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Chapter 897 - The First Big Incident in the past Thousands of Years


Ye Qingyu decided to retreat at the thought of that.

However, this old dog, Zhong Yuan, truly deserved death. He did not repent after the previous incident, but had instead gone down the path of evil. This was a clear representation of the Black Moon Immortal Palace's will and showed that they had not learned their lesson from the price they paid after ambushing the Heaven Wasteland diplomatic corps. Rather, they continued to do evil, without any sign of repentance.

Ye Qingyu decided to wipe out this Human Sect.

He had planned to go to the Black Moon Immortal Palace to settle their blood debts in the future but he only planned on killing their leader and did not intend to wipe out the entire sect... However, from the way things stood now, this Human Sect was evil to the core.

A sect like this had to be completely eradicated.

If this sect remained amongst the Human Race, it would become the cancer of the race.

"Old dog, just as the mountain remains green and as water keeps flowing, we are bound to meet again one day in future. I will destroy your Black Moon Immortal Palace, and then, you shall pay the price for your actions today and at Falcon City as well as in the Chaotic Windstorm."

Ye Qingyu quickly retreated.

He immediately moved to Little Nine's side and the [Cloud Top Cauldron] in his palm turned to unleash a suction force that swept the Third Princess of the Dragon Human Race and the retired emperor into it.

Huang Tayun, who was still knocked out, was also swept into the [Cloud Top Cauldron].

Little Nine jumped onto Ye Qingyu's shoulder without being needed to be told to do so.

Ye Qingyu turned into a stream of flowing light and tunneled toward the Void in the distance.

"Haha, thief, you won't be able to go anywhere today." Zhong Yuan chucked and a ray of splendor skyrocketed from his palm. Mysterious energy waves radiated everywhere, as though they were igniting something. Instantly, four pillars of light burst from the ground surrounding this lone peak and tore the heavens apart as they skyrocketed into the sky. These four pillars were located toward his front, back, right, and left, completely trapping him within this mountain.

This was a great formation.

Furthermore, this formation was formed by four Great Saint-level weapons that were placed at the four corners of this formation. The moment this formation was activated, the formation lines completely covered the sky to seal the heavens and the earth and kept all auras at bay.

This was a terrifying Quasi-emperor-level formation.

Ye Qingyu's figure crashed against the formation ripples in the Void. It was as though he had fallen into a soft, wide web and he dragged the formation lines forward by one hundred meters, but to his surprise, his momentum was disrupted. The formation lines everywhere were like springs that knocked him back toward the mountain!

Zhong Yuan laughed heartily.

"[Green Wind Black Moon]... attack!"

He bellowed, then a strange black moon-shaped weapon rose from behind him, like a demonic moon rising into the sky. It was led by Zhong Yuan's inner yuan to transform into a strange scene of Black Moon Rising From Cang Gorge. It rumbled violently and the chaos and murderous spirit it contained was a sign of a Great Saint's Saint-Weapon. This Saint-Weapon could stir up the killing forces of the universe to activate the most powerful force in this part of the world to ground Ye Qingyu's blood, bones, and yuan essence into a fine powder.

This black, moon-shaped Saint Weapon was one of the most precious items in the Black Moon Immortal Palace's strategic palace—the [Green Wind Black Moon]. This time, Zhong Yuan had made a request to the Black Moon Immortal Palace to loan him this item, which showed how much he thought of Ye Qingyu's strength as well as his hatred for him.

Including the four rays of Saint Weapon splendor from the four points of the formation, there were five Saint Weapons within a thousand-meter radius of this mountain.

This configuration would have frightened anyone.

"Damn, this old dog really went all out..." Ye Qingyu got a shock when he noticed the situation and his heart skipped a beat. He was now facing a Great Saint and five Saint Weapons. Such a death trap showed how wary Zhong Yuan was of his prowess.

He might not be able to flee this place even if he used [Walking on the Void].

These people had really taken all pains to devise this plan tonight.

Ye Qingyu knew that he would have been in trouble if it wasn't for the fact that his strength had surged significantly and that his physical strength was now comparable to a Great Saint. This then enabled him to defeat six Saints consecutively, kill those Dragon Human minions, and capture the Third Princess of the Dragon Human Race.


Not a trace of panic could be seen on his face.

Although this trap formation set up by a Great Saint and fortified by five Saint Weapons was frightening, it would not be able to trap him. After all, he had an incredible treasure that could help him flee. This was the ancient formation, [Flash].

"Haha, old dog, you have schemed and plotted, but as the saying goes, you plotted to steal a chicken but your bait was eaten instead. Thus, your plan is destined to backfire today. I will definitely kill you the next time we meet." Ye Qingyu laughed heartily, then he injected a wisp of yuan qi into the [Flash] formation within the bronze book.


The next moment, Ye Qingyu disappeared in a flash of splendor.


Zhong Yuan was shocked.

How can this be possible?

How did he manage to escape from such a formation?

Could he be hiding?

Zhong Yuan's divine sense swept out to merge with the entire formation. He scanned every inch within the formation but failed to discover a single trace of Ye Qingyu. That was when he was sure that Ye Qingyu had truly fled.

"Did I fail again?"

Zhong Yuan was unable to accept this outcome.

