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Chapter 199: 199

199 Face-slapped Yu Qing

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At this moment, the Empress Dowager’s voice sounded, her voice aged and severe, “Since old fourth has already been decreed marriage, then aijia will also look for an ideal husband for aijia’s little grandniece . ”

“Grandaunt!” the girl bashfully stomped her feet, but her gaze kept flickering onto Feng Yi Xuan .

“So this is Imperial Mother’s grandniece? It’s been many years . She’s all grown up now!” Emperor Feng Xuan smiled at the girl but didn’t mention the matter of finding a husband for her . This girl’s line of sight kept landing on old sixth . Emperor Feng Xuan didn’t want to be the bad guy .

“This girl Yu Qing pays respects to Your Majesty!” Yu Qing curtsied .

Lan You Nian only now just remembered this girl was called Yu Qing . She didn’t expect this Yu Qing to have such an identity, as the Empress Dowager’s grandniece . From the looks of it, the Empress Dowager appears to like this Yu Qing very much; otherwise, she won’t mention such a thing .

The Emperor smilingly said some idle discourse and didn’t say anything else, making Yu Qing a little anxious . Since the day she encountered the bandits and met that man, her whole heart was lost . But she didn’t know who this man was . She longed to meet this man, but she didn’t expect to see the legendary Ming wang when she arrived at the capital . And this Ming wang was that man she met . Yu Qing felt the Heavens really favored her, letting her meet this man again .

She carefully inquired into everything about Ming wang and learned he already had a woman he loved and vowed to only have one wife in his life! Yu Qing was very much, but afterwards, she was reluctant to give up . Why must such a handsome man be monopolized by one woman? It must be because this woman was a jealous woman! As long as she married Ming wang, Ming wang will see her good . Then, she’ll be able to punish that woman who looked down on her that day . She’ll be able to become Ming wangfei .

So Yu Qing, in the name of the clan, used paid a visit to the Empress Dowager who came out of their clan . She took pains to please the Empress Dowager . Sure enough, the Empress Dowager liked her very much . Now that she’s mentioned this today, she can definitely marry Ming wang!

“Yu Qing, today there are many young talents here . If Yu Qing has a man you like, aijia will decree a marriage for you!” the Empress Dowager said benevolently to Yu Qing .

Hearing the Empress Dowager’s words, Yu Qing’s face turned red, becoming charming and tender, which made many of the young masters give rise to a desire to possess her . Yu Qing’s identity was that of a young miss of a prominent family, as well as having the Empress Dowager’s deep favor . Her looks were also uncommonly good . Most men loved beauties . More or less, many of them wanted to attract Yu Qing’s attention . But Yu Qing only timidly peered at Feng Yi Xuan .

Yu Qing’s gaze was too obvious . How can the Empress Dowager not notice the adoring gaze shot at Feng Yi Xuan? She didn’t expect her grandniece to fancy Ming wang who everyone was afraid of . The Dowager Empress was aware this Ming wang already has an official consort . Yu Qing was her clan’s legitimate daughter; how can she become a concubine?

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“Alright, you don’t need to serve aijia . Go sit with the other young misses!” The Dowager Empress said and had Yu Qing take her seat . Yu Qing has been very respectful as she served the Dowager Empress while she was eating, which more or less gave the Dowager Empress a good impression of her .

Yu Qing saw the Dowager Empress didn’t mention the marriage decree and became anxious . She knew she didn’t have a lot of opportunities . If she can’t marry Ming wang, it’s unlikely she’ll have anymore chances . Yu Qing considered her beauty and background . How can it not compare to General Manor’s legitimate daughter who only knows how to play music and sing?

Yu Qing suddenly knelt on the floor, saying to the Dowager Empress and Emperor, “Your Majesty Dowager Empress, Your Majesty Emperor, this girl has someone I admire . I ask the Empress Dowager and His Majesty to grant!” Yu Qing’s legs were actually shaking as she knelt . She was afraid, but she wasn’t willing to give up . Looking at Ming wang who appears as his own scenery, she wanted to become the woman of such a kingly man like Ming wang .

