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    "Lan Feng, send these invitations to the above people. Remember to do it secretly," Lan You Nian handed the invitations in her hands to Lan Feng. Lan Feng received the invitations and speedily left.

"Young miss, are you going out?" Lan Qu neatened Lan You Nian's clothes and stood next to Lan You Nian.

"En, call Lan Wu over. She is probably bored to death these few days!" Lan You Nian chuckled. Lan Wu's personality was very lively. It was comparable to Hua Mu Qing. Before in Wu Qing Pavilion, it was still ok but if she returned to the Medical Valley, she fluttered around like a butterfly.

"Really? Young miss wants to take us out?" Lan Qu came out from inside, happily asked. Although she liked to stay by young miss's side, in the past, young miss ran all over the place, moreover, at Wu Qing Pavilion, there weren't so many rules. There was so much more freedom.

"En, you go to third brother's to tell third brother I will go to Zhen Wei Pavilion today. And, have third brother clean up a room on the third floor. Today, I have friends going over," Lan You Nian instructed.

Because there weren't any matters recently, Lan You Nian remembered the matter she agreed to, to Yu Liu Li and others, saying when she had time, she will invite them to Zhen Wei Pavilion and that she will personally play a song for them. Those people treated her very well; they can be considered friends now. So today, Lan You Nian sent out invitations to Feng Yi Xuan, Feng Xia Qi, Jing Wu An, Yu Liu Li, Hua Mu Qing, and cousin brother He Chu Yang, which added up to a large table of people, so she wanted to entertain them on the third floor. Moreover, she hasn't seen third brother in a long time; Lan You Nian wanted to meet up with him.

The group of people was led by the management of Zhen Wei Pavilion to the third floor. Hua Mu Qing was shocked and exclaimed as she looked at the layout of the third floor, "Wow. It's actually the third floor of Wu Qing Pavilion's third floor ah!"

"En," Lan Mo Xian followed behind Feng Yi Xuan, looking at the exclaiming Hua Mu Qing, he snorted, "All this shouting, absolutely no self-image of a junzhu!"

"What do you know? Wu Qing Pavilion's third floor, beside Wu Qing gongzi and several mysterious young masters, no other people are allowed to enter. Say, how can Nian'er meimei have Zhen Wei Pavilion invite us up to the third floor?" After Hua Mu Qing received Lan You Nian's invitation, she came with Jing Wu An and the others, very curious about how Nian'er meimei can so easily enter Zhen Wei Pavilion.

The several people entered the room on the third floor. The room was elegantly decorated. It gave people the comfortable feeling of a small cabin. At this moment Lan Mo Xian's heart was very dissatisfied. He didn't expect for Nian'er meimei to have invited so many people, even this Hua Mu Qing was invited, but didn't invite him this older brother. Lan Mo Xian felt so dejected that he was forgotten by his own little sister.

"Wow, goddess's taste is indeed different. Look at the room; it even has a celestial aura," Yu Liu Li exaggerated, excited about receiving the invitation of his goddess.

"Goddess? Who?" Hua Mu Wing asked. After some introductions, Hua Mu Qing met Yu Liu Li and He Chu Yang. Everyone's personality was forthright, so in a matter of minutes, they were familiar with each other.

"Of course it's Lan You Nian. Do you not know Miss Lan's identity?" Yu Liu Li gloated. After all, before, the first one to know his goddess's identity was Feng Yi Xuan. Yu Liu Li, because of this matter, was even depressed for a long time.

"Nian'er meimei is Nian'er meimei ah, what other identity is there?" Hua Mu Qing asked curiously, but it's a pity, Yu Liu Li didn't say any more on the subject. Hua Mu Qing looked to Lan Mo Xian. Lan Mo Xian was still sad about not receiving an invitation, so didn't acknowledge Hua Mu Qing. As for Feng Yi Xuan, Hua Mu Qing shuddered, only if she wants to die will dare to ask this king of hell.

At this time, there was a knock at the door. Lan Wu respectfully but not servilely entered the room, and gave a slight curtsy, "Young miss will be out soon. Please request every young master and young miss not to be anxious." Speaking of which it was quite strange for everyone came a lot earlier than the time Lan You Nian wrote on the invitation. Feng Yi Xuan, because of wanting to see Lan You Nian earlier, while the others either wanted to listen to a song or simply loved to play around.

Lan Wu brewed a cup of flower tea for each guest. The gentle fragrance stimulated everyone's sense of smell. Lan Mo Xian took a sip and commented, "Nian'er taught you this right?" Lan Mo Xian observed the neither humble nor pert Lan Wu and couldn't help feeling the people by little sister's side weren't simple. Although Lan Wu's flower tea was brewed very well, but compared to Lan You Nian, it was still lacking.

Everyone started tasting the flower tea. Feng Yi Xuan took a sip of flower tea, his brows wrinkled, indeed, it was lacking compared to Nian'er's. Sure enough, Nian'er was the best, a certain wangye was starting to be smug.

"You are Nian'er meimei's servant girl, right?" Hua Mu Qing asked curiously. Which family's servant girl has this kind of temperament ah? Compared to those young misses of prestigious families, it was so much better. Sure enough, Nian'er meimei was the most lovable.

"Replying to junzhu, yes!" Lan Wu replied softly. To the people her family's young miss has recognized, Lan Wu was very respectful. Moreover, this junzhu looked to be good-tempered. More importantly, she heard she treated young miss very well.

"Aiya, don't be formal!" Hua Mu Qing seeing Lan Wu curtsy stopped it, then fawned, "They all know Nian'er meimei's identity. Just what is Nian'er meimei's identity ah? How can she enter Zhen Wei Pavilion's third floor and entertain guests?"

