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Chapter 217
Chapter 217 Lan You Nian is Injured

The residence built by Qian manor had a gray roof over white walls and a grand gateway arch . There were intricate carvings on the walls of the arch . The carvings on the roof was even more exquisite . There was a continuous water system running through the entire building . In addition with the verdant trees offering shade and the mountains echoing in reply, it gave people a feeling of being in a paradise .

Though there were many guards and manservants milling around the outskirts of Qian manor-there was an even more good number of shadow guards hidden in the shadows-the three of their martial arts was superior, so they very easily steered away from them and arrived at a study . The study was pitch black . The three of them sneakily inched open the doors of the study . In a blink of an eye, they darted into the study, closing the doors without anyone noticing .

The three of them had superior martial arts so even though it was night, they can still discern the layout of the study . The three of them shared a look with one another; then, they immediately started searching for the position of the mechanism . Because they had the token, they easily found the mechanism which was the inkstone on the study desk .

Feng Yi Xuan took out the token given to him by Jing Wu An and pressed the token onto the inkstone . The two objects seemed to merge together without a gap . As the token connected with the inkstone, the study’s bookshelf gradually shifted . In a breath, the bookshelf opened up, revealing the stairs inside .

Feng Yi Xuan peeled the token off and put it back into his sleeve and held Lan You Nian as they entered the secret compartment . Hua Xiu Yi rubbed his nose, gazing helplessly at the two people who paid him no heed, and followed them in . The moment the three entered the hidden compartment, the bookshelf entrance shut behind them . It wasn’t really a room for there was only a set of stairs that led to an unknown place . The marble walls of the steps were hung with night pearls, allowing them to see their current situation, silent yet full of danger .

“Truly derserving of being Jiangnan’s wealthiest family . No ordinary clan can accomplish such a style!” Hua Xiu Yi commended . It was normal for any family to have a secret room, but it’s unknown where this secret compartment leads off to .

Feng Yi Xuan nodded in agreement . He gripped Lan You Nian’s hand even tighter and said, “Be careful!” This was not only said to Lan You Nian, it was also intended for Hua Xiu Yi, not that he suddenly became concerned for Hua Xiu Yi, but Feng Yi Xuan knew that such a person with powerful martial arts increased the odds of Lan You Nian’s safety .

Hua Xiu Yi, on the other hand, was stunned, not expecting this iceberg-like Feng Yi Xuan to say such words . It gave Hua Xiu Yi chills thinking about it . Could it be his beauty that made Feng Yi Xuan take pity on him? Pei pei, Hua Xiu Yi laughed foolishly . What nonsense was he thinking of? With Feng Yi Xuan’s temper, he probably wants him to protect Lan You Nian . This time, he willingly lets himself be calculated .

Feng Yi Xuan held Lan You Nian’s hand as they walked forward while Hua Xiu Yi tailed behind them . They walked on the steps without making a sound, their expressions serious and whole person alert . After they’ve been walking on the steps for a while, suddenly there was a sound of something whizzing through the air . From the wall, several arrows shot out .

The three of them were constantly on alert so when the arrows darted out, the three of immediately dashed ahead, taking out their daggers and deftly cut off the ceaseless rain of arrows . Lan You Nian was more thorough in observation, noticing the arrows shone with a black light, which meant the arrows carried poison . Lan You Nian warned the others, “There’s poison on the arrows!”

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Hearing this, Feng Yi Xuan and Hua Xiu Yi were even more attentive, not for themselves but for Lan You Nian . Because there were too many arrows, Feng Yi Xuan was forced to yank Lan You Nian’s hand . His entire body blocked in front of Lan You Nian . If there were too many arrows and they couldn’t withstand it, there wouldn’t be any harm to Lan You Nian . Meanwhile, Hua Xiu Yi rounded on Lan You Nian’s back, protecting her as he paid attention to the surrounding arrows . At times when Lan You Nian struggled, he would lend a hand .

After a while, the rain of arrows finally ceased . They stopped for a moment to recover some strength . Feng Yi Xuan took out a handkerchief to wipe the thin layer of sweat on Lan You Nian’s forehead and carefully scanned Lan You Nian, gently asking, “Are you hurt?”

