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From the banquet stepped out a body of golden yellow embroidered with phoenixes, yunyan (smoky cloud) upper coat, yellow twin butterfly cloud shape thousand water skirt that dragged on the floor, with a green rosy cloud brocade (bi xia luo) peony mist scarf wrapped around her wrists. Cloud hairstyle raised high, wearing a five phoenixes facing the sun dangling bead hairpin. Face coquettish as the moon, eyes looking around in a charming manner, stirring one’s heart, an imposing noble temperament yet at the same time delicate female.

This woman came to Lan You Nian’s side, hooking Lan You Nian’s elbow, her tone very arrogantly said, “A mere concubine-born daughter dares to ridicule the legitimate daughter so, it really is laughable!” Then she turned back and said with a warm smile to Lan You Nian, “Little sister Lan, your temper is really good. This kind of woman you can still tolerate!”

Lan You Nian did not speak. She did not recognize this woman, but she kept a wait-and-see attitude towards this woman who helped her out of her predicament.

“You…” Lan Zhi wanted to refute but considered the identity of the woman in front of her and left in a fury. Merely people without proper upbringing, hmph! Lan You Nian, let’s see how long you can so unrestrained!

“You are Lan You Nian right?” The woman in front of her curiously looked at Lan You Nian. She was a few years older than Lan You Nian, about 16-17 years old, but the youthful aura around her was thick.

“Yes, thanks to young miss for your assistance!” Lan You Nian drew back her own elbow. She was still not used to strangers’ closeness to her. It made her unnaturally alert. Moreover, her identity was special. If she was not guarded, she probably would have gone to see the king of hell long ago. Don’t know if she has the luck to transmigrate again.

“Nian’er, this is taiwei family’s legitimate young miss, Hua Mu Qing. Junzhu, this is my younger sister. Many thanks to junzhu for lending a helping hand!” Lan Mo Xian fisted his hands in thanks.

“What is all this politeness? Little sister Lan you probably don’t recognize me anymore. When you were little, I often went to see you pay. (giggle) However, at that time, I wasn’t dressed as terrifying as today!” Hua Mu Qing glanced at the heavy clothes on her and frowned.

Lan You Nian thought and finally recalled who this woman in front of her was. Hua Mu Qing, Gu taiwei‘s daughter. Speaking of this Hua Mu Qing, she was also a pitiful person. Her mother was a junzhu of Hua country who came to Feng country to make a peace marriage by marrying Gu taiwei. Although the two were married by royal decree but were extraordinarily in love, especially since, the only beloved daughter took the Madame’s surname Hua. However, unfortunately, Gu taiwei, because of poor health, passed away. Hua junzhu mourned her husband until she fell ill, and it wasn’t long before she let go of this world, leaving Hua Mu Qing who at that time was still only a child.

The Emperor felt sympathy for Hua Mu Qing for having lost both parents at such a young age and conferred to her the title of junzhu, so there is no one who dared to provoke Hua Mu Qing. Hua Mu Qing, this, person was bold, even prefers martial arts, so most of the females in the capital didn’t want to interact with her. The child Hua Mu Qing, because of the early death of her father and mother, was very lonely so when meeting the same pitiful Lan You Nian, she always felt a degree of big sister’s tolerance and protectiveness. Before, she always climbed the walls to enter You Nian Pavilion to find Lan You Nian to play, but those memories were too distant, Lan You Nian has nearly forgotten.

“Mu Qing jiejie” Lan You Nian called softly the name from memory. Perhaps because of the original’s memories, she felt a different kind of closeness to this woman. This woman’s character was likable. The conduct was forthright and not artificial. In the capital, she is a rare woman who to befriend.

“Hehe, that’s good you haven’t forgotten. You’re this junzhu‘s only friend. You can’t forget your jiejie!” Hua Mu Qing hooked Lan You Nian’s elbow that she tugged back. Looking around the banquet hall at Lan Zhi and Lan Ya who integrated themselves amongst the young masters and young ladies, she, dissatisfied, said, “Do those two still bully you? Your temper is a little too good!”

Hua Mu Qing, saying this, glanced at Lan You Nian with a stance of quite a bit of hate iron for not turning into steel, “But in the future, you have your Mu Qing jiejie here. Who dares bully you, just tell this junzhu. Let’s see if this junzhu doesn’t beat her until she wets herself in terror!”

Lan You Nian smiled but didn’t speak. Although Hua Mu Qing had the title of junzhu, the days weren’t very good. After all, she had no one supporting her from behind. The vast taiwei manor has long declined, but fortunately, this woman’s personality was cheerful. She always lived her days very interestingly.

“Junzhu should speak with more refinement. Otherwise, it won’t be good for Nian’er meimei to be led astray by you!” Lan Mo Xian looked at Hua Mu Qing who spoke so roughly in tease but there was no mocking in his words. It seems the two were good friends.

“Hmph! Lan Mo Xian don’t act like a scholar. You aren’t that refined either! Moreover, Nian’er meimei is so well-behaved, you can’t bully Nian’er meimei,” Hua Mu Qing, towards Lan Mo Xian’s teasing, refused to be outdone and snarked back, baring her teeth and brandishing her claws looking quite endearing.

“Lan Mo Xian, I say, where did you run off to? It turns out you came here!” Jing Wu An came over and knocked his shoulder against Lan Mo Xian. After being in the army for so many years, these several people have long been friends.

