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Silvery white moonlight sprinkled on the ground. You Nian Pavilion was peaceful but not silent. The fragrance of the night permeated the air, weaving into a soft net, covering all the scenery inside. Everything that came in contact with the eyes was all covered by this soft net-like thing. Whether it is grass or wood, they were all not as realistic as it was during the day. They all possessed some vagueness, an illusionary hue. Each one hid its meticulous feature, all guarding their own secrets. It made people have a dreamlike feeling.

Maybe because she met some people with agreeable personalities and whom she can get along with during the day, Lan You Nian was in a good mood. Sitting in the courtyard, wearing a slightly thin ruqun, she brewed a cup of flower tea for herself, enjoying this rare moment of peacefulness.

A burst of wind whisked by. In front of Lan You Nian sat a tall man. Lan You Nian herself was very curious, for, in the first moment, she actually could guess this person was Feng Yi Xuan. There was a kind of spider lily fragrance that was perplexing on Feng Yi Xuan. This kind of fragrance also carried Feng Yi Xuan’s own unique flavor. It was very special. Lan You Nian remembered it very clearly.

Feng Yi Xuan wore a bright and sumptuous tribute satin. It was not only as beautiful as the radiance reflected in the moonlight, but also comfortable and elegant when worn on the body. The form was extremely beautiful. The hair was bound up in a tall topknot. Hair that was long like flowing water cascaded along the back. Slightly lowering his head to look at Lan You Nian, he smiled faintly. Its beauty was regardless of gender, such soul-stirring allure.

Because of Feng Yi Xuan unceremonious appearance, he alarmed the guards of You Nian Pavilion. Seeing the guards rushing in this direction, Lan You Nian waved her hand. Zhang Lin instantly understood his family’s young miss’s meaning and with the guards, returned to their respective posts to secure You Nian Pavilion.

Feng Yi Xuan took the flower tea Lan You Nian brewed for herself and took a sip. His eyes lit up, “Delicious!”

“That’s mine!” Lan You Nian recalled that she had just used the cup to drink. Moreover, that was her own private cup. Now Feng Yi Xuan used it directly, isn’t this an indirect kiss? Pei! What is she thinking about?

“Oh,” Feng Yi Xuan glanced at the cup in his hands. He wanted to say because it was yours so he took it but seeing Nian Nian’s face did not look very good, Feng Yi Xuan corrected his words, “Accidentally picked up the wrong one!”

Feng Yi Xuan looked at Nian Nian who accompanied him. Although the flower tea was really tasty, it seems that because of such a person, even his heart has become sweet. After drinking a cup, he handed the cup to Lan You Nian, “More!”

Lan You Nian had an urge to smash the cup on Feng Yi Xuan’s head. But in light of the other’s strength, she endured, though she did not brew tea for Feng Yi Xuan. However, Feng Yi Xuan’s pair of intense eyes stared at Lan You Nian just like. The meaning was very obvious. Make tea!

How could Lan You Nian ever imagine that the dignified and noble Ming wang was actually like this? She still remembered when she saw this man for the first time. It was only a back view and yet it still gave her a great pressure. Bloodthirsty and arrogant was the Feng Yi Xuan of that time. But how much time has it been that he’s changed?

Gloomily resuming making tea for Feng Yi Xuan, so Lan You Nian did not see the smile that flashed within Feng Yi Xuan’s eyes. He didn’t like Nian Nian’s faceless expression directed at him.  That kind of Nian Nian made him feel so distant. So he wanted to give her the best, sometimes teasing her, seeing her cute and vivid expression.

Although very dissatisfied that the man across from her was such a bully, Lan You Nian, based on the condition that this man did not have any malicious intentions, still brewed a cup of flower tea for Feng Yi Xuan.

“Why has Ming wang come here tonight?” Lan You Nian’s voice was distant. This man was really too insolent. Is there anyone else who would trespass a woman’s boudoir almost every day like this? Fortunately, she was not an ancient person, otherwise, this innocence could not be saved.