Lan You Nian’s eyes flashed and smiled, “Of course not! You?”

Feng Yi Xuan saw Lan You Nian was indeed uninjured and was reassured as he answered, “I’m fine!”

Hua Xiu Yi glanced at Lan You Nian, his eyes pervaded with an unknown light . At this moment, Lan You Nian turned her head to look at Hua Xiu Yi, her eyes carried a warning as she smiled, “Is Crown Prince Hua injured?” From her voice, one couldn’t hear anything wrong but Lan You Nian’s gaze weren’t too friendly .

Hua Xiu Yi smiled bitterly and shot Feng Yi Xuan a veiled look of envy, recovering his charming low-tone voice, “This crown prince has powerful martial arts . How can I be hurt?”

Hearing Hua Xiu Yi’s words, Lan You Nian sighed in relief inside and withdrew her gaze .

“Tired?” Feng Yi Xuan knew they shouldn’t stay here long so added, “Let me carry you on my back?”

Lan You Nian shook her head . Though Feng Yi Xuan felt heartache for her, even at this time he didn’t want her to suffer, Lan You Nian has never been a delicate, fragile girl . Especially at a time like this, how can she drag down Feng Yi Xuan’s physical strength?

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Seeing Lan You Nian’s determination, Feng Yi Xuan only gripped Lan You Nian’s hand and continued forward . At this moment, Feng Yi Xuan didn’t notice when he was going to hold Lan You Nian’s right hand, Lan You Nian offered her left hand instead . Hua Xiu Yi saw it clearly; however, he knew he can’t say anything . If he mentioned it, Lan You Nian probably won’t ever mind him again .

Hua Xiu Yi’s eyes flashed staring at the two’s intersecting fingers . When they were blocking the rain of arrows, Feng Yi Xuan kept protecting Lan You Nian from the front while he protected her from the back . At that time, a hidden weapon that was similar to a nail darted out by Feng Yi Xuan . Before he could react, he saw Lan You Nian using her dagger to block it . Because the hidden weapon was too powerful, Hua Xiu Yi clearly saw the hidden weapon’s sharpness cutting Lan You Nian’s wrist . Actually, it wasn’t much of an injury but in that instant, the wound turned a black tinge .

At that moment, Hua Xiu Yi was very worried but when he noticed Lan You Nian shot him a look, that look clearly warned him not to disclose it . In addition with the unending rain of arrows, Hua Xiu Yi saved his energy to block those arrows . As for Lan You Nian, she tugged on her sleeves to hide the fine cut .

Hua Xiu Yi looked at Lan You Nian who appeared fine but wasn’t reassured by this; however, he understood Lan You Nian’s misgivings . From the moment they entered the secret room, they couldn’t turn back because there was no turning back from this mechanism . They can only find the exit, only then will they be completely safe . If at this time Feng Yi Xuan knew of Lan You Nian’s injury and being poisoned, Feng Yi Xuan won’t allow Lan You Nian to do anything and will only protect Lan You Nian . To this extend, it would be a cumbrance . Thus, he can only conceal the matter and find the exit as quickly as possible .

Hua Xiu Yi’s heart ached for that this strong woman who was able to remain calm in a moment like this . At the same time, he envied Feng Yi Xuan for being able to obtain her love . There was still faint worry in his heart he couldn’t ignore, but he couldn’t do anything . The most important thing to do was to find the exit .

At this moment, Lan You Nian and Hua Xiu Yi didn’t see Feng Yi Xuan’s countenance as he was walking in the very front . The deep pupils were like a bottomless abyss, exuding an air of death .

Feng Yi Xuan was always constantly paying attention to Lan You Nian, so how could he not notice when Nian Nian’s wrist was injured . Feng Yi Xuan knew at the very start when the hidden weapon shot out . At that time, he wasn’t able to dodge, because once he evaded it, the countless arrows would be aimed at Nian Nian . Nian Nian wasn’t capable of evading all of them . He already prepared to be injured, but he didn’t expect Nian Nian to cut off the hidden weapon . There were actually two hidden weapons; hence why it cut Nian Nian .

