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Chapter 218
Chapter 218 You Nian, Xuan Xuan Fall Into Trap

As for Hua Xiu Yi jumping down, Lan You Nian was surprised . Hua Xiu Yi, in Lan You Nian’s heart, was an extremely selfish man . It was good if he didn’t step on them while they’re in danger . She didn’t expect he would make such a move .

Hua Xiu Yi himself couldn’t explain the reasoning behind his own actions . When he saw the two fall down at the same time, he was worried . Then, when he saw Feng Yi Xuan not care about himself and pushed Lan You Nian away from that trap, he was shocked . But when he saw Lan You Nian was about to fall into another trap, Hua Xiu Yi, without even thinking, jumped into this mechanism . In the moment he touched Lan You Nian, Hua Xiu Yi felt he did the right thing .

When Feng Yi Xuan sent Lan You Nian out of the trap, he already had a plan . He knew he might be able to escape from this trap but Nian Nian couldn’t . As for the other trap, he already assessed it in that instant . With Nian Nian’s abilities, she might get hurt but she will live . However, Feng Yi Xuan didn’t expect to see Hua Xiu Yi to jump down to help Nian Nian . If it was usual time, Feng Yi Xuan will be jealous and get angry to kill Hua Xiu Yi, but in this moment, Feng Yi Xuan only felt gratitude . As long as Nian Nian was safe and sound, for Feng Yi Xuan, nothing was more important . As for those petty thoughts and the taste of vinegar, how can it compare to Nian Nian’s safety?

Feng Yi Xuan retracted his attention and held his breath as he plunged into the ice cold bone-piercing cold pool . From the start, Feng Yi Xuan knew there was a cold pool below . It was a thousand year old cold pool . Plunging into the cold pool, even if Feng Yi Xuan had internal force protecting his body, he still felt his bones were being frozen into ice . Feng Yi Xuan only felt glad he sent Nian Nian out . Otherwise, with Nian Nian’s body, if she fell into this cold pool, it would most likely end up taking Nian Nian’s life .

Even if Feng Yi Xuan had powerful martial arts, the moment he fell into the water, his back was pricked by the countless barbs in the water . In moments, his back became bloody . His injured back were especially painful in the cold water . Feng Yi Xuan’s feet kicked, preparing to swim to shore . Feng Yi Xuan was still some distance from the shore when Feng Yi Xuan’s ears twitched and noticed many unknown fish emerged in the water . These fish gaped open their serrated mouths . Smelling the blood, they wildly swam at Feng Yi Xuan .

Feng Yi Xuan took out his dagger, slicing off a fish that was about to take a bite out of his legs and swam even quicker . However, there was so many fish in the pool and the water can’t compare to land which more or less slowed him down . Though Feng Yi Xuan remained cautious, he was still bitten by some fish and received several injuries before he swam up to shore .

Feng Yi Xuan swiftly leapt out of the water and onto land . What was so horrifying was that some of those fish even jumped out of the pool, wanting to take a bite out of Feng Yi xuan . Feng Yi Xuan glared coldly at the ice cold pool . His skin has been frozen that it was slightly blue tinged . If it wasn’t for Feng Yi Xuan’s immense internal strength, he would have frozen to death . Feng Yi Xuan very simply stopped the blood of the wounds on his back and wounds from being bitten . Those medicine were ones Nian Nian had stuffed in his clothes when they left last night . Thinking of Nian Nian, Feng Yi Xuan felt anxious inside .

Unheeding to his need for rest, Feng Yi Xuan started to search for a way out . He knew Nian Nian was still waiting for him . His Nian Nian was still there . He must get out as quickly as possible…

Hua Xiu Yi held Lan You Nian as they fell rapidly . Though Lan You Nian disliked other people’s nearness, this wasn’t the time to act out . If they weren’t careful, they could both lose their lives . She knew with Feng Yi Xuan’s capabilities, he would make it out alive, so she must live also .

From a distance, they saw the place they were about to fall was a mottled earth covered with thorns that were applied with poison . Lan You Nian adjusted her body so that she won’t be so greatly injured when she fell; it was especially important to avoid those vital areas .

Just as Lan You Nian was done preparing, as they were about to crash, Hua Xiu Yi twisted as he held Lan You Nian, making it so Hua Xiu Yi was on the bottom and Lan You Nian was on top . Lan You Nian didn’t have the time to be surprised for they already crashed onto the ground, accompanied by Hua Xiu Yi’s groan as well as a faint scent of blood .

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In an instant, Lan You Nian scrambled off of Hua Xiu Yi and hastily yanked Hua Xiu Yi up . The barbs were in too deep . When Lan You Nian pulled Hua Xiu Yi up, she could hear the sound of the barbs being ripped out . Lan You Nian rounded on Hua Xiu Yi to look at his back and sure enough, she saw several holes flowing with black blood . It appears to be poisoned . Lan You Nian looked at Hua Xiu Yi’s wound without saying a word . She really didn’t understand why Hua Xiu Yi did that .

