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Chapter 309: Heavy Armor Break

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“I never imagined that the young master of the Black Market Excellence Hall would come to Omen Ridge.”

Zhang Ruochen was slightly stunned, fully realizing the seriousness of the current situation. He asked promptly, “Are the Seven Kills Emissaries in Omen Ridge too?”

“How do you know about the Seven Kills Emissary?” Le asked.

Zhang Ruochen replied, “Since the young master of the Black Market Excellence Hall has been elected, Seven Kills Emissaries, as the guardians of the young master, should be naturally appointed. All Seven Kills Emissaries are the best of the best. Before the young master has fully developed, they are the scariest.”

“How many Seven Kills Emissaries are there in Omen Ridge?”

Le said, “I’ve only seen two, Red Wish Emissary and Purple Wind Emissary. I don’t know if the other five are in Omen Ridge.”

Zhang Ruochen thought for a moment and touched his nose with his finger. He said, “Generally, Seven Kills Emissaries are selected in their twenties, and only one is selected every three years. That is to say, Purple Wind Emissary was selected first, so his martial cultivation is the best, while Red Wish Emissary was selected last, so her martial cultivation is the worst.”

“Since the best and the worst Emissaries have come to Omen Ridge, the other five Emissaries must have arrived as well. What on earth is there in Omen Ridge to attract the young master of the Black Market Excellence Hall and the Seven Kills Emissaries?”

Le responded, “Dragon Sarira.”

“What is Dragon Sarira?” Asked Zhang Ruochen.

Le said, “As said by the mysterious young master ‘Di Yi’, Dragon Sarira is the remains of a Buddhist Emperor from 800 years ago, one of the Nine Emperors. It was taken by the Four-wing Earth Dragon, the dominator of Omen Ridge. After he died, it went missing. Di Yi doubts that it is in Underwater Dragon Palace.”

“So, it is for the Buddhist Emperor’s Sarira. No wonder the young master of the Black Market Excellence Hall has come to Omen Ridge.”

Zhang Ruochen was going to Underwater Dragon Palace. He could expect to meet such a strong opponent.

In all of Kunlun’s Field, the young master of the Black Market Excellence Hall could be counted as the top-ranked among the youth. He would likely be the future ruler of the Black Market.

However, Zhang Ruochen had no fear. Rather he had a strong war intent.

The Dragon Sarira surprised him more.

Actually, Zhang Ruochen had been involved with the Buddhist Emperor. The Buddhist Emperor and Emperor Ming had exchanged one martial art each. What the Buddhist Emperor gave to Emperor Ming was “Dragon and Elephant Prajna Palm”.

It was said that Dragon and Elephant Prajna Palm was a top palm technique in Thousand Buddhas Sect, due to its extreme masculine and myriad forms. However, it was very difficult to practice, and very few people reached the Seventh Palm.

“Dragon Sarira, I have to get it.”

Zhang Ruochen wanted to defeat Empress Chi Yao. If he could get the Buddhist Emperor’s Sarira, he would be closer to achieving his goal.

Certainly, he would not fight blindly with Di Yi. If he did, he would die a terrible death, like an egg against a rock.

Le told him some other information about Di Yi. However, as a killer of Hades Department, Le only knew part of it. Thus, Zhang Ruochen had only a rough idea of the Black Market’s recent actions.

“My savior, I have told you everything I know. I have to go back as soon as possible, lest the Hades Department finds out.”

Le bowed down to Zhang Ruochen and turned away immediately.

“Le!” Zhang Ruochen called.

Le slowed his pace.


Zhang Ruochen knew Le had risked everything to secretly deliver this news to him.

“Without your rescue and teachings, I would not be what I am today. It is I who should thank you.”

Le’s voice was gruff; he was a poor speaker.

He was often very isolated.


The ground shook violently.

A brute elephant roared in the distance.

Zhang Ruochen and Le’s expressions changed.

“It must be pursuers from the Square Commandery. Ninth Prince, you’d better leave and let me deal with them.”

Le put his grey hood back on to conceal his face, only his reddish lips could be seen.


Unsheathing his sword, he had an icy murderous feeling.

“Zhang Ruochen, you are completely surrounded. You cannot escape!”

Turning into an elegant silhouette, Jin Yeyun flew down from the top of an ancient tree.

Jin Yeyun was definitely pretty, as an imperial concubine and a martial arts legend of the Heaven Realm. She looked to be 28 or 29 years old, with skin on her face more delicate and white like a young girls’.



Like scaly moving hills, 50 hulking brute elephants appeared from all sides surrounding Zhang Ruochen and Le.


50 soldiers with heavy armor, stood on the backs of the brute elephants. Each of them carried a long spear and made an ear-splitting sound.

