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It was just a spar, and there were even three powerful Nirvana Stage at the side. Chen Xiang was not afraid of Lian Changyun trying to trick him, and he knew how to restrain himself.

But in order to not cause too much commotion, Gu Dongchen, Wu Kaiming and the others had teamed up and set up a barrier, which formed an invisible barrier around the small courtyard. It enveloped the entire small courtyard, preventing the flames of war from leaking out and destroying all the buildings in the area, and like this, the small courtyard was maintained in a perfect condition.

At this time, Chen Xiang also felt that the ground had become much firmer. This was a barrier set up by the three Nirvana Stage s, and it was protected by a strong force.

Chen Xiang and Lian Changyun were in the small courtyard, Lian Changyun had a serious expression, he had nothing to do, but his expression was extremely relaxed, which made Lian Changyun feel that Chen Xiang was underestimating him, and made him secretly angry, clenching his fists tightly. He decided, in the event that Chen Xiang managed to cause's handsome face to swell up after three moves, he felt that Chen Xiang was extremely hateful, not only had he fought with, but he had also fought with him for women.

"Three Fire Vein s, this guy is not weak, be careful! From the looks of it, he wants to cripple you. " Long Xueyi chuckled.

It wasn't that Chen Xiang hadn't met anyone from the three bloodlines, but that Lv Jie had already been killed by him in an instant, and that was only at the seventh stage of the True Martial Realm. This young and vigorous Lian Changyun was even more so a piece of cake, and most importantly, Lian Changyun had given him three moves.

"His father is beside him, give him some face!" Su Meiyao laughed lightly. She was worried that Chen Xiang would be able to settle the two of them in three moves, and at that time, the father and son would not even have enough face to face each other.

Chen Xiang understood the wisdom of the mortal world, so he planned to keep a low profile.

"Begin!" Chen Xiang shouted. He was at ease with Chen Xiang's strength, because Chen Xiang was his Junior Master, and was also the pillar of the younger generation in Super Martial School. He naturally hoped that Chen Xiang could win, and that would give him face.

Chen Xiang took a step forward, dragging a long shadow with him. His speed was considered not bad, but Lian Changyun secretly sneered, because he felt that Chen Xiang's speed was very slow and couldn't compare to his.

The moment his fist was thrown, a violent fist struck the air, producing a thunderous explosion that struck towards Lian Changyun's chest. Whether it was speed or explosive strength, it was extremely shocking, but in the eyes of Lian Changyun and the other Nirvana Stage, it was rather weak.

Lian Changyun laughed disdainfully, he had only moved to the side to dodge it, but as if he had also expected it, Chen Xiang anxiously swept his legs, his powerful thighs swept out like a gigantic axe. If it was a gigantic tree, it would definitely be destroyed by him easily.

Lian Changyun could feel the power of this kick threatening him. Flames surged from one of his arms, and the strong Innate Qi poured into his arm, giving it a scorching power. His speed was also very fast, and when he punched out, the flaming Innate Qi inside his body exploded out, ruthlessly smashing onto Chen Xiang's calf.

Chen Xiang's sweep leg only felt a slight scorching sensation after being hit by the punch, but it sent his body flying. He somersaulted in the air, and landed firmly on the ground. Both of his feet had just landed on the ground, but he suddenly shot out like an arrow, both fists striking towards Lian Changyun's chest.

Lian Changyun crossed his hands, blocking Chen Xiang's incoming fists, and his body also released hot steam. The two forces clashed into each other, causing the ground to shake, and Chen Xiang was pushed back by the fire Innate Qi that erupted from Lian Changyun's body.

After the three moves were over, Lian Changyun immediately launched a fierce attack, his entire body was like a burning tiger as he rushed towards Chen Xiang.

From the beginning till the end, Chen Xiang never used the Innate Qi, and only used his physical body's strength to attack. His large physique was at the fifth stage of the Immortal Devil Body, so he wanted to test just how strong his physical body was.

Lian Changyun turned into a red shadow of fire, his two hands clenched tightly as his fingers clenched. At the same time, he threw himself at Chen Xiang, and the two fists that were emitting raging flames smashed down, like a burning red hammer, going all the way to Chen Xiang's head.

was slightly angry in his heart. His fist shot out like lightning, yet he did not dodge, but used his flesh to meet the fist head on.

Gu Dongchen and the others were also surprised, because that move had a lot of power and Chen Xiang could even dodge it.

With a boom, the courtyard trembled slightly, the shock wave that burst out disappeared the moment it hit the barrier. Lian Changyun did not expect Chen Xiang's power to be so overbearing as well, as he used his flesh fists to forcefully hit his ferocious fire fists back.

Both of Chen Xiang's feet had already sunk into the ground, and he stood there steadily. His fists were still smoking, yet Lian Changyun was sent flying far away, almost falling out of the barrier.

Seeing his son sent flying, Lian Yingxiao's pupils contracted fiercely. His expression became incomparably stern, because he could tell that Chen Xiang did not use the Innate Qi!

Gu Dongchen and Wu Kaiming could see that last time, when Chen Xiang and Lv Jie were fighting, they knew that Chen Xiang's physical body was strong, but they never thought that he was strong to this extent.

Towards this gambling match, Lian Yingxiao had been extremely confident that his son would win, but now, he could only sigh in his heart, he knew that the winner was already decided. Chen Xiang had purposely hidden his true strength, and did not use his true strength, just so that he could lose well, otherwise, Chen Xiang would have been able to defeat Lian Changyun in the last three moves.

The strength of the physical body was comparable to Lian Changyun's. If Innate Qi was added in, then Lian Changyun would undoubtedly lose.

Lian Changyun did not sense it. He had previously investigated Chen Xiang's battle, and found out that Chen Xiang's strongest attack was not his flames nor his cyan colored Innate Qi, but instead, a kind of formless and colorless Innate Qi. Right now, he believed that Chen Xiang used that kind of formless and colorless Innate Qi in order to block his attack.

Lian Changyun did not seem to be injured, he attacked Chen Xiang once again, and in a flash, he was already in front of Chen Xiang, after that, he punched out frantically, instantly releasing a sky of fiery red punches, all of them smashing onto Chen Xiang's body, they were extremely fast and powerful, in an instant destroying the clothes on Chen Xiang's upper body.

But no matter how fast his punches were, they would never hit Chen Xiang's head. either dodged them or used his bare hands to block them. Thus, most of his punches could only land on Chen Xiang's upper body.

The muscles on Chen Xiang's upper body were extremely uniform and looked very beautiful. Furthermore, it was filled with power, and with the White Dragon tattoo on his left shoulder and arm, he looked extremely masculine.

The strong flames crazily smashed onto Chen Xiang's body, but Chen Xiang did not even frown. He did not even release the Innate Qi to defend himself.

Lian Yingxiao sighed softly. Chen Xiang was a freak, this was the first time he had met such a powerful young man in the past ten thousand years. He believed that as long as Chen Xiang could live for another one to two thousand years, he would definitely become a legendary figure in the Chen Martial Continent.

Lian Changyun had also discovered something. After his fist had landed on Chen Xiang's body, he could feel a slight warmth and sensation of flesh on Chen Xiang's body. Other than that, he did not sense any other kind of power.

He could not accept this fact. He was very confident in his own strength, but now that he was blocked by someone else with his own body, he would definitely break down. ~

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