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Back at You Nian Pavilion, Lan Wu and Lan Qu were thoroughly bored as they waited for their own family's young miss. They were very dissatisfied with the fact that young miss went out to play without taking them.

"Young miss, you're back?" Lan Qu saw her young miss fly in from the window and hurriedly went forward to make tea for young miss.

"En, no one came to look for trouble!" Although Lan You Nian was very confident about Lan Wu and Lan Qu, An yiniang was not a contented person. She definitely will find a way to find trouble with her. She can play with her without any hurry. It's simply that there is no internet, no technology here. Since there is a free live clown show, how is it not a fun thing? Just pretend it is a live clown show. If An yiniang knew that everything in Lan You Nian's eyes was nothing but a play, don't know how angered she would be.

"An yiniang did not come, but the old Madame in the manor had sent someone. The manner is quite arrogant," Lan Qu, without the inferiority of a servant girl, sat directly next to Lan You Nian.

"Oh? Old Madame?" Lan You Nian's eyes flashed with a dim light. Speaking of this grandmother, Lan You Nian really was not fond of. In the past, this old Madame has always disliked the predecessor's mother, He Xiao Ran, for He Xiao Ran is unable to bear children, yet still dominates her own son. Later on, even more, didn't like Lan Mo Xian, believing that an outsider actually wanted to inherit Lan manor. Then it was not liking Lan You Nian, believing that Lan You Nian was an unlucky star. She was clearly aware of An yiniang and others' insulting treatment of Lan You Nian, but only turned a blind eye to it.

"Yes, it seems that this old Madame doesn't like young miss very much. She even wants young miss to go pay respects every morning (5-6am)," Although Lan Qu's disposition was steady, when speaking of this matter, she still couldn't help feeling indignant. How noble is her family's young miss, but still had to pay respect to that old woman who is merely looking for fault! It really is bullying to the extreme.

"How can this Lan manor have so many human scums ah! It's better to let Lan Feng eliminate them and spare us from being bullied!" In Lan Wu's heart, her young miss is the best. Everyone should love and respect, but ever since she came to Lan manor, what is all this ah!

As soon as Lan Wu's word's fell, Lan Feng suddenly appeared in front of the others’ eyes. Still as frosty as before, but it was mixed with a murderous aura, "Young miss, need to kill?"

Lan You Nian let Lan Feng sit down and seeing the several people looking so enraged, couldn't help but laugh. "Not everything needs to be solved with murder. You guys are too violent. Don't look anything like women at all."

The three people couldn't help but criticize in their hearts, young miss, do you look like a woman? When you kill people, it is even crueler than them. They were so brutal, the biggest reason was that young miss you taught well ok?

"Sometimes a lot of things can be played slowly with the brain, isn't it better?" Lan You Nian educated the three, "If the brain can't be beaten, then just kill directly!"

The three of them wore an expression of as expected, they just knew young miss wasn't a patient person. Young miss pursues that all intrigues and tricks are empty talks in the face of absolute strength and their young miss had absolute strength.

"Young miss, Wang mama* is outside wanting to see young miss" Outside, the guard Zhang Lin, reported. This Zhang Lin was the head of the 15 guards that Lan Jian Jun gave to her. He is also the person Lan You Nian is most satisfied with. So, she handed over the safety and other issues in You Nian Pavilion all to Zhang Lin.

"Let her come in!" Although this kind of person Lan You Nian disdained, since she dared to come knocking at her door, she had no reason to hide.

Under Zhang Lin’s guide, Wang mama from the old Madame's side walked into You Nian Pavilion. Wang mama, while walking, sized up the luxury everywhere You Nian Pavilion. Her eyes flashed with greed.

"This old slave greets third young miss," Wang mama gave perfunctory respect, obviously not putting this Lan manor's legitimate daughter in her eye and was even too lazy to pretend. Wang mama's eyes sagged slightly, looking listless. The corner of her eyes was covered with wrinkles, showing traces of the years. The thin face was covered with age spots, the chin was outrageously long. At first glance, it was a miserly wretch.

Regarding Wang mama's rudeness, Lan You Nian didn't care. Concerning unrelated persons, as long as they didn't provoke her, she usually won't make things too difficult for others.

"Don't know what Wang mama has come to You Nian Pavilion for?" Lan Qu saw her own young miss didn't want to talk much, so when she asked, she also copied Wang mama's manner, very disrespectful.