“You said you can play the zither!” Feng Yi Xuan’s subdued and elegant sitting posture, as if like the posture of the earth and heaven get old, implying all his affections that he cannot express.

“I didn’t say I will play the zither for Ming wang!” Lan You Nian felt that there was absolutely a barrier in their communication. Is this person sent by the heavens to punish her?

“You didn’t say you won’t play the zither for me!” Feng Yi Xuan’s clear eyes reflected dazzling light as if they were crushed stars and moon, absolutely soul-stirring.

Under that kind of gaze, don’t know why but Lan You Nian couldn’t say anything to refuse. Just as she was prepared to go back to get the zither, she was intercepted by Feng Yi Xuan. A female shadow guard in black appeared in the courtyard. This female’s aura was similar to that of Lan Feng’s but obviously not as frosty as Lan Feng because, at the moment, An San looked at Lan You Nian with a worshipping gaze.

Lan You Nian watched the shadow guard in front of her carrying a peerless fine zither but did not give the zither to her. Instead, she looked at her with delight. Why is that look a little lewd?

“An San!” Two words from Feng Yi Xuan made An San shudder. She just really liked this soft little girl, that’s all. She accidentally revealed her true nature. Don’t know if the future mistress will dislike her? What to do?

“Tee-hee-hee, Miss Lan, I am An San. This is the zither that master has this subordinate bring to you!” An San usually did not have a lot of words, only when in front of her own people, is it otherwise. But now in front of Lan You Nian, in order to leave a good impression for the mistress, An San can be said to be very amicable.

Lan You Nian gently smiled and nodded. She noticed that the people around Feng Yi Xuan were all very lively. She really didn’t know how such lively subordinates would have such a frosty master.

This was a pitch-black zither. It was much more expensive than her own zither. Lianzhu* styled zither, fully shaped, black lacquered surface, with fine flowing-water marking patterns. If she didn’t guess wrong, this was the famous Gentle Water Zither. Gentle Water Zither was the top three on the list of musical instruments. It’s unknown how many people who loved musical instruments who wish to look upon it with reverence but didn’t expect it to be in Feng Yi Xuan’s hands.

Lan You Nian genuinely loved musical instruments. Seeing such a precious zither she inevitably felt some delight. She calmed her mind and sat in the courtyard, “Zheng——” Lan You Nian’s delicate jade hand brushed the strings of the zither. The old but moving music was heard. Lan You Nian praised inside, outstanding zither!

The zither string fluttered under her hands. It made people unable to count how many strings there were. That zither music was sometimes like trickling creek sliding out from her fingertips, and sometimes like the galloping waves surging from the zither, letting the listener forget the time, forget space. The sound of Lan You Nian’s zither had an indescribable feeling of sorrow, seemingly there was a full belly of heartache with nowhere to go. Feng Yi Xuan watched the girl under the night immersed in the music, he took out a jet-black flute he carried with him. The soft sound of the flute joined with the symphony.

Gentle Water Zither’s music was peaceful and fair, catching the serenity of the flute, it was even more moving. The sound of the zither gradually rose in pitch; however, the sound of the flute slowly sank down, but the flute was low and constant, just like gossamer drifting in the wind, but it was endless, even increasing the soul-stirring moment.

Lan You Nian slightly opened vermillion lips, the mourning lyrics floated in You Nian Pavilion

“A small little dead leaf butterfly, fluttering in the woods, with its protective color, landing on a branch timidly.

Although it is just a dead leaf butterfly, the heart has sparks and warm blood, but the wind and rain is too intense, the small little wings lose color.

Dead leaf butterfly, dead leaf butterfly, once there is no protective color, pale and fragile, fluttering and falling, who can fly together, solitary and lonesome.

Dead leaf butterfly, dead leaf butterfly, the sparks in the heart has been extinguished, when can it take flight, flying towards the cloud and moon of its dreams.

A small little dead leaf butterfly, fluttering in the woods, with its protective color, landing on a branch timidly.

Although it is just a dead leaf butterfly, the heart has sparks and warm blood, but the wind and rain is too intense, the small little wings lose color.

