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“I would like to see how much face this Lan manor’s third young miss have to let this old woman go personally invite!” Outside You Nian Pavilion, an elderly person clutched a cane as she hollered at the guards blocking her, “Move! In this Lan manor, is there a place this old woman can’t enter!”

“Old Madame, without young miss’s orders, no one can enter You Nian Pavilion!” Zhang Lin did his best to stop the old Madame. In the first place, he was born from the military camp, so he really hated these small household affairs of the residence. He especially hated this old Madame's meanness. He really felt that young miss lived really difficult days.

“Cannot enter! This unlucky star really has grown courage. She even dares to treat this old woman like this. I really should drive her out of Lan manor!” The old Madame trembled with rage. Yesterday, she heard Lan You Nian has returned, so she thought that this granddaughter will come to ask regards of her but didn’t expect that until this morning she didn’t come. When she sent someone to invite her, she didn’t even get to see anyone. What made the old Madame even angrier was, when she sent her own trusted Wang mama to invite, Wang mama was actually beaten. This Lan You Nian was really rebellious.

“Old Madame, you shouldn’t be angry. Third young miss is probably throwing a temper tantrum.   Yesterday, she even chided this concubine,” An yiniang, on one hand, was smoothing the old Madame's anger, while adding fuel to the fire.

“Mutiny, mutiny! This unlucky star dares to be so disrespectful of filial piety. Someone come, smash this You Nian Pavilion for me!” The old Madame shouted at the family retainers who followed her over. She has never been so angry for so many years.

“How come grandmother is so angry?” A soft voice rang from within the You Nian Pavilion. Lan You Nian appeared at the entrance of You Nian Pavilion and looked at the old Madame. A brown dress covered with embroidered patterns, a golden bead hairpin on her head, the hair was already half snowy white, but that pair of eyes were sharp and contained meanness. The eyes that regarded at Lan You Nian were severely dissatisfied. Her hands held a brown-red cane while An yiniang personally supported her.

The old Madame looked at Lan You Nian dressed in a white ruqun flanked by two servant girls come in front of her, elegantly curtsied, but the smile in her eyes seemed to be ridiculing her for not being able to enter a granddaughter’s courtyard in the manor. Her gaze on Lan You Nian became even more full of ill-intent.

“This old woman can’t afford third young miss’s call of grandmother. This old woman does not have such a disrespectful granddaughter!” The old Madame said, her nose pointed skyward.

“Then why is old Madame ready to smash You Nian Pavilion?” Lan You Nian was very much aware as she changed grandmother to old Madame and completely disregarded the old Madame's absolutely ugly face.

“A tiny You Nian Pavilion even this old woman is forbidden from entering, downright outrageous! Someone come, smash everything!” Old Madame just thinking of this matter was angry. Two granddaughters and the one grandson when they usually saw her, none of them were not respectful. But this granddaughter she liked the least dared to put on airs with her.

Lan You Nian did not speak. The old Madame thought she was scared. But when the family retainers were prepared to barge into You Nian Pavilion, they were still stopped by the guards. What’s more, some were even thrown far away. For a while, those family retainers did not dare to go forward again. After all, those guards have already pulled out gleaming blades.

“Mutiny, mutiny!” the old Madame did not expect that she had lost such a big face, the sound of the cane hitting the ground was ceaseless.

“Third young miss, why aren’t you kneeling down for the old Madame!” An yiniang saw how the old Madame was so disgusted by Lan You Nian, her heart was unspeakably smug, hurriedly took advantage to teach Lan You Nian a lesson. If Lan You Nian knelt down, in the future, will anyone in Lan manor put this third young miss in their eye?

Lan You Nian’s eyes were smiling as she listened to the footsteps that were slowly approaching in the distance. As she looked at An yiniang who still doesn’t know when to restrain herself, she felt that this drama was becoming more and more entertaining.

“Someone come, make third young miss kneel down!” An yiniang‘s slightly excited voice rose. It seemed that she could already see the image of Lan You Nian kneeling down in front of her.

“An yiniang really has a great imposing manner to actually bully Nian’er meimei like this. Really good!” An abrupt voice rose. Everyone looked at Lan Jian Jun and Lan Mo Xian who were standing in the distance. Only Lan You Nian’s eyes flashed. The moment she heard the footsteps, she knew that Lan Jian Jun and Lan Mo Xian have arrived, so she was too lazy to fight with An yiniang.

An yiniang‘s eyes flashed with panic. She honestly never expected Lan Jian Jun to hear her words. Now, the image of a gentle mother she established in Lan Jian Jun’s heart would be defeated.

When the old Madame saw her own son arrive, it was as if seeing her own backing however when she saw Lan Mo Xian following beside Lan Jian Jun, she glowered ruthlessly at Lan Mo Xian. But Lan Mo Xian was no longer the child from many years ago. He used to watch the old Madame never stop criticizing his mother, but he could only watch. But now, he is already grown up and can protect his little sister.

“Master!” An yiniang came in front Lan Jian Jun and gave a curtsy and was prepared to explain.

