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Zhang Lin drove the carriage while two of You Nian Pavilion’s guards followed outside. Inside the carriage sat Lan You Nian, Lan Qu, and Lan Wu.

“Young miss, is Tutor He particularly stern?” Lan Wu seemed hyperactive as she constantly moved around from time to time. Remembering that very soon they will be meeting their young miss’s maternal grandfather, she felt a little excited like she was seeing her own relatives. Tutor He is the relative that the young miss has affirmed. He was different from Lan Jian Jun.

“What? He may look like quite an old-fashioned person, but he is a good elder!” Lan You Nian thinking of grandfather’s performance that night, it really could contend with shifu. Lan You Nian felt that if in the future shifu came to the capital, if he could become acquainted with grandfather, the two of them will definitely become confidants.

“Speaking of which, Tutor He is the only person who cares about young miss all these years” Lan Qu couldn’t help lamenting. Before, she believed that everyone had abandoned the young miss, only in the end did she learn that everyone wasn’t even aware of the young miss’s disappearance. This was the most infuriating!

The carriage suddenly stopped. The sound of swords clashing drifted from outside. Lan You Nian stepped down the carriage and saw the carriage arrived at an alley without any signs of human habitation. Meanwhile, Zhang Lin was entangled with Feng Yi Xuan’s shadow guard An Yi. Within a few moves, An Yi defeated Zhang Lin’s group of three.

Zhang Lin and others instantly wanted to vomit blood. It’s one blow after the other ah! Last night, they were defeated by a female from young miss’s side. Today, how come there comes another one?

“What’s the matter?” Ever since Lan You knew Feng Yi Xuan presented no harm to her, she was not as resistant, but she merely considered him as an acquaintance that’s all.

“Miss Lan, master invites you to see the fireworks in the south of the city tomorrow!” An Yi was inwardly pleased. If he succeeded in this matter, master will definitely praise him again, then either he can take a vacation or get a reward. He was excited just thinking about it.

“Not going!” Lan You Nian didn’t spare An Yi a glance and dove back into the carriage. She felt that this Feng Yi Xuan became weirder and weirder. Why would he invite her to look at fireworks for no reason at all? Go watch fireworks with that mobile ice-cube? Are you certain she won’t be frozen into an ice-cube too?

An Yi was depressed. An Yi’s heart was injured. An Yi felt that he had no face to see his own master. He felt that master will most assuredly make an example out of him……

Zhang Lin looked at the man who was clearly very strong in martial arts, yet stood in front of the carriage with an expression of tearless grief. He suddenly felt very strange. “Zhang Lin, what are you waiting for?” Lan You Nian’s voice came from within the carriage. Zhang Lin glanced at An Yi with sympathy. Just like that, the carriage rushed by An Yi’s side.

Zhang Lin felt that even the most formidable people who met his family’s young miss became no good. Sure enough, only following young miss will there be meat to eat. Look, such a powerful man, didn’t he still look so pitiful abandoned by young miss?

The carriage parked in front of a very simple residence. The simple plaque had the former Emperor’s personally written nomination of “He Manor” intended to commend Tutor He’s uprightness and tenacity, and having taught several qualified emperors. As soon as Lan You Nian got off the carriage, she noticed Tutor He’s manor was very simple, without too much decoration and carvings. Her grandfather seemed to be a really honest official with clean hands.

Standing outside the manor was a seventeen-year-old man, wearing purple robes with his long hair bundled up. In this ancient world that produced beautiful men, this male wasn’t very good-looking and can only be considered comely, but perhaps because of being born in a royal tutor’s family, he had a scholarly air about him, but because he himself was from the military camps, so that scholarly air carried hints of masculine flavor. It was because of this temperament that it made his appearance give people a comfortable feeling.

“Nian’er meimei!” As soon as Lan You Nian stepped off the carriage, the man waiting there came to the carriage and led Lan You Nian into He manor.

“Biaoge!” Lan You Nian softly acknowledged. The man leading her was called He Chu Yang, he was Tutor He’s grandson, her own cousin brother.

