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“Young miss,” Lan Ren who hasn’t been seen for many days appeared in front of Lan You Nian, still entirely decked out in black stealth clothing but he looked more wan and sallow than a few days ago.

“What’s wrong?” Lan You Nian asked. In fact, although Lan Feng and Lan Ren were her shadow guards, usually many matters of Wu Qing Pavilion had them running errands to take care of.

“Some things in Wu Qing Pavilion created friction with Ghost Realm, so ask young miss what to do?” Lan Ren waited for Lan You Nian think upon it. Although he made the decision many things in Wu Qing Pavilion, actually when it really came to it, as soon as he encounters delicate matters, he will always ask young miss in advance. Don’t look at young miss’s young age but her thinking was very comprehensive.

Lan You Nian considered Ghost Realm with her eyes closed. Ghost Realm appeared in the pugilistic world eight years ago but when it really became famous was six years ago. Ghost Realm was the number one killer organization on the mainland. To simply call it a killer organization, that was not completely true, because, in Wu Qing Pavilion’s intelligence, Ghost Realm was also involved in a lot of commercial matters. Ghost Realm was even more mysterious than Wu Qing Pavilion. Ghost Realm was both righteous and evil for it was a common thing to massacre the entire clan. However, to call Ghost Realm a cult, then it is not completely so. As long as you don’t provoke Ghost Realm, usually, Ghost Realm will not lay a finger on you or perhaps it was more accurate to say, Ghost Realm did things depending on their mood. They were unpredictable.

Lan You Nian seriously pondered on it. Although Wu Qing Pavilion’s power was very good, it was still lacking in comparison. After all, Wu Qing Pavilion has always been involved in matters of intelligence and commerce. Compared to Ghost Realm, its methods were slightly inferior. Moreover, she did not have high ambitions. She created her own forces only to protect herself and her own people, but now, at this moment, to have brushed against Ghost Realm, then Wu Qing Pavilion will have a catastrophe in the future.

“Lan Ren, as long as it doesn’t harm our interests, give way to Ghost Realm!” The tightly closed eyes slowly opened, as resplendent as the stars and moon. Although Ghost Realm’s power made her unable to fight against it, if they dared to hurt her own people or damage her own interests, then no matter who it is, they cannot stop her. Although Ghost Realm was very strong, if she fought hard enough, don’t say both sides end in death, but it can still make Ghost Realm tear off a layer of skin. However, she hoped there was no need to go to that step.

“Yes! Lan Ren understands!” Lan Ren nodded. Of young miss’s temper, he understood a little. Usually, she was like the faint wind and clouds, even if thunder struck, she won’t move, but if you touched her bottom line, then it was a fight to the death.

“Young miss, recently things are unsettled, do you need this subordinate to stay?” Lan Ren asked with a bit of worry. After all, he and Lan Feng are often not with young miss. Lan Wu and Lan Qu’s martial arts weren’t very good. If something happens, what should they do?

“It’s no problem. Just let Lan Feng come back on the day the poison activates!” Lan You Nian knew Lan Ren’s worries but Lan You Nian wasn’t so fragile. Only on the day the poison activates was she really weak. At other times, she still had absolute ability of self-protection.

“Young miss, this is the medicine eldest young master (Gui Yi) asked this subordinate to bring you this month,” Lan Ren took out an antique wooden box.

Lan You Nian received the wooden box and opened it. There was a medicine bottle in the wooden box. It contains the medicine that inhibits the body’s poison for this month, but this medicine can’t do anything. At the very least it will allow Lan You Nian to retain her sense when the poison activates, make it so that it is not as painful as it did in the beginning, hurting so much she lost all reason.

“Zhen Wei Pavilion has just received fresh grapes from outside the border. Go try it first before leaving!” Lan You Nian treated her subordinates like her friends, giving them respect and giving them care.

Lan Ren’s face became not very good. Although young miss cares about him, he was very happy, but can she not hold onto this matter and not let go? This gluttony didn’t conform with his own temper ah! After they followed behind young miss, they all recovered their undisclosed nature and became happy, live people.

When Lan Ren was prepared to withdraw, he suddenly saw the Gentle Water Zither on the writing desk, “Young miss, that is Gentle Water Zither?” Lan Ren asked uncertainly.

When Lan You Nian heard this, she followed Lan Ren’s gaze and saw, neatly placed on the writing desk was the Gentle Water Zither exuding an ancient aura. She remembered last night she returned this zither to Feng Yi Xuan but didn’t expect this man to not take it with him. It seems she must find a chance to give it back.

“En, yes, but it’s not mine!” Lan You Nian didn’t hide anything. She didn’t need to hide anything from her own people.

Lan Ren, hearing this, instantly had an idea in his mind. As a matter of fact, they have searched for Gentle Water Zither for a long time. After all, young miss is fond of musical instruments. They felt only the best instrument could match with young miss, so the musical instrument ranking list’s Gentle Water Zither has always been the most ideal instrument in their hearts. However, they have searched for a long time but have not found even a shadow of Gentle Water Zither. But now Gentle Water Zither actually appeared in front of their own eyes. Although it was not young miss’s, they still had to find a way to make it belong to young miss.

“Lan Ren, don’t think too much. I have no intentions towards this zither. Besides, this is Feng country’s Ming wang‘s. This person isn’t easy to provoke, understand?” Lan You Nian said sternly. Honestly, these people treated her too well. Whether it was shifu, senior brothers, and them few, they always want to find the best things to give to her. If she didn’t remind Lan Ren in advance, if they provoke that man, the consequences will not be good.