“What? Are you moved by this crown prince?” Hua Xiu Yi endured the pain on his body, smirking as he said, “Or do you want to repay with your body? This crown prince doesn’t mind!”

Lan You Nian pushed back her complicated emotions to look at Hua Xiu Yi . No matter what, Hua Xiu Yi did save her . She owed him a favor, Lan You Nian thought indifferently, without considering the possibility of Hua Xiu Yi’s other intentions for her .

“If you continue to utter nonsense, there’s no need for you to leave for I’ll kill you!” Lan You Nian snapped coldly . She disliked Hua Xiu Yi from the start . Now because Hua Xiu Yi did this, there was a slight change in her opinion but it wasn’t enough to joke around like friends .

Lan You Nian took out the ointment she carried with her and handed it to Hua Xiu Yi, “Apply it!”

Hua Xiu Yi looked at the quality ointment, feeling a sliver of delight and warmth . Only such a woman who clearly is apathetic and cruel yet at the same time filled with warmth . Wasn’t such a person a contradiction? But it made people want to come closer .

“This crown prince was injured because of you . It wouldn’t be excessive if you put it on for me right?” Hua Xiu Yi asked roguishly . His back hurt so much he wanted to shout but when he looked at the completely unharmed girl in front of him, Hua Xiu Yi felt his injuries were worth it .

Lan You Nian emotionlessly peered at Hua Xiu Yi as her pink lips spat out words that angered one to death, “You were going to be injured anyways!” The ointment she carried with her were the best . Those personally prepared by Medical Valley’s valley master were in high demand but lacking in supply . Yet this Hua Xiu Yi was still babbling, so noisy .

Hearing Lan You Nian’s heartless words, Hua Xiu Yi didn’t know what his expression should be . If a normal woman encountered such a situation, wouldn’t they be utterly moved? But looking at Lan You Nian, where was any appearance of being touched? Hua Xiu Yi felt he was so wronged .

Lan You Nian turned around to let Hua Xiu Yi apply the ointment . Because it was on his back, it took a great effort from Hua Xiu Yi . After struggling for some time, he spilled the medicinal powder on . The holes on his back have stopped bleeding . Hua Xiu Yi was fascinated, not expecting Lan You Nian’s medicinal powder to be so good .

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After Hua Xiu Yi had applied the medicine, Lan You Nian raised her feet, about to continue walking but Hua Xiu Yi’s voice started, “Eh? Aren’t I the patient? Can’t we rest a bit before walking?” Hua Xiu Yi wasn’t lying . Though the wound have stopped bleeding, it couldn’t cure the poison . He already felt dizzy .

Lan You Nian glanced at Hua Xiu Yi, knowing Hua Xiu Yi is poisoned but she was more worried about Feng Yi Xuan’s safety . Feng Yi Xuan’s side was more dangerous than it was here . The most important for her was to escape from here as fast as possbile . Hence, LAn You Nian didn’t speak and continued advancing forward .

Hua Xiu Yi saw Lan You Nian leave by herself . His pale lips tugged bitterly, “So heartless!” But, he couldn’t put her down, what should he do?

The two of them started looking for an exit in this unknown forest . As long as they were able to leave this forest, everything would be easy . It’s a pity that after wandering for two days, they still haven’t escaped the forest…

Because of two day’s depletion, Lan You Nian and Hua Xiu Yi have been satisfying their hunger on the wild fruits in the forest and when they’re thirsty, they’d quench their thirst by drinking from the spring in the forest . Lan You’s body wasn’t good in the first place; plus, with relapse of the poison, she’s lost a lot of weight, but her expression was still alert, not dispirited at all . Until the last minute, she didn’t allow herself to give up .

Hua Xiu Yi wasn’t any better off . Maybe because of the poison, Hua Xiu Yi’s face was a little blue . The previously unscrupulous image has become drab . During the night, they rested in the forest, though Lan You Nian was determined to stay vigil for the night, she was refused by Hua Xiu Yi . Hence, why Hua Xiu Yi was so discomposed .

“Do you want to rest for a bit?” Hua Xiu Yi asked Lan You Nian . He liked Lan You Nian in the past; otherwise he wouldn’t have jumped into the trap without a care to his life . After two days of interaction, Hua Xiu Yi not only liked Lan You Nian, he appreciated and admired Lan You Nian . Such a woman showed no anxiety or weakness and her attitude and skill shown were impressive .

Lan You Nian looked at Hua Xiu Yi who was almost unable to support his body and nodded . The two of them sat down on respective rocks, watching as the night quietly fell upon them . Though Lan You Nian was in a hurry to get out, Lan You Nian wasn’t blind to Hua Xiu Yi’s care for her the last two days; so, her attitude towards Hua Xiu Yi was much improved but without any affection, because all her affections were given to Feng Yi Xuan . She was unable to give another person a sliver .

