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Published at 7th of May 2020 10:38:34 PM
Chapter 197
197 Let’s Talk
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“Me!” This was the first time Lan Wu uttered a word since she was kidnapped . Her voice was still slightly hoarse, “I’m laughing because I won’t die but you will!” Lan Wu knew her young miss won’t give up on her . Since this man has seen Gui San, then young miss will definitely come save her .

“Slut!” Zhang Han Tie, infuriated, wanted to slap Lan Wu, but before he could touch Lan Wu, his hand was impaled from behind by Lan You Nian using Lan Ren’s long sword .   She stood in front of Zhang Han Tie, her expression icy, “You will die indeed!”

“Young miss…” Lan Wu looked at Lan You Nian, Lan Ren and Lan Feng, as well as Ming wang and An Yi who appeared  For some reason, she wanted to cry .

An Yi, for the first time, without soliciting Feng Yi Xuan, came over to Lan Wu’s side to untie her, but An Yi didn’t dare to touch the chains running through her hands .   He opened his mouth to say something but couldn’t utter a word .   He could only coldly stare at Lan Wu’s hand .

Lan Wu could discern An Yi’s worry .   She thought, this person was usually so cold, forbidding her from doing this and doing that, but she didn’t expect that at the crucial moment, he cared so much about her .   Thinking this, Lan Wu’s heart warmed .

Lan You Nian ignored Zhang Han Lin who was rolling on the ground .   Coming over to Lan Wu’s side, she checked the injury on her hands .   She knew they must rip the chain out of Lan Wu’s hand, but it her pain will be doubled .

Lan You Nian patted Lan Wu’s hair, murmuring softly, “Bear with it .   Close your eyes . ”

Lan Wu believed in her young miss and obediently shut her eyes, clenching her teeth .   Without blinking an eye, Lan You Nian ripped out the chain, followed by blood, from Lan Wu’s hand .   Lan Wu fainted from the pain .   An Yi’s heart ached and picked up Lan Wu in his arms .

“Take her back to You Nian Pavilion .   Let Lan Qu bandage her up!” Lan You Nian said to An Yi .   You Nian Pavilion had all types of quality medicine and Lan Qu was proficient in dressing wounds .   Though Lan Wu’s situation appeared grave, with so many good medicines, recovery was only a matter of time .

An Yi nodded and said, “Wangye, wangfei, this subordinate withdraws!” Then disappeared from the village hut .

Only when An Yi carried Lan Wu away did Lan You Nian looked over at Zhang Han Tie, rolling on the ground .   The smile on her lips seemed gentle but if you look at it carefully, it didn’t contain any warmth .   Lan Ren and Lan Feng dragged Zhang Han Tie up as Lan You Nian used the chains that was taken out of Lan Wu’s hand and spiked it into Zhang Han Tie’s uninjured hand using inner force .   She watched as Zhang Han Tie screamed, begging for mercy, but Lan You Nian remained unmoved .

When Lan You Nian took out her personal dagger to continue with the torture, Feng Yi Xuan covered up Lan You Nian’s eyes, “Nian Nian, it’s getting late .   Hand it to me alright?” He was not feeling empathetic, but he really felt it was getting late, time for Nian Nian to sleep .   Nothing is more important than Nian Nian .

Lan You Nian started and put away her dagger, nodding .

Feng Yi Xuan saw Lan You Nian nodd, his lips quirking, and picked up Lan You Nian to return to the manor to sleep .   To Lan Ren and Lan Feng, he said “Take him to Ming wang manor .   His torture is waiting there for him!”

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From then on, Bao Hu Gang would no longer exist, because when Gui San left the forest, he received Lan You Nian’s message, “Eradicate Bao Hu Gang!” In the end, not only did Wu Qing Pavilion lay assault to Hu Bao Gang, even Ghost Realm silently helped eradicate Hu Bao Gang .

When Lan You Nian returned to the manor, she went directly to Lan Wu’s room .   Lan Wu was already asleep, or she had fainted .   Her injuries on her hand and body was already taken care of by Lan Qu .   Both Lan Qu and An Yi were standing in Lan Wu’s room, one’s eyes were red and the other’s were cold .

“Young miss!” Lan Qu noticed Lan You Nian and wiped her blurry eyes, as if she found her pillar of strength .

“How is she?” Lan You Nian came over to Lan Wu’s bedside and took her pulse and had a rough idea of the situation .   Knowing Lan Wu was fine, she sighed in relief .

“It’s just skin injuries .   It’s fine!”Lan Qu said .   It’d be false to say they’ve never been injured in all the years they’ve been following young miss .   Just every month young miss’s poison relapse was more painful than anything they’ve suffered, so they didn’t feel any of injuries were painful .

