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Published at 3rd of August 2020 11:25:32 AM
Chapter 225
225 Xuan’s Recollecting Memories, Nian’s Heartache

August 3, 2020secretdreamwishes

Feng Yi Xuan’s Consort Mother was Jing manor’s legitmate eldest young miss, as well as a well-known talented lady and beauty in the capital, one of the most beautiful women in the capital alongside Lan You Nian’s mother .   Feng Yi Xuan’s mother, Jing shi, has been protected very well by Jing manor .   Above, she had a mother and father who loved her and an older brother who protected her .   In the past, Jing shi was a very happy and a naive girl .

But the year Jing shi was sixteen, she met Feng Xuan who came to the manor to look for Jing Leng .   At that time, Feng Xuan was still a prince and Feng empire already had a Crown Prince, but it still couldn’t hide Feng Xuan’s handsome face and uncommon schemes .   From first glance, Jing shi’s face turned read and heart was moved by him .

Feng Xuan was Jing Leng’s good friend .   That day, he was searching for Jing Leng to discuss a matter so he went to Jing manor but never expected to encounter a young lady in a pink dress standing there .   When Feng Xuan saw the girl’s looks clearly, his heart couldn’t help being moved .   For the first time, Feng Xuan felt his heart being moved .

A young men and young ladies’ romance was such baffling like this .   Because of that one time they met without any interaction, they fell in love with one another .   Ever since then, Feng Xuan often ran to Jing manor .   Jing manor’s people didn’t overthink the matter .   What they didn’t know was that most of the time Feng Xuan came to see Jing shi .   And Jing shi liked to stay by her older brother’s side every day, because this way she could interact more with Feng Xuan and see him more often .

The two were mutually in love and often sneaked off to secretly meet .   In the course of this, the two determined their feelings .   Jing shi told this to her parents and older brother but only got everyone’s objection .   Jing shi didn’t understand .   Whether it was character or looks, Feng Xuan was outstanding .   Why won’t her family agree?

But Jing shi’s parents considered a lot more .   Though Feng xuan was the most outstanding amongst the princes, the Emperor has long chosen a Crown Prince .   If their daughter was to marry Feng Xuan, what should happen to their daughter if Feng Xuan should fight for the throne?  Jing shi’s parents always wished Jing shi to marry an ordinary family’s young master .   That way they could protect their daughter and not let their daughter suffer any grievances .

Jing shi didn’t know her parents’ worries .   At that time, Jing shi’s whole heart was on Feng Xuan .   Feng Xuan similarily loved Jing shi .   After much effort, the two finally obtained Jing manor’s recognition and had the Emperor decree a marriage .   Jing shi became Feng Xuan’s main consort .   

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That year, Feng Xuan once said to Jing shi, he would only marry one wife!  This moved Jing shi, believing she has found the love of her life .

After marriage, Jing shi and Feng Xuan were as in love as before, but good times didn’t last long .   Because of how outstanding Feng Xuan was, the Crown Prince’s faction’s jealous and secret harm to Feng Xuan, Feng Xuan couldn’t bear it anymore and started to join in the fight for the throne, wanting to become the person above all .

Feng Xuan’s seizure of the throne was very dangerous, so he needed help .   Therefore, he needed to marry those daughters of ministers .

Then, Jing shi was pained and helpless but could do nothing .   The man who once loved her now wanted power .   Even if Feng Xuan said he loved her the most, said he has wronged her, Feng Xuan still married one side consort after another into the manor .   Even if Feng Xuan’s love for her was still the same, there was now a rift between the two .

Afterward, Feng Xuan finally killed the Crown Prince and successfully became Feng empire’s crown prince and ascended the throne, and crowned Jing shi as Empress .   An manor’s young lady, An Qian Mei become Noble Consort .   Jing shi once asked Feng Xuan why but Feng Xuan said, he only just ascended the throne so his rule wasn’t stable .   He needed Prime Minister Manor’s power .

Life in the harem was filled with dark schemes .   Though Jing shi has married for many years, her heart was still clean .   Under so many set ups, she still maintained her original heart towards every person .   Even if she blamed Feng xuan, she still lowered her head at the man she loved, because she was pregnant .