Dead leaf butterfly, dead leaf butterfly, once there is no protective color, pale and fragile, fluttering and falling, who can fly together, solitary and lonesome.

Dead leaf butterfly, dead leaf butterfly, the sparks in the heart has been extinguished, when can it take flight, flying towards the cloud and moon of its dreams.”

In the courtyard, only the sound of the zither and flute rose and fell; it was extremely harmonious. After finishing the song, the sound of Lan You Nian’s zither ended. The sound of the flute also receded. In an instant, all was silent. Only the bright moon shined high up in the sky, imprinting the shadow of the trees on the ground.

Feng Yi Xuan looked at Nian Nian not knowing what she was thinking. The song he just heard, no matter how Nian Nian disguised it, he could still hear that desolate grief. He didn’t know what his Nian Nian has experienced, but from now on, he will always be by her side, accompanying her and guarding her.

“It’s very nice but I don’t like it!” Feng Yi Xuan cut off Lan You Nian’s immersion in her own memories. Lan You Nian recovered herself. She really didn’t expect that this man’s flute was so good. She assumed he was a warrior that only knew how to fight. It’s true that people can’t be judged by their looks.

“You’re the one who wanted listen, now it’s also you who doesn’t like it. Ming wang‘s personality is really strange!” Lan You Nian rebutted sarcastically. When her gaze landed on the flute on Feng Yi Xuan, the corner of her mouth twitched. Why are all the good things taken by this man? This flute and the zither in her hands were a pair. It was named Gentle Fire Flute. On the instrument rankings, it was one with her own zither. She didn’t expect that these two things were obtained by this man.

“You are not happy!” Feng Yi Xuan earnestly looked at Lan You Nian’s eyes and said. It wasn’t that he didn’t like Lan You Nian’s music and song; he didn’t like Lan You Nian’s mood.

Lan You Nian looked at that pair of sincere eyes. That pair of eyes were filled with her. She could see her own clear reflection reflected in those eyes. Those pair of eyes seemed to suck her in.

“It’s late, Ming wang should return!” Lan You Nian was surprised by Feng Yi Xuan’s observation skills. She didn’t expect that he could hear her unhappiness.

“En,” Feng Yi Xuan nodded, and then immediately cradled Lan You Nian and headed inside Lan You Nian’s boudoir.

“What are you doing!” Lan You Nian readied her energy to resist, but at this moment, she noticed this man’s power was so deep that she couldn’t escape this man’s arms. Fortunately, however, Feng Yi Xuan only gently placed Lan You Nian onto the large carved bed, gently tucked in the quilt, then said softly, “Sleep!”

How many years has it been since someone treated her like this before she went to sleep, seemingly like she was a precious treasure being cared for. It seems there has never been. Lan You Nian seemed to have been bewitched. She shut that pair of untainted eyes. For the first time, she slept peacefully in front of an unfamiliar person.

Feng Yi Xuan stood at Lan You Nian’s bedside for a long time. He listened to Lan You Nian’s even breathing. He smelled the fragrance of Lan You Nian’s body that flooded the boudoir. Feng Yi Xuan felt that has he has never been so tranquil these 19 years. This heart seemed to have found a safe haven. This heart was already lost onto Nian Nian. He wasn’t willing to take it back. Moreover, he still wanted Nian Nian’s heart.

Until the dawn of morning, Feng Yi Xuan moved his stiff body and reluctantly left You Nian Pavilion. After Feng Yi Xuan left, Lan You Nian opened her eyes in an instant. She had in fact fallen asleep and it was a night of sweet dreams. There was no longer any of the unbearable past. But as soon as Feng Yi Xuan moved, she already woke up. She didn’t expect this man actually stood at her bedside for an entire night, just silently watching her. Lan You Nian’s heart was slightly chaotic.

ruqun-one peice dress

wang/wangye-first ranked prince

lianzhu-a certain style of the zither (guqin) and as a side node, the flowing-water markings are more like cracks on the zither that shows its aging due to the vibrations

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