Yu Qing’s words shocked many people . Though Feng country’s folk customs wasn’t so feudal, there were women who’ve asked for a marriage decree, but the man Yu Qing fancied wasn’t an ordinary young master of a prominent clan . It was the famous Ming wang . There was much food for thought .

Though the Dowager Empress was displeased by Yu Qing’s actions, with one glance at Feng Yi Xuan, she didn’t oppose her . For the Dowager Empress, it’s a good thing if Yu Qing can marry Feng Yi Xuan . Feng Yi Xuan held real power in his hand . If Yu Qing was able to obtain Feng Yi Xuan’s love, it would be a great help to their clan .

The first reaction of Lan Jian Jun and the others was to sneak a look at Lan You Nian, afraid Lan You Nian would become upset from hearing this . Though they believed Feng Yi Xuan definitely won’t marry that woman, what if His Majesty really sent down an imperial decree?

A faint smile that cut to the bones bloomed on Lan You Nian’s lips . Her jade hands cupped the teacup as she took a sip, as if the man Yu Qing said she wanted to marry wasn’t her own future husband . From start to end, she didn’t show any anger or panic . 大家风范一览无余。

Feng Yi Xuan didn’t even spare Yu Qing a side glance . His gaze was either on the cup of wine in his hand or on Lan You Nian . When he heard Yu Qing’s words, he glanced at Lan You Nian . When he didn’t see any jealousy on Nian Nian’s face, Feng Yi Xuan’s mood darkened .

“Old sixth already has a principal consort . He even said he will only have one wife!” Emperor Feng Xuan dropped the smile on his face . His previously good mood has been ruined by this insensible girl . The Emperor felt old fourth and old sixth eyes were exceptional . A girl like Yu Qing was simply not likeable .

Hearing this, Yu Qing already started to weep . Yu Qing had pretty good looks, willowy and umber eyebrows, a pair of eyes misty as smoke, a pert nose, and lips as red as cherry blossoms, full of an ancient flavor, especially when she cries . It’s a pity there was no man here who had a tender heart for the fairer sex . No one said anything . This made Yu Qing even more contemptible as the flustered and brainless Yu Qing started to ask for help from Lan You Nian .

Yu Qing said to Lan You Nian, “Miss Lan, I truly admire Ming wang . I don’t ask for status or anything else . I only ask to stay by Ming wang’s side . Since ancient times, men are allowed multiple wives and concubines . Why is Miss Lan so overbearing?”

Though Yu Qing’s words were rude, everyone felt her words were reasonable . Ming wang’s practice of only marrying one woman made a lot of the women envious . Many officials wanted to stuff their daughters into Ming wang Manor to ingratiate themselves with Ming wang, yet Lan You Nian monopolized the spot . So there were many people who were displeased with Lan You Nian . However, because of the defense of the people behind Lan You Nian, no one dared to be the lead bird . With Yu Qing’s words, they all silently nodded in agreement .

Hearing someone else saying bad things about Nian Nian, his aura became cold and sharp as violent as blades in the winter . He was already considering how to kill Yu Qing .

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Meanwhile, Lan Jian Jun, Feng Xia Qi, and the others’ eyes leaked out malicious intent, like sharp-edged swords shooting at Yu Qing, hating they couldn’t throw Yu Qing out of the grand hall .

Lan You Nian stood, looking at Yu Qing who seemed to be begging her but was actually pushing her under criticism . Lan You Nian didn’t at all care these tricks that were mere child’s play to her, but since she dared to covet her man, then she won’t keep her silence .

“Does this young lady know what day it is today?” Lan You Nian stood before her seat, the teacup still in her hand .

“New Year’s Eve!” Yu Qing answered, her eyes showed scorn for Lan You Nian but in order to marry Ming wang, she still pretended to be afraid as she looked at Lan You Nian .

How can Lan You Nian not discern the scorn and plotting in Yu Qing’s eyes? Lan You Nian wasn’t interested in sparing such a woman one more look . Even such a woman dared to covet Feng Yi Xuan? She really didn’t know where Yu Qing got her self-confidence .