Lan You Nian nodded and said to Lan Qu, “You can go rest!”

“But…” Lan Qu wanted to stand guard over Lan Wu; her heart couldn’t rest .

“Go, hm . ” Lan You Nian said, glancing at An Yi .   Lan Qu instantly understood .   Recalling how An Yi carried Lan Wu back, Lan Wu nodded and withdrew .

“Can you help look after Lan Wu?” Lan You Nian asked .   She wasn’t very sensitive to feelings, so she still wanted to respect An Yi’s wishes .   If An Yi really had feelings for Lan Wu, it’ll certainly be more lively from then on .

“Many thanks wangfei!” An Yi bowed .

Lan You Nian smiled, nodding .   It wasn’t certain whether this was fortune or  misfortune .

Seeing everything was being handled, Feng Yi Xuan carried Lan You Nian away to rest .   It was already halfway through the night…

Three days have passed since Lan Wu was kidnapped .   Lan Wu’s body was much better .   Besides her left hand that was a little inconvenient, she was fine .   Being at leisure, Lan You Nian took Lan Qu to Ming wang manor .   Though Lan You Nian was Feng Yi Xuan’s fiancee, women of the ancient era are subtle, so Lan You Nian and Lan Qu silently crept into Ming wang manor without anyone knowing .

As soon as Lan You Nian entered Ming wang manor, she noticed Ming wang manor’s subordinates genuinely grinning at her .   Maybe it’s because of the apple from Christmas Eve that made these people like this wangfei even more, not in fear of wangye’s overbearingness, just simple admiration .   Amongst these people there were many assassins who wouldn’t bat an eyelash while on a mission, but at the same time, they possessed the purest hearts .

“Where’s Xuan?” Lan You Nian asked Uncle Feng who walked beside her .

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“Wangye hasn’t returned yet from the military camp . Should this old slave send someone to call wangye back?” Uncle Feng asked . Don’t think he’s being thoughtless, because in Ming wang manor, from the stewards at the top to the manservants at the bottom, who didn’t know that nothing was more important than wangfei . If wangye returned and knew they didn’t inform him, who knows how angry he’d be?

Lan You Nian shook her head, “No need to tell him . I’m only here to look around!” Lan You Nian knew if Feng Yi Xuan knew she came to Ming wang manor, he will drop everything and hurry back, because it wouldn’t be the first time something like this has happened . If this continued, she would really become a calamitous beauty .

Though Lan You Nian normally appeared indifferent and serene, her aura was compelling . So Lan You Nian’s repute in Ming wang manor, though it can’t be said it’s the same as Feng Yi Xuan’s, but it measures up to the address of wangfei .

“Where’s the person from last night?” Lan You Nian asked An San who was accompanying her . Last night, Feng Yi Xuan said he’ll deal with him, so he was taken away . She trusted Feng Yi Xuan will take care of the matters, but glancing at Lan Wu beside her, she felt Lan Wu should personally come to take a look . Only this way can she vent her fury right?

“In the hidden prison . That person is tortured every day by An Yi, really unlucky!” An San said, taking joy from the other’s misfortune . Like wangye, An Yi normally likes to kill in one shot, but this time…An San glanced at Lan Wu, sure enough, even the hero becomes a prisoner of love!

“Let’s take a look!” Lan You Nian said and the three of them headed towards the hidden prison .

When the three of them arrived at the hidden prison, An Yi was currently torturing Zhang Han Tie . Seeing the three of them enter, An Yi bowed, “Wangfei!”

Lan You Nian nodded and then looked towards Zhang Han Tie . The palm of his hand was punctured through by Lan You Nian: the chain was now nailed to the wall . The blood of his injuries have already dried . Just with a slight movement, fresh blood would once again gush out from the wounds . His sleeves has already been stained blackish red by the blood . There weren’t any other injuries on Zhang Han Tie’s body, but what made the sight ghastly was Zhang Han Tie’s legs . They couldn’t be considered legs any longer, as they were completely bare, leaving only streaks of blood on the bones .

Lan You Nian saw for herself Feng Yi Xuan’s ruthless means, but she wasn’t afraid of such cruelty, because she, too, was this kind of person .

Lan Wu looked at Zhang Han Tie who was already half-dead . Having followed Lan You Nian all these years, Lan Wu, from feeling afraid from seeing a dead person to remaining expressionless, even if Zhang Han Tie has already become like this, felt no pity . If because of her young miss fell into a difficult spot, she would have killed herself on the spot .

Lan You Nian walked over to Zhang Han Tie, saying, “Do you know? Hu Bao Gang is gone . This-is all because of you . ”

Sure enough, Zhang Han Tie, who was ready to black-out, upon hearing this news, wanted to rush at Lan You Nian and kill her . The blood from the chains flowed out of his palm, dripping onto the dark, mottled floor . But this couldn’t compare to the panic in Zhang Han Tie’s heart . His forces were gone . He has nothing!