He had spent so much effort in planning this trap and this was the most crucial part of the entire plan. Everything had gone according to plan but such a big hiccup had now appeared in a plan that he was almost certain would succeed. Not only did he fail to capture or trap Ye Qingyu, several Saints were now dead or seriously injured. Most importantly, he had captured Huang Tayun and the Third Princess of the Dragon Human Race...

He had also taken the corpse of the retired emperor.

This was no longer something as simple as a failed plan.

This was a humiliation.

A complete humiliation.

Zhong Yuan bellowed angrily, then he sighed.

He could not understand what had gone wrong. This plan was as solid as an iron prison and even a peak Great Saint would find it hard to escape. Yet, why did it fail?

It didn't just fail, it was a complete failure.

Was Ye Qingyu truly blessed by the heavens?

How powerful was he?

Had he always been hiding his true strength?

Zhong Yuan heaved a helpless sigh as he kept the Saint Weapons. He felt like he was on the verge of tears for he did not know how he would be able to explain this failure to his lord.

"Woof. Master, why did you tell Zhong Yuan that he plotted to steal a chicken but his bait was eaten instead? Do you really think you are a chicken?" Little Nine asked curiously.

Ye Qingyu resisted the urge to kill this stupid dog.

It had been two hours since the battle at the lone peak and he had successfully fled from the Black Demon Abyss.

There was still a layer of cold sweat on Ye Qingyu's back, for he knew that if not for the miraculous encounter at the Ancient Sky Dragon Domain that caused his strength to surge tremendously, even if he managed to escape today, it would not have been an easy task. Nor would he have managed to capture Huang Tayun and the others.

He already knew that the supporting force of the Black Moon Immortal Palace was the Four Stars Sect, and now, the Dragon Human Race had formed an alliance with the Black Moon Immortal Palace to gang up on him. This showed that part of the Dragon Human Race had become part of the "camp" that the holy girl of the Four Stars Sect had mentioned.

This camp cut across three large sects, which would make it a formidable force indeed.

Ye Qingyu was not sure if the entire Dragon Human Race had completely gone over to this camp or if it was only the Third Princess and her evil cronies that had joined this camp. If it was the former, then the Heaven Wasteland Domain would be in danger. This camp could easily declare war on the Heaven Wasteland Domain by claiming that he had killed the retired emperor.

This would be such a logical reason that even the Alliance of Domains would not be able to stop the Dragonblood Dynasty from declaring war.

The retired emperor was already dead and he wondered where the reigning emperor of the Dragonblood Dynasty stood. He could only hope that the retired emperor had men that he trusted who would be able to do something.

He was sure of one thing.

Now that this so-called "camp" had made their move, they could not have spent so much time and effort simply to deal with him alone. Whatever happened today at the lone peak was likely just one part of a long and treacherous plan.

Their nefarious plan was slowly unfolding.

Therefore, news of the retired emperor of the Dragon Human Race's death would not be hidden just because he had fled. This camp would definitely embellish it and ensure that this news spread throughout the Vast Thousand Domains.

"I'll only be able to take things one step at a time for now."

Ye Qingyu sighed to himself.

He carefully hid his tracks along the way and did not dare to let down his guard. Ultimately, he was not discovered.

Things quickly turned out as Ye Qingyu had suspected.

In less than four hours, whatever transpired in the 16th district of the Black Demon Abyss spread incredibly swiftly and caused the nineteen cities on the Road of Chaos to explode with excitement, as though a landmine had exploded.

Everyone was astonished.

The Road of Chaos was buzzing with excitement.

All the forces were buzzing with this news and all kinds of rumors were flying around.

"Who did the [Ice Sword Killing God] kill this time?"

"I heard he assassinated the retired emperor of the Dragon Human Race as well as the left aide of the Dragonblood Dynasty, Xu Yunao, in a bid to steal the [Dragonblood Halberd]."

"Furthermore, I heard that the Third Princess of the Dragon Human Race has yet to be found. I'm pretty sure that he has captured her."

"I just don't think it is possible. The retired emperor of the Dragon Human Race had already become a peak Great Saint a thousand years ago, while Ye Qingyu is only a powerful young man who has emerged recently. Regardless of his immense talent, the gap in their strength is still far too wide..."

"Humph, you are clearly underestimating this Lunatic Ye. That kid is very scheming and had laid out a trap for the retired emperor. I heard news from the Black Demon Abyss that Ye Qingyu had already laid out a trap. He first pretended to disappear, forcing the retired emperor to go after him in search of the halberd, then bribed other experts to lay out a death trap, which resulted in..."

"No, no, no. Your information is inaccurate. What I heard from the Dragon Human Race was that after the retired emperor failed to have any further breakthroughs in his cultivation, his lifespan showed signs of being exhausted and his strength had dipped significantly to the Great Saint realm. This was his weakness that Ye Qingyu exploited."

"I guess that lunatic Ye Qingyu is most likely guilty of murder this time..."

"The Dragon Human Race is rich in resources and their strength cannot be underestimated. The Heaven Wasteland Domain is only a new domain, which means that this is like pitting an elephant against an ant. They are doomed."

"His greed really knows no bounds. He had already obtained so many treasures from the 18th district of the Black Demon Abyss and now he even killed the retired emperor over some treasures. I'm afraid that the entire Heaven Wasteland Domain will have to perish alongside him..."

This news spread like wildfire throughout the major cities and was the talk of the town on the streets, in restaurants, teahouses, the various representative stations, and the hidden forces.

Everyone was all abuzz and it was said to be the first big incident in the past thousands of years. 

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