“Your courage is getting bigger. Deduct three months monthly allowance. In the future, if you give Nian’er a hard time, don’t blame me for being ruthless!” Lan Mo Xian didn’t even listen to An yiniang‘s explanation. Just listening to An yiniang‘s words, he was angered. The daughter he wanted to pamper was once again being bullied. He’s afraid, in the future, Nian’er will resent this father even more.

“How did Mother come to Nian’er’s place?” After reprimanding An yiniang, Lan Jian Jun then said to the old Madame. This old Madame was not Lan Jian Jun’s biological mother. Lan Jian Jun’s biological mother died early. At that time, the old Madame was promoted to ping wife and conveniently raised Lan Jian Jun as her own. Although the old Madame had children before, in the dirty place of the backyard, she wasn’t able to keep it. Although it can’t be said that the mother and child were very good but there are some mother and child sentiment, so towards this mother, Lan Jian Jun was still very respectful.

“Hmph! This third daughter of yours is really excellent. Even this old woman can’t enter this courtyard. She also hurt this old woman’s Wang mama,” the old Madame sneered as she spoke of the incident, blaming Lan You Nian throughout.

Lan Jian Jun glanced at Lan You Nian. Lan You Nian thought according to Lan Jian Jun’s temper, he would surely punish or blame her, but didn’t expect Lan Jin Jun’s expression when looking at her was without any bit of blame. Instead, it was more like a father’s pardon towards a daughter’s playfulness. Lan You Nian’s eyes flashed and withdrew her gaze.

“Enough, Mother doesn’t know, this is your son’s order for allowing these guards to only listen to Nian’er’s orders and not allow others to enter You Nian Pavilion without permission,” Lan Jian Jun supported the old Madame, “Mother also knows what happened to Nian’er when she was a child. Son doesn’t want to let things happen again. It is this son who didn’t think and take everything into consideration.”

Lan Jian Jun took all the things on himself. After all, it was his order. This couldn’t be blamed on Lan You Nian. But people with discerning eyes could hear Lan Jian Jun’s tolerance for Lan You Nian.

“Don’t you always excuse her! There is no filial piety. From yesterday since coming back, she didn’t come to give regards. As expected from coming from the country, there are no manners at all!” When Old Madame saw how her own son covers up for Lan You Nian, she looked at Lan You Nian more unkindly. Although it cannot be said how good this son of hers was to her, this mother, but it was not bad, except for that year because of He Xiao Ran’s matter, he made a scene with her. But now, again for that woman’s daughter, he once again opposes her.

“Mother has truly mistakenly blamed Nian’er. Nian’er’s body isn’t in good health. Son has not fulfilled his responsibilities as a father for many years, so inevitably a little condoling and let Nian’er stay in the courtyard to recuperate. Sure enough, son is merely just a military officer and does not think about everything. Hope that Mother does not blame!” Lan Jian Jun said what seems to be all fact. His eyes seemed like that because he was not well advised so he felt guilty. The old Madame though skeptical can’t blame this son, and after reprimanding Lan You Nian some more, she was supported by Lan Jian Jun to go back to her own courtyard.

Lan You Nian looked at Lan Jian Jun helping the old Madame to leave, her eyes flashed with complexity. Towards the defense of Lan Jian Jun, she saw with her eyes. Although she was not touched, it still left a few traces in her heart. Lan You Nian couldn’t help feeling if it was the Lan You Nian from before who knew how happy she would be. Although she couldn’t approve of the previous Lan You Nian’s feebleness, she also envied her innocence. Because even at a young age, she had never been naive. The only naivety towards her loved ones was smothered.

“Has little sister been wronged? If next time there are still people coming to look for trouble, let the guards directly beat up. Older brother will take responsibility,” Lan Mo Xian led Lan You Nian back to You Nian Pavilion and said to his little sister.

Zhang Lin, who followed behind, couldn’t help but smile when hearing this. This smile was seen by Lan Mo Xian, “Zhang Lin, what are you smiling at?”

“Oldest young master, it really is that oldest young master’s words are the same as what the young miss told this subordinate,” Zhang Lin replied. The young master and young miss deserved to be called brother and sister, this posture of protecting their own were the same.

“Of course, we are brother and sister!” Lan Mo Xian, hearing Zhang Lin’s words, couldn’t help but feel a little happy inside. This made Lan Mo Xian feel that he and Nian’er meimei were getting closer.

“However, Nian’er meimei must remember, in this manor, no can bully you,” When Lan Mo Xian heard An yiniang‘s arrogance from moments before, his heart was really uncomfortable.

“Oh? Anyone?” Lan You Nian asked deliberately.

“Of course, anyone!” Lan Mo Xian thumped his chest promising.

“What if it is the old Madame?”

“She doesn’t like you and me in the first place. Don’t worry, older brother will take responsibility for it but don’t beat anyone to death.” Lan Mo Xian didn’t have any feeling of being an unfilial descendent. But it was this that made Lan You Nian feel warm, but it made Zhang Lin feel when did the young master become so violent?

“What if it is General Lan?” Lan You Nian asked redundantly, now only teasing this warm brother of hers.

“Father won’t. If father really is so muddled, older brother will also stand on your side,” Lan Mo Xian did not hesitate.


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