“Miss Lan, junzhu!” Jing Wu An nodded slightly. It can be considered as a greeting, but his gaze was on Lan You Nian, the corner of his curled into a smile. He admired this talented and strong girl very much. Going back afterward, he and Yu Liu Li made little inquiries and learned that this girl had lived very poorly. It made Yu Liu Li distressed for a long time, crying that his goddess was so pitiful.

Lan You Nian and Hua Mu Qing gave a curtsy. Lan You Nian looked at Jing Wu An, thinking about her own investigation. Jing Wu An is marquis’s manor’s heir, also Feng Yi Xuan’s biaoge. The former empress was from the marquis manor. Although the former empress has now passed away, marquis manor and Feng Xia Qi, Feng Yi Xuan’s relationship was as firm as ever. However, seeing that Jing Wu An followed Feng Yi Xuan to the battlefield as a military advisor, it can be seen that these people’s relationship was very good, can be described as one glory, glory for all.

“Ai, Jing Wu An, where did you run off to? I couldn’t even find you!” Hua Mu Qing shouted. Her temper was spirited like a man. She with Lan Mo Xian, Jing Wu An and others were in friendly relations. These people liked Hua Mu Qing’s personality. Gradually, they became friends that were hard to come by.

“Of course it’s to see junzhu being the hero who saves the beauty! It’s a pity junzhu didn’t give me a chance. Originally I wanted to help out so I can give Miss Lan a good impression.” When Jing Wu An spoke, it always carried the unique overtone of a military advisor. People listened to his voice unconsciously.

“Oh? You know Nian’er meimei?” Hua Mu Qing asked with shock. After all, Lan You Nian only just returned to the capital. She was prepared to introduce these friends of hers to Lan You Nian.

“Nian’er meimei? En, I will call like this in the future. Don’t know if Nian’er meimei minds?” Jing Qu An thought he showed a big brother-like smile but no matter how you looked at that grin, however strange it was. It made Hua Mu Qing especially want to throw a punch.

“Jing Qu An, don’t go too far! Nian’er meimei only has one older brother and that is me. Don’t snatch mine. Want a little sister, go find your own!” Lan Mo Xian was dissatisfied. After he overcame much difficulty to become strong to protect his little sister, these, one after the one appeared out of nowhere to snatch away his little sister. What’s up with that?

“What only has one older brother and that’s you? In the future, Nian’er has more brothers and sisters, isn’t there more people taking care of Nian’er meimei? How can you be so stingy?” Hua Mu Qing at first wasn’t willing Jing Wu An recognize Nian’er as a little sister, but hearing Lan Mo Xian’s words, instantly stepped into the same camp with Jing Wu An.

“Lan Mo Xian, you shouldn’t be too stingy. In the future, in the capital, sooner or later, won’t we look after Nian’er meimei?” Jing Wu An said the truth. This girl had the special charm that made people like her. Moreover, thinking of Yu Liu Li finally knowing that he snatched one step in front of him to get closer to his goddess, don’t know how regretful he will be?

Lan Mo Xian, although was dissatisfied that Nian’er will have other brothers and sisters, also knew that Jing Wu An was telling the truth. In this capital, Nian’er didn’t know anyone. Just like moments ago no one stood up for her when she was bullied. While Jing Wu An, Hua Mu Qing, they don’t covet anything of Nian’er’s. With them protecting, in the future, Nian’er’s personality will be more cheerful, no longer be as quiet and desolate as she is now. More friends meant Nian’er has more roads. Sometimes it was best to think ahead about matters.

“Many thanks. Nian’er appreciates everyone’s care!” Lan You Nian smiled slightly. These people weren’t good people, but what was hard to come by was that they had no malicious intentions towards her. They even regard her as their own little sister. It seems that being young also had its advantages.

“Well, if Nian’er meimei has time in the future, you can invite us to Zhen Wei Pavilion to sit. After all, it’s hard to come by Nian’er meimei‘s one song,” Jing Wu An said in a low voice, not deliberately concealing. This was Lan You Nian’s secret, who she wanted to tell is her own freedom, they had no right to interfere.

Lan You Nian couldn’t help being amused. This Jing Wu An was the capital’s famous gifted scholar. Before knowing him, she believed he was very proud, but after meeting, she knew this person only had a little vanity. Ever since hearing her sing 《Boundless》, he eagerly hoped she will sing again. Unfortunately, she never went to Zhen Wei Pavilion again.

“Alright, when that time comes, I will invite shizi to give advice!” Lan You Nian didn’t mind singing. These songs were sediments of Chinese culture. She came here because of fate, so letting more people hear those elegant songs was a good thing.

“I already call you little sister, how can you still be so estranged? How about calling me big brother Jing!” Jing Wu An requested.

Lan You Nian was momentarily speechless, carefully calculating how many older brothers she has now. There is too many. But she didn’t know how to refuse. Don’t know if when the several senior brothers knew will they be jealous?

“Big brother Jing,” Lan You Nian said compliantly. Jing Wu An nodded his head, looking completely like a big brother but his heart was envious Lan Mo Xian had such a sister. He really was lucky.

taiwei-grand military tutor, teaches the crown prince in martial arts and military matters

junzhu-second rank princess

jiejie-older sister

meimei-younger sister

{hate iron for not turning into steel}-regret that one’s offspring does not live up to one’s expectations

shizi-heir of an aristocratic family

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