Jing shi has married Feng Xuan for many years and has yet to become with child .   Afterward, Feng Xuan ascended the throne, there were several consorts and concubines who became with child, including the arrogant Noble Consort An .   Jing shi’s pregnancy made Feng Yi Xuan unbelievably happy and started to be concerned about Jing shi even more .   The two returned to the days in the past and started their live filled with love .

But good days didn’t last .   After Feng Xia Qi was born, An manor’s power started to dominate half the court .   Noble Consort An outshined all others in the harem, even Feng Xuan continuously stayed in Noble Consort’s palace .   Meanwhile, Jing shi, the empress, because she had a son, Feng Xia Qi, would spend every day teaching Feng Xia Qi .   Her life now had someone to rely on .

Feng Xuan wasn’t unaware of Jing shi’s gradual estrangement but Feng Xuan was helpless .   On one hand was the woman he loved most and on the other hand, was the empire he worked so hard for .   Feng Xuan didn’t want to put down either one, so he purposefully favored Noble Consort An but privately paid attention to Jing shi .   But once a woman’s hurt was wounded, even if you had no alternative, the woman would no longer have any expectations .   Though Jing shi’s personality was naive, she had backbone of a woman .   She already started to put down Feng Xuan .   If it wasn’t necessary, she wouldn’t step out of her palace .

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Jing shi thought she would be trapped in this Empress’s palace her whole life but Jing shi never expected that one day Feng Xuan will come to the palace after being drunk and have relations with her uncaring of her wishes .   It was that night, Jing shi once again became with child and gave birth to Feng Yi Xuan after ten months .

The moment Feng Yi Xuan was born, the mama who delivered him screamed .   Because the newly born sixth prince had a pair of demonic purple eyes .   In an instant, gossip began in the palace .   Many officials jointly demanded the demon Feng Yi Xuan to be killed .

The newly born Feng Yi Xuan was considered a monster in many people’s eyes .   Feng Xuan couldn’t resist the court and the harem’s joint submission of memorials and suppressed his pain to kill this child .   Feng Xuan felt once he got rid of Prime Minister’s faction, he and Jing shi will have many children .   Thus, this child couldn’t stay .

But what surprised Feng Xuan was, when Jing shi knew those people anted to kill her child, she used her life to threaten Feng Xuan and even pleaded with Noble Consort An .   If she could let her child live, she will never take a step out of the Empress’s palace .

For Jing shi, she didn’t fear demons or evil monsters .   This was the child she managed to give birth to with much hardship, the flesh that dropped from her body, the child she wanted to protect!

With Jing shi’s pleading and Jing manor’s protection, Feng Yi xuan’s life was saved .   And the Empress, as she had promised, never took a step out of the Empress’s palace .   After many years, many people have forgotten there was still an Empress and only knew of the Noble Consort An .

In the five years, Feng Xuan came to the Empress’s palace many times to see Jing shi, but unfortunately, Jing shi’s heart was dead .   Towards this man she once loved with her whole heart, she no longer possessed any feelings, so every time Feng Xuan left, he was filled with rage .

In those five years of life, the Empress always attentively took care of Feng Yi Xuan .   Because of Feng Yi Xuan’s eyes, no one was willing to play with him, but Feng Yi Xuan was glad that Consort Mother always loved him, making him feel warm and happy .   Older brother protected him too .   When someone called him a demon, older brother will charge up and beat them up .

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But when Feng Yi Xuan was five years old, while Feng Xia Qi took lessons with a teacher, he was staying with Imperial Mother, An Qian Mei and some other consorts led guards to barge into Empress’s palace, saying to the guards, “Empress Jing shi commits debauchery in the harem!  Capture her!”

Jing shi wanted to fight back how was a woman a match for those guards .   Jing shi’s personal servant girls were killed by those guards and the little Feng Yi Xuan was hidden by a mama in the grass of the imperial palace .

“Noble Consort An, this empress has not done such a thing!  This empress wants to see His Majesty!” Jing shi shouted .   She already gave in so much yet why do they still not let her go?

Those consorts looked at Jing shi gloatingly .   Even if Jing shi doesn’t take a step out of Empress’s palace, every time His Majesty obtained something valuable, he always sent it to the Empress’s palace .   He often entered Empress’s manor, even if every time he charged out in anger .   The women of the palace had heavy jealous hearts, so they have long had the desire for revenge towards Jing shi .