When Feng Yi Xuan asked Lan You Nian if she was hurt, he was prepared to hold Nian Nian in his arms, but when he saw Nian Nian didn’t explain, seeing Nian Nian’s concealment, how could he not know Nian Nian’s intentions? He knew doing so was for the best, so he did as she wished and pretended he didn’t know .

The steps seemed to be very long . The three of them walked for a long time before they reached the end . Then, they noticed there was a palace-like chamber at the end of the steps . In the very center of the chamber, there was a box . Feng Yi Xuan and Lan You Nian were instantly certain this box most likely contained Heaven’s Tear Heart .

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But none of the three moved, for Jing Wu An warned them this secret room leads to some kind of forest or some other place . There wasn’t an exit in this room, which meant there was a big problem with this chamber .

Lan You Nian took off the hairpin on her head and threw it at the middle of the chamber . Sure enough, from all four sides, countless arrows and hidden weapons sprung out . If they really acted recklessly and went to take the object, though they might not lose their life, they would certainly be gravely injured .

After the arrows and hidden weapons have stopped, Lan You Nian took out the white silk she carried with her . “You guys control the silk while I’ll go grab it . ” Their position was quite a distance from the the center . Hence, Lan You Nian was going to get it herself . By letting Feng Yi Xuan control the silk, if something went wrong, Feng Yi Xuan could yank her back at the first instant . If he could’t drag her back, at the very least, Feng Yi Xuan wouldn’t be injured . Before when she hasn’t fallen in love, Lan You Nian never considered she could be so selfless, but she truly didn’t wish for Feng Yi Xuan to be hurt .

Just as Lan You Nian’s voice ended, she received two people’s refusal . Feng Yi Xuan could never allow Lan You Nian to take the risk . Hence, he said to Lan You Nian, “My martial arts is comparatively better . I’ll go get it . You can be reassured!”

But how can Lan You Nian be reassured? However, it wasn’t a solution if the two of them continued on this stalemate . Thus, Lan You Nian grit her teeth saying, “Together!” No matter they encounter today, she must accompany Feng Yi Xuan .

Feng Yi Xuan nodded, agreeing . At the same time, he shot a look at Hua Xiu Yi, the expression was obscure and difficult to understand, but Hua Xiu Yi understood . Hua Xiu Yi dropped his indecorous smile, nodding his head solemnly .

Feng Yi Xuan held Lan You Nian’s hand, using qinggong to fly towards the center of the room . Then, the two of them stopped before a box . Lan You Nian opened the box and saw a purple medicinal herb sleeping inside . The purple herb was the very Heaven’s Tear Heart they’ve been searching for all along .

The two shared a look, prepared to look . But at this moment, the entire room the floor opened up . Feng Yi Xuan and Lan You Nian fell before they could react .

In an instant, Feng Yi Xuan pulled Lan You Nian into his arms; however, when he noticed there was water below and spikes in the water, Feng Yi Xuan used martial force to thrust Lan You Nian up . Under Lan You Nian’s worried and disbelieving eyes, he threw Lan You Nian out of the trap they tumbled into .

Lan You Nian did’t expect Feng Yi Xuan to throw her out for her own safety . The moment he threw her up, it meant he’ll fall down even faster . Lan You Nian was so fearful . She feared the trap below will harm Feng Yi Xuan .

“Trust me!” Feng Yi Xuan’s voice was carried by internal force . Lan You Nian bit down on her lips watching Feng Yi Xuan fall . She was thrown into the open space adjacent to theirs . It was clear it wasn’t as dangerous in this space .

Lan You Nian trusted Feng Yi Xuan, knowing he’ll be fine . Then, she must focus on not letting herself be injured .

Just as Lan You Nian steadied her emotions watching as she fell, she noticed her waist being held . Lan You Nian joyously looked over but seeing Hua Xiu Yi, she was obviously disappointed . But this wasn’t the time to talk .

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