“Nian’er meimei actually recognized me. I was afraid Nian’er meimei won’t like me. Grandfather has been waiting at home for a long time, just waiting to see Nian’er meimei!” He Chu Yang, ever since he understood things, he knew he had an adorable biaomei, but he only saw biaomei a few times. Until he understood things, he noticed grandfather would look worried all day. Finally, he learned that his own biaomei went missing, life or death unknown. So, imperceptibly, he always felt a little more pity for this biaomei. Moreover, he was also a soldier under Ming wang. The little sister that Lan Mo Xian hung on his lips all day, that was also his little sister.

“Nian’er, how come you only came now to see grandfather?” As soon as Lan You Nian stepped into the hall, she saw her own family’s grandfather running over to her. The entire person was full of vitality. You absolutely couldn’t see that same grief from in the palace.

“Grandfather, slow down, hasn’t Nian’er come to see you now?” Lan You Nian supported her own grandfather, like a little girl acting spoiled.

“Yes father, if in the future you miss Nian’er, just let Nian’er live here for a few days!” Following Tutor He out was a man, about 30-40 years of age. His entire person was very refined. The eyebrows were a shadow of Tutor He’s.

“Nian’er, I am your uncle. When you were little, I often went over to see you. Don’t know if you still remember?” He Chun looked at Lan You Nian with moist eyes. His little sister’s only child. this child has grown up. She was no longer that little infant in swaddling clothes. From now on, their He manor was her home.

“Uncle” Towards those who sincerely cared about her, Lan You Nian will treat sincerely in return.  Moreover, towards He family’s three men, Lan You Nian did not use the same old empty courtesy. Although Tutor He was an old-fashioned man, it did not include his own granddaughter. Those codes of ethics were not useful for his granddaughter.

“Yang’er ah, you can’t be wild anymore in the future. You must look after your little sister understand?” He Chun threw a glare at his own son, then immediately changed his face when he looked at Lan You Nian. Seeing this, it made He Chu Yan feel that he was definitely not biologically related.

“This must be Nian’er, quick, let auntie see. My poor child. How much bitterness have you suffered that you are so thin?” From outside the entrance came in a plainly dressed married woman wearing a bright red rose-acacia. The entire person exuded a certain Jiangnan female’s gentleness. This was He Chun’s wife, Xu shi.

“Auntie” Lan You Nian called out endearingly. This one call instantly ignited Xu shi‘s heart of motherly love. Originally, Xu-shi very much wished for a daughter, but to no avail, her body was a letdown and gave birth to a boy who only knew to make her angry all day. Now seeing the clever and endearing Lan You Nian, the more she looked the more she liked. She almost didn’t let tears fall to express her heart of motherly love.

Xu shi repeatedly acknowledged, then to He Chu Yang who was still stupidly standing there, she scolded, “Why didn’t you have the kitchen bring out something good to eat? Bring out my pastries! Nian’er has already been here so long. You as the older brother, don’t you know how to take care of a bit more?”

He Chu Yang suddenly felt that his life in the future became even darker. He looked at his father; father was the same. He looked at grandfather; grandfather only went to see Nian’er meimei. Originally, because he took the military route instead of pursuing scholarly interests, and even went to join the military, because of this, everyone in the family disliked him. Now that Nian’er meimei has come, he has even less standing.

Lan You Nian and grandfather’s family sat at the same table to take their meal. Her bowl was constantly being filled with a variety of dishes. Grandfather’s family of four all said pretty much the same thing, that she was too thin and needed much more nourishment. Although Lan You Nian felt helpless but she savored this bit of warmth, the warmth that belonged to a home.

Grandfather’s family tried to persuade her to stay but Lan You Nian didn’t dwell. Lan manor still had her toys. Before she finished playing with her toys, Lan You Nian had a lot of patience. Moreover, thinking of Lan Jian Jun, Lan You Nian felt a different kind of feeling.

Ming Wang Manor, Feng Yi Xuan’s eyes as he looked at An Yi carried coldness.

After repeatedly treating Lan You Nian differently, Feng Yi Xuan shut himself up in the study to examine it for a day. Within that one day, he did not find out the reason why he treated Lan You Nian differently, but that day in his head, all of his thoughts were about his Nian Nian. Later, after hearing An Yi and other’s gossiping, only then did he understand. He has fallen in love with that girl, that girl who was different from the rest.

