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Chapter 200: 200
Chapter 200 Reunion Dinner

After attending the New Year’s Eve Banquet at the palace, everyone departed from the imperial palace and headed towards Lan manor, because they’ve all decided on spending New Year’s Eve together . Though this suggestion was rejected by Feng Yi Xuan because he wanted to spend New Year’s Eve with just Lan You Nian, in the end, Lan You Nian agreed to it, so… .

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Tonight’s Lan manor was particularly lively . Uncle Lan has already ordered the kitchen to make plenty of dishes . Seeing one carriage after another stopping in front of Lan manor’s gates, Uncle Lan stood at the doors formally greeting all the noble personages . It’s doubtful that any other family would have so many noble personages over for New Year’s Eve .

“You guys go sit down . I’m going to pick up grandfather and his family!” Lan You Nian said and then saw He Chu Yang riding his steed over to Lan manor’s doors . Because He manor didn’t attend the New Year’s Eve Banquet, Lan You Nian wanted to bring everyone over to spend the New Year’s together .

In the past, the Medical Valley didn’t celebrate New Year’s Eve . Lan You Nian felt it was because shifu had an unhappy past, so she would remind Gui Yi Zi on the day of the New Year and the senior brothers will return to the Medical Valley to accompany shifu .

“Cousin-brother, I was just saying that I was going to He manor to pick up grandfather!” Lan You Nian beamed .

“No need!” He Chu Yang jumped of the horse and said, “Grandfather, Father and Mother is celebrating New Year’s Eve at the manor . You know grandfather that stubborn old man can’t be persuaded . Besides, it’s too cold; it won’t be convenient for grandfather to come out . He’s fine with father and mother accompanying him!”

Lan You Nian thought that’s right . Tutor He was already up in age . With the cold weather and ground frozen, if she were to bring grandfather out, it would be bad for his health .

“Nian’er meimei, I heard you have collected several jugs of good wine . How about bringing it out tonight!” Feng Xia Qi said thirsting for a taste . With this, everyone had their eyes on Lan You Nian . Though it was in the afternoon, Lan You Nian could already see the brightness in their eyes .

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Lan You Nian didn’t answer . She left everyone’s stomach hanging . Once you’ve had a taste of the wine Lan You Nian has made, you will become obsessed with it . Even Lan Jian Jun looked curiously at his daughter . Usually, he couldn’t drink but it was alright to have some during the eve of the new year .

Upon entering You Nian Pavilion, they noticed the courtyard has been completely renovated . All around the courtyard, there hung many festive red cute little animal lanterns of all kinds . Hua Mu Qing and Yue Bai Lian were instantly won over by Lan Qu’s craftsmanship .

“Did you make this yourself?” Hua Mu Qing picked up a little rabbit lantern, asking Lan Qu with surprise .

Lan Qu smiled as she arranged a large table in You Nian Pavilion’s courtyard,”I did make these but it was young miss’s idea!”

“Wow!” Yu Liu Li used qinggong to take off a lantern hanging from high up, studying it left and right, and exclaimed, “How is it so exquisite? Nian’er meimei, you’re born to be a hit to people’s pride!”

Lan You Nian felt a headache coming seeing the lantern being taken down . As soon as Feng Yi Xuan saw Lan You Nian’s troubled expression, his countenance froze over, staring at the person who took the lantern down, “Put it back!”

At first, everyone felt cold, not knowing why, but when they saw Feng Yi Xuan’s expression, they instantly understood . Instantly, they all hung the lanterns back . Here, the person they were most afraid of was Feng Yi Xuan who was giving off a cold air .

“Nian’er, how about bringing out the wine? To celebrate my engagement with fourth wangye?” Yue Bai Lian, under Feng Xia Qi’s urgings, asked Lan You Nian in embarrassment .

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“Yeah, such good wine would be wasted if it’s not drunk!” Jing Wu An joined in the fun .