Zhang Ruochen said to Le, “They are calling other soldiers. We must find our way out as soon as possible. Otherwise, there will be more.”

“Haha! Zhang Ruochen, you might be overestimating your ability.” Jin Yeyun sneered. “Even if your cultivation doubled, you could not break the Heaven-shaking Formation arranged by the Barbarian Elephant Army.”

“Let’s see if you can successfully arrange the Heaven-shaking Formation.” Le laughed grimly.

With this, he rushed towards a brute elephant. He leaped up 10 meters and stabbed the heart of the sergeant upon it.

The sergeant waved his spear, stabbing at Le.

Le easily avoided the spear; he was faster than the sergeant expected.


The iron sword pierced straight into the sergeant’s heart, but it was blocked by heavy armor, causing energy ripples.

Under the strong impact, the sergeant flew backward. With a bang, he fell to the earth 10 meters away.

The sergeant hit the ground with a palm, and quickly jumped back onto the brute elephant. He attacked Le once again as if he had not been hurt.

Jin Yeyun laughed. “The Barbarian Elephant Army’s armour is made from 5,000 kilograms of 10 centimeter thick Earth Core Scorching Iron. How can you break it?”

Le retreated and glanced at the sergeant’s chest. He had not even pierced into the armor; there was only a three-centimeter sword mark.

The Barbarian Elephant Army’s armour was completely connected. There was no breach; even eye sockets were mounted with spinels.

“Are there really no flaws? I doubt it.” Le replied.

Jin Yeyun said nothing to Le, but ordered, “Attention, Barbarian Elephant Army! Prepare to arrange Heaven-shaking Formation, to kill these two.”

When the army embattled, Le started a new attack.


His sword thrust like lightning crossing the sky.


He stabbed just underneath the soldier’s chin and pierced into the armour.

Le withdrew his sword.

A stream of blood spilled out from the soldier’s neck. His body trembled for a while, and then he fell face up.

“How…can this happen?” Jin Yeyun screamed.

“The soldier’s armor indeed has very strong defensive power.” Zhang Ruochen said. “Moreover, it is up to 10 centimeters thick, so a normal sword cannot pierce through.”

“However, the joint between the head and shoulder is relatively weak, because it is only about three centimeters thick. Comparatively, the joint between the helmet and body armor is weaker. It is just below the chin.”

Le had just pierced the weakest part below the soldier’s chin.

Only with rich fighting experience and extraordinary outsight, could a warrior see the Barbarian Elephant Army’s weakness.

“What are you going to do now that you know this?”

Jin Yeyun shouted, “Defense.”

The remaining 49 soldiers simultaneously lowered their heads, held down their chins, and tried to guard their weakest joint with their helmets.

“It is useless to defend.”

Zhang Ruochen activated the inscription of Force Series by injecting Genuine Qi into the Abyss Ancient Sword. The weight of the sword rapidly increased to 2,500 kilograms.

He jumped high into the air and brandished his sword.

The soldier beneath aimed his sword horizontally to ward off Zhang Ruochen’s sword.


The Abyss Ancient Sword nearly cut the spear off. He broke the heavy armor and sliced the soldier from the top of the head.

Sword Qi went through with a loud bang, and Zhang Ruochen landed on his feet.

There was a long blood trail on the ground in the direction he had pointed the sword, and the ground cracked.

Not only was the soldier’s body split into two, but also his savage beast mount.

The power of the sword surprised all the soldiers present and oppressed their morale.

“He… he can… break the soldiers’ armour so easily?”

“How can his sword be so sharp? Is it a legendary tenth level Genuine Martial Arms?”

Stunned by his overwhelming sword technique, Jin Yeyun turned pale.

“Did he deliberately hide his strength in the valley?”

Jin Yeyun could not stay calm. Even with her cultivation at the Advanced Stage of the Peak of the Heaven Realm, she could not release such powerful attack force.


Zhang Ruochen glanced at Le and rushed out to attack another soldier.


With a flash of sword light, the soldier was beheaded.

As if it was made of paper, the so-called heavy armour was powerless under the Abyss Ancient Sword.

These soldiers were really top-notch martial arts masters. They quickly reacted to attack Zhang Ruochen.

Nine spears thrust out nearly at the same time.

“Animal Spirits Fixing Arms!”

Crimson Spiritual Blood gushed out from his body. It formed nine spinning Blood Swords.


As nine swords flew out, nine soldiers flew to the sky.

Le promptly rushed out, suspending in the air nine times. When he fell down to the ground, all nine soldiers had holes in their necks, from which blood gushed out.


All became corpses when they fell down to the ground.

Zhang Ruochen’s sword technique was delicate and graceful, without any flaws. Following the righteous path, he looked like a young sword saint.

Following an odd and unconventional path, Le looked like a sword demon.

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