Even though he wanted to unseal Underwater Dragon Palace, he had already waited three months. What was one more night?

Tonight, I should refine the Snake Gallbladder and see how much cultivation I can get from it. 

Zhang Ruochen found a concealed valley and built a fire.

He sat by the fire and took out the Gallbladder. He processed it, ate it and started to refine it.

The energy it contained was very cold. He felt like he had eaten a piece of Profound Ice. Luckily, he had refined many Icing Meridians Pills before, so he could easily withstand the stream of icy air.

He started to practice his right hand’s Five Strike Technique with the help of gallbladder’s yin-cold power.

“Supreme Yin Pulse Sword Wave!”

His thumb was a sword and pointed out quickly.


The air around him became cold suddenly.

A pale blue sword wave flew out from his thumb, hitting the stone wall behind the valley with a crash. A giant hole of three meters wide was left on the stone wall. It looked like it had been hit by an aerolite.

The surrounding stone walls broke and were sealed with a layer of cold.

His left thumb’s “Supreme Yin Pulse Sword Wave” had reached the Small Success Realm.

“Tr “Supreme Yin Pulse Sword Wave!” anquility Pulse Sword Wave.”

Zhang Ruochen’s palm kept changing and his right forefinger pointed out.

A Sword Breath flew out from his fingertip, leaving a path of ice on the ground.


There was another giant hole in the stone wall. Its destructive force was pretty much the same as the one before it.

He struck out once again. This time he only used his middle, ring and baby fingers.

Three fingers struck out at the same time.

“Middle Spiritual Pulse Sword Wave.”

“Supreme Abyss Pulse Sword Wave.”

“Lesser Moon Pulse Sword Wave.”

Three Sword Breaths flew out at the same time, leaving three more giant gaping holes in the remote stone wall.

Two of the holes were the same size as the former ones. The destructive force of Lesser Meridian Strike had made a smaller hole just one meter in diameter.

The Blackwind Python’s gallbladder was indeed good stuff. It had aided him in practicing Supreme Yin Pulse Sword Wave, Tranquility Pulse Sword Wave, Middle Spiritual Pulse Sword Wave, and Supreme Abyss Pulse Sword Wave to the level of Small Success. Only Lesser Moon Pulse Sword Wave was still at the Beginner level.

Zhang Ruochen was still very satisfied. Before coming to Tongming River, he had never thought that he could practice four Sword Waves to the level of Small Success in such a short time.

With his Sword Wave reaching the level of Small Success, his power increased several times over.

Zhang Ruochen felt that his martial cultivation had improved a lot. It was close to the peak of the Final State of the Earth Realm.

In addition, even his eyesight, hearing and Spiritual Power had improved slightly. His five senses became sharp, and the whole world became clearer.

At midnight, Zhang Ruochen suddenly woke up from practice. His ears moved, and he said to himself, “I am surrounded! They’ve caught up with me. I wonder who they are?”

He had heard their footsteps, breathing, and even heartbeats. Although the enemy was still far away, Zhang Ruochen already knew them very well.

The enemies were evil. A few of them had powerful cultivations, even more powerful than Zhang Ruochen’s. He could only defeat them if he used all his power.

The formidable enemies were getting closer. Zhang Ruochen was still very calm. He picked up twigs from the ground and threw them into the fire.

“Crack! Crack!”

The firewood began to crack and spark.


Thirty centimeters under the ground, a long metal whip full of sharp barbs was surging forward rapidly like a metal snake. It rushed toward Zhang Ruochen.

Three meters away, it dashed out from the underground with a “swoosh” sound. It kept spinning round with barbs as it moved toward Zhang Ruochen’s neck.

Its tip was a five-inch long spike and emanated a purple glow. Obviously, it was highly toxic.

Zhang Ruochen grinned and grabbed a tree branch with his two fingers.

Spiritual Fire Genuine Qi came out of his fingers, surrounding the tree branch. It hit the long metal whip.


The tree branch with Spiritual Fire hit the long metal whip and dispersed the Genuine Qi it contained.

A moment later, the long metal whip flew out again and hit Zhang Ruochen in the back with a “swoosh” sound.

The owner of the long metal whip suddenly appeared from the darkness.

It was a woman who appeared to be around 30 years old. She wore a tightly wrapped golden armor around her chest and buttocks, exposing her long snow-white legs and waist.

She made a whining sound, like a phantom. She kept striking out the long metal whip. She applied a set of exquisite whips that completely surrounded Zhang Ruochen.

The entire valley was full of golden light.

Zhang Ruochen sat on the ground with his legs crossed. He was very elegant and comfortable. He kept striking out the tree branches, defeating the long metal whip every time.


Suddenly, a fire arrow with a Phoenix Tail shot out of the darkness toward Zhang Ruochen.

In the blink of an eye, it had flown several kilometers through the valley. It was heading straight toward Zhang Ruochen’s glabella.

If an arrow could still keep its force after flying several kilometers, the owner must be a top master. He had not only amazing arm strength, but also eyesight that was much better than ordinary warriors.

Zhang Ruochen showed a serious expression in his eyes as he grabbed the hilt of the Ancient Abyss Sword.


The ancient sword moved from its sheath and showed a brilliant sword light. It formed a crescent shaped Sword Breath with a diameter of more than ten meters in the sky.


The fire arrow clashed together with the Sword Breath. With a bang, all the Spiritual Qi in the valley shook.

The Phoenix Feather Arrow was exposed instantly. It turned into a large rain of fire, firing out rapidly in all directions.

The woman holding the long metal whip stood back to avoid the impact of the fire rain.

The rain of fire certainly fell on Zhang Ruochen.

But Zhang Ruochen had a one meter shield of Genuine Qi, so the fire droplets fell to the ground and turned to iron sand.


A man holding a red bow and quiver flew out from the darkness like a giant bird.

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