“Since you know this is the New Year’s Eve banquet, yet this young lady weeps and wails, is this purposefully making trouble for everyone on such a good festival?” Lan You Nian’s voice was soft and delicate, like the drizzle on the West Lake in the sixth month, dripping onto lotus leaves, but the meaning behind the words muted Yu Qing .

The Empress Dowager, seeing Lan You Nian bullying Yu Qing, was displeased . In the Empress Dowager’s eyes, even if Yu Qing was in the wrong, for the sake that she is her grandniece, Lan You Nian should yield . The Empress Dowager has been in a high position for many years and is already used to people respecting her . Seeing Lan You Nian’s actions, she already grew a grudge against Lan You Nian .

“I…”Yu Qing fearfully looked at the Emperor who already appeared displeased, “I only admire Ming wang . Miss Lan please grant my wish!”

Lan You Nian stared at Yu Qing who was still refusing to give up and felt uncomfortable inside . Though Feng Yi Xuan didn’t have any thoughts about her, she was equally unhappy with other people’s thoughts about her man .

A faint smile hung on Lan You Nian’s lips, both soft and beautiful, but that smile didn’t reach her eyes . Her eyes were empty . Her entire body permeated an indifference that made her unapproachable . She said smiling, “This girl doesn’t understand what this young lady is saying . Since you admire Ming wang, why are you asking me when you should be asking Ming wang? And this young lady says to grant your wish . What is my identity that I must grant your wish?”

“Yes, why is this lady’s words so strange?” Feng Xia Qi said, “Nian’er meimei is Ming wang’s official wife . This marriage is decreed by imperial decree . How come this lady appears so aggrieved? Those who don’t know would think you are the official consort!”

Feng Xia Qi’s straightforward words made Yu Qing’s face become deathly pale . Even the Dowager Empress looked down at them at displeasure .

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“Yu Qing, though Ming wang is good, but there are many handsome men in the world . You’re still young…” The Empress found an out for Yu Qing . A “still young” erased all the unreasonable things Yu Qing did .

Every peron’s heart is biased, just like the Dowager Empress . Even if Yu Qing’s actions were inappropriate, the Dowager Empress still believed it was Lan You Nian’s fault . But Lan Jian Jun and the others felt no matter how Lan You Nian humiliated Yu Qing, she was in the right . They all supported her . So there was no rationality, but each had their own bias .

“Grandaunt…” Yu Qing looked at the Dowager Empress, murmuring prettily,”Ming wang saved this girl once . Ever since then, this girl has admired Ming wang . This girl doesn’t ask for the position of main consort . I only ask to stay by Ming wang’s side . ”

Such an deeply affectionate confession! If a normal man encountered such a infatuated girl who doesn’t ask for any status, he would have accepted her long ago . But Feng Yi Xuan only felt disgust as if he just ate a fly . His everything belonged to Nian Nian . Whether it was body, reputation, or spirit, it all belonged to Nian Nian . Other people are not allowed to even think about coveting him!

“You said this prince saved you?” A voice that was cold as ice and equally fearsome spit out from Feng Yi Xuan’s mouth .

Yu Qing stared infatuatedly at Feng Yi Xuan . This man’s voice was similarly pleasant to the ears . Yu Qing nodded, her face red, “This girl encountered bandits once . It was Ming wang who saved this girl . This girl . . ”

Hearing this, Lan Jian Jun was displeased with Feng Yi Xuan . Before he could stand up, he was held back by Lan You Nian . Seeing his daughter didn’t seem angry, Lan Jian Jun sat back down . If this Ming wang dared to bully Nian’er, even if he must bear the criminal charge of treason, he won’t let his daughter marry him .

“Are you certain?” Feng Yi Xuan leisurely opened his eyes, looking at Yu Qing, revealing the pair of eyes as still as deep pools, carrying a dark and dangerous cold light .

“This girl is certain!” Yu Qing nodded her head fearfully . For some reason, this man gave people a dangerous feeling .

