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The mood of the four people in the box was like a pot of boiling water that just boiled, so excited that is was going to overflow.

Feng Yi Xuan listened to the voice of the woman behind the bead curtain, already confirming that this was indeed Nian Nian. His heart couldn’t become peaceful. It was beating in there, trembling for this stunningly talented girl. Thinking that such a dazzling girl was his own Nian Nian, he became so excited he could hardly control himself.

While the other three people in the box, their mood was like the calm surface of a lake excited with small waves; their mood was like a wave in jubilation.

“What a good 'I was born with talent to be used, do not look down on a youth’s poverty'. Excellent! Excellent!” The always strategizing military advisor, Jing Wu An, after listening to this song, also felt great admiration.

“Life is but a good dream, haha, this Miss Miao Yin is much more liberal than those people in the world. This kind of breadth of mind, even in a man it is difficult to see!” Feng Xiao Qi drank a large mouthful of tea. He seemed to be calming down his own excited emotions.

“As expected, she is worthy of being my goddess ah!” Yu Liu Li undulating chest was full of exultation, then looked at the three other friends and said, “Hmph, don’t know who said who wasn’t willing to come. Don’t know who was it that said I only linger on a woman’s charms. Now you know!”

“Liu Li ah, you finally have good taste for once. There’s progress!” Jing Wu An joked. He originally thought the woman Liu Li valued only had some talent, but now, only just heard one song, he knew this woman was different from other people. Don’t know if one was able to get acquainted with such a woman, what surprises would it bring?

At this time, the three people didn’t notice Feng Yi Xuan, who usually would not spare anything a glance, wearing an expression of pride and doting.

Finished singing one song, Lan You Nian retired from the stage within the bursts of applause. Although everyone in the hall shouted “Miao Yin! Miao Yin! Miao Yin!”, but the woman behind the bead curtain didn’t linger on the ascendancy of the myriad of stars surrounding the moon. Similar to the quiet appearance, she left without a word, leaving everyone’s unfinished recollection of the music just moments ago.

Meanwhile, the delicate man below the stage also expressed an excitement he never felt before, so excited that he doesn't know what words to use to express his inner excitement, only “Miao Yin! Miao Yin!” followed everyone shouting, tears in his eyes that refused to fall. Perhaps, this is an expression!

Although people all came for Miss Miao Yin, it has to be said that Zhen Wei Pavilion’s dishes and wine also made one’s mouth water. After the ears have finished their enjoyment, everyone started the enjoyment of their taste buds. And every time Miss Miao Yin came on stage, Zhen Wei Pavilion’s will always introduce a delicious pastry which usually didn’t appear in Zhen Wei Pavilion.

The delicate man only ordered the cheapest side dishes to eat. Although he felt that he should leave after listening to Miss Miao Yin’s song, since he came, he felt that he should taste the things here, even if he only tried the cheapest.

“Server, I didn’t order this” the delicate man looked at the expensive dishes and wine on his table and couldn’t help feeling a little awkward.

“Young master, this is what Miss Miao Yin requests the young master to taste to thank young master for your appreciation!” The server repeated the steward’s words to the delicate man.

The delicate man was prepared to refuse, but the server continued to say, “Miss Miao Yin doesn’t have the intention of underestimating. Young master please don’t think too much. Try our Zhen Wei Pavilion’s delicacy. It is also one of life’s beautiful things!”

After the delicate man finished listening, he laughed and no longer demurred. Originally, he wanted to say no gains without pains but didn’t expect Miss Miao Yin was actually so reasonable and fair and told him that although she invited him to eat but did not have the meaning of looking down on him.

“I have troubled the server, give thanks to Miss Miao Yin” After the delicate man finished thanking, he tasted the delicacies of Zhen Wei Pavilion. Sure enough, it one of life’s beautiful things. Meanwhile the people around him were a bit envious of the delicate man. After all, someone who can make Miss Miao Yin so caring towards, who wouldn’t envy?

“Little junior sister, your song today is really good!” Once Lan You Nian returned to the third-floor room, Gui San proudly came over to flatter her.

“Third brother, when have you started to say these pleasant words?” Lan You Nian opened a cupboard in the room and took out some of the things inside.

“Ah, little junior sister, is this that jelly dessert thing you’re making?” Gui San’s eyes shined. Ever since he ate the jelly dessert little junior sister made once, it still wasn’t enough ah. But little junior sister, although she had good craftsmanship, was lazy. Usually she wouldn’t go do these at all, perhaps he was lucky enough to eat something nice today?

“No, it’s made for the guests on the second floor,” Lan You Nian shattered Gui San’s beautiful fantasy.