At first, Feng Yi Xuan was a bit stupefied. He was 19 years old this year. The males of the mainland could take a wife at 18 but could have concubines at 16. According to his age, he should have a cluster of wives and concubines, but his temperament was cold since young. His mysophobia was very serious. As long as a female got near him, she would be sent flying. But his Nian Nian was different. He didn’t dislike her nearness. In fact, he liked to get closer to her. He liked the fragrance on her body, liked her coldness and strength, liked her skills and movements, liked everything about her. It turns out, without him noticing, he already fell in love with that girl.

When Feng Yi Xuan made sense of his feelings, his heart felt more comfortable. This was the first time in his life his heart was moved. He was certain it would also be the last time. Since he liked, he has to win it. This has been Feng Yi Xuan’s principles concerning matters for many years. But it’s a pity that he never liked anything before in all these years.

When he heard An San say girls especially liked romance, not to mention the kind of girl Nian Nian was, so Feng Yi Xuan thought for a long time about a romantic idea. In the end, it was An Yi who suggested saying the south of the city had fireworks. Feng Yi Xuan thought about it. It seemed like many girls all liked it, so under An Yi’s self-confident volunteer, he let An Yi go invite his Nian Nian.

Feng Yi Xuan waited in the study room, a little anxious. When An Yi finally came back, Feng Yi Xuan’s eyes flashed with hope, but An Yi’s face was bitter, “Master, Miss Lan didn’t agree!”

In the beginning, Feng Yi Xuan’s eyes that were filled with hope now became frigid; it pierced straight through An Yi’s spine, “You’ve been too idle lately, go finish handling the things in the manor.”

My holiday! My reward! Master, can you not do this? Such a petty man, Miss Lan will not like ah! But Feng Yi Xuan didn’t hear the voice of An Yi’s heart, otherwise, An Yi will definitely be sent out of the country.

“Where did she go tonight?” Feng Yi Xuan sat in the study, tapping the writing desk.

An Er appeared in the study room in a flash. Although his own master wasn’t clear with his question, An Er instantly understood who the master asked about. After all, since encountering that one, all of the master’s thoughts were all on that one. “Today, Miss Lan went to Tutor He’s manor.” An Er replied.

Feng Yi Xuan deliberated. After a moment, “Have An Yi give He Chu Yang a task. Have He Chu Yang bring his little sister to the south of the city to look at fireworks tomorrow night. This is a military order!”, Lan Mo Xian guarded Nian Nian too tightly. Going through him will definitely not work.

Master? Is it really good to abuse your authority like this? Moreover, what military order makes the honorable Deputy He take his little sister to see fireworks. Is that army matters? Master, what’s happened to you?

“Yes!” An Er could already foresee Deputy He’s aggrieved and disbelieving expression. Speaking of, Deputy He had always admired the master. He always followed the master to kill the enemy on the battlefield, but now, I’m afraid master’s image will decline a lot.

“What!?” He Manor gave off a violent roar. He Chu Yang was in his own room looking at An Yi who came and went like a shadow.

“An Yi, have you got it wrong? Nian’er meimei is only a child. Is it that Nian’er meimei offended wangye?” He Chu Yang didn’t expect Ming wang would give him such an order, but that was his own little sister, how could he push her into the fire pit?

“(cough), Deputy He overthinks. It’s only that the master and Miss Lan are old acquaintances. Moreover, Miss Lan saved master’s life once. What kind of person is master, even you don’t know?” An Yi told a bare-faced lie. In reality, his master was indeed this kind of person, that is, fancied your family’s Miss Lan.

He Chu Yang considered it. Ming wang, although his temperance was unpredictable and hurt many people, but he was not a person full of malignant ideas. Moreover, he’s followed Ming wang so many years, he more or less understood Ming wang‘s temper. If he wanted to hurt someone, that person would have been directly killed.

“I understand” He Chu Yang agreed to it. Tomorrow he will be going with. It’d be best to drag along Lan Mo Xian. This way, even if Ming wang wants to do something, with them two brothers, they could still protect Nian’er meimei.

Finally finished, he can go back to report back on his mission. An Yi wiped the sweat that didn’t exist from his head and quickly went to please his master.    

meimei-younger sister

biaoge-older cousin brother (from the maternal family)

biaomei-younger cousin sister (from the maternal family)

wang/wangye-first ranked prince

shi – indicates her maiden name

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