Lan Wu smiled slightly. Young miss told them before that the identity of Miss Miao Yin can be revealed. On one hand, it was fun, on the other, young miss trusted these people on some level. Moreover, if Miss Miao Yin's identity was revealed, it won't affect young miss.

"Young miss is Miss Miao Yin!" Lan Wu said serenely, then chuckled as she watched Hua Mu Qing's reaction.

Sure enough, Hua Mu Qing didn't disappoint. She stared at Lan Wu in shock, when she realized Lan Wu was not joking around, then cried out, "Ah——Nian'er meimei is actually its Miao Yin," Hua Mu Qing pulled Lan Mo Xian's sleeve, chatting excitedly, "Miss Miao Yin ah. Miss Miao Yin who is worshipped by countless people! Lan Mo Xian, how can your life be so good?"

These words not only were they the thoughts of Hua Mu Qing, but also that of Jing Wu An, Yu Liu Li, and others. After all, having such a talented and lovable younger sister, just thinking about it made one happy! But at this moment Lan Mo Xian's heart felt even more wronged. Little sister didn't even give him an invitation. Currently, Lan Mo Xian was unable to run out of the strange circle of not having received an invitation.

Hua Mu Qing grabbed Lan Wu's hand, excitedly asked, "Miss Miao Yin at that time shocked the entire world with one song was three years, ago right? At that time, how old was Nian'er meimei? Indeed, Nian'er meimei is a genius!" Hua Mu Qing said feelingly then glanced at Jing Wu An, "Jing Wu An, don't you usually look down on women? This time, you don't have anything to say!"

Jing Wu An nodded with a chuckle. They grew up with Hua Mu Qing. Usually, when they played around, Hua Mu Qing was like a wild monkey following them. But naturally, girls were physically weaker, so every time Jing Wu An was very contemptuous of Hua Mu Qing. Adding on to the fact that Jing Wu An was a genius so he inevitably had some arrogance. However, this arrogance does not dare compare with Feng Yi Xuan because Jing Wu An knew, the real genius was Feng Yi Xuan.

The few people chatted until the door to the box was opened from the outside. Lan You Nian entered, still with her facial features covered. From far away it was like being covered by a mist, so beautiful it wasn't real. A head of black strands of hair only casually tied hung down to her legs. It gently draped over the white gauze dress. Seeing her step forward one step, the head of black hair seemed to dance without a wind, that wildly flying corner of the dress with the big blooms of spider lilies, containing tens of thousands of years of flower buds was released in an instant, sending the entire world up in flames.

Lan You Nian, upon entering the room, saw everyone has arrived, involuntarily smiled then saw the shining gaze Feng Yi Xuan looked at her with. Bright long hair like the moon's glory, under the cover of the moonlight white robe, elegant like a celestial outside the world. The clean and lonely face had a kind of indifference that seeped down to the bone marrow, but that indifference, upon seeing Lan You Nian, will disappear without a trace, becoming the most heartwarming warm water.

Lan You Nian didn't know why, upon entering the door, the first person her eyes went to was Feng Yi Xuan. She inwardly scorned herself for being too much of a lover of beauty. After all, Feng Yi Xuan's looks can be described as unparalleled. It was worthy of being this mainland's most beautiful man but because of the legend about him and his style of actions, it made others so afraid they dare not to look at his appearance.

"Nian'er meimei, you really are Miss Miao Yin?" Hua Mu Qing ran over to Lan You Nian and asked, breaking through Lan You Nian's reverie.

"What does Mu Qing jiejie think?" Lan You Nian didn't answer. She sat down at the table and greeted everyone. When she saw her own brother using such a dejected look to look at her, Lan You Nian asked confused, "Brother, what's wrong?"

Feng Xia Qi and others who knew the truth all laughed out loud. Lan Mo Xian pointed at He Chu Yang, "Even cousin brother you gave an invitation to, why does brother not have one!"

He Chu Yang took out the invitation he carried with him and deliberately showed it off in front of Lan Mo Xian. After all, just a few days ago, he wanted to bring Nian'er meimei over to He Manor to live for a few days, but it was ruined by Lan Mo Xian, so the two got into a fight at Feng Yi Xuan's military camp.

"You are older brother. Does Nian'er need to give you an invitation? Isn't that too estranged? Is brother angry because of this?" Lan You Nian asked confused. Lan Mo Xian and she both lived in Lan manor. They saw each other constantly. Giving an invitation was too strange.

Lan Mo Xian was embarrassed. He wasn't angry, only a little sad, that's all. Who knew he over-thought the matter? Meanwhile, Hua Mu Qing beside him burst into laughter, "Angry? Lan Mo Xian was not right today all morning!"

"Who said so!" Lan Mo Xian shouted, refused to admit even to his death, his eyes shot daggers at Hua Mu Qing.

"I saw!" He Chu Yang said.

"I also saw. You can't lie to Nian'er meimei," Feng Xia Qi joined in.

"We also saw," Yu Liu Li and Jing Wu An said in unison.

Then everyone laughed together, even Feng Yi Xuan's eyes were filled with laughter. It seems as long as Lan You Nian was there, he will be very happy. And the others felt, because of this girl, the friendship between them was even more intimate. They were really happy now. This was all because of the one they considered a little sister, Lan You Nian.

T/N: Finally got this chapter done.  I am pretty much caught up on everything( at least I won’t stress myself out like I did this week) so I will be continuing my weekly update.  YAY!

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