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Published at 4th of May 2020 09:57:55 PM
Chapter 196
196 Mutual Dependence in Misfortune or Fortune
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May 4, 2020secretdreamwishes

As Lan You Nian was waiting, Feng Yi Xuan also received the news . Feng Yi Xuan was always attentive of anything related to Lan You Nian .

When An Yi reported this to Feng Yi Xuan, his expression was anxious . Feng Yi Xuan was expressionless as he glanced at An Yi, causing An Yi’s body to stiffen . He lowered his head as he knelt in front of Feng Yi Xuan, wordlessly as he waited for his master’s judgement .

Feng Yi Xuan put down the things in his heads saying, “Where is wangfei now?” In Feng Yi Xuan’s eyes, other people were really nothing . Call him cold-blooded or heartless, but in his heart and eyes, there was only one Lan You Nian .

“Wangfei is at Xiao Jin Pavilion” An Yi answered .

Feng Yi Xuan nodded . He knew his Nian Nian was probably distressed . Though he didn’t care whether Lan Wu was dead or alive, he did care about Nian Nian’s feelings . Nian Nian treated the people by her self very well, especially to Lan Wu and the others . Feng Yi Xuan can tell Lan Wu and the others served Nian Nian diligently .

“Have Ghost Realm’s people help Gui San search for her!  Be covert!” Feng Yi Xuan instructed .   He knew Nian Nian’s intention, so he can only act covertly .   He didn’t want to ruin Nian Nian’s plans .

An Yi was different than usual as he nodded at Feng Yi Xuan and immediately left to take care of these matters, not at all like his usual aloofness .   An Er and the others didn’t point this out .   They were shadow guards; not every shadow guard can be like Lan Ren and have their own love .

“Wangye, at first it seems Wu Qing Pavilion received Young Master Wu Qing’s orders to search for Lan Wu, but afterwards, the orders were withdrawn . ” An San reported everything that happened to their master .   Wu Qing Pavilion and Ghost Realm, though unrelated, had their eyes on one another .

The moment Feng Yi Xuan heard the name “Young Master Wu Qing,” he felt uncomfortable inside .   He hasn’t forgotten the relationship between Nian Nian and Young Master Wu Qing wasn’t simple .   Nian Nian has never mentioned Young Master Wu Qing .   Thinking of Young Master Wu Qing taking care of Nian Nian all these years, it gave Feng Yi Xuan a feeling of two childhood sweethearts .   The more Feng Yi Xuan thought about it, the more uncomfortable he felt .

Moreoever, Feng Yi Xuan can tell the authority Nian Nian had in Wu Qing Pavilion .   Wasn’t such authority given by Young Master Wu Qing?  This Master Wu Qing was hidden in the shadows .   Feng Yi Xuan felt there was too many rivals, making him irritated, just like this time Nian Nian didn’t tell him anything but told told Master Wu Qing .   Master Wu Qing was so cooperative with Nian Nian .   Though Feng Yi Xuan trusted in Nian Nian’s feelings for him, he still didn’t want his treasure to be coveted by someone else .   After all that’s said and done, he was jealous!

“Wangye isn’t going to look for wangfei?” An San asked in confusion .   At this time, shouldn’t wangye stay by wangfei’s side?

Feng Yi Xuan picked up a booklet from the table and continued to peruse it, “She isn’t that weak!” Yes, how can his Nian Nian be that weak?  There is no benefit to him appearing right now .   He can give her space .   He can protect her, love her, pamper her, but he cannot deny Nian Nian’s ability and means .

An San and them nodded .   True, their wangfei, whether it was martial arts or other talents, cannot be underestimated .   A lot of people, because of her young age and delicate build, forget she has abilities that doesn’t lose to any man!

As Lan You Nian expected, when the person in the shadows saw Gui San madly looking for Lan Wu, he sent out a message to Gui San .   Written on a note was “If you want your woman back, rendezvous in the southern side of the forest . ”

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Gui San took the note back to Xiao Jin Pavilion and handed it to Lan You Nian .   Reading it, Lan You Nian didn’t utter a word .   These people really thought Lan Wu was Gui San’s woman .   Gui San doesn’t have any weakness but now they’ve found one, they wouldn’t let go of this opportunity .

“Keep the appointment tonight!” The note in Lan You Nian’s hand was crushed into tiny pieces .   “Then, no matter what they said, you have to pretend to agree to it .   They didn’t won’t give up Lan Wu, so we’ll tail them .   Though they won’t give up Lan Wu, they will shut Lan Wu in somewhere . ”

Gui San nodded .   He didn’t expect matters to be so stereotyped .   Lan Wu was regarded as his woman .   Sure enough, this matter was aimed at Wu Qing Pavilion .