No matter how Jing shi tried to defend herself, however much she begged or raged, it was no use .   Those consorts, already let those guards start her sentence .   The little Feng Yi Xuan hid in the grass, watching his Consort Mother suffering in pain .   Knowing he couldn’t save his Consort Mother, he ran over to find the Imperial Father he hated the most, to let this so called Imperial Father save his Consort Mother .

The little Feng Yi Xuan stumbled all the way, falling an unknown number of times, before finally found Imperial Father staying in one consort’s palace but the guard outside refused to allow Feng Yi Xuan to enter .   Feng Yi xuan shouted but his mouth was covered up by the guard .   Feng Yi Xuan saw his Imperial Father holding a young and beautiful consort as he kissed her .   The laughter from Imperial Father’s lips made the little Feng Yi Xuan’s eyes bleed red .

Feng Yi Xuan bit the guard and ran .   He knew Imperial Father wasn’t reliable .   He must find Imperial Brother, so he came over to the teacher’s place to find older brother, stuttering as he informed him of Consort Mother’s trouble .   When Feng Xia Qi pulled the little younger brother running over to Consort Mother’s palace, what they saw was Jing shi being covered by blood after torture and Jing shi had already lost her life!

That year, Feng Xia Qi and Feng Yi Xuan were still children as they held the dead Jing shi kneeling there .   The consort who caused all this already escaped .   When Feng Xuan received the news, his expression was pained as he came to the Empress’s palace and saw Jing shi who already had no warmth .

The little Feng Yi xuan saw the consort who was still by Feng Xuan’s side .   Remembering this consort was the very one who was with his Imperial Father, Feng Yi Xuan picked up the sword of a guard and slaughtered that consort .   That was Feng Yi Xuan’s first time killing someone but there was no softness in his heart, his eyes only filled with ice and hatred .

The only five year old Feng Yi Xuan held his Consort Mother’s body, refusing to allow Feng Xuan to touch her .   This man shouldn’t touch his Consort Mother .   Feng Yi Xuan only felt he was so dirty!

It was from that day, Feng Yi Xuan has never genuinely smiled and Feng Xia Qi turned into someone who wore a mask all day .   That year, Feng Yi Xuan encountered the Devil Lord everyone in the pugilistic world feared and became the Devil Lord’s disciple!

The Devil Lord’s teachings for Feng Yi Xuan were filled with blood .   When the little Feng Yi Xuan followed the Devil Lord in practicing martial arts, his body was littered with scars .   Most of the time, he was beaten half to death .   Then on the second day, he continued to practice martial arts .   During these days, Feng Yi Xuan’s body has never been perfectly intact .   There were countless big and small wounds that were shocking to see .   Under such a training, Feng Yi Xuan slowly grew stronger .   His person became even colder .

Until Feng Yi Xuan turned ten years old, the Devil Lord passed away, Feng Yi Xuan learned all of the Devil Lord’s martial arts and lost arts and became a powerful being that not many people could match and established Ghost Realm, later entering the military and joined the campaign to war, becoming the Prince Ming everyone feared .

Even though Feng Yi Xuan described it very lightly, Lan You Nian knew of the confusion of a child being called a monster, the grief from losing his Consort Mother, and the pain from learning martial arts was not as easy as Feng Yi Xuan described it to be .

“Xuan, I’m with you now .   I’ll always be with you!” Lan You Nian looked into Feng Yi Xuan’s purple eyes .   That purple was very beautiful, like the sun rising from the horizon or the sun setting in the Western sky, that most beautiful purple haze, incomparably magnificent and mysterious with endless transformations .   With just once glance, it was enough to remember for a lifetime .

“I know, I won’t let you leave me!” Feng Yi Xuan locked on Lan You Nian’s chin, kissing those cherry lips .   The menacing, domineering and forceful kiss, Feng Yi Xuan felt his mouth fill with Nian Nian’s breath, carrying a mellow wine aroma, an enchanting fragrance, making Feng Yi Xuan yearn for it .

Nian Nian, if my past pain allowed me to meet you, then I gladly endure any hardship!  Because with you, all the bitterness, for me, it will no longer be painful… .

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