“You slut!” Zhang Han Tie swore at Lan You Nian who smiled like a fairy . He can clearly see Lan You Nian’s face and knew this girl was the one who cut off his hand . His hatred made Zhang Han Tie reveal the resentment in his heart .

But Zhang Han Tie doesn’t know, it was his call of “slut” that caused him to lose his life .

In the hidden prison, when the three other people heard Zhang Han Tie swearing, they prepared to strike, but the fastest was Lan Wu . She snatched the blade hanging on the wall of the hidden prison, directly slicing off Zhang Han Tie’s head, neatly and cleanly, so nimble it was unlike a woman’s .

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In Lan Wu and their hearts, Lan You Nian was their god . No one was allowed to insult the god in their heart!

An Yi and An San, seeing Lan Wu’s powerful strike, couldn’t help the twitch of their lips . How come wangfei’s people are so mind-blowing! Usually when they look at Lan Wu, they felt she was a care-free girl . How come when she’s ruthless, she doesn’t lose to them? How could they know Lan You Nian showed no mercy for her people’s training, so Lan Wu and the others had such tough temperaments .

Seeing the person has died and there was nothing else to play with, she prepared to return to the manor . Usually if she doesn’t come to Ming wang manor, Feng Yi Xuan won’t return until night . She has nothing to do in Ming wang manor, so she left with Lan Wu .

At this moment, Feng Yi Xuan wasn’t at the military camp, but at fourth wangye manor…

After getting back from morning court, Feng Xia Qi realized his younger brother was waiting in the manor . Feng Xia Qi was surprised . Feng Yi Xuan was an aloof person; he rarely waited for anyone, so Feng Xia Qi thought something has happened .

“A’Xuan, why are you here?” Feng Xia Qi came to the study without changing out of his ministerial robe . “Has something happened?”

Feng Yi Xuan sat at the the table in the study . There was already a pot of sake and several side dishes on the table . He looked at Feng Xia Qi, his eyes were still indifferent but on closer inspection one would notice the warmth of familial affection . Feng Yi Xuan’s face was cold, “Imperial brother!”

Feng Xia Qi was already used to his younger brother’s unchanging iceberg face . The two of them-one used a smiling face to disguise himself and the other used an expressionless face to disguise himself . This was the sorrow of life in the imperial family .

Feng Xia Qi thought something important has happened concerning court matters, but glancing at the table of sake, Feng Xia Qi knew his younger brother was here for something else . When he’s doing serious work, Feng Yi Xuan wouldn’t touch alcohol, even if his drinking capacity is frighteningly good .

“Everything’s fine at the military camp?” Feng Xia Qi sat down, pouring a cup of sake for each one of them, and then found a somewhat dull topic to talk about . You can’t count on Feng Yi Xuan to liven up the atmosphere, because Feng Xia Qi has tried to drink with his younger brother but from the start to the end, he didn’t utter a single word . So, Feng Xia Qi has learned his lesson . If you won’t talk, then he’ll find something to talk about . It’s better than two men sitting across from each other without saying anything .

On Feng Yi Xuan’s well-defined face, thin lips stiffly pursed as bottomless black eyes were like the ice in the winter of the Twelth Month . He just stared down at Feng Xia Qi, causing Feng Xia Qi’s scalp to start feeling numb . He didn’t know what did he do to provoke this younger brother of his .

“A’Xuan?” Feng Xia Qi swallowed his saliva, slightly speechless as he asked, “What’s wrong?”

“You like Nian Nian!” It wasn’t a question but an outright certainty . Feng Yi Xuan stated it directly without any forewarning . Though he’s been far away at the borders, he was more attentive than anyone when things concerned Nian Nian . So, he knew of Zhen Wei Pavilion catching on fire . He knew of Nian Nian encountered an assassination attempt . He even knew his imperial brother’s unusual attitude and actions . He has already confirmed one thing: that is both of them brothers liked the same girl .

Feng Yi Xuan had already decided to discuss this with his imperial brother, but something always comes up so he hasn’t spoken of it . Coincedentally, there was nothing to do at the military camp, so he came to fourth wangye manor to lay all his cards on the table . He refused to allow any man to covet his Nian Nian, even if that person was his esteemed imperial brother .

Feng Xia Qi’s hand holding the wine cup shook . The clear wine in the cup splashed onto Feng Xia Qi’s slender hands . Feng Xia Qi looked wide-eyed at the cold Feng Yi Xuan opposite him . He wanted to say something but couldn’t force out the words . He couldn’t deny it, because he did like Lan You Nian . He couldn’t lie to others; now he couldn’t even lie to his younger brother . Before, he was prepared to bury this secret forever in his heart, until he died of old age . He didn’t expect the person he wanted to hide the most from knew him quicker than anyone else .