Just as the two were resting, the two suddenly stood up . They both heard the rustling sounds coming from the forest . It wasn’t sounds of footsteps but those of wild beasts . Lan You Nian and Hua Xiu Yi’s entire body tensed up, gripping their daggers standing ready as they scanned the pitch black forest .

When Lan You Nian saw the wolf pack emerging from the forest, her hold tightened around the dagger while Hua Xiu Yi shown a rare grim expression . In the darkness, it was difficult to see how many wolves there were, but seeing the eyes that glowed green, they knew it wasn’t a small amount .

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Lan You Nian and Hua Xiu Yi didn’t dare recklessly move, afraid they’d provoke the wolf pack . It would be fine it was only one or two but now there were so many wolves, no matter how powerful they were, they’d be at a disadvantage should they get into a fight with these beasts . Additionally, they didn’t have any weapons except their daggers .

“I will try deal with these wolves . You find an opportunity to run!” Hua Xiu Yi moved over to Lan You Nian, saying . He could even catch of whiff of Lan You Nian’s bodily fragrance . Hua Xiu Yi felt he was really sick, the sickness was not light, but if it was for this woman, he won’t have any regrets .

Lan You Nian’s eyes flashed and shook her head . She didn’t possess any thoughts of repaying the favor but rather they still have some chances of winning . If it was only one person, they could only die . Besides, where could she run to? She wasn’t familiar with these woods but these wolves were . She couldn’t run far; thus, she can only fight!

Hua Xiu Yi wasn’t aware of Lan You Nian’s thoughts . Seeing Lan You Nian want to stay, he felt his heart warm . This was the first time he wasn’t abandoned by another person, nor did he abandon the other . This feeling wasn’t bad .

Maybe because the wolves lost patience, a few fierce wolves directly snarled at Lan You Nian and Hua Xiu Yi and pounced . Lan You Nian and Hua Xiu Yi, in the wolves’ eyes, were a delicious dinner . The wolves barred their teeth, drool dripping from the gaps between the sharp teeth, appearing even more horrifying in the night .

One ferocious wolf charged at Lan You Nian . As the wolf’s sharp teeth were about to snap Lan You Nian’s neck, Lan You Nian shifted, her upper torso turned sideways, dodging the wolf’s teeth . Clenching the dagger in her hand, her hand flashed like lightning as the blade thrust into that wolf’s skill . The ferocious wolf died instantly .

Hua Xiu Yi, though he’s been poisoned, his martial arts weren’t bad . When the wolves rushed at him, his whole body leapt onto the wolf’s body, and like Lan You Nian, a swipe of the blade ended its life . The wolf’s blood sprayed onto Hua Xiu Yi’s face, adding a bloody charm to Hua Xiu Yi’s fine, attractive cheeks .

Though Lan You Nian and Hua Xiu Yi killed several wolves, it only enraged the wolf pack even more . By nature, wolves are pack animals . All of the wolves became restless . Those wolves stared at Lan You Nian and Hua Xiu Yi, their black eyes full of savagery . The alpha of the pack howled . The wolves seemed to have received a message as all the wolves toned hind legs bent, kicked, leaping in streamline formation with their maws wide open, aiming for Lan You Nian and Hua Xiu Yi’s necks .

Lan You Nian’s dagger danced rapidly . In an instant, she killed the nearest wolves . Hua Xiu Yi wasn’t a weakling, either . A few wolves died by a blast from his internal force .

While Lan You Nian focused on holding against one wolf after another, a ferocious wolf opened its mouth, about to chomp down on Lan You Nian’s arm . It was at this moment, it was blocked . The wolf snapped down on Hua Xiu Yi’s arm .

It was a good thing Hua Xiu Yi moved quickly . Only a piece of flesh was bitten off from the arm; the bone wasn’t harmed . Only the arm holding the dagger was no longer so agile .

Lan You Nian scanned the mass of wolves and shouted to Hua Xiu Yi, “Run!” Saying this, she yanked on Hua Xiu Yi’s injured arm, using qinggong to escape promptly . The wolves chased at their heels, making Lan You Nian feel the impulse to curse . Why were these wolves so determined and untiring?

Hua Xiu Yi looked at the arm being yanked on, suddenly feeling warm inside . All these years, he felt he had no heart, always feeling like their was a big hole there, blowing with cold wind . But now, Hua Xiu Yi felt his heart was warm, especially warm .

Hua Xiu Yi suddenly exclaimed, “Do you see? It looks like there’s a cave ahead!”

Lan You Nian turned her gaze in that direction . Sure enough, there was cave . In unison, the two of them headed in another direction to lure the wolf pack away . Then, controlling their qinggong to the max, they flew up onto the lush sky-reaching trees . The dense branches and leaves blocked them from sight . From above, they looked down at the wolf pack that was still wandering around searching for them .

The two of them silently flew in the direction of the cave…

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