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Clearly, served on the table were plain congee and vegetable dishes that even servant girls disdained.  It was so garish that it made people angry.  But at this time, in the boudoir, Lan You Nian sat alone at the table, thoroughly pleased as if tasting exotic delicacies from land and sea.  It was a more refined eating appearance than even a royal princess.  It made the people looking at her eat feel it is also a pleasure.

Clearly, served on the table were plain congee and vegetable dishes that even servant girls disdained. It was so garish that it made people angry. But at this time, in the boudoir, Lan You Nian sat alone at the table, thoroughly pleased as if tasting exotic delicacies from land and sea. It was a more refined eating appearance than even a royal princess. It made the people looking at her eat feel it is also a pleasure.

When the plain white hands were holding a spoon was prepared to continue to drink the congee, there was a pair of slender and wide hands coated with callouses that grasped Lan You Nian’s little hand. Lan You Nian was stupefied. She sensed the arrival of the other person and knew who it was, so did not pay any attention, but didn’t expect this man to be so impudent.

Feng Yi Xuan felt the little hand within his palm. This little hand was so small it was pitiful. It wasn’t even half the size of his own palm. It was so white it was nearly transparent and so cold it was terrifying. It was clearly the warm weather of summer. Why is this little hand so cold it made his heart ache? But before Feng Yi Xuan could warm up this little hand, that little hand has already been withdrawn.

Lan You Nian watched the man in front of her holding her little hand. His eyes flashing with heart-ache. Moreover, he still had yet to let go. In a fit of anger, she snatched her hand back forcefully.

“Lan manor just gives you this to eat?” Feng Yi Xuan’s voice that was frigid to begin with contained icicles as he looked at the table that couldn’t even be called a meal and demanded.

“Plain congee and simple dishes, it’s also not bad!” After several confrontations, Lan You Nian was very clear that this person did not have malicious intentions towards her, nor was there any desire to kill. This person’s martial arts was very high, and also a wangye. As long as he didn’t cross her bottom line, she will not go offend.

“You are still a child. Now is the time to grow the body. How can you eat these things!” Feng Yi Xuan looked at Lan You Nian’s frail body, a small little one that seemed like it will shatter with one touch.

Lan You Nian did not acknowledge him. Instead, she was grateful she didn’t take off her veil. It seems that she still needed to be cautious about doing stuff in the future. After all, there are many people in this world who have high martial arts. She was not a person with a very limited outlook.

Regarding Lan You Nian’s cold-shoulder, Feng Yi Xuan did not mind. If it were someone else, he would have killed instantly. However, towards Lan You Nian, he did not have any sense of anger.

Feng Yi Xuan sat next to Lan You Nian and didn’t speak. But when Lan You Nian was ready to continue to dine, Feng Yi Xuan cut her off again. Looking at the plain congee and vegetable dishes on the table, he frowned. Having been fighting in the war for so many years, he has eaten a lot of coarse foods. He has tasted foods that were a hundred times more unpalatable than this.  But seeing Nian Nian eat these, he felt uncomfortable.

Lan You Nian put down the spoon in her hand and looked Feng Yi Xuan. The look in her eyes already carried some impatience. Anyone who is disturbed while eating will be unhappy.

“What do you want to eat?” Feng Yi Xuan collected the plain congee and vegetable dishes on the table. He was clearly a high-ranking wangye but he did these without any trace of unfitness which allowed his diffidence to mix with some humanness.

Lan You Nian didn’t comprehend. She really felt that the man beside her was very strange, but still replied, “Doesn’t matter as long as it can be eaten!”

Feng Yi Xuan’s first reaction after hearing this was that the girl before his eyes was too easy to provide for. From now on, he must bring her up to be pickier. Otherwise, if she was always this easy to care for, then it would be easy to be taken advantage of. He stood up and came to the window. An Yi immediately appeared in front of Feng Yi Xuan.

“Master,” An Yi bowed his head but his eyes wanted to look inside the room.

“Go to the manor and let people make something delicious. Be speedy!” Unlike the voice that just talked to Lan You Nian, the voice now contained obvious impatience and urgency.

An Yi was in contempt of master’s two-faced character. It seems master is someone who puts beauty first. However, the rumors say Miss Lan has been disfigured. Yet, master could still care for her. It seems that the lady of the manor in the future is set on Miss Lan.

An Yi used the fastest speed to rush to Ming wangfu. Even the usual catching of the enemy didn’t require such a fast speed, but from then after, An Yi often used the extreme speed of qinggong. They were all because of Miss Lan’s matters. What made An Yi vomit blood was that those were all trivial things ah!

Lan You Nian heard Feng Yi Xuan’s instructions. She did not expect that this man would actually get some food for her. His thoughts were really unpredictable.

Feng Yi Xuan returned to the table, still sitting next to Lan You Nian, neither too close nor too far away. It can be described as having mastered at grasping opportunity very well. A hand took out a handkerchief from his person. Opening the handkerchief, you could see the delicate and cute desserts wrapped inside.

When Lan You Nian saw that dessert, her eyes flashed. Isn’t that the jelly that she made today that was given to the guests on the second floor in Zhen Wei Pavilion? How could it be in Feng Yi Xuan’s hands? It seems that Feng Yi Xuan may be among those who lent her a hand.