“If I guessed correctly, that woman last time has something to do with these people . ” Lan You Nian smiled coldly looking at the engravings in the table, “Why would people do such stupid things?”

“It seems more people are watching Wu Qing Pavilion!” Gui San said .   They haven’t found any clues from the previous incident .   Now these people eagerly sent themselves to their door .   Indeed, they’re courting death .   Is Wu Qing Pavilion an organization anyone can take a hit at?

“Are those watching Wu Qing Pavilion few?” Lan You Nian retorted .   Wu Qing Pavilion grew too quickly, possessed too much .   In the pugilistic world, there are many people who covet Wu Qing Pavilion’s wealth .   The wise would observe but won’t dare to attack suddenly .   The endings of the gangs who had their sights on Wu Qing Pavilion was known by everyone .   But such a big piece of fatty meat, there are many who are envious and a lot of flies, so people found another way and started with Xiao Jin Pavilion and Gui San .

When Feng Yi Xuan leaned Lan You Nian already received some news, he covertly had An Yi withdraw Ghost Realm’s people .   He didn’t do all these just to receive Nian Nian’s gratitude .   He only wished Nian Nian to be carefree and without worries .

When Feng Yi Xuan broght An Yi to Xiao Jin Pavilion, he noted Lan You Nian’s bad mood .   Even if her lips were curled upwards, her eyes were cold without any warmth .   Feng Yi Xuan felt distressed, hating these people even more .

“Xuan?” Lan You Nian looked at Feng Yi Xuan who suddenly appeared in the room .   She didn’t conceal any of her matters, so it’s normal for Feng Yi Xuan to know Lan Wu’s disappearance .   But she wasn’t a frail girl .   She had her own ability .   She can take care of these herself .   She believed Feng Yi Xuan believed too .

“Have you ate?” Feng Yi Xuan embraced the girl’s slightly cold body .   He wanted to reprimand her but couldn’t bear it .   Really a girl who can’t look after herself .

“No!” Lan You Nian honestly replied .   She really wasn’t hungry .   Because of Lan Wu’s matter, she wasn’t in the mood to eat .

Feng Yi Xuan shot Lan Qu a glare .   Lan Qu lowered her head from Feng Yi Xuan’s expression, her scalp starting to feel numb, and knew she’s committed a mistake .    Their priority was to take care of young miss .   She thought, if she was the one kidnapped, she would want Lan Wu to take care of young miss .   Lan Qu immediately went downstairs to let the kitchen prepare the dinner meal .

“I’ll go with you tonight?  Hm?” Feng Yi Xuan filled Lan You Nian’s bowl .   He wasn’t afraid Lan You Nian won’t be able to deal with those matters, but rather, he felt it was too cold outside .   With him staying with Nian Nian, he could act as a warm stove for her .

Lan You Nian nodded, agreeing .   She didn’t feel as if she had anything to hide from Feng Yi Xuan .

Nightly silently arrived .   Several people departed from Xiao Jin Pavilion, heading to the forest on the southern side .   They followed right behind Gui San .   Lan You Nian was carried in Feng Yi Xuan’s arms .   Feng Yi Xuan’s qinggong was very good, so they were well-hidden .   No one would notice them .

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The chilly wind blew .   The bare trees looked like old men, unable to stand the attack of the north wind as they swayed in the chilly wind .   The leafless branches hung with fluffy and crystalline icicles .   The evergreen pines and cypress of winter and summer piled up with fluffy, heavy snowballs .

Gui San stood in the quiet and cold forest as he waited .   The fan was still held in his hands .   Only at times like this would people wonder if the fan in this unruly Young Master Gui San’s hand wasn’t used to tease women with but as a weapon of death .

Meanwhile, Feng Yi Xuan and the others concealed their breaths as they hid not far away, silently watching Gui San .   They were powerful martial artists, so ordinary people won’t be able to notice them .   Besides, their position wasn’t all that close .

Gui San waited in the snow for several hours but the people hiding haven’t appeared yet .   Gui San didn’t know any impatience .   Even if he showed himself as dissolute, he was a schemer deep in his bones .   He lazily stood amongst the snow, playing with the fan in his hands, seeming like any noble young miss of a prominent family .

Meanwhile, Feng Yi Xuan has become a little impatient .   He didn’t feel anything but he felt Nian Nian’s temperature lowering by the minute .   Feng Yi Xuan’s breath became more and more dangerous .   He gradually transferred his inner force into Lan You Nian’s body, raising her body temperature a little .   Lan You Nian lifted her head beaming .   Even if it was pitch black, Lan You Nian can still feel Lan You Nian’s pure as moonlight smile .