“What? It isn’t for your third brother? You can’t be partial. Although those people did help you before, if it wasn’t them, third brother will certainly protect little junior sister. Little junior sister is not allowed to be partial!” Gui San said dissatisfied.

Lan You Nian ignored Gui San’s ranting. By herself, she made the jelly desserts seriously. No matter what reason the people on the second floor helped her, she would still express herself. It wasn’t that she was kind, but through these to inquire about those people, if they had any intentions towards Zhen Wei Pavilion, have any intentions towards Miao Yin. Perhaps they had some intentions towards the Wu Qing gongzi in the shadows. If there wasn’t any, that was best, but if there is, trying to achieve their purpose by saving her, she can be prepared.

After a long time, Lan You Nian finished making some delicious and good-looking jelly desserts. Gui San hurriedly moved closer. Even the fan that usually didn’t leave him was thrown aside.

Lan You Nian picked up a strawberry-flavored jelly and handed it to Gui San “Here, your favorite strawberry flavor!”

“I just knew little junior sister treated third brother, I, the best! Even remembers what third brother’s favorite flavor is. Sure enough, have junior sister in the family, I have the world ah!” Gui San sighed with deep feeling as he tasted the jelly on the plate, but the mouth didn’t stop blabbering.

“Let the steward come in. I have something for him to do!” Lan You Nian said to Lan Feng who was hidden in the shadows.

In a moment, the steward was slipped into the room by Lan Feng. Lan You Nian instructed him then let him leave.

"(Knock knock)" The knocking on the door sounded, letting the four people who finished using their meal stop chatting.

“Come in!” Feng Yi Xuan said. He could hear that the one knocking outside was An Yi.

“Master, Zhen Wei Pavilion’s steward requests an audience!” An Yi said. According to master's usual attitude, without exception, they were all refused, but it was better to report.

Feng Yi Xuan didn’t say anything yet, Yu Liu Li was already excited, “Quick, come in! I heard the steward is very familiar with Miss Miao Yin!”

“Let him come in!” Feng Yi Xuan ordered. If Miss Miao Yin was Nian Nian, then seeing was fine.

The steward respectfully walked into the box and gave a bow. He didn’t look more nor did he look surprised, “Miss Miao Yin wants this lowly one to come thank each young master for your help and specially made some pastry for the young masters. Hope the young masters do not disdain.”

After the steward finished speaking, he presented that plate of exquisite and lovely jellies, transparent colors that looked to be very appetizing. These people were from the upper class, but have never seen this, inevitably felt it was uniquely strange. When Feng Yi Xuan heard these were made by Nian Nian, he instantly had an impulse to snatch it up.

“Miss Miao Yin actually made these by her own hand? What is this? I haven’t seen it before,” Yu Liu Li looked at the pastries that made people drool and asked.

“Replying to young master, Miss Miao Yin says it is jelly. It is Miss Miao Yin's original creation. It can be tasted after the meal,” After the steward finished introducing, he was ready to leave. After all, the matter master gave to him has been completed.

After An Yi checked and found there was no poison, the several people began to enjoy it. Putting the jelly in the mouth, that trembling and crystal-clear feeling, really was too wonderful. Five colors have five different flavors, sour, sweet, cool, bitter. Every layer was different, making people feel they couldn’t get enough.

The several people were all of the upper class, but at the moment they ate with some impatience. When Yu Liu Li was prepared to eat the seventh one, they found that Feng Yi Xuan had carried off with the remaining jellies left on the plate, making the three people who saw this itch in their hearts.

“Feng Yi Xuan, don’t go too far! Are you that kind of glutinous person? Don’t waste it. Quick, give it to me!” Yu Liu Li channeled his energy, ready to snatch it.

“Yea, sixth younger brother, the cooks in your manor, even the royal palace cannot match. Don’t fight with your royal brother over it!” Right now, Feng Xia Qi decisively stood on Yu Liu Li’s side.

“Wangye, if the jelly is eaten too much, it isn’t good. Wangye can’t overeat!” Even Jing Wu An started to think of a way to fight for it. Honestly, it was too delicious, the novel jelly was too delicious. Any masks were all left behind.

But what answered the three of them was, Feng Yi Xuan, from the window, channeled his qinggong and left. Who let his qinggong be the best?

On the road, Feng Yi Xuan glanced down at the pastries in his hands. Remembering those were made by Nian Nian, don’t know why but he just couldn’t bear to eat them. He thought of those three people actually ate so many and felt very uncomfortable in his heart. A certain Ming wang just like this, carrying pastries, flew back to the wangfu. It scared the shadow guards into shuddering.


gongzi-young master

wangye/wang-prince of first rank

qinggong-martial art ability of lightness which can fly

wangfu-a first rank prince's manor

ascendancy of the myriad of stars surrounding the moon-revel in the popularity or take advantage of popularity

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