“It’s not the best!” Lan Wu said after arranging the chairs about the table, “Last time, the wine young miss especially made for Ming wang is the best . It wouldn’t be exaggerated to say that the fragrance wafted for miles!” Lan Wu was aware of how much effort young miss spent on making that jar of wine . Even when Gui Yi Zi came to ask for it, she didn’t give it to him . Unexpectedly, she gave it to Ming wang .

With Lan Wu’s words, everyone’s eyes landed on Feng Yi Xuan, Lan Jian Jun was no exception . They were all jealous and wanted to drink wine, resenting they couldn’t run over to Ming wang manor right now to steal that jar of wine; the premise is they had the guts to suffer Feng Yi Xuan’s wrath .

Feng Yi Xuan’s eyebrows raised hearing Lan Wu’s words, his eyes flashing with humor as he looked at the others, “What?”

“No-Nothing!” He Chu Yang was the first to take a few steps back in fear and then Lan Mo Xuan followed suit, leaving Feng Xia Qi standing there looking at Feng Yi Xuan .

“A’Xuan, since the wine is so good, you can’t pocket it yourself!” Feng Xia Qi tried to reason with him .

“Nian Nian gave it to me!” Feng Xia Qi stated without sparing Feng Xia Qi a glance .

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Feng Xia Qi was about to back off when Jing Wu An shot him an encouraging look . Feng Xia Qi persisted, “Good wine is even more aromatic when it is shared! Isn’t it dull drinking it by yourself in Ming wang manor?”

Feng Yi Xuan sat beside Lan You Nian, playing with Lan You Nian’s delicate, seemingly boneless hands, “I have Nian Nian accompanying me!”

“Pu!” Feng Xia Qi felt he was about to vomit blood . How come his younger brother was so stingy? Was it difficult to share some wine? Everyone else glared indignantly at Feng Yi Xuan . Those who refused to share their foot with others were the most hateful .

Lan You Nian burst into laughter seeing their expressions . Feng Yi Xuan, seeing Lan You Nian laughing joyously, felt happy as well . Though he didn’t what he should be happy about, Feng Yi Xuan liked this feeling . He liked having Nian Nian by his side . He liked Nian Nian having a carefree smile .

“Alright alright” Lan You Nian grinned at Lan Feng, “Bring out those jars of wine . There’s no need to be reserved tonight . You guys sit . Let’s eat a reunion dinner . Tell Zhang Lin them not to stand guard anymore and eat with us!”

Hearing this, Lan Qu and the others called the others to eat . An Yi and the others were also present . Though Lan Qu them were already used to eating at the same table with their master, there were still many people who weren’t accustomed to it . So, they carried another large table into You Nian Pavilion, so the masters sat at one table while the subordinates sat in another .

Because there was still some time before that night’s reunion dinner, it’d be dull to sit there doing nothing, Lan You Nian had Lan Qu bring out her zither . It’s been quite a long time since they’ve listened to Lan You Nian play the zither and sing, so they were highly looking forward to it .

“Gentle Water Zither!” Feng Xia Qi exclaimed in surprise when he saw the zither that was placed on the table . He didn’t expect his younger brother to even give this to Lan You Nian . It’s probably been given away quite awhile ago . He really didn’t know what to say about his younger brother anymore .

“What do you want to listen to?” Lan You Nian sat by the Gentle Water Zither, faintly smiling, as misty as a fairy .

“Nian’er meimei, you don’t know that your song is priceless outside . We don’t dare to request for anything!” Jing Wu An chuckled . With Lan You Nian’s identity as Miss Miao Yin there, she no longer goes to perform at Zhen Wei Pavilion, so there were many people who wanted to listen but considering her identity as Lan manor’s legitimate daughter, they didn’t dare say anything .

Lan You Nian glanced at Feng Yi Xuan . She, a white and exquisite face, bright as the autumn moon, a powdered beauty, starry eyes gazing around charmingly, tickling people’s hearts, ardent red lips, parted slightly, exposing her teeth that were white as shells .

Feng Yi Xuan’s eyes shined, his eyes were like moonlight as it brimmed with affection . His attention was focused on Lan You Nian, his eyes soft as if water can be squeezed out of it .

White hands moved, the music rose, a song began…

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