They knew the people in the shadows were cautious .   They were similarly afraid Gui San would play any tricks .   Wu Qing Pavilion’s Young Master Gui San wasn’t a simpleton, so they observed for a while, but they didn’t see any activity so they were reassured .

Suddenly, Feng Yi Xuan was alert, because they could already sense the breaths of the newcomers .   Gui San didn’t stop toying with the fan in his hand .   This meant he wanted to kill someone, but he can’t .

“Haha, Young master Gui San is punctual!” Several men concealed under black cloaks stood in front of Gui San .   From head to toe, they were hidden by the cloak so their faces couldn’t be clearly seen, but their martial arts was pretty good .

“But this sir isn’t punctual!” Gui San dropped his lazy smile, the air around him became stormy .   These people dared to have any have any ideas about Wu Qing Pavilion, having the delusion of controlling him .   They’re all fools .

“Young Master Gui San should now, if this one isn’t cautious, I wouldn’t even know how I died .   After all, Wu Qing Pavilion isn’t one easily provoked . ” The newcomer’s voice was full of humor but proud, as if he was certain of Gui San .

“Hmph!” Gui San snapped the fan open with one swish of his hand, coldly glaring at the newcomers, “Since you know Wu Qing Pavilion isn’t one you should provoke, this sir dares to do so, I know know if I should say this sir is courageous or  you’ve lived enough!”

“You!” The newcomer didn’t seem to expect Gui San to be so arrogant at this time, but recalling the hostage in his hand, the newcomer suppressed his fury, mocking, “Young master Gui San shouldn’t be so arrogant .   Your little beauty is a guest at this one’s place .   Tsk tsk, such a pretty little beauty really can’t bear any torture!”

The fan in Gui San’s hand trembled slightly but he suppressed the desire to kill rising in his heart .   Though Lan Wu was only little junior sister’s subordinate, they’ve become familiar with each other after so many years and were friends .   Now his friend is in trouble, Gui San was truly infuriated .

In the shadows, Lan You Nian narrowed her eyes .   The black seas of her eyes surged .   Her hand that gripped the Feng Yi Xuan’s clothes on his chest clenched .   Lan Feng and the others were beyond angry .   They all suppressed the desire to charge and kill in fury .

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They all noticed An Yi’s, lying low behind Feng Yi Xuan, hand gripping his sword was beginning to bulge with veins .   That face that is always expressionless is clouded with fury and uncontrollable worry .

“What does this sir what to do?” Gui San looked at the men in black, his eyes impatient .

The man in black said, “This one doesn’t want to do anything .   I only want to make a deal with Master Gui San, one that is both beneficial to me and Master Gui San . ”  The man in black seemed certain Gui San would agree as he continued, “All these years Young Master Gui San has subordinated yourself under Young Master Wu Qing, is Young Master Gui San truly willing?  How about Young Master Gui San and I join hands .   This way Wu Qing Pavilion would belong to Young Master Gui San!”

It had to be said the things he said was tempting .   Ordinary people can’t stand against the temptation .   Who doesn’t want power, money and status?  But the man in black miscalculated Gui San’s temperament .   He guessed wrong Gui San and Wu Qing Pavilion’s connection .

Gui San mockingly looked at the men in black .   These people really do regard him, Gui San, highly .   He, Gui San, didn’t love power but loved beauties .   Why didn’t they look into it more clearly?  Not to mention Wu Qing Pavilion is little junior sister’s, even if its someone else’s, he, Gui San, wasn’t at the mercy of others .

“Haha!” Gui San snorted, then said, “If I don’t agree?”

The man in black clearly didn’t expect Gui San to withstand such temptation .   Does this man really want to subordinate under Young Master Wu Qing?  No, not possible!  In this world, who isn’t selfish?  This Young Master Gui San must be too!

“Young Master Gui San should know your little beauty is a guest of this one’s .   Young Master Gui San doesn’t know my brothers know how to love beauties the most .   If such a pretty little flower is crippled, will Young Master Gui San feel distressed?”  the man in black’s voice carried a threatening tone .

“You’ve touched her?” Gui San roared, his eyes filled with killing intent .   The expression of the people in the shadows were glacial as their fingers shifted .   If the man should nod his head, then they probably couldn’t hold themselves back from killing them, killing those who harmed Lan Wu .

The man in black seemed to sense the air became colder, hurriedly saying, “No, this one didn’t let anyone touch that little beauty, but some physical suffering can’t be guaranteed .   If Young Master Gui San agrees early, then the little beauty won’t have to suffer such pain, right?”

Gui San looked at the man in black, “If this young master agrees, will you give her back to this young master?” Actually, Gui San knew they wouldn’t but he still asked because only this way can eliminate any of their suspicions and let them know his regard for Lan Wu .