Feng Xia Qi opened his mouth, as if he used a lot of strength to spit out one word “Yes!” It wasn’t that he couldn’t refute, but in his younger brother’s eyes, his rebuttal had no meaning .

“Imperial brother!” Feng Yi Xia poured a cup of wine for Feng Xia Qi, “If you liked anything of mine, I am willing to give it to you, but Nian Nian is the girl I want in this life and the next . No one can, do you understand?” Feng Yi Xuan stared into Feng Xia Qi’s eyes, “No one, not even you!”

Feng Xia Qi knew he can’t . He won’t do anything to harm his younger brother or harm Lan You Nian . But seeing his younger brother looking so fiercely at him because of a woman, Feng Xia Qi didn’t feel well inside .

“If…” Feng Xia Qi wanted to see if his younger brother truly loved Lan You Nian . He and Yue bai Lian were really similar . They were willing to let go yet they still worried, so they purposefully tested Feng Yi Xuan, only wishing for Lan You Nian’s happiness .

Feng Xia Qi didn’t get to finish his words before he was interrupted by Feng Yi Xuan . Feng Yi Xuan’s voice was hoarse and cruel, as if endless ice caves . He directly said, “There is no if . If you want to abandon this brotherly affection, if you want to die!”

He, Feng Yi Xuan, has never been a good person . He was aware of what kind of person imperial brother was . Though his words were unreasonable, for him, Nian Nian was the most important . If imperial brother really wanted to fight him for Nian Nian, he didn’t mind staining himself with his imperial brother’s blood, but he won’t really kill his imperial brother .

“You…” Feng Xia Qi saw, for the first time, Feng Yi Xuan’s killing intent towards him . Inside, he didn’t know whether he should be happy for Lan You Nian or to feel sad for himself, but Feng Xia Qi knew how important Lan You Nian was for his younger brother . He didn’t really get angry at Feng Yi Xuan . Some people were simply this tyrannical . He understood!

Feng Xia Qi chuckled in relief, slapping Feng Yi Xuan’s shoulder, and downed a mouthful of wine . The spiciness of the sake nearly choked him, but he still laughed, laughed without restraint .

“A’Xuan, I am your imperial brother . I won’t do anything to let you down!” Feng Xia Qi stated staunchly, looking at Feng Yi Xuan, “I do like Nian’er meimei, but I don’t want to wreck you two’s relationship, neither will imperial brother allow anyone else to wreck your relationship! You must be happy, including imperial brother’s happiness!”

Feng Yi Xuan saw the alchohol was already getting to Feng Xia Qi’s head but his tone was sincere . Feng Yi Xuan nodded, “With Nian Nian by my side, I am very happy!” Before, he didn’t know what happiness was, but he knew happiness, for him, was Nian Nian .

“That’s good!” Feng Xia Qi drank every other cup with Feng Yi Xuan, “I’m preparing to marry Yue country’s Princess Bai Lian!”

“Imperial brother!” Feng Yi Xuan was a little drunk as well . Hearing this news, Feng Yi Xuan pursed his lips, “Imperial brother, I’m sorry!” He knew Feng Xia Qi’s purpose of doing this, but he won’t stop him, because Nian Nian can’t be given up . Imperial brother needed a woman to marry . Perhaps Yue Bai Lian was the best choice .

“No, A’Xuan, you don’t need to feel guilty . This is probably for the best!” Feng Xia Qi dropped his mask, smiling gently, “In the future, I won’t only be your imperial brother, I’ll also be her brother . You two must be well . Only this way won’t disappoint my intentions right?”

Feng Xia Qi, then, drunkenly sprawled on the table . He knew he was evading, like a coward, but in this life, he was destined to be a coward . Some people one can’t steal, nor would one be able to steal . These feelings buried deeply in his heart-the only thing he can express was his blessings and protection .

Feng Yi Xuan’s gaze was complicated as he regarded Feng Xia Qi who was seemingly drunk . He knew such a wonderful girl like Nian Nian was liked by a lot of people, but he didn’t expect his imperial brother to also fall for Nian Nian . On one hand, he was proud for his girl; on the other, he diligently kept on guard . But Feng Yi Xuan knew what kind of person his imperial brother was . Since he admitted to his feelings today, then it meant he’s already let go . He would only put Nian Nian in the deepest part of his heart, becoming a brother and a friend .

Considering it for a while, Feng Yi Xuan leisurely left fourth wangye manor . He was reassured . His Nian Nian can only be his…

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