Bam! Feng Yi Xuan flung the wine cup in his hand at Yu Qing . Because it wasn’t the right time to kill someone, Feng Yi Xuan’s cup slammed into Yu Qing’s forehead, making it bleed . Everyone stared in shock and suddenly remembered the person sitting there was the Ming wang possessing a sporadic personality .

“Outrageous! You dare to lie in front of this prince!” Feng Yi Xuan’s spoke before the Empress Dowager could comment, “The person who saved you was Nian Nian . Is there a problem with your eyes? If your eyes can’t see who your savior is, this prince doesn’t mind helping you change a pair!”

Change a pair? Isn’t that digging out her eyes? Yu Qing gaped fearfully at Feng Yi Xuan, afraid and glum at the same time . Why is Ming wang so cruel to her but so gentle towards that Lan You Nian? So gentle it filled her with hatred and jealousy .

“Yes, yes, it’s Miss Lan!” Yu Qing wept under Feng Yi Xuan’s gaze .

Once this was said, Hua Mu Qing was the first person not able to sit still . She looked at Yu Qing with contempt, “Isn’t this returning kindness with ingratitude? This is the first time this junzhu has seen this kind of woman . You’ve really open my eyes!”

At this, everyone became displeased with Yu Qing . It’s fine if you admire someone; it’s human nature, but the one you admire is your savior’s fiancé . This was hardly justifiable .

“Enough!” the Dowager Empress snapped . No one dared to make a sound . “As a noble prince, is having a few side consorts such a difficult thing? Is Lan manor’s girl not allowing it?” Though the Empress Dowager was angry at Yu Qing, but if Yu Qing lost face today, it counts as her, the noble Dowager Empress, losing face . How can she allow this?

Lan You Nian respectfully stood, walking over to the center of the hall, and curtsied . Lan You Nian’s inky-black hair was silky and glossy as silk, twisted into a delicate hibiscus hairstyle*, diagonally inserted with a simple white jade hairpin . Under the hairpin, on the right and left side was a pair of emerald beads and coral buyao* which added a hint of elegance . The vibrant red beads that dangled on the sides by her ears swayed with her footsteps, graceful and charming, matching the ruby earrings hanging from her tender white ears .

At first, everyone felt Yu Qing had a pretty face but once Lan You Nian stood beside Yu Qing, they all automatically forgot about Yu Qing . There was actually such pretty little thing . That cold and noble bearing, matched with her delicate and petite appearance, made her seem like a forest spirit, at the same time possessing a fairy-like elegance and nobility .

“Your Majesty Dowager Empress misunderstands . Since this lady wants to enter Ming wang’s manor, shouldn’t she ask the prince?” Lan You Nian replied, neither meekly or pertly .

The Empress Dowager was choked by Lan You Nian’s words and shot her a harsh glare; then, she said to Ming wang, “What does Xuan’er say? For a prince to have only one consort, isn’t that a joke?”

Feng Yi Xuan stood, walking over to Lan You Nian’s side, his face was aristocratic and handsome with a noble bearing, making people unconsciously want to bow down and worship . He stared down all the people present, “Since this prince said I will only marry Nian Nian, that that is this prince’s intent! My, Feng Yi Xuan’s, wife is Lan You Nian and will only be Lan You Nian!”

Feng Yi Xuan didn’t spare the Dowager Empress a glance as he pulled Lan You Nian back to her seat, while he, the noble prince, actually sat in the seat right below hers, making everyone see Feng Yi Xuan’s indulgence towards Lan You Nian .

If this unreasonable person was anyone else, they would be punished, but because it was Feng Yi Xuan, no one dared to utter a word . They just silently watched Feng Yi Xuan stuff food into Lan You Nian’s plate while Yu Qing was forgotten by everyone . No one asked about the wound on her forehead . It was the Dowager Empress who asked for the Imperial Physician to take a look at her .

The Empress Dowager’s face turned ugly seeing Feng Yi Xuan slapping her face and Lan You Nian’s lack of respect . The New Year’s Eve Feast ended quickly…

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