The man in black saw how much Gui San cared for Lan Wu, the face under the cloak revealed a smile, “My apologies, that young lady can’t be send back to Young Master Gui San at the moment, but this one can promise that young lady won’t be harmed as long as Young master Gui San cooperates with us .   This one will then give that young lady back to Master Gui San . ”

“Can you let this young master consider it?” Gui San pretended to be troubled .   He knew if he agreed too quickly, it will give rise to suspicion .   Gui San said worriedly, “In this time, this young master doesn’t want her hurt, otherwise…”

“Then this one will wait for Master Gui San’s good news!” the man in black grinned .   As long as they had Master Gui San’s soft spot in hand, along with the temptation of power, he trusted this Master Gui San will betray Master Wu Qing; then, it will be easy to take down Wu Qing Pavilion .

Gui San used qinggong to leave the forest .   Behind, the men in black didn’t know that not far away, there were several people eyeing them as if eyeing prey, just waiting for the right time to rip them to peices .

“Gang master, is this Young Master Gui San trustworthy?” one of the men lifted off their hood, asking the leader who’s been talking to Gui San .

The one acknowledged as the boss surveyed their surroundings, didn’t see any people and took off his hood .   Under the hood, was a very ordinary face .   The man was roughly thirty years old, slanted triangular eyes .   His entire person gave people a detestable feeling .

“Hu Bao Gang!” Lan You Nian murmured as the men in black lifted their hoods .   She really didn’t expect such a small gang dared to run wild on Wu Qing Pavilion’s head .   Was Wu Qing Pavilion too quiet recently, so it made the pugilistic people forget Wu Qing Pavilion’s means?

Hu Bao Gang wasn’t a big gang .   In the pugilistic world, it was only a second class power .   The previous gang master of Hu Bao Gang was an iron-willed man .   In the pugilistic world, he was highly respected .   It’s a pity that since that gang master passed away and left Hu Bao Gang to his son, the gang has been declining day by day .   The current master of Hu Bao Gang is Zhang Han Tie, a man who only knows to scheme but doesn’t know hard work .   She didn’t expect this time they dared to scheme against Wu Qing Pavilion .   Lan You Nian didn’t know whether to be angry or laugh .

“Of course we can’t trust him!” Zhang Han Tie barked in laughter, “But he doesn’t have a choice .   His woman is in our hands and I gave him plentiful interest .   I don’t believe there is someone who wouldn’t be tempted .   Just as long as he is tempted, just wait for us to snatch Wu Qing Pavilion, there is no need for this Master Gui San to live!”

Lan Ren really wanted to shout .   How come there’s such stupid people!?  But it was such stupid people who’ve captured their friend, so hateful it makes their teeth itch!

“What about that woman?  Boss, how should we deal with her?” one of the men in black asked, carrying a hint of worry .

“Let’s go .   We can’t let that woman die, otherwise how can we control Young Master Gui San?” Zhang Han Tie led his subordinates back to the place of hiding .   Behind, Feng Yi Xuan and the others followed, the closer they got, the weaker their lives become .

After following Zhang Han Tie for a while, they finally arrived at a village outside the capital .   Seeing Zhang Han Tie taking his subordinates into a hut, Lan You Nian and the others flew onto the roof with qinggong and started to look for Lan Wu .

Sure enough, Zhang Han Tie, after returning to their temporary dwelling, headed to the room that Lan Wu was imprisoned in .   Lan You Nian slipped off a roof tile and looked down .   It was one look that caused Lan You Nian’s eyes to flash with a treacherous, bloodthirsty darkness .

Inside, Lan Wu was tied to a shelf .   There were countless whip marks on her body and her clothes were stained with blood .   Lan Wu looked thin and pallid .   What infuriated Lan You Nian was that they used chains to penetrate Lan Wu’s left hand to tie her there .   The blood on her palms was already crusting but every movement will make it hurt even more .

“You really are a hard nut to crack .   No wonder you obtained Young Master Gui San’s favor!” Zhang Han Tie praised .   He captured this woman to interrogate her on Wu Qing Pavilion’s matters but Lan Wu refused to say anything, even when he used torture, she still didn’t utter a word .

Lan Wu was awake and conscious .   Even if her body hurt, Lan Wu wasn’t afraid .   She won’t betray young miss, won’t betray Wu Qing Pavilion .   That was her home, the harbor of her soul, the place she wanted to protect .

“But, you will stay here for a while because you won’t die .   Young master Gui San already agreed!” Zhang Han Tie seemed extremely happy but when Lan Wu heard Zhang Han Tie say this, she sneered coldly .

“What are you laughing at?” Zhang Han Tie asked . Lan Wu’s sneer was too mocking and disdainful, making Zhang Han Tie feel ill at ease .

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