Although Wang mama is not anything in the manor, however, just relying on her being the old Madame's dowry maid and secure with the old Madame's trust, in the manor, all the servant girls and family retainers, who didn't give her some face to curry favor. Now it's good, a little girl actually dares to look down on her. As expected of a young lady from the country, even a servant girl has no degree of seniority.

 "There is nothing else, only that third young miss has already returned to the manor and didn't even go pay respects to the old Madame. The servant girl that came to ask didn't even see the young miss, so the old Madame personally sent this old slave to request third young miss to go over," Wang mama said ambiguously but also told the truth of Lan You Nian not being filial. Not only did she not go pay respect to her grandmother, but even needed the grandmother to personally invite her.

How can the few people not understand the meaning within Wang mama's words? But in the hearts of the several people, their young miss was most important, the other ritual filial piety was not in their consideration. Besides, in the past, Lan manor treated young miss like this, it was good that they didn't already destroy Lan manor. And for Lan You Nian, those ridiculous reputations she didn't care for at all. Otherwise, she wouldn't deliberately let people think she is disfigured.

"This young lady doesn't feel well today so won't go to pay respects to grandmother. Otherwise, wouldn't it be bad to pass the illness to grandmother?" Lan You Nian's ability to tell a bare-faced lie became better and better, that appearance, where was there any discomfort?

"The arrival of third young miss's sickness is really odd," Wang mama mocked. She really disliked this third young miss. No wonder the old Madame isn't fond of her.

"What is your identity?" Lan Wu scolded, perfectly acting out the image of a bullying servant girl.  In fact, she couldn't help laughing inside, really enjoying this feeling of mischievousness.

"You…" Wang mama was also stunned by Lan Wu's sudden rage. After all, Lan Wu followed Lan You Nian for many years, so she naturally carried a bit of Lan You Nian's aura. When she pulled a straight face, it was quite a bit frightening.

"You what you! An old slave dares to be so rude in front of young miss. In front of young miss, do you have a right to speak? Hmph!" Lan Wu incessantly lectured Wang mama, that valiant appearance gave Zhang Lin a shock. He really didn't expect frail young miss's servant girl to be so terrifying.

"So noisy!" Lan You Nian has watched enough of this play. In one sentence, she directly appeased Lan Wu who instantly returned to the image of a highly cultured servant girl steeped in propriety, but clearly, no one, at the moment, was convinced.

  Lan Feng looked at young miss who seemed to be very disgusted with Wang mama who couldn't see the situation clearly. She swiftly came to Wang mama's side and with one hand, threw Wang mama out of You Nian pavilion. Zhang Lin, however, was taken aback. After all, Lan Feng's speed was too fast, and her skills were much better than his own. Zhang Lin looked at the young miss with complexity. He always felt that this young miss was not simple but didn't expect that even the servant girls around her to be so formidable. Thinking of this, Zhang Lin was more respectful of Lan You Nian.

"Guard Zhang, since you have entered You Nian pavilion, then you are one of You Nian Pavilion's own. What should be said, what should be seen, you should understand," Lan You Nian looked at Zhang Lin and said, "You guys are You Nian Pavilion's people. This young lady will not treat you unfairly nor will I let you suffer any grievances. There is only one thing, that is no betrayal is allowed. Can you understand?"

The tone was clearly gentle and soft, but there was a pressure oppressing Zhang Lin, causing Zhang Lin's black face to be covered with cold sweat. Zhang Lin knelt down in front of Lan You Nian, "Since Zhang Lin recognized the young miss as master, then there will never be any betrayal. Zhang Lin is only young miss's guard."

One sentence communicated Zhang Lin's attitude. He said that in the future he will not be Lan Jian Jun's subordinate. Instead, he is Lan You Nian's guard and will not betray her.

Originally Lan You Nian was very satisfied with Zhang Lin. Now, it seems that she did not misjudge him. Loyal and clever guards were indeed very good. Lan You Nian will also use with a lot more reassurance.

"Very good, go on, no one from You Nian Pavilion is allowed to be bullied. No matter what happens, this young lady will bear it for you!" Lan You Nian's words gave Zhang Lin a certain authority, otherwise, if An yiniang came to look for trouble, if just blindly tolerating, then that was not Lan You Nian's style.

Having such a protective master, Zhang Lin will do his utmost to tend to You Nian Pavilion's matters in the future.


dowry maid-a maid that follows her mistress from her paternal family to her husband’s family

mamrefers to an elderly maid

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