Lan Ren embarrassedly rubbed his nose. All his inner thoughts were discerned by young miss, “Young miss, Lan Ren understands!”

“En, as long as you understand!” After Lan You Nian finished speaking, she curled up on the soft couch and shut her eyes to rest.


Ming wangfu, Feng Yi Xuan who was up all night didn’t even look a little haggard. He sat up straight in the study room dealing with the accumulated matters.

“An San, did you see that Miss Lan yesterday?” An Si inquired wanting to gossip. Yesterday, originally, he wanted to follow the master but master, for the first time, had to have An San follow, saying that he looked too scary so he shouldn’t scare Miss Lan.

“Of course! And I heard Miss Lan playing music. That was really the sound of heaven ah!” An San reported everything from last night. There was a hint of admiration for that Miss Lan. They were not people who only looked at one’s appearance. That Miss Lan’s surrounding aura could parallel master’s so how can she be an ordinary person?

“Really? It’s a pity I didn’t go!” An Si, speaking of this, was depressed. The three of them all showed their faces in front of Miss Lan. Only he was still unknown. This way, in the future, if Miss Lan entered the manor, he won’t have a backing. Moreover, looking at the way master treasures Miss Lan, in the future of the manor, Miss Lan will definitely be the one managing the home.

“Xiao Si, let me tell you, Master actually gave Gentle Water Zither to Miss Lan,” An San thought master’s approach was quite impulsive. After all, Gentle Water Zither is the beloved thing of master’s dead empress mother. Master usually won’t even touch it. Now, only because Miss Lan loves zither, he actually gave it to Miss Lan.

“It seems master is really attentive. Don’t know if this is good or bad….” An Si was taken aback. Although they all hoped that master can have someone at his side who can care solicitously for him, but if Miss Lan didn’t like master, based on master’s stubborn temper, he feared both sides will suffer.

“I think you guys worry for nothing. Although master’s personality is inconspicuous, but looking at how master treasures Miss Lan, he definitely won’t do anything to hurt Miss Lan,” An Er suddenly appeared from a dark corner, scaring both An San and An Si that goosebumps came out.

“Moreover, in my eyes, in this world, only a woman like Miss Lan is worthy of master,” After all, An Er has seen Lan You Nian many times. He has even crossed moves with Lan You Nian. He not only admired Lan You Nian’s skills and bearing, now, he also admired her title of Miss Miao Yin. Such a young age but could grow up like this after being abandoned for all these years, it really was a perfect match with master.

“It’s a pity for I heard Miss Lan’s face is disfigured….” An Si thought of his family’s master’s striking looks and couldn’t help lament.

“You, piss off!” An San gifted An Si a kick, “Is master that kind of superficial person? There are so many beautiful women in the world. Have you ever seen master give them another glance? Moreover, what shit is good looks good for? I really like that Miss Lan. I must help master in pursuing Miss Lan to the manor!” An San, just after a single night, regarded Lan You Nian highly and vowed to abduct Lan You Nian into Ming wangfu.

“You guys are too idle?” An Yi flew in from outside the manor and said sinisterly. He was outside working himself to death while the three of them were actually here gossiping?

“No, no!” The three people immediately flew back to their own posts, fearfully afraid that An Yi will complain to master, then the future days will be utter misery.

“Master,” An Yi appeared in the study room. Feng Yi Xuan was currently reviewing the thick pad of booklets on the desk. His expression was severe and serious.

“What is it?” Feng Yi Xuan’s mien was frosty. It seems to make others dare not approach. Only in front of Lan You Nian would he be that Feng Yi Xuan who knew how to laugh.

“Ghost Realm and Wu Qing Pavilion have clashed but Wu Qing Pavilion seems to be deliberately giving way,” An Yi simplified his report.

That’s right, Ghost Realm was Feng Yi Xuan’s force of power. At the age of eleven, Feng Yi Xuan had already begun to create Ghost Realm’s power. Today’s Ghost Realm, nearly nothing in the pugilistic world was able to compare. For the Wu Qing Pavilion that popped out three years ago, Ghost Realm always held a wait-and-see attitude.

“Since there is no conflict, there is no problem!” the brush in Feng Yi Xuan’s didn’t stop. He actually really admires this Wu Qing gongzi for creating Wu Qing Pavilion’s power in three years. Moreover, on business matters, it was even more innovative. Feng Yi Xuan suddenly remember that Zhen Wei Pavilion was also once of Wu Qing gongzi’s forces, then doesn’t Nian Nian know Wu Qing gongzi? Moreover, for Nian Nian to receive such exalted treatment in Zhen Wei Pavilion, is that also Wu Qing gongzi’s intervention? Thinking that there was actually such a man at Nian Nian’s side, Feng Yi Xuan’s countenance instantly frosted over.

An Yi tried to shrink himself as much as possible. He really didn’t understand how his family’s master could get angry for no reason at all. The number of times master was angry could be considered little. Now, what is the fuss about?

“An Yi, investigate Wu Qing gongzi and Nian Nian’s relationship!” Feng Yi Xuan’s voice was full of violence. His Nian Nian is his. Even if in the days of the past there was no him, then, in the future times, he wanted Nian Nian’s side to only have him.

wangye/wang-first ranked prince

wangfu-first ranked prince’s residence

gongzi-young master

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