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"It's really the family's misfortune ah!" the old Madame sat on the soft couch in the wing-room, appearing very deeply grieved.

An yiniang waited on the side, serving the old Madame very well, holding tea, sending water, and even consolation. Seeing this, the old Madame felt more and more that Lan You Nian and her mother were so insensible and was even dissatisfied with her son. There was such a good woman serving at his side, even has several well-behaved children, how is it that he cares about that outsider Lan Mo Xian and the unlucky star Lan You Nian?

"Old Madame doesn't need to be angry. If you anger yourself into harming your body, it wouldn't be worth it. Right now third young miss is very favored by the master, she really is a little ignorant." An yiniang sat beside the old Madame appeasing her, but whether it was sincere or not was unknown.

Hearing An yiniang's appeasement, the old Madame was even more angry, "Hmph! Relying on my son's love, she dares to be so disrespectful? Can that be called being ignorant?"

Wang mama received An yiniang's look and knelt before the old Madame, "Old Madame really must manage this house ah! Third young miss actually dares to punish this old slave in Lan manor, even dares to not even allow old Madame into the courtyard, where does she put the old Madame in her eye? If this continues, what will outsiders say about Lan manor's rules ah!" Wang mama's bruised old face was full of tears and snot, looking quite a bit miserable.

"Hmph! My Lan manor does not have such a young miss! If she dares to be so rude again, let her get out of Lan manor!" The old Madame pulled up Wang mama, looking at her personal servant girl Wang mama's miserableness, more or less bears a grudge against Lan You Nian.

When An yiniang heard the old Madame's words, her eyes flashed with smugness. The biggest one in the manor was still the old Madame. As long as the old Madame is on her side, then in the future, Lan You Nian's days will not be good. She will not allow Lan You Nian to live monopolizing the status of legitimate daughter.

"Old Madame, Yin'er has been studying very well in the academic hall recently. In the morning, I even heard Yin'er say he will study hard and grow face for old Madame!" When An yiniang spoke of her son, there was a rare motherly look on her face. It was really hard to imagine that a woman who had this kind of maternal love was so vicious.

"Oh? Yin'er has become so impressive? Not bad, not bad. He certainly is worthy of being my Lan manor's progeny," When the old madam heard that her grandson was so intelligent and sensible, her heart inevitably filled with a bit of pride. "Since Yin'er is so capable and he's old enough, when there is time, let him follow his father to learn something, so it is easier to inherit Lan manor in the future."

An yiniang quickly got up and gave a curtsy, "Thank you old Madame!". She always hoped that Yin'er will follow the master to work together, but master's side only has Lan Mo Xian this outsider. But what made people angry is, Lan Mo Xian not only monopolizes the identity of the legitimate son but now he has the authority of General Che Qi. Coupled with master's training, if her own son still didn't find a way to fight, then in the future, Lan manor will really fall into Lan Mo Xian's hands.

"Hmph! You are simply too kind. This Lan manor should belong to my grandson. Could it be that it will be given to an outsider!" The old Madame was very satisfied with this daughter-in-law who has been serving by her side for so many years. "My son is really muddled. How could he be misled by that Lan Mo Xian, even to be so considerate of an outsider!"

"What old Madame says is true. From what I see, this elder young master is also ignorant. Even when he came back for so long like third young miss, he didn't come to give regards to old Madame. Sure enough, after having a little power, he puts on airs with the old Madame you." Wang mama took the opportunity to start insinuating in front of the old Madame.

"Speaking of these two siblings, they really have grown ability. One and two both don't take this old woman seriously," The old Madame's rage that was just appeased again rushed up to the top of the head, "Wang mama, give orders to the kitchen to change that wretched girl's meals to plain congee. Didn't she say she is in poor health? I have to see how bad the body is!"

The old Madame actually treated Lan You Nian like this partly because of Lan Mo Xian. After all, right now if the old Madame wanted to deal with Lan Mo Xian, there will be some difficulties. But doesn't Lan Mo Xian love this younger sister? So, the old Madame will make an example of Lan You Nian.

"Yes!" Wang mama bowed her head and answered. Most of the things in this residence were managed by An yiniang, but the old Madame still had absolute authority. Moreover, the old Madame was the mother of Lan Jian Jun. Who would dare disobey the old Madame? Probably, there was only Lan You Nian who had this courage!

Night came quietly. Lan Qu took the meal from the hands of the servant girl delivering the food. But when Lan Qu opened the box with the food, her face started to change. They used to cook for themselves but because they only just started to live in You Nian Pavilion, the small kitchen wasn't finished yet. Now, they just made do with the food from the big kitchen. But they didn't expect some certain people actually dared act so ignorant.

The food served was just two dishes of small green vegetables, a bowl of simple congee that was so diluted that the rice grains couldn't be seen. How is this something given to the manor's young miss to eat? Even the manor's lowest servant has much better meals than this.

"This is going too far! I'm going to castrate those people!" Lan Wu took up her weapon and was prepared to go out of You Nian Pavilion.

"Stop!" Lan You Nian didn't seem to see the lousy food, simply directly sat down, "Those people are probably women, how are you going to castrate them?"

Zhang Lin and the several guards were still feeling that their young miss was treated unfairly, but after hearing what young miss said, they didn't know whether to laugh or cry. Is this something a young lady can say out loud? However, such an unmannered young miss was more likable.

"Young miss!" Lan Wu threw down her long sword and came to Lan You Nian's side and tugged on Lan you Nian's arm. "When did your temper become so good? Others already bully onto our heads!"

"Lan Wu, young miss isn't angry, so how can you be so impulsive. If you make any kind of trouble for young miss, I will not spare you!" Lan Qu's index finger tapped Lan Wu's forehead. Concerning this good sister's impulsive character, she didn't know what to do about it.

"I didn't go ok!? Why are you so fierce!" Lan Wu pouted.

"Fine, I haven't scolded you!" Lan Qu was amused as she looked at the deflated Lan Wu. Then looking at the foot on the table, she asked, "Young miss, I will go to Zhen Wei Pavilion to get some food!"

"No need, you and Lan Wu go to Zhen Wei Pavilion to eat. I can just eat these!" Lan You Nian said and started eating. There was no sign of dissatisfaction from the simple and crude food.

"How can this be alright?" Lan Qu refuted. What the young miss usually ate, which isn't a delicacy? Now, how can young miss swallow these stuff?

"What has your family's young miss not eaten before? And, don't think that all kinds of delicacies are good. Sometimes eating simple vegetarian food is good for the body," Lan You Nian explained. She was afraid that if she didn't explain it clearly, who knew how much these two girls would worry.

Towards the young miss's logic, Lan Qu and Lan Qu were persuaded. They knew that the young miss practiced medicine, moreover, being one from the Medical Valley, they were even more convinced. Today's food had only one person's portion. Since the young miss gave orders, they left through the back door to go out to eat. Not to mention that they aren’t just going out to eat, but more importantly, go do things for the young miss. After all, Lan You Nian is often in Lan manor. There were many properties in the capital that required the two to run errands.    


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