“Eat some to pad the belly.” Putting the handkerchief on the table, Feng Yi Xuan took out a clean pair of chopsticks and held it out to Lan You Nian.

Lan You Nian’s white fingers held the purple jelly. White and purple contrasted against each other. It brought out the exquisiteness of Lan You Nian’s fingers that were even more moving than the lovely jelly. Biting the jelly, the soft and springy mouthfeel flooded the taste buds.

“Your craftsmanship is very good. This thing is very good to eat and very unique.” Feng Yi Xuan’s sudden voice made Lan You Nian stop eating but refrained from commenting.

“But this thing is probably troublesome to make. From now on, you shouldn’t make it, especially don’t make it for others to eat!” Feng Yi Xuan’s spoken words carried some undetectable heart-ache, caring, and overbearing jealousy.

Lan You Nian put down the jelly in her hand. Her eyes looked straight at Feng Yi Xuan. Feng Yi Xuan also looked into Lan You Nian’s eyes. There was no dodging. Those pair of wolf-like eyes were as stubborn as a wolf. Lan You Nian couldn’t see any malicious intent in those pair of eyes.

“Don’t know what wangye means by this. This young lady does not understand!” Lan You Nian slightly relaxed her heart but was still surprised at Feng Yi Xuan’s observation skills. She didn’t expect that she only revealed her voice, yet even so, Feng Yi Xuan still recognized her.

“The food is here. You must be hungry!” Feng Yi Xuan came to the window and received the box made of black sandalwood. He returned to the table and began to put out the food. As to Lan You Nian’s refusal to confess, Feng Yi Xuan did not contradict. For Feng Yi Xuan, it was not important whether or not Lan You Nian admitted to it. What was important was that she cannot go hungry.

food box

Although the time wasn’t long, the food was in every way all exquisite delicacies. The meat and vegetables were paired very well together. The steaming dishes exuded bursts of aroma. Although Lan You Nian knew how to make some novel eats, in term of the genuine exotic foods, Lan You Nian was not very skilled. Moreover, Lan You Nian was a very picky eater. But it was obvious that these dishes were expensive.

After finishing serving Lan You Nian rice, he even added some side dishes to her plate. All these things were done so naturally, but at the same time, so inconceivable, just as if the two were an old married couple being together for a long time.

“Hurry and eat!” After Feng Yi Xuan finished arranging the food for Lan You Nian, he urged with a touch of gentleness.

Although she marveled at Feng Yi Xuan’s actions, Lan You Nian didn’t think much. In fact, she felt this atmosphere was very good. If she can be friends with someone like Ming wang Feng Yi Xuan, it would be pretty good. But if Feng Yi Xuan knew what Lan You Nian was thinking, he would not be so calm. He doesn’t want to be just Nian Nian’s friend but hopes to be her most intimate person.

Although she knew the food was good, when she tasted it, Lan You Nian’s eyes still brightened. If the things she made were novel, then these were the true authentic foods of the ancient times. First and foremost, Lan You Nian knew how to enjoy life. Since there is good food to eat, then it will not be wasted.

Feng Yi Xuan can see that Lan You Nian liked it a lot. His heart was also elated. He was ready to go back to reward the cooks in the manor. If the cooks in Ming wangfu knew that despite having made delicious food for so many years for wangye, they have never received a good word, but now because Lan You Nian was happy as she ate, they were being rewarded. Don’t know if they will be distressed or upset.

While Lan You Nian was dining, Feng Yi Xuan made himself at home and picked up another bowl and started eating. Lan You Nian thought about it. This food all belonged to the other, it didn’t seem she had any qualifications to say anything, so simply let him be.

“There are no other people here. You can take off the veil. It will be more convenient for dining!” When Feng Yi Xuan looked at the girl in front of him who always lifted a little bit of veil whenever she was eating, it made his heart ache for her just by looking.

In her heart, Lan You Nian rolled her eyes, thinking, if you weren’t here, would I still need to wear the veil?

“There’s no problem. This young lady is afraid if she uncovered the veil, Ming wang will probably not be able to swallow food!” Lan You Nian seemed to be mocking. After all, her face was rumored to be like a ghost by the public.

“No, it won’t. You are very good!” Feng Yi Xuan didn’t know how to comfort people, but he spoke the truth. He never paid attention to women’s appearance. Whether it was beautiful or ugly, they were no different to him. Moreover, the girl in front of him, in his eyes and in his heart, she was the best and also the most beautiful.

Lan You Nian’s chopsticks paused and then continued to eat as if nothing happened. She didn’t expect this Ming wang to be so different, not paying attention to appearance.

It seemed as if he was afraid Lan You Nian didn’t believe in his own words. Just as Feng Yi Xuan anxiously prepared to explain, Lan You Nian said coolly, “This young lady is naturally very good!”, the words were not self-degrading but full of self-confidence.

Feng Yi Xuan grinned and thought, how could the woman in front of him be compared to those kinds of commonplace women. Our mighty Ming wang was so delighted he ate two extra bowls of rice which caused Lan You Nian to wonder if the dignified and noble Ming wang was starved.

wangye/wang-first rank prince

wangfu-manor